Friday, 2007-06-22

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mithrohey Epyon, how goes your SoC project?00:15
mithrohey nash, you about?00:17
nashmithro: Not at all00:18
mithroahh okay00:18
nashwhat's up?00:18
mithronash: i think I figured it out00:19
nashit being how to scale K2 without breathing gear?00:20
mithronash: compiling galaxie was giving me all types of weird errors00:20
nashRight... first I heard...00:20
mithroit seems I managed to uninstall libevas1-dev00:20
mithrobut there where so many errors that they evas ones had scrolled off the top of the screen00:21
nashAhh... didn't pkg-config's warnings give you a clue?00:21
nashFeel free to add a depends target to just run pkg-confuig to chekc everything is there.00:23
mithroas I said, wasn't till I scrolled up 2 pages of errors that I saw the pkg-config stuff00:24
mithronash: you checked out Fro's stuff recently?00:25
mithrodid it have the cool syntax highlighting then?00:25
nashHaven't played with enough to really controbute anything00:25
nashNo, just before that went in00:26
nashI'll definetly play with that on the weekend00:26
mithroyou need a galaxie deb so I can just go "apt-get build-deps galaxie"00:28
nashIf there is someone who wants to set up a deb, I"m more then happy to add it in00:29
* mithro ponders what happens to paul guy00:30
nashI'm not in a hurry to learn how to make debs... so00:30
nashit'ss wate00:30
mithroyou missing something from your CFLAGS stuff00:30
mithro[email protected]:~/oss/tp/galaxie$ make00:30
mithrocc `pkg-config --cflags 'evas ecore ecore-con ecore-job edje ewl imlib2 lua5.1'`   -c -o galaxie.o galaxie.c00:30
mithrogalaxie.c:10:24: error: Ecore_Evas.h: No such file or directory00:30
mithromake: *** [galaxie.o] Error 100:30
mithrolooks like it's libecore1-evas-dev00:31
mithroGiven engine name dosen't exist.00:32
mithroCould not initialize Ewl Engine.00:32
nashthere was a change with ecore-evas, some versions have it, some don't00:35
nashAdd ecore_evas to pkg-config list00:35
nashAnd did you install Ewl?00:35
mithroI just installed libewl1-engines-all00:35
mithroand it's working now00:35
mithromight want to check for the engine you need too00:36
nashHmm.. I have NFI how EWL is packaged in ubuntu, but from source, ewl covers it all00:37
nashewl                     ewl - Ewl enlightened widget library00:37
nashFrom pkg-config00:37
nashSo what are the ewl libraries?00:39
nashLike which packages?00:39
* nash will update the INSTALL file in galaxie00:39
nashapt-get install libedje0 libevas0 libecore0 libewl1-engines-all00:40
nashThat is enough?00:40
mithrono that won't work - you need the -dev versions of above00:42
mithroactually EWL isn't packaged by ubuntu it's package by some third party00:42
mithroyou also need00:43
mithroneeded 52 E specific packages to compile and run galaxie00:44
nash52? Wow.  Someone has gone stupid splitting them out... is there one or two I can pull in to get them to work.00:45
mithroand I thought tpclient-pywx was bad :P00:45
mithrowell, all the engines have seperate debs00:46
nashSee splitting ecore-con, ecore-job and ecore-evas into separate packages is stupid00:46
mithroand all the loaders00:46
nashAll the loaders?  You are kidding.00:46
nashAnd the savers too?00:46
mithroii  libevas1-loader-eet                              Evas module providing the Eet loader00:46
mithroii  libevas1-loader-jpeg                             Evas module providing the JPEG loader00:46
mithroii  libevas1-loader-png                              Evas module providing the PNG loader00:46
mithrodon't see any savers00:47
mithro[email protected]:~/oss/tp/galaxie$ dpkg --list | grep libecore | wc -l00:47
mithrooh, I just haven't installed any savers00:47
nashdon't worry - I don't use00:48
mithroprobably want libevas1-savers-all libevas1-loaders-all libewl1-engines-all00:48
mithro[email protected]:~/oss/tp/galaxie$ dpkg --list | grep libevas | wc -l00:49
nashThat's insane00:49
nashKinda makes sense... but makes it a PITA00:49
nashI have a hard coded software x11 BTW00:49
mithrotpclient-pywx has 5 required dependencies and 11 deps in total (req+recom)00:50
mithroof which 2 are tp libraries00:51
nashmithro: From here, galaxie has three required libraries - ecore, evas & ewl.00:52
nashTechnically it really should depend only on ewl, as it really dpends on ecore and evas.00:53
mithrohowever, most people don't compile from source :P00:53
nashYeah.. so I'd like to find the magic library line it needs00:54
nashPreferrably a short one00:54
nashThere isn't an efl-everybloody-thing00:54
mithrojust removing everything now and trying again00:55
nashDoes: libevas1-savers-all libevas1-loaders-all libewl1-engines-all do it?00:56
nashDon't need savers - just an ecore one should do it then?00:57
nashAh - that doesn't pull in dev does it?00:58
nashDamn it... so who knows how to do a deb then?00:58
* nash wonders if apt-get install enlightenment will do it...00:59
mithroPaul Schulz does00:59
* nash guesses he isn't here now...01:02
nashhmm... I used to know some people who did01:02
nashCan you do me a favour and get me a list of the packages you need to install?  Doesn't need to be minimal01:03
nashList I have currently is: apt-get install libedje1-dev libevas1-dev libecore1-dev libewl1-engines-all libecore1-con-dev libecore1-evas-dev libecore1-job-dev01:03
nashlibevas1-loaders-all libewl1-engines-all01:03
mithroapt-get install libevas1-savers-all libevas1-loaders-all libewl1-engines-all libevas1-all libewl1-dev libecore1-con-dev libecore1-job-dev libecore1-evas-dev edje0-bin01:05
mithrothat does everything you need01:05
nashDon't need savers01:07
nashWait no edje dev?01:08
mithroi think libedje1-dev is getting pulled in by another -dev01:10
nashWhat apt source line are you using?01:11
mithrodeb feisty e1701:11
mithroI sent you a list of everything that got installed01:12
mithro55 packages in total01:12
mithroI sent i emailed paul01:14
nashMy tame DD is no longer around on IM :-(01:16
nashProbably due to it being 2am in the morning where he is01:16
mithroPaul isn't a DD01:17
mithrobut he did do packages to tpserver-cpp and is pushing to have them in ubuntu I believe01:17
nashthat's cool - getting a deb for now is good01:17
nashGetting them in debian/ubuntu would be awesome...01:17
nashSo I'll poke my tame DD next time I get a chance01:17
mithroget libtp*-py into debian/ubuntu would be cool too01:19
mithrotpclient-pywx's release cycle is about as fast as debians ;)01:20
nashHardly... tpclient-pywx isn't ready yet....01:20
mithronash: atleast you can submit orders ;)01:21
nashmithro: did you get galaxie to build then?01:30
mithroand it runs01:30
nashdid you try hitting F2 ?01:30
mithrowhats F2?01:31
CIA-3nash galaxie * r3c7f34a9ef56 /INSTALL: Update INSTALL file for dependancies (thanks mithro).01:31
nashThe basic planet list01:31
mithroyay segfaul!01:31
nashNot integrated properly...01:31
nashreally... interesting01:31
nashCan you try it again and get me a backtrace01:32
mithronope, I can't seem to reproduce01:32
mithroit won't go away :/01:32
nashThe planet list?01:33
nashYeah - I know - and you can't move it either... It's proof of concept :-)01:33
mithrocan't move it01:33
nashsee above01:34
nashMain reason it is there is for widget embedding.01:34
nashThe fix to make it move/resize/dismiss is not a major issue, but didn't get time01:34
mithroI guessed as much01:35
CIA-3mithro tpserver-py * r465ee620da7d /doc/ Match the document.01:35
CIA-3mithro tpserver-py * r91446590d492 /tp/server/rules/minisecplus/ ( other/categories.csv): Categories now read from the CSV file.01:35
CIA-3mithro tpserver-py-metaserver * rf4046c17de9b / Added requirements file.01:36
CIA-3mithro tpserver-py-metaserver * r44229167b240 /tp/server/ Fixed SIGUSR1 handler01:36
CIA-3mithro tpserver-py-metaserver * r6a7e924414e7 / Merge with git+ssh://[email protected]/git/tpserver-py.git01:36
CIA-3mithro tpserver-py-metaserver * ra8851b7ebbd9 / Require 0.2.3 (git) of libtpproto-py.01:36
CIA-3mithro tpserver-py-metaserver * r809a4a8524e9 /tp/server/ Fix sending of order descriptions.01:36
CIA-3mithro tpserver-py-metaserver * rd7ac1e813771 /tp/server/bases/ Return a datetime object instead of zero.01:36
CIA-3mithro tpserver-py-metaserver * re8d082e9c6fc /tp/server/bases/ Fixed the protection stuff.01:36
CIA-3mithro tpserver-py-metaserver * r9fc18e881675 /tp/server/bases/ Removed the excess print. Added FIXME.01:36
CIA-3mithro tpserver-py-metaserver * rd2e2acfa9510 /tp/server/bases/ (
CIA-3Reworked how to_packet works on a SQLTypeBase.01:36
CIA-3Should (really) fix the problem of objects not been properly protected.01:36
CIA-3mithro tpserver-py-metaserver * r147779933e76 / (3 files in 2 dirs): Remove the old admin user idea.01:36
CIA-3mithro tpserver-py-metaserver * r2c73be68b246 /tp/server/db/ Actually set the game on an update.01:36
CIA-3mithro tpserver-py-metaserver * rc1cd36c41ff5 /tp/server/db/ Handle the case with an empty where clause.01:36
CIA-3mithro tpserver-py-metaserver * rc745cdc633ec /tp/server/bases/ Order's Insert/Remove queries now work.01:36
CIA-3mithro tpserver-py-metaserver * r0e85b3017f37 /tp/server/rules/base/orders/ Allow NOp value to be set.01:36
CIA-3mithro tpserver-py-metaserver * r10e07b64c902 /tp/server/ ( bases/ Fixes for the changes introduced in the libtpproto-py cleanup.01:36
CIA-3mithro tpserver-py-metaserver * rc5d64c3fc4e9 /tp/server/db/
CIA-3Better way of doing the DB proxy.01:37
CIA-3Should now support all the different ways you can call execute.01:37
CIA-3mithro tpserver-py-metaserver * r8cc5cbf0f613 /tp/server/bases/ No longer need to parse the extra value.01:37
mithrosomething wrong there01:37
CIA-3mithro tpserver-py-metaserver * r8eba7a6daed9 /tp/server/bases/ Use 64 bit Integers. Use a linear calculation for positioning.01:37
CIA-3mithro tpserver-py-metaserver * r36f3ecd431db /tp/server/rules/minisec/orders/ Added name attribute.01:37
CIA-3mithro tpserver-py-metaserver * r5803ae769484 /tp/server/rules/minisec/orders/ Fixed the default value. Unpack the value.01:37
CIA-3mithro tpserver-py-metaserver * r1b6e82022220 /tp/server/rules/minisec/objects/ Small cosmetic fix.01:37
CIA-3mithro tpserver-py-metaserver * r4dcfb29fdcc2 /tp/server/rules/minisec/actions/ ( tests/
CIA-3Output should conform to DTD now.01:37
CIA-3A script to run all the tests is also included.01:37
CIA-3mithro tpserver-py-metaserver * r332eb3a31e66 /tp/server/rules/ (3 files in 3 dirs):01:37
CIA-3Fixed the BuildFleet order.01:37
CIA-3The BuildFleet order was trying to look the designs up from the Design01:37
CIA-3table. The normal MiniSec doesn't use designs at all, hence it was getting01:37
CIA-3an empty list.01:37
CIA-3I have created a new "minisecplus" ruleset which will incorperate these01:37
CIA-3(42 lines omitted)01:37
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* mithro beats cia with a stick01:40
mithroarg, looks like it did the same for cvs email01:40
nashback shortly01:41
mithrooh, i see what it did01:42
nashSomething stupid?01:45
nashthey are still coming to my mailbox01:47
mithrothey are all the patches that got merged in from the trunk branch02:18
mithrogobject.GError: Bad key or directory name: "/desktop/gnome/url-handlers/tp+http/command": `+' is an invalid character in key/directory names02:27
nashMoral: Don't try and shove URLs into places they shouldn't go.02:35
nashmithro: Unfortunately the people who need to learn that moral.. aren't you...02:37
mithronash: :/02:40
mithronash: do you know much about threads?02:49
nashWhat do you want to know?  And which thread model?02:49
* nash notes his main area of study was operating systems02:49
mithronash: well they don't appear in ps fax right?02:51
mithroonly processes (ie fork) appear there?02:51
nashOkay... linux threads, and depending on the clone arguments, yes they can appear in the PS list.  It depends on which threading system you are using.02:52
nashBasically some threads have a distinct pid, some don't02:52
nashif you can, just do a $$ or getpid() in each thread and you'll get the answer02:52
nashI'm not sure what the rules for pthreads are unfortunately02:54
nashAnywya- I'm about to leave...02:54
nashmithro: Talk to you later02:55
nashProbably tomorrow02:55
mithrookay then02:56
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CIA-3mithro tpserver-py * r652103b51553 /tp/server/ Added a mapping which stores all server instances.04:55
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CIA-3mithro tpserver-py * r225586256fb9 /tp/server/ Added version file.05:04
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llnzlater all10:00
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CIA-3frodough tpruledev * r92baaadc6b94 /src/ (4 files in 2 dirs):16:22
CIA-3Working Project Creation/Opening16:22
CIA-3Put together a basis for loading projects and handling the case when there16:22
CIA-3is no default project to load. Ugly as sin. Sloppy. But it works. Will16:22
CIA-3talk to mithro about better ways to handle panel swapping and the like.16:22
CIA-3frodough tpruledev * r5a8c3da7725d / (3 files in 3 dirs):16:22
CIA-3Changed Component Panel Interface16:22
CIA-3Buttons were added to add and remove Property associations, these will16:22
CIA-3be given handlers soon.16:22
CIA-3frodough tpruledev * r3b870a84809a /src/game_objects/ (4 files):16:22
CIA-3Fixed Sentinel properties16:22
CIA-3The attributes in Properties and Components that were supposed to be16:22
CIA-3sentinals were misnamed and so were ineffective.16:22
CIA-3frodough tpruledev * reb46202b85cf /src/core/ Removing annoying console print-spam16:22
CIA-3frodough tpruledev * r286e747a9f88 /src/game_objects/ (4 files):16:22
CIA-3Really fixed sentinel properties16:22
CIA-3Game objects will stay loaded now if they're changed. It may be best16:22
CIA-3just to force explicit recording of modifications like that instead of16:22
CIA-3relying on implicit property voodoo to do the work.16:22
mithroDystopicFro: so how does it go?16:26
* mithro heads to bed16:34
CIA-3frodough tpruledev * r8a45788d221b /src/game_objects/xrc/ComponentPanel.xrc:16:41
CIA-3XRC For ComponentPanel16:41's cooler than I thought. Thanks mithro. You can bet I'll16:41
CIA-3be bugging you about XRC in the next few days.16:41
DystopicFrowas busy messing with xrced16:42
DystopicFrosorry I missed you mithro16:42
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CIA-3nash tpruledev * r874fd86cbd6b /src/ (.gitignore core/.gitignore): Add .gitignore files for .pyc files.21:51
CIA-3nash tpruledev * r36a8ffa8d0e3 /MTSec/tprde.cfg: Use '/' as directory separater in cfg file.21:51
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CIA-3frodough tpruledev * r2febf0d3a827 /src/game_objects/ ( (log message trimmed)22:30
CIA-3Ability to associate Components with Properties22:30
CIA-3It is now possible to go through the GUI to get a list of Properties22:30
CIA-3in the project that are not currently associated with a Component that22:30
CIA-3is being edited (i.e., affected by) and allows them to be added to22:30
CIA-3the Component. This should really add emphasis to the newly associated22:30
CIA-3Properties, but the current method of doing this would result in a very22:30
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