Thursday, 2012-11-15

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Lennie zimba1214:10
tpb<> (at
zimba12Lennie: thanks14:11
zimba12Lennie: how come it's not linked anywhere?14:13
Lenniezimba12, we're working on making it a bit more obvious but we had trouble last year where a lot of students signed up as mentor14:15
LennieThey were too eager and didn't read that they signed up as mentors and thereby agreeing to the mentor agreement and excluding themselves from participation14:16
zimba12Lennie: I see. Anyway, can I forward it to kde (and owncloud) mentors?14:16
Lenniego for it14:16
zimba12Lennie: ok, thanks14:16
Lenniezimba12, sorry for the trouble :)14:17
zimba12Lennie: np14:17
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jenniferAI am trying to request to be a GCI mentor for RTEMS but I don't see how to create a profile. What am I missing?19:07
gevaertsjenniferA: came up when someone asked that question earlier today19:08
tpb<> (at
gevaertsApparently students found (and used) the mentor registration too easily last year, so it was made harder to find19:09
gevaertsThey may have overdone it :)19:09
jenniferAthanks.. that is definitely the ticket!! I remember that we had a similar issue with GSOC19:09
jenniferAwell when mentors can't figure it out. :)19:09
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* gevaerts hasn't actually looked, so he has no idea how obscure it really is19:10
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zimba12what is the URL ID in profile registration form.20:24
zimba12Lennie: ^ ?20:28
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