Thursday, 2013-05-02

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harlanis there a way to search the submitted proposals for certain words?01:15
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mitch__hi guys13:12
mitch__are there melange admins around? my request on the mailing list didn't get attention13:12
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sn6uvI applied as a mentor for an organisation that was rejected for GSOC13 . I'd like to now apply as a student with another organisation, but the web form wont let me14:32
sn6uvYou cannot register as a student since you are already a mentor or organization administrator in Google Summer of Code 2013.14:32
sn6uvCould someone please remove my mentor profile so I can do this.14:32
gevaertssn6uv: send an email to [email protected] and/or try to get a melange person's attention here14:32
gevaertsI'd recommend doing both :)14:32
intijkI met the same problem14:32
intijkand I already sent the mail to mailing list14:32
intijkIt is kind of urgent, because tomorrow is deadline14:33
intijkcould someone help us?14:33
sn6uvI asked on #gsoc who directed me to google-summer-of-code-discuss groups page who directed me here14:34
intijkme too14:34
intijkI checked the mailing list and found 'Madhusudan.C.S' seems to be the person who can solve this14:36
sn6uvokay, just added a reply to your post on [email protected]14:36
intijkhope he can see this. If not , my suggestion is to use another google account14:37
sn6uvif no one gets back to me I'll just create another gmail account and use that one14:37
sn6uvlet's hope someone notices though14:38
sn6uvdid you send a message directly to 'Madhusudan.C.S'?14:38
intijkGoogle hide the email address on googlegroups page.14:38
sn6uvI guess we have a workaround if all else fails.14:41
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intijkhi sn6uv, are you here15:37
intijkTry to contact daniel in mailing list now, he can help you15:37
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sharHi there.. I have got an issue regarding melange registration for GSoC.. Can someone help me?18:38
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mancoolgunda1I wanted to suggest the feature of "preview" while editing proposal in GSoC coz it is really a pain to keep submitting and watching the changes.18:54
roonyHi second this18:55
roonyHwhat changes were you making?18:55
roonyHformatting or..18:55
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mancoolgunda1Yes, formatting, checking how the font-sizes and other styling looks..19:01
mancoolgunda1Also, in word processors, we have the exact font size like 11pt or 12pt.. but here in TinyMCE (i guess this is the js plugin used, correct me if Im wrong), I cannot understand which font size is already being used.19:02
mancoolgunda1Like for example, if I select part of text, in word or libreoffice the font size shows, but in Melange, it doesn't show the font size. The problem arises if the application template tells us to use headings as 12pt and answers as 10pt. We cannot understand if the headings are of size 12pt or something different.19:05
mancoolgunda1Also, such kind of UIs should be really responsive and quick since proposal building requires lot of patience. and if a student follows the template perfectly and builds his prop. in any word processor and then he tries to paste the whole thing in TinyMCE box there are chances that the formatting gets changed which causes problems to the student19:07
mancoolgunda1Also, I have seen on resume uploading sites where a doc can be uploaded and then when uploading gets finished, the whole content of the doc comes in the text area. This should be a part of Melange and will greatly help the students.19:08
mancoolgunda1Please let me know your views on this.19:09
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mancoolgunda1roonyH ^19:12
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roonyHmancoolgunda1, I too am a student just like you :) . I am applying for melange. I think feature you propose will be good. I'll do my best trying to implement the feature. But it'll be great if lead developers think this is cool19:15
mancoolgunda1ok, could you just tell me how I can create a feature request or ticket for the above so that we can capture the attention of lead devs? Also, I might try to work on implementing these features whenever I'm free.19:17
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roonyHsorry i was away19:33
tpbTitle: Issues - soc - SoC (Spice of Creation) - Google Project Hosting (at
roonyHI suspect there already is that feature request19:35
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buffygQuestion as I'm trying to register a mentor I invited: the mentor shows up with "User Action Required", but the only actions I see as org admin are to reject or withdraw.22:10
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buffygSorry if I didn't phrase that as a question--wondering if this is a known issue or if I'm doing it wrong.22:35
schumamldid you ask the mentor if they can do anything on their side now?22:37
buffygThe mentor's telling me he's trying to log in using the ID to which we was invited, but that he doesn't see anything.22:39
buffygI don't understand, why, if I invited the mentor, who's now registered, it's marked as action required, where the actions only shut down the process.22:40
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