Tuesday, 2013-04-23

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ZpankR_I'm sorry, I've been waiting for quite a while now, I sent the email some 3 hours ago to no avail :/00:02
ZpankR_madrazr: *00:02
madrazrdberkholz: he should be org admin now00:25
madrazrZpankR_: you may have to wait for a bit more00:25
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ZpankR_Okay thank you :)00:26
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nehaljwaniAdmins, each time I edit my proposal, (there are a lot of formatting issues), an email is sent to all the mentors of the organization. I want that to happen only when I have submitted the complete proposal with complete formatting. Please Help05:30
madrazrnehaljwani: there is no way to do that05:32
madrazrnehaljwani: everytime you hit save, an email will be automatically sent05:32
nehaljwani@madrazr: What if my withdraw my proposal and keep editting and then un-withdraw it again?05:33
madrazrnehaljwani: the control of what emails org admins/mentors should receive is up to that mentor/org admin05:33
nehaljwani@madrazr: What if Imy withdraw my proposal and keep editting and then un-withdraw it again?05:33
nehaljwani@madrazr: What if I withdraw my proposal and keep editting and then un-withdraw it again?05:33
nehaljwani@madrazr: Please provide a preview option05:34
madrazrnehaljwani: please file an issue for Melange05:34
nehaljwani@madrazr: Could you oplease me the link to do so?05:34
madrazrnehaljwani: tinyurl.com/new-issue05:34
madrazrnehaljwani: btw you cannot withdraw the proposal and edit05:38
madrazrnehaljwani: that's not allowed05:38
nehaljwaniWithdraw, edit and then resubmit?05:38
madrazrnehaljwani: try that, your edits after withdraw won't be saved05:38
madrazrnehaljwani: it doesn't make sense to store the edits after the proposal has been withdrawn05:38
nehaljwaniPlease provide a mechanism to stop sending emails to the orgs until the proposal has been edited completely.05:41
madrazrnehaljwani: I am not too sure if the current issue has anything to do with Melange, the one you just filed05:42
madrazrnehaljwani: Melange can't determine the formatting of an arbitrary format05:42
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nehaljwaniBut melange could atleast give the option to stop emailing everybody in the org till the editting/formatting is complete05:43
nehaljwani@madrazr: https://code.google.com/p/soc/issues/detail?id=1816&thanks=1816&ts=136669618205:49
tpb<http://ln-s.net/-3bM> (at code.google.com)05:50
madrazrnehaljwani: thanks for filing the issue05:51
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nehaljwani@madrazr: I hope it is rectified soom05:52
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SabventeHello, can somebody help me? I'm a student, but I can't apply to any project, because the site only shows me the "mentors: apply now" message. When I try to re-register it shows this message: "You cannot register as a student since you are already a mentor or organization administrator in Google Summer of Code 2013."09:02
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AnuruddhaApplicaiton submit button does not appear in my accout,please help09:55
AnuruddhaI've already logged in09:57
Anuruddhabut the submit button does not appear09:57
AnuruddhaI've tried with a differrent browser09:57
Anuruddhacleared the cache09:57
Anuruddhayet no luck09:58
gevaertsI can't really help (I'm not a melange developer at all), but can you maybe show a screenshot?09:58
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roonyHHi, after seeding the db in the local dev server, how to login as a mentor12:26
roonyHnot a org admin, but as a mentor12:26
roonyHthis is about gci12:26
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gevaertsmelange looks like http://www.hostname.be/screen.png for me now. I'm quite sure it's meant to look a little less messy in the middle :)15:20
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gevaertsHmm, better now15:21
gevaertsIt seems to be an issue with org logos loading slowly, and everything looking bad as long as they're not all loaded15:21
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hornighi there :)15:56
hornigI'm new to melange and I want to add a mentor for #gsoc15:57
hornigcan I do that myself as the administrator or does the mentor have to apply?15:57
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reosarevokSo, I registered as a mentor, but I kinda changed my mind and decided I actually want to be a student instead - but I can't find any way to "de-register" as a mentor16:44
reosarevokIs that possible?16:45
* reosarevok was told to ask here :)16:45
sdumitriu1hornig: The mentor has to apply16:46
hornighi, thanks sdmitriu116:46
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sdumitriu1hornig: Then you have to approve the request16:47
hornigthat's what I thought in the first place but wasn't sure16:47
sdumitriu1Question: I've seen that mentors can't comment/rate on student applications now (IIRC, it was possible a few hours ago). Is that on purpose?16:48
carolssdumitriu1: https://code.google.com/p/soc/issues/detail?id=181116:49
tpb<http://ln-s.net/-3lE> (at code.google.com)16:49
sdumitriu1Thanks carols16:49
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Lenniesdumitriu1, you were in a special group17:35
Lenniesdumitriu1, should be possible again now :)17:36
sdumitriu1Lennie: Checking17:38
sdumitriu1OK, works now17:38
sdumitriu1Yep, works on all fronts17:39
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reosarevokLennie: could you help with my question? :) (sorry to insist)17:41
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Lenniereosarevok, mail the list in the topic of this channel17:45
Lennieand you'll be helped :)17:45
reosarevokOk :)17:45
Lenniemake sure to include your username17:45
Lennieso that we don't have to ask you for it :p17:45
reosarevokheh, yeah17:45
reosarevokThanks :)17:45
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hornighi again18:22
hornigwhere do the mentors pop up in the lists?18:23
hornigI asked a mentor to apply and he did, but I can't find him18:23
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sdumitriu1hornig: Did you receive an email notification?18:25
sdumitriu1You should look in My Dashboard -> Connections for my organizations18:26
sdumitriu1It should say something like "Org action required"18:26
sdumitriu1Click on that row18:26
hornighmmm, no email18:27
hornigunder connection is nothing18:27
sdumitriu1Is he sure he actually applied to your organization?18:28
sdumitriu1It's not enough to register as a mentor18:28
sdumitriu1He must go to your organization page and click on "Start a connection" under "mentors: apply!"18:28
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hornighmmm, okay, I will ask him18:31
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roonyHhi nathanielmanista19:33
roonyHI submitted the patch regarding this revision19:33
tpb<http://ln-s.net/-3p2> (at code.google.com)19:33
roonyHthank you for reviewing19:34
roonyHnow what should I do?19:34
roonyHI saw your comments. should I update the patch or..19:37
sdumitriu1What comments?19:38
sdumitriu1Now work on the application, you should submit it through Melange as soon as possible19:38
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roonyHThanks sdumitriu119:42
roonyHI am working on my application19:42
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roonyHI mean the comments on the revision about necessary changes in the patch19:42
roonyHthis https://code.google.com/p/soc/source/browse/app/soc/modules/gci/views/subscribed_tasks.py?spec=svnd724db8f61ea5ac7518d212feb32881c20f6be17&r=d724db8f61ea5ac7518d212feb32881c20f6be17#6319:44
tpb<http://ln-s.net/-3pF> (at code.google.com)19:44
sdumitriu1Ah, roonyH: Sorry, wrong chat on my side...19:45
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smcgregorHello, I am having trouble inviting a mentor for GSoC. I don't recieve his application emails and I am not seeing an invitation link anywhere22:57
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smcgregorfound invitations under the "start connection" screen. I still don't know why his application didn't land in my email, but all is well now23:33
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