Tuesday, 2007-05-15

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mithrohowdy people01:05
mithrodmpayton: ping?01:05
dmpaytonmithro, pong01:05
dmpaytonHow's it goin'?01:06
mithropretty good01:06
mithrohanded up all the documentation today01:06
dmpaytonFun fun.01:06
dmpaytonHey, I've got a question about ubuntu01:07
mithrodmpayton: sure, shoot01:07
dmpaytonthough I probably already know the answer01:07
dmpaytonI run out of memory real fast... I've had to restart atleast once a day, whereas on XP I could sometimes go maybe 3 days before I needed a restart01:07
dmpaytonI know the biggest offender is FF01:08
dmpaytonI didn't setup a partition for swap space when I installed ubuntu01:08
dmpaytoni'm guessing that's where my problem lies?01:09
mithrodmpayton: you can create a swap file if you want01:09
mithroyou shouldn't need to restart01:09
mithrojust restart firefox01:09
mithrobtw: how much memory do you have?01:10
dmpaytonI saw earlier, FF was using almost 155MB01:10
dmpaytonI have 1GB01:10
mithroRes or virtual?01:10
mithromy web browser regularly uses about 100Mb01:10
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mithrodmpayton: Linux has to concepts of memory usage01:13
mithrodmpayton: Linux doesn't suffer from memory fragmentation as window does01:14
mithroVirtual and Resident01:19
dmpaytonSorry, dog pissed on the rug. >:(01:26
mithrodmpayton: :/01:30
mithroVirtual memory, is all memory mapped01:31
mithroincluding things like shared libraries01:31
mithrovideo memory01:31
mithroshared memory01:31
mithrowhile resident memory is only "real" memory01:31
llnzresident memory is the current amount of RAM being used01:32
mithrodmpayton: do you want to create a swap file?01:35
dmpaytonmithro, yeah, I'm googling it now.01:37
mithrodmpayton: i can tell you how if you want :P01:37
dmpaytonmithro, That'll work. :)01:37
mithrookay - first you need to create a file01:38
mithroyou use dd for that01:38
mithrosudo dd if=/dev/zero bs=1024 count=1 seek=5242879 of=/swap01:44
mithrothat will create a 5gb sparse file01:45
mithrosudo mkswap /swap01:46
mithrothat will give it a swap signature01:46
mithroopps - turns out you can't use a sparse file01:48
mithrosudo dd if=/dev/zero bs=1024 count=2097152 of=/swap01:49
mithrothat creates a 2gb file01:50
mithrosudo swapon /swap01:52
mithroswapon -s01:52
mithrowill give you your swap stats01:52
mithrodmpayton: ping?01:52
dmpaytonmithro, pong01:54
mithrodmpayton: you get all that?01:54
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mithrodmpayton: any luck?02:05
mithrodmpayton: i ushally go abut 5-6 weeks before having to restart my laptop02:13
tuna-fishmithro: what are you running?02:14
mithrollnz: handed up all the doco for my project today02:15
mithrollnz: 100 pages in total02:16
dmpaytonmithro, I type swapon -s, and it's empty.02:21
mithrodid you do this02:21
mithrosudo swapon /swap02:21
mithroFilename                                Type            Size    Used    Priority02:21
mithro/dev/sda6                               partition       979924  412776  -102:21
mithro /swap                                   file            1464380 0       -302:22
dmpaytonThere we go02:22
mithrowith 1gb, I doubt it will get used much02:22
mithrobut if you have evolution, open office, fire fox, texmacs and eclipse open at once :P02:23
dmpaytonRight now, the system monitor is showing 29% used by programs, 66% by cache02:23
mithrodmpayton: linux is smart, it'll use any "spare" ram for cache02:23
mithrootherwise you have ram sitting there doing nothing02:23
mithrowhich is silly - you paid for the ram so you should use it02:25
mithrodmpayton: make sense?02:26
dmpaytonIn linux, what's the difference between memory used by programs and memory used as cache?02:27
nashcache can be discarded instantly02:28
nashAlso note swap (a swap partition anyway) can be used to make room for cache - so your startup code in firefox can be swapped out to make room for cache...02:28
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llnzmithro: cool03:39
mithrodmpayton: cache memory is just memory used to cache disk data03:41
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mithrodmpayton: you shouldn't need to worry about ff using to much memory untill your computer starts swapping04:26
mithrowhat do you care if ff is taking 200mb if you have 600mb free04:27
llnzbrb, upgrading04:42
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nashI guessed04:48
mithroeating dinner :P04:48
nashAbout to here.. just got home04:54
mithrooff now05:02
mithrosee ya05:02
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* llnz ponders05:45
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nashheyo llnz06:57
llnzhi nash06:58
nashhow is life?06:59
llnznot too bad07:01
llnzi think i'm getting a nice contract at uni for 4 months07:02
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nashSweet - your own SoC really07:03
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llnzmore like winter of searching aimlessly and smacking head against wall07:05
llnzso WoSAaSHAW07:06
nashSounds just like SoC to me...07:06
llnzdon't let the students know07:06
nashOops.. sorry... besides DystopicFro isn't around ;-)07:06
* nash writes some code for a change... for galaxie too ;-)07:12
llnzi'm too sick and busy to really write code at the moment07:13
llnzmaybe next week07:13
nashheh - I want to make sure I'm ready when you are are for mtsec ;-)  And RFTS07:14
* llnz wanders off07:33
llnzlater all07:33
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nashSo the question is... wchi tpserver-cpp version to use...08:08
CIA-2nash galaxie * rb5e0687d3d25 /tpe_scheme_guile.c: Add a scheme file08:12
CIA-2nash galaxie * r441beaaf0577 / (7 files in 2 dirs): Merge with git+ssh://[email protected]/home/nash/work/thousandparsec/galaxie08:12
CIA-2nash galaxie * r5978559aa061 /tpe_scheme_guile.c: Merge with git+ssh://[email protected]/home/nash/work/thousandparsec/galaxie#scheme08:12
CIA-2nash galaxie * r56630de0d1fd /Makefile: Add lua5.1 to depends.08:12
CIA-2nash galaxie * re15d93b0ea07 /tpe_scheme_guile.c: Merge with scheme08:12
CIA-2nash galaxie * r1da8091893eb / (Makefile edje/basic-info.edc tpe_gui.c): Merge with git+ssh://baboon/home/nash/work/tranquillity/galaxie08:12
CIA-2nash galaxie * rc18ecf74843b /tpe_gui.c: Fix other conflicts in merge.08:12
CIA-2nash galaxie * rc0b8920f7233 /ai_jones.c: Fix compilation error on TPW type.08:12
CIA-2nash galaxie * rc7afb2ca3776 /galaxie.c: Don't print '(null)' for game name.08:12
CIA-2nash galaxie * r73ee66ffe8d7 /tpe_gui.h: Fix compilation warning.08:12
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nashheyo mithro08:21
mithrohey nash08:21
mithrohanded up my documentation now08:22
nashI saw earlier - hit the magic 100 I hear ;-) COngrats08:22
nashmithro: Is the battle protocol (to download) documented?08:28
mithroactually, kind of08:28
mithroit has a dtd08:28
nashI meant to get the actual data for a battle from the server?08:29
nashmithro: ?08:42
mithronash: checkout the battleviewer repo08:42
nashmithro: No, I meant is it documented ;-)  Not is there a magic program which does it ...08:42
mithronash: git clone git://git.thousandparsec.net/git/battleviewer.git08:43
mithromore BATTLEFORMAT08:43
mithromore battle.dtd08:43
nashmithro: Yes, but how do you get the data from the server?08:44
mithroahh - you don't :P08:44
nashRight... so where does it come from?08:44
mithrohrm - i thought there was a get_data frame08:46
nashI assume neither server generates the info anyway - right?08:46
mithrotpserver-py has a simulator08:47
nashSo does it generate enough to be useful?08:48
nashAnd does tpserver-py work currently?08:48
mithroit can be used stand alone08:51
nashDoes downloading battle data need to be added to tp04 spec?08:51
mithroi'm pretty sure we had thought about it08:52
mithrobasically you can reference a URL08:52
nashI'm sure you did...08:52
nashhow?  the generic ref sys only handles ints08:53
nashAnyway - I'm off to bed08:56
CIA-2nash galaxie * r4663dd3ddd19 / (5 files): Work on 'Home' zoom, and a little work in actually using resources.08:57
nashTalk to you later..08:57
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nash_heyo niphree19:13
nash_hm.. I have an underscore19:13
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