Thursday, 2012-03-29

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dcrodmanHey all, fixed an issue and was asked to provide the patch file and commit log to the mailing list. I have both files, i'm just not sure which mailing list - the commits or development. Can anyone offer guidance here?02:30
madrazrdcrodman: melange-soc-dev is our dev group02:32
dcrodmanmadrazr: Thanks! Sorry for all the basic questions...02:33
madrazrdcrodman: NP :)02:38
dcrodmanmadrazr: Would you happen to know if any other students are looking at the "new Invitation/request module" GSoC project? I'm very interested in the repository project and I need another project or two to work on02:44
madrazrdcrodman: not that I know of02:48
dcrodmanCool, I just need to complete the project portion of my application to Melange...which is kind of important so I need to figure out what I want to do02:50
madrazrsure :)02:52
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|Kev|Another idea - I wonder about splitting the comment box for private and public comments visually. It's very easy to accidentally set something private you meant to go to the student.08:20
madrazr|Kev|: patches welcome :)08:21
|Kev|Is Melange a GSoC org this year? I was wondering if it could be a teaser task for applying students.08:22
madrazr|Kev|: yes, Melange is08:23
madrazr|Kev|: It will be awesome if some student implements this during the application period08:23
|Kev|OK, thanks. Hopefully one is listening :)08:25
madrazr|Kev|: note, with no issue to track, whatever heard "probably" gets forgotten08:26
|Kev|Where's the tracker? :)08:26
|Kev| - this one?08:27
tpbTitle: Issues - soc - SoC (Spice of Creation) - Google Project Hosting (at
madrazr|Kev|: yes08:28
|Kev| - tada.08:32
tpb<> (at
madrazr|Kev|: thanks!08:33
|Kev|Thank you.08:33
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armaanhello ...11:45
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|Kev|Is ljvderijk someone in here?17:52
* |Kev| tries to guess from the /names list and fails.17:53
gevaerts|Kev|: I might be wring, but my guess is Lennie17:53
|Kev|Lennie: If ljvderijk is you - thanks for giving an explanation to go with the wontfix, appreciated.17:54
|Kev|gevaerts: (Thanks)17:59
gevaerts|Kev|: you're most welcome17:59
Lennie|Kev|, yeah we can't make everyone happy :p17:59
|Kev|I suspect that can be remedied with chocolate.18:00
LennieSave that for the mentor summit :)18:00
|Kev|I really must turn up one of these years.I almost made it last year.18:00
LennieYou should18:00
LennieMaybe you can convince me to drunk patch your idea :P18:00
gevaertsThe thing is that if you don't know the other person well it can be hard to judge when he's drunk enough to be able to convince him yet not too drunk to actually do stuff18:02
|Kev|Life is hard.18:03
gevaertsOf course if the attempt fails at least you should have had a good evening18:04
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|Kev|Well, the other person will have had a good evening. I don't drink :)18:06
gevaertsBut can you have a good time in the company of people who do?18:06
|Kev|Well, generally.18:07
gevaertsThat's settled then18:07
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