Friday, 2013-05-03

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laurionI know I'm super late to the party, but I'd love to contribute to melange through GSoC :)02:38
laurioncan you point me in the best direction for me atm?02:39
laurioni'd apply for "Integration of Summer of Code's "Connections" subsystem with Code-in"02:39
laurionseeing as I participated in Google Code-in since 2010, i've seen melange evolve, and last year I was one of the Grand Prize Winners02:40
laurioni think that would be a great feature for code-in02:41
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liorihello, i was an admin of a rejected organization who wants to apply as a student now. i'd like to ask for unlocking my account. i see in the logs that other people had the same note, so i'm just leaving a message in hope someone will see it.03:05
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dag10_afkHi, when would I be most likely to find Daniel Hans on IRC?05:25
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pcoder_Hi, I submitted the proposal to Wiselib (one of the accepted organizations), but I don't see the proposal in "my list of proposals", Is there any confirmation of whether my submission was successful?08:51
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pcoderHello, (sorry for the repeat of the question); How do I know whether my proposal to GSoC 2013 submission was successful?09:09
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Uli-are filters supposed to work? I apply on filter, filter by a column, select "is not null" and still get all results, even those where the field is empty. or is empty != null?13:43
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Uli-another thing, is it possible to create a profile for me in a year where i didn't participate in the program? i'm an org admin and would like to see historical data.13:49
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Uli-also, why is "[ ]*" in a field and regexp search giving me all proposals with this field non-empty? but not those where it is empty?14:00
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spectiehey all14:05
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kblinhey folks17:09
kblinthe melange web design is annoying me again17:10
kblinI'm getting a scroll bar on my proposals table, because it's too wide17:10
kblinand half of my browser window is unused "background"17:10
kblinis there any way this can be fixed?17:10
kblinin other words, why is the grid using hardcoded pixel widths?17:13
dag10Hi, I just want to let you guys know that I submitted a proposal for a messaging system in Melange here:
tpb<> (at
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MekI'm a mentor for two organizations, but somehow I can only see the proposals for one of these two organizations...17:35
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Rich_MorinI'm trying to sign up as a GSoC mentor.  The notes I got say to click on 'Proposals submitted to my organizations' on the dashboard page. However, I see no such list and I'm not sure I have any organizations.  I had no luck with the search form brought up by the "My connections" link. Help?18:08
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sdumitriu1A student submitted her application to the wrong organization, can someone move it to the proper one?19:15
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harlanI'm an org admin - I'd love to see the projects from previous years for my org but I cannot, for some reason.  How difficult would it be to make these previous "records" available?19:25
sdumitriu1harlan: Go to your dashboard, and there should be a drop down where you can "Select program:"19:26
harlansdumitriu1: I did that and I got something that looked like an access/permission problem.  WHich is strange because I've been the org admin every year we've participated.19:28
sdumitriu1Hm, works for me19:28
sdumitriu1Does it happen for all previous years or just 2012?19:28
* harlan looks19:29
harlanIt says I don't have a profile in the program for 201219:29
buffygRich_Morin: I'm an org admin and have a mentor with what sounds to be the same problem. I've invited him, he's signed up, but I get an "Action required" flag against him that only allows me to reject or withdraw.19:29
harlansame for 201119:30
sdumitriu1harlan: Maybe you had a different gmail account?19:30
harlanIf so, it woudl be great if somebody here could fix that.19:31
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asmeurer_The circle on the site says its the off season19:46
sdumitriu1+1, it's off season for me as well19:47
schumamlit was off-season before, between org application deadline and acceptance, iirc19:48
schumamlsomehwat coonfusing19:48
schumamlhm, coonfusing. reads like an image contest idea19:49
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Rich_Morinbuffyg: hope someone figures this out soon - the deadline is almost here...20:17
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gevaertsRich_Morin: *almost*?20:38
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perepujal1mentor only   konqueror 4.8.4 iceweasel 10.0.12  don't see the score widget, happens to somebody else?22:07
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