Saturday, 2007-04-28

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mithrohey dmpayton00:33
mithrodaxxar: ping?00:35
mithros/ daxxar / dmpayton /00:35
* nash waves to mithro 00:38
mithrohey nash00:39
mithrohow are you today?00:39
nashaverage I think00:39
nashstill a little sick :-(00:39
nashBut okay00:39
mithrothe wiki is look a little empty ;)00:40
* nash hasn't even looked00:40
nashmy internet connection has been shaped to modem speeds... and has started dropping connections too.  hence browsing is painful00:41
nashNo link from the main page?00:41
mithronash: not yet00:42
mithroyou should have gotten an email however00:42
nashI saw it00:42
nashmithro: Do I need to create an account to post?00:45
mithronash: to edit pages?00:46
mithroEpyon recommend that for spam prevention00:48
nashFair enough00:50
* Epyon is here. Sorry for not working on the wiki yet, but I was out today :/00:52
nashIs there documentation of the formatting rules/00:53
nashmithro: Content now00:58
nashEpyon: A ruleset outline for you00:58
mithronash: there should be somewhere00:58
nashmithro: I found it on the media wiki home page00:58
* Epyon goes to sleep. Will look at it tommorow00:58
mithronash: you going to be around in 1 hour?01:00
nashmithro: Probably01:01
nashHmm... tpserver-cpp seems to have broken orders :-/01:04
mithronash: it does? when did you last update?01:05
nashThey work... jsut can't seem to get hte lst01:05
nashAbout 5 minutes ago01:05
mithrooh - you can't get a list of orders on an object?01:05
nashHmm... now I can01:05
nashI wonder...01:06
nashI don't seem to get them on objects that don't have them when I start up01:08
nashThat could be my fault I guess... :-/01:08
* nash goes and gets lunch first01:08
dmpaytonmithro: pong01:23
mithronice new laptop?01:23
dmpaytonno, new power adapter.01:23
* dmpayton notes to self: warranties aren't all crap01:23
mithrodmpayton: ahh01:24
dmpaytonSo I'm guessing you saw what I said in the logs, eh?01:24
mithroso how does it go? I'm assuming you haven't gotten much done lately on account of the laptop?01:24
dmpaytonmithro: Yeah, unfortunately. :(01:25
mithrodmpayton: you have pmsgs01:31
mithrocherez: ping?01:40
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llnzwhat's happening?06:35
* daxxar dances06:37
sijmenNow this is a digg ripoff: http://nujij.nl06:37
tpbTitle: (at
CIA-30llnz ruleset-book * r44c315d285ff /ruleset-dev.tex: Much better building server instructions, and a bit about libtprl06:46
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* llnz wanders off07:33
llnzlater all07:33
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mithroJLP: ping?09:32
JLPmithro: pong09:40
sijmen1 packets transmitted, 0 packets received, 100% packet loss09:40
sijmentoo late :P09:40
mithroAre you anywhere near Lithuwania?09:40
* mithro spelling is shocking :)09:40
mithroVilnius, Lithuania.09:41
JLPnope, not that near09:41
mithrowas going to say you should go promote TP at :P09:41
tpbTitle: EuroPython 2007 (at
JLPwell probably i could fly there, it's about 1500 km away09:43
JLPbut then again i will spend a lot of money to go ot akademy 2007 to glasgow, scotland09:43
JLPmaybe i could be wearing a TP t-shirt there09:45
mithroJLP: where are you located again?09:47
mithroJLP: they are almost right next door, only 3-4 countries in between ;)09:50
JLPyeah, and an expensice airline09:51
mithroJLP: when is Akademy?09:51
JLP29 june - 5 july09:51
JLPwell actually it is longer but i don't have the money to stay more :(09:51
mithroi'm currently pondering doing up a batch of tshirts09:52
mithroanyway i'll be back in an hour or two09:52
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sijmenjust wondering, is the # in channel names anything more than tradition?13:20
mithrosijmen: I have no idea :P13:28
mithroI know you can have a double # these days13:28
mithroIE ##python and such13:29
mithro2. All channel names begin with a pound sign, "#". There is an exception here. Some channel names will begin with a "&", but those are few and far between and you may never see them in your travels on IRC.13:34
sijmenYay Euro is at all-time hight13:49
* sijmen needs to import stuff right away13:49
* mithro heads to bed14:58
mithrohave a good day/night people14:58
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sijmenI tend to wonder why people leave on their IRC client when going off for the night17:01
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Epyonsijmen, in my case it's because I'm too lazy to turn it on echa time I wake up or come back :P18:30
EdBoysomebody actually said something! :o18:30
EdBoysijmen: how do you pronounce your name?18:30
sijmenEdBoy, yeah, it's a dangerous thing to do.18:31
EdBoyvery risky18:31
sijmenEverything we say can and will be used against us18:31
* EdBoy thinks18:31
sijmenespecialy the way my name is pronounced18:31
* sijmen shivers18:31
EdBoythat's pretty unfortunate18:31
sijmenEdBoy, gotta love dual screen eh?18:31
EdBoyI need to get a second screen so I can do that18:32
sijmenah you were alt tabbing?18:32
EdBoyNo, I just.. clicked18:32
EdBoyjust checked18:32
sijmenand then you felt like you needed to come back and tell us what you had seen?18:33
sijmenbtw my name is pronounced much like 'Simon', but the i is a bit different.18:33
EdBoythat's better18:34
sijmenmore like just I, as in "I'm walking" (except if you have a British accent)18:34
EdBoybecause as it looks right now... yeah18:34
sijmenwell that's just how my name is spelled :P18:35
EdBoyIs Lee in here?18:36
sijmenI don't see any Lee's18:38
EdBoyguess not18:38
EdBoyI just made an account on the metaserver18:38
EdBoyHOLY WTF18:39
EdBoynothing is... happening18:41
EdBoyat least, I can't do anything18:41
sijmenWhat client are you useing the play?18:42
EdBoynever mind18:43
EdBoyI just didn't click on anything18:43
EdBoynow I have to wait like18:43
EdBoyan hour before anything happens18:43
EdBoybut hey, it's realistic18:43
EdBoyand you can kinda just chill out18:43
EdBoymy friend's in the SoC program for TP18:43
sijmenwell you could close your client (or minimize), do stuff, and then continue playign18:43
sijmenAah would that be Lee?18:44
EdBoywhat do you mean18:44
sijmenthat friend18:44
sijmenhey uhm.. I really gotta go. have fun18:45
EdBoyhis id is dmpayton18:45
EdBoyhe's not on now18:46
sijmenoh he :D18:46
sijmenyeah once he was online but his fiance was using his machine, that was fun18:46
*** sijmen is now known as sijmen|off18:46
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nashEdBoy: Lee == llnz19:30
EdBoyI know19:31
EdBoyhe said he'd be on in.. 9 hours19:31
EdBoywhich is 3 AM here19:32
nashAhh... the joy of timezones ;-)19:34
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CIA-30llnz tpserver-cpp * rcb0e87caba52 /tpserver/ (player.cpp player.h):20:39
CIA-30Email and comment fields in Player Object20:39
CIA-30Might as well save them.20:39
* llnz wonders if he should remove autoadd_players20:41
llnzon one hand it's really handy after every reset not to have to set through the registration process20:42
llnzon the other, it doesn't give all the information requested20:42
*** sijmen|off is now known as sijmen20:53
CIA-30llnz tpserver-cpp * r4b3a6d3d1c7d /tpserver/playerconnection.cpp:21:03
CIA-30Protect against empty usernames or starting with @, save email and comment21:03
CIA-30when new player creates account.21:03
llnzhi sijmen21:06
sijmen%sijmen as username doesn't crash anything :(21:06
sijmenhad fun using % in Metroid on the DS :P21:06
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