Monday, 2012-04-02

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sandeepkhello all11:57
sandeepkam trying to run Melange application  local system using this link, But when I am running the command     $scripts/ -o devvin -f sandy-melange && thirdparty/google_appengine/ build It gives the error as    /usr/bin/env: python2.5: No such file or directory12:00
praveen97umasandeepk: Do you have python2.5 installed?12:01
sandeepkI want to just ask, that why is it asking for python 2.5,\ however in script it is advised to use any version greater than 2.5?12:11
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vpericHi all, I'm looking at the GSoC ideas page and see there's an idea about testing and also a note about Automated Testing.. would it make sense to combine these two ideas? (and are they even still relevant?)14:05
vpericI mean, lots of tests (and test-driven development in general) works much better when paired with some sort of continuous integration (testing).14:05
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Lennievperic, might be worth it :). Write it down and send it in16:00
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vpericLeannie: Hi! About the testing idea, I'm wondering how much Django will be required? I have only cursory knowledge of it (though obviously, I'm willing to learn!). That I don't know Melange very well I'm considering an advantage for such a project. ;)17:27
Lennievperic, it's a mix of AppEngine and Django17:30
LennieThere are a lot of aspects of Django that are not being used17:30
LennieWe are using their templating language, forms and URL resolvers though17:31
Lenniebut the data structures are AppEngine's17:31
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vpericRight, so asuming I've no experience with AppEngine and very little with Django, I guess the project could be too hard for me to tackle.17:32
vpericOn the other hand, I guess it could.. somehow.. help me write better tests (as I'd be going by the official documentation and stuff).17:33
LennieThey are quite easy to learn17:33
Lennievperic, GSoC should also be a learning experience17:33
vpericI agree!17:34
LennieAs long as you can write Python you should be good :)17:34
vpericI learned a ton last time around.17:34
LennieYou can also try and tackle something else17:34
vpericI feel that the other idea suggested, writing a new module, might be too much if I've absolutely no experience with it.17:34
LennieIt's easier than tests17:35
LennieIf you want a contained piece of work that project is the best option17:35
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vpericI would actually slightly prefer the testing project, but if you think the other one is more important (= bigger chance of being accepted), then I could consider it too.17:39
Lennievperic, it's up to you. I'm just stating that that one is easier since testing is very subtle :)17:40
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vpericRight. But, as you said, GSoC is about learning and I feel that the testing would be much more useful for me. ;)17:40
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vpericIs it just me or are Google Groups kind of down? Can't seem to browse the mailing lists at all (not just for Melange).17:45
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LennieIt is down :)17:48
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vpericLeannie: Can you tell me where in the code is the current module for invitations/requests, I seem to have trouble finding it.18:03
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Lennievperic, things that have a name would be a good first start :P18:12
Lennieanyway I'm off18:13
Lenniedrop a mail to [email protected] (when it's up again :P) if you have any questions18:14
vpericYes, I will, thank you.18:15
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madrazrLennie: :)18:53
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