Wednesday, 2007-05-16

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mithro~seen niphree04:37
tpbmithro: niphree was last seen in #tp 1 day, 9 hours, 22 minutes, and 22 seconds ago: <niphree> hehe - ok, so now I have to do something really cool :D04:37
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mithroouch :/05:47
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mithroo so quiet07:26
mithro~seen DystopicFro07:26
tpbmithro: DystopicFro was last seen in #tp 2 weeks, 1 day, 5 hours, 47 minutes, and 11 seconds ago: <DystopicFro> nash: I'll email you the location that you can clone from when I get it up07:26
mithrono nash or Lee tonight07:31
mithroor dmpayton07:33
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mithrohey llnz08:06
llnzhi mithro08:06
mithrohow are you today?08:22
mithrodid my final presentation today08:22
llnznot too bad08:22
llnzi haven't done my presentation yet08:22
llnzhardly started on it08:23
mithroi'm glad to not have to worry about my project08:28
llnzdid i go well in the end?08:29
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mithrohey nash08:30
nashheyo mithro08:30
mithrollnz: yeah pretty well08:30
nashhow is life?08:30
nashheyo llnz08:30
mithroI discovered on bug in my software - however it was after everyone had left08:30
llnzhi nash08:31
llnzhehe, lucky08:31
nashthis is your demo?08:32
nashmithro: >08:32
mithrodid my final presentation/demo for my honours project08:32
nashSo you are free?08:32
mithronash: I have 3 subjects to finish off now08:33
nashBut the large cloud of doom is gone...08:33
mithropretty much08:33
* llnz hopes to get right back into tpserver-cpp hacking and documenting next week08:33
llnzi should go08:34
* llnz wanders off08:35
llnzlater all08:35
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mithronash: so what are you up to?08:35
nashAt this moment, or generally?08:36
nashor tpish08:36
mithronash: either :P08:36
nashWell work is boring as all hell still... finished of API doc for work, doing user manual again08:37
nashHopefully soon I get to implement my new theme desgin, and my effects API08:37
nashWhich are both extremely cool ;-) Well I hope so.08:38
nashAt this time I'm waiting for the whole Open sourcing discusion to resolve itself so I can work out which lib to use for widgets in galaxie08:38
nashOtherwise at this moment I'm adding some basic resource handling improvements to galaxie08:38
mithroresource handling?08:41
nashAt the moment I want "Home Planet" to work - if it is there...08:41
mithroahh, do you show the ship parts?08:42
nashNot yet08:42
nashBut I can start working on that soon08:42
nashI was going to work on battles... but you shot that down.. since there is no way of getting real battel data in a game...don't see the point08:43
nashSo you up to anything?08:48
mithronash: not much08:54
mithrojust unwinding a bit08:54
mithromay try and get tpserver-py a mit more attention on the weekend08:54
mithroit's good to have this project I have been working on for almost 12 months out of the way08:55
mithroalso pondering weather to put a proposal in to run a Miniconf08:56
mithrojust ponder if I should head to bed or watch the last two Heroes08:58
* mithro think he will head to bed09:12
nashokay- night09:18
CIA-3nash galaxie * rc9e63f81d72c / (events.txt tpe_resources.c tpe_resources.h): Add ResourceNew event.09:39
CIA-3nash galaxie * r93f1a9a3e784 /tpe_gui.c: Don't crash with no Home, and start to handle Resource new.09:39
* nash heads to bed too09:41
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dmpaytonhowdy all.17:03
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mithrohey dmpayton18:38
dmpaytonHey mithro18:42
dmpaytonI'm seriously hating this damn python right now.18:42
mithrodmpayton: why?18:42
dmpaytonHe won't eat.18:43
dmpaytonNot the language, one of my snkaes. :P18:43
dmpaytonsnakes even18:43
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mithrooh :P18:47
mithroyou have snakes?18:48
dmpaytonmithro, Yes, two of them. Ball Pythons.18:52
dmpaytonThey don't have official names, but I call one buddy and the other asshole, due to their personalities...18:52
dmpaytonbuddy is extremely docile. You can do anything to him. He never hits, lets yu hold him, he's really calm18:53
dmpaytonasshole...doesn't like interaction. He likes to hiss at you and squirm around if you try to pick him up.18:53
mithroanyway I should head to uni18:56
mithrosee you later18:56
dmpaytonbuddy is the one I was referring to earlier.... he hasn't eaten since I've had him, which is almost two months now.18:56
dmpaytonHave fun, catch ya later18:56
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nashheyo Epyon19:56
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nashheyo mithro20:20
mithrohey nash20:21
mithrohows life?20:21
nashOkay - trying to sort out white and greylisting20:21
* mithro ponders20:24
mithrowhat should I do today20:24
mithroI may go and investigate these tshirts a bit more20:25
mithronash: I still owe you a tshirt20:27
nashI know... need to complete my LCA set20:28
mithroLCA set?20:28
nashPersonally I'd prefer you to do some code stuff ?20:28
nashIn the 5 days of LCA I got 4 shirts... missed by 1... so TP would count as 520:29
mithrowell, firstly i'm going to go get some brunch20:29
mithrosee ya!20:29
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CIA-3nash web * r5cea6af70621 /documents/matrix.php: Update the updated date for the last (real) update.22:04
CIA-3nash web * r777c5c94ab0b /dev/documents/protocol2html.xsl: Merge with git+ssh://[email protected]/var/lib/git/web.git22:04
nashmithro: So does that get updated automatically22:05
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nashAnswer is... yes, after 15 minutes or so22:15
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mithronash: so did you determin that it updated or not?23:43
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nashYes: <nash> Answer is... yes, after 15 minutes or so23:59

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