Wednesday, 2012-03-28

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armaanhello ...11:42
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madrazrarmaan: Hi11:45
armaanDid you saw the video :)11:46
madrazrarmaan: I replied to your email telling that I always wanted to see that happen and it is cool!11:46
madrazrarmaan: which means I did :)11:47
armaanGreat :)....i have got a little problem? i was doing functional testing of student registration page.11:47
madrazrarmaan: ok11:47
armaanThe process was automated so i got registered with a particular email id.11:48
armaanNow i want to remove that id from melange, so that i can retest it.11:48
armaanIs it possible ??11:49
madrazrarmaan: two things here, firstly what exactly do you want to remove? If you want to remove the entire user it might be tricky, if you have created other data that references it11:50
madrazrarmaan: but since this is your test instance, you must be Ok with deleting your entire datastore and starting over again?11:50
madrazrarmaan: secondly your functional test should use the structure that unit test uses11:50
madrazrarmaan: every run of the test should automagically create a new datastore11:51
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madrazrarmaan: run all the tests on that datastore and while tearing down you have to automagically delete the entire datastore11:51
madrazrarmaan: see what tests does11:51
madrazr*tests do11:51
armaanActually i was testing the register page here
tpb<> (at
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JordiGHGuys, can you really not fix #1477 because I submitted a patch? Would you have been able to fix it if I hadn't submitted a patch?14:45
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gchaixHi melange-ians. I'm having problems getting melange to accept my link ID when I register as a mentor for this year17:32
gchaixanyone around that can possibly take a look?17:32
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* gchaix waves to lh17:33
gchaixI think my link ID has somehow been disassociated from my google account :-/17:59
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dcrodmanHey all, I've used Launchpad and Bitbucket before but never Google Code - is the preferred way to submit a patch from the issue tracker to just attach the relevant source files in a comment on the issue?20:02
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JordiGHdcrodman: Yes, and you have to agree to their contributor license agreement.20:03
dcrodmanJordiGH: Ok great, will do. Thanks20:04
Lenniedcrodman, you should not attach the source files20:09
Lenniedcrodman, just run a git diff >> this_is_my_patch.patch ^^20:09
JordiGHOh, source files!20:09
JordiGHI read that as "patch".20:10
LennieOr otherwise point us to an easy place where we can grab the diff to apply to our instances20:10
dcrodmanAh ok that makes more sense, glad I kept this open20:10
dcrodmanthanks lennie20:10
JordiGHIn git, do you normally only use git diff? You don't want a commit message and an author and all that metadata, like git format-patch produces?20:10
JordiGHLennie: Do you know if #1477 could have gotten fixed if I hadn't submitted a patch?20:11
* gevaerts thinks that #1477 is a good example of how not to treat potential contributors20:12
dcrodman^ seconded20:15
LennieJordiGH, I'll fix it20:17
Lenniegevaerts, JordiGH : It's not our call to make, we are bound even if it is silly20:17
JordiGHThis one seems a bit too silly...20:17
LennieDon't let this stop you from making contributions JordiGH, although it's just easier to poke me in person for a one-line change I guess :P20:17
LennieJordiGH, I know lawyers :S20:18
JordiGHOkay, thanks.20:18
LennieEither they'll not respond20:18
Lennieor they'll respond too quickly and think of this as a generic case20:18
* gevaerts did write something on G+ about this20:18
Lenniewith the default anwer20:18
Lenniego sign or die20:18
JordiGHgevaerts: Heh, really?20:18
Lenniegevaerts, JordiGH : Don't take this as a bad thing about Melange in general though :P20:21
LennieThe world is full of these silly stupid things :S20:21
LennieJordiGH, I can not attribute the fix to you though :P20:22
JordiGHYeah, that's cool.20:22
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gevaertsLennie: ok, but I will maintain that (a) hiding behind lawyers for things this trivial is silly, and (b) I won't sign the CLA either :)20:23
Lenniegevaerts, then we won't accept patches from you :P20:23
gevaertsCLAs that don't grant me similar rights are discriminatory and hostile20:23
LennieWell it's google-wide, really not my call20:24
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LennieBut for what it is worth, I do find it silly in this case but somewhat useful for bigger projects/patches20:25
LennieIt really makes more sense for Chrome and AppEngine if you'd ask me20:25
LennieJordiGH, thanks for taking the time to figure it out though20:27
JordiGHIt wasn't much time. Took like 10 seconds in firebug.20:35
JordiGHWell, maybe 5.20:35
Lenniestill :P20:35
JordiGHI like you, Lennie.20:35
JordiGHYou're a good chap.20:35
Lenniehmm, now don't go all softy on me :P20:35
LennieI just think that this one-liner is not something that can be considered property20:36
LennieIf that's not the case than I'll gladly go back to my cave and cry20:36
JordiGHIntellectual property wants to be clearly defined.20:39
JordiGHI find it really funny that some people consider regional designation "intellectual property". I should sign my patches with "this patch carefully brewed in the Mexican sierra" and sue anyone who removes that designation.20:40
JordiGHAnd by some people I mean WIPO.20:40
tpb<> (at
JordiGHNeat, thanks.20:41
Lennieback to work it is20:43
LennieJordiGH, will you be at the mentor summit?20:44
JordiGHLennie: Too early to say, isn't it?20:44
LennieI guess so :P20:44
JordiGHI hope to be there... it's lots of fun.20:44
JordiGHBut I don't even know if the projects I like will get accepted and I'll get to mentor them.20:44
LennieAnyway if you do come along we can reminisce  about this in person :P20:45
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dcrodmanLennie: submitted the patch file for one of you guys to check out when you have a chance. let me know if there's anything I need to fix20:57
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Lenniedcrodman, did you sign the CLA?21:03
dcrodmanLennie: I've been looking for it21:03
tpb<> (at
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Lenniedcrodman, let me know when you signed it so I can confirm :021:06
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dcrodmanread and submitted21:08
gevaertsI wonder what the procedure is to submit a patch that's derived from other (license-compatible) code. The CLA clearly says that you can't do that...21:10
Lenniegevaerts, that's a good question21:13
gevaertsCan I submit a patch to the CLA? ;)21:13
LennieYou are welcome to :P21:16
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dcrodmanLennie: Do you know if anybody is already considering working on the New Invitation/Request module listed on the GSoC2012 Ideas page?21:55
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dcrodmanshoot I've got to run but I'd like to talk to you about this at some point21:58
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gchaixLennie: who do I talk to about a misbehaving link id in the current gsoc melange?22:33
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Lenniegchaix, pm me23:00
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