Wednesday, 2013-04-24

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mithrohey guys, I'm having a problem with an Org Admin having accepted their role but it not appearing as accepted in the "My org connections" section (it appears as "User Action Required")02:38
parxI'm the admin mithro is talking about.  For my view, Dashboard/My Connections my status shows as Accepted.  Should I have received an email with something to click?  No email from the program so far.02:43
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xyzabcwhile registering my friends account for gsoc on my computer, accidentally my gmail account got linked with his account04:26
xyzabchow do i unlink my google account/04:27
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xyzabcsomeone help please04:48
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lemmyHi, now that students have started working on their proposal I'm receiving an email notification every time the students save the application. Is there a way to batch notifications or only receive a notification when the student has inactive for x minutes?06:01
mithrolemmy, patches welcome06:02
lemmymithro: ok, right now there is no hidden functionality in melange that I'm missing?06:03
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madrazrlemmy: nope, there is no such functionality06:25
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shivshnkrmadrazr, anything can u say about my gmail account, that got linked to my friends account06:30
madrazrshivshnkr: it is a tricky situation06:31
madrazrshivshnkr: does your friend know that he cannot access his profile now?06:31
shivshnkryes, he was with me06:31
madrazrshivshnkr: Ok06:32
madrazrshivshnkr: then let's do this06:32
madrazrshivshnkr: you reply to your email, CC your friend. Let's take it from there06:32
madrazrshivshnkr: Can I PM you?06:32
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madrazrrahul_x: Hi06:35
rahul_xI dont know much about appengine , so is it a big problem?06:36
rahul_xBut I know Python, HTML, CSS, Javascript and some jQuery06:37
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HuvikHello can i reset my account in summer of code?06:39
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Huviksomebody told me to ask here for rest my account so i can apply like student i accidently applied like mentor06:47
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Huvikon #gsoc06:49
madrazrrahul_x: I don't want to discourage you, but it is just that, we do a lot of Appengine stuff06:49
madrazrrahul_x: we do have developers who are not very well versed with specifics of Appengine API, but they understand it conceptually at least06:50
madrazrrahul_x: so we will really make a decision based on how good or bad your proposal is06:50
madrazrrahul_x: and how your skills are w.r.t. what you are proposing06:50
madrazrrahul_x: if all you are doing is JS/CSS, Appengine may not be very much required06:50
madrazrrahul_x: but anything other than that, you will need to know Appengine06:51
madrazrHuvik: what do you mean by reset?06:51
Huviki wan a apply like student but i am like mentor or organisation06:51
HuvikYou cannot register as a student since you are already a mentor or organization administrator in Google Summer of Code 2013.06:51
rahul_xIdea page have some work on python and html so that is why I was interested06:52
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madrazrHuvik: Ok, that is solvable, send an email to melange-soc-dev AT googlegroups07:16
madrazrHuvik: with your registered username on the site07:16
Huvikemail not eounght?07:16
madrazrHuvik: what?07:17
Huviki fought my email is enough buy i will send you my user name too :)07:17
madrazrHuvik: damnyouautocorrect by any chance?07:18
Huvik:D its sucks07:18
madrazrHuvik: it does :P07:19
madrazrHuvik: I said you should send your username in the email07:19
Huvik*** i have to turn it off07:19
Huviksome special stuff? :D07:19
Huvikmadras: did you get my email?07:43
madrazrHuvik: madras? :P07:45
madrazrwhich of these
tpbTitle: Chennai - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (at
tpbTitle: Madras (cloth) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (at
Huvikfuck that correct :D07:45
tpbTitle: Madras, Oregon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (at
madrazrHuvik: ha ha07:46
madrazrHuvik: I see your email07:46
Huviksorry but it rly sucks i tought i turn it off07:46
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Huvikmadrazr: can you HL me when you are done?07:50
madrazrHuvik: HL?07:50
Huvikhight light07:52
Huvikwhen you type my name i get HL :D07:52
Huvikits on mirc07:52
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madrazrHuvik: ah yeah07:57
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harlanhow do I invite mentors to our org?  Do I email them "outside" of GSoC and ask them to apply for being a mentor?08:59
shachafharlan: At I see a "Start Connection" link at the top.09:06
harlanIm still looking for it :) Not in my dashboard, looking where you suggested now...09:08
harlan"Connect With Us"09:09
harlanand "Start Connection" on the top.09:09
harlanso thanks :)09:10
harlanWow, 500 internal server error sending the invite!09:11
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harlanSo do I need to report about the 500 internal server error on the invites?09:31
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madrazrharlan: please file an issue11:02
madrazrharlan: I see why this is happening (the user you are trying to invite has no records in the system). I am surprised that this code path was not exercised before11:04
madrazrharlan: please file an issue11:04
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sgithensHi. I'm having an issue registering as a mentor for the OpenMRS gsoc project.  My google ID is [email protected] (same as last year).  When I try to register as a mentor, I get a 'username' already used error, as I'm using 'sgithens', also the same as last year.  When someone in the organization sends me a connect invitation, I get an error viewing the page because I don't have a profile inside the OpenMRS project yet.15:19
sgithensAny ideas on what I need to do, or other diagnostics you need?15:19
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downeysgithens: try mailing [email protected]16:14
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_mitch_hi guys19:42
_mitch_is there somebody here who can associate my melange account with another google account?19:42
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rahul_xthis project is made on google appengine python. right?19:45
roonyHrahul_x AFAIK yes19:50
rahul_xok thanx19:50
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harlanwhat URL do I use to report an issue?20:39
anivarHi ,  Just hit a bug on melange .  when i invited our backup admin as a mentor on melange , he lost access as backup admin20:39
harlanthanks carols20:39
anivarIs there anyway to restore access ?20:40
* anivar reporting the issue 20:40
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