Friday, 2007-04-27

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EpyonI'm still here... somehow...00:51
mithronash: pong?00:53
nashmithro: Heyo00:54
nashI've totally forgotten why I pinged you...00:54
mithronash: you where after me earlier?00:55
nashIn my defence it was 5 hours ago00:55
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mithronash: i can bearly remeber what I wanted 5 minutes ago, so it's prefectly understandable01:01
nashmithro: Maybe I should have written it down01:03
mithronash: possibly01:03
mithroyou asked for DystopicFro striaght after?01:03
nashNope, I know they were unrelated.01:04
nashI was doing a ping of DystopicFro, since i haven't heard from him since Monday01:04
nashI remember being worried because the conversations were unrelated01:05
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Epyonnash, maaan, will I see that TP wiki, or shall I set it up on my own server? :P01:10
mithroEpyon: did you reply to the thread?01:11
EpyonWhat thread o.O01:11
nashEpyon: join tp-devel01:12
* Epyon sees the horror of increasing his mailbox incoming by 100%01:12
EpyonOkay, I'll do it.01:12
nashEpyon: What, you receive 2 emails a day?01:12
EpyonExcluding spam and fanmail? Yeah.01:13
* nash also introduces Epyon to 'mail filtering' which allows 'emails' to 'automatically' sorted 'into' 'folders'.01:13
EpyonYep, but Thunderbird is stupid enough to play the same "Message recieved" sound no matter of the filtering :P01:14
nashUse procmail to do you filtering...01:15
EpyonOn windowze? :P01:15
nashMeh.. install vmware01:15
mithroEpyon: it's worth it01:16
mithroyou could read it via GMane01:16
EpyonAnyway, I won't get the archived messages, so can you tell me what was the message you were referencing to?01:16
nashInstalling a wiki... which software is least worst01:16
tpbTitle: Gmane Loom (at
mithroyou can even post using that interface01:17
EpyonThe option that I wanted to choose is not in consideration :P01:18
mithroEpyon: which one?01:18
EpyonMediaWiki :P01:19
mithrohe he okay01:19
mithroEpyon: why Media Wiki?01:19
EpyonI use it for all (all 7) of my wikis.01:19
EpyonSimple, elegant, and popular :P01:19
EpyonAnd trivial to get running (all my mediawiki's run from one installation)01:20
nashmithro: I think you may have found a maintainer01:28
mithronash: he he01:28
mithroEpyon: have you themed it at all?01:28
mithrohow do you pack it up? it uses a database right?01:28
EpyonI back the database up.01:29
EpyonAnyway, I'm off to sleep... It's 7:32 in the morning here :)01:30
mithroEpyon: bah, sleep is for the week01:31
EpyonHey, 6 hours every two weeks is needed :P01:32
Epyong'night all ^_^01:35
nashmithro: One thing I was going to ask, what commit/push script hook do you use?03:01
mithronash: for?03:01
nashFor the git repo on tp?03:01
mithroIE CIA, Email or HTTP fixup?03:03
mithrowe have 3 hooks :)03:06
* nash cares not about CIA ;-)03:06
mithroone I wrote mysefl03:11
nashmithro: Can you email me the email one?  It has reasonably good output ;-)03:11
mithronash: it's pretty simple :)03:11
nashI'm sure it is... still saves me reading anything about it ;-)03:11
nashAnyway, I need to bail03:12
nashI will probably be online much later tonight03:12
nashcool - thanks03:13
tpb<> (at
mithrojust mundges git format-patch03:14
nashyep - c&f03:14
nashAnyway - talk to you later03:14
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mithromorning? sijmen05:35
sijmenalmost noon :P05:35
mithro7pm here05:36
mithrojust waiting for my dinner to cook - beef vindaloo05:36
sijmen7pm thursday or friday?05:39
mithroi'm +9:3005:39
sijmenah okay05:39
sijmenIt's probably not 7 pm thursday anywhere :P05:40
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mithrosijmen: so what are you going to work on next? :P06:22
mithrobe back in about 30 minutes going to get a movie06:22
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sijmenmithro, still there?07:06
sijmenI'm afraid I won't be doing much in the coming week or two07:07
mithrosijmen: oh well :/07:07
sijmensorry.. there's a deadline coming up for our school game project07:08
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sijmen_lost connection there07:11
mithrosijmen: ahh, what type of game project are you working on?07:26
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llnzhi JLP07:54
JLPllnz: ahoy07:54
sijmen_mithro, we're making a top-down racegame featuring seniors in wheelchairs etc08:07
sijmen_I'm making the map / animation / entity editor08:07
sijmen_The game itself is Win/Mac/Lin, (each has its own launcher/frontend), the editor only Windows.08:08
* llnz wanders off08:09
llnzlater all08:09
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sijmenI should have said it's a portable 3X space game framework.08:24
daxxarI'm working on a game project too :)08:25
daxxarJava :S08:25
sijmenwhich one?08:25
sijmenbtw we're using C++, Objective C, and C# :P08:25
daxxarIt's like a liero-type game08:26
daxxarIf you've played Liero08:26
sijmenNo but watched others playing :)08:27
sijmenwhy are you making it?08:28
daxxarSchool project08:31
daxxarI'm taking an obligatory Object-oriented programming-course which focuses on Java08:31
sijmenWhat API do you use for the graphics?08:34
daxxarLigtweight java opengl or someting08:36
daxxar(yes, it's 2d ;)08:36
sijmenah okay08:38
sijmenyeah we're doing ortho, too.08:38
daxxarWhat're you guys using? It's 3d?08:40
sijmenOpenGL / C++08:45
sijmenthe editor uses plain GDI+08:45
sijmenwell the game is just 2D. We're using GL for quick scaling/rotation08:45
daxxarOkay :)08:45
mithrohey daxxar08:57
mithroopps missed Lee08:57
daxxarHeya mithro :)08:57
mithroi wish I could do intresting things like game programming for my uni courses09:01
sijmenWe can even major in Game Technology :D09:03
daxxarThey're going to make a specific study for game development here, I think09:04
sijmenWell we have two options. Basically everyone can do a minor in Game Design, and students from one course (CS-like) can do a major in Game Technology09:26
sijmenwith 2 from GT and 3 or 4 from GD project teams are formed, who have to make a game together in about 5 months09:27
sijmengtg, bye09:28
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daxxarCool, that sounds a bit more serious than our thing. :)09:31
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nashmithro: PIng09:43
nashmithro: Remember to post an 'it's all good' message to tp news09:43
mithronash: okay09:44
nashYou asked me to remind you09:45
nashAnywa... time for bed..09:47
nashnight all09:47
mithronash: if it's not there tommorrow remind me again09:48
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mithrowb sijmen10:28
sijmenhi mithro10:35
mithrosijmen: btw where are you located again?10:35
sijmennot far from Amsterdam10:36
CIA-30mithro web * r97597aeff290 /news/ News announcement about most of the services being back.10:48
mithrosijmen: cool, I quite liked Amsterdam10:48
sijmenI go to school there :)10:48
* mithro travelled around Europe for a couple of months a year and a half ago10:49
mithroGent is in Belgium right?10:50
sijmenhmm.. yes10:52
sijmencoud you get along in English here without problems?10:53
mithromost people spoke English :P10:54
sijmenthere wass a bit of commotion now about that a few weeks ago iirc10:55
mithrosijmen: what about it?10:55
sijmensome the signs on Schiphol Airport are only labeled in English, not Dutch. People felt that we are losing our identity :P10:55
sijmens/some/some of10:57
mithrosijmen: English is probably more useful ;)10:59
tpb<[email protected]> New news from Thousand Parsec services back11:02
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Epyonmornin' all :)11:13
mithromorning Epyon11:13
mithroEpyon: you busy?11:21
EpyonNot especialy, why do you ask?11:21
mithroEpyon: wiki setting up and testing time! :P11:21
EpyonDepends on what wiki software are you talking about -_-11:22
EpyonAnd how much theming you want to be done on it :P11:23
mithrowell I thought we might test out media wiki and see how we go11:30
EpyonSimple theme changes for mediawiki are trivial. Changing the color scheme is a matter of half an hour or so (like here
tpbTitle: DoomRL Wiki - DoomRL Wiki (at
mithroso how do we go about installing it then?11:32
EpyonIt should be easy to come up with a theme that is almost identical to the colors of the TP pages :P11:32
EpyonDownload, run install script and use it? :P11:32
mithrowell - I was hoping to use debs so that I could upgrade it easily11:33
EpyonAlthough for spam protection it is good to do some tweaking in local settings :P11:33
* Epyon has no linux experience.11:33
tpbTitle: Main Page - Thousand Parsec Wiki (at
EpyonLooks good.11:58
EpyonYou'll need to do some additional tweaks to LocalSettings.php for spam protection though :)11:58
tpbTitle: Main Page - Thousand Parsec Wiki (at
CIA-30mithro web * rd595268754ff /img/logo-128x128.png: Logo for wiki.12:28
mithroEpyon: so how to I modify the navigation side bit?12:32
Epyongo to MediaWiki:Sidebar12:34
Epyonpaste it into the search bar12:34
EpyonYou might also want to change the MediaWiki:Mainpage12:35
EpyonThe name typed there is the "main pages" name12:35
mithrohow do I get permission to edit the page?12:40
Epyonmithro, edit MediaWiki:Mainpage and insert Thousand Parsec Wiki12:40
EpyonHave you confirmed your email adress?12:41
mithroi can edit other pages12:41
mithrojust not ""12:41
tpbTitle: MediaWiki:Sidebar" - Thousand Parsec Wiki (at
EpyonDid you login with the user created at instalation?12:41
mithrohrm - it doesn't seem to have created any user12:42
mithrothere is only 1 user in the users table12:43
tpb<> (at
EpyonDo you see the additional list of pages at the bottom?12:43
EpyonOn the bottom you should see Restricted special pages12:44
tpbTitle: Error (at
EpyonPermission error or box with entry?12:45
mithroPermission Error12:47
EpyonWierd. You're not sysop o.O12:47
EpyonAre you sure you didn't miss something during install?12:48
mithroEpyon: trying again12:51
EpyonHmm, maybe there's a bigger difference between 1.7.1 and 1.6.8 that I didn't notice. Refrain from adding my config options for now.12:52
mithroahh huh!12:52
Epyon# Admin ?(Bureaucrat, Sysop)12:53
EpyonThe admin account now has sysop status. You can login into the admin account and transfer sysop and beaurecrat to the user Mithro12:54
tpbTitle: User list - Thousand Parsec Wiki (at
EpyonThen change MediaWiki:Mainpage12:55
Epyonbrb, dinner12:58
mithroEpyon: your change made it so that the admin user couldn't change any pages :P12:58
mithroEpyon: so you going to populate the wiki with information now :P13:07
mithroand theme it up to look like the main website?13:08
* mithro should head to bed13:13
EpyonYeah, but to install the theme I would need access to the files stc.13:15
mithroEpyon: well start with CSS styling?13:16
EpyonBTW, I'd change the order of the navigation panel. It's confusing :P13:16
EpyonCSS should be enough AFAIR.13:16
EpyonWiki Home, then Website :P13:17
mithroEpyon: you should be able to to modify anything now :P13:17
mithroEpyon: according to the wikimedia website you can theme wikimedia locally using the myskin option13:17
EpyonHmm, that must be a new one in 1.7113:18
EpyonBut I don't know if it can be set to default :P13:18
EpyonI'll take a look.13:18
mithroEpyon: well then you have the CSS files right - I can then upload and make them the default13:19
tpbTitle: Thousand Parsec Wiki - Thousand Parsec Wiki (at
mithrowell I am going to head to bed13:21
mithroEpyon: I expect lots of cool stuff when I get up :P13:21
EpyonI'll try, but can't promise anything as for today :/13:21
mithroexcuses excuses ;)13:21
mithroEpyon: ping?13:52
mithroEpyon: you have a private message :P13:59
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dmpaytonMan, that Anubis... What a guy.18:45
sijmen|swimUhh. god you mean?18:55
*** sijmen|swim is now known as sijmen19:00
sijmenbeen back for  a while :P19:00
sijmen1850m today :)19:01
dmpaytonsijmen: guy... god... dude with a jackal head...same difference. :P19:10
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nashYou arounf>22:16

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