Wednesday, 2012-11-14

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nathanielmanistaIt would be completely outside of Melange, at someplace like Like I said - a much larger-scope change.00:25
rfwnathanielmanista: oh, so can i not just delete my google melange account?00:25
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nathanielmanistaI don't think we have self-service account deletion within melange. I think it sounds like a good idea, though.00:28
rfwah, thanks anyay00:29
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zimba12I want to become a google code-in mentor on melange16:47
zimba12but whatever I do on melange, I get this error:16:47
zimba12This page is inaccessible because you do not have a profile in the program at this time.16:47
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zimba12Lennie: ^20:35
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