Tuesday, 2012-04-03

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titohi everyone14:23
titoi request to join as a mentor, and without reading the text, i clicked on Withdraw14:24
titonow, the org can't accept me, and i can't resend a request14:24
titohttp://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/org/google/gsoc2012/nuigroup, the page for me say: "You have already applied to be a mentor for this organization14:24
titoAnd the org see: "The request has been withdrawn by the sender."14:25
Lennietito, pm me your id (top right of the screen) and I'll take care of it today14:33
titoLennie: the org just get it working by sending a manual invitation14:33
titoso the other way is working14:33
Lenniecan you file a bug :)?14:33
tpbTitle: Google Project Hosting (at code.google.com)14:34
LennieI got to move to another building now, ttyl14:34
Lennietito, something along the lines of can't resend a withdrawn invite14:35
Lenniewould be awesome :)14:35
titoLennie: filled as 150014:37
titomy english is not quite accurate, i hope this would be enough14:37
Lennietito, LGTM14:47
Arccan someone remind me how to add columns to student application table?16:04
Arcim assuming that feature hasn't been removed from last year16:05
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LennieArc, http://code.google.com/p/soc/issues/detail?id=148716:38
tpb<http://ln-s.net/9sqV> (at code.google.com)16:38
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ArcLennie: that doesnt tell me how to create a custom column17:05
LennieArc, kinda does :P17:11
LennieGo to your org profile and enable it17:11
LennieAnd it might work for you, or it might not17:11
Lenniethat's why the issue is there :)17:12
Arcwhats the link to edit your org profile?17:17
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Arcremember that was another bug, that link isnt in the dashboard17:17
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Arcthats incredibly frustrating17:41
Lenniepatches welcome :P17:41
Lennieon your orgs homepage17:41
Arcwhy not just revert to what we used last year which actually worked17:42
Arcthere were no js problems last year with this17:42
Arcthe issue many of us have with melange is these updates seem to get pushed without proper testing right in the middle of the program every year17:43
LennieArc, not going to happen17:43
LennieNot in the middle17:43
Lennieand when we ask for you orgs to test no one shows up17:43
Arcwhy is it not going to happen to revert to the working code that we used last year for this17:44
LennieYou just have to deal with it and if you want to make it better patches are welcome, it's an extremely time restricted team and things are way better than last year17:44
LennieIncompatible datastore changes17:44
LennieIt's going to conflict with the JS for sure17:45
Archow about the rw api that ive been askig for years so we can write our own frontend17:45
LenniePatches welcome? We have other things to fix for Carol17:46
LennieAnd Melange is just not going to change a lot anymore17:46
LennieThere are just not enough resources to make everything happen17:48
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dharthi. can a melange-gsoc admin please re-associate link_id dhart with [email protected]? [email protected] is defunct as our project changed orgs. dhart_opencog is a throwaway link_id. thanks!20:02
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FridrichI am one of the administrators of LibreOffice project, but not the one that created the profile21:59
Fridrichnow, I cannot accept myself as mentor, even though I am co-administrator and I cannot see the students' applications. My co-administrator is off for some days until next week and I would need to be able to review the applications21:59
Fridrichanybody knows how to help me22:00
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Fridrichok, my name is Fridrich Strba of LibreOffice and will have to drop off now because the battery is getting too low22:04
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