Saturday, 2012-01-14

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kodait seems to be up again00:01
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thomas888I have one quest, i live in germany and i have a student form id called Sch├╝lerausweis(student form id name in german) and i received that: via email. I didnt understand all, I understood, that there must sth that proofs that i was in school at the nov 21(can be wrong). On my studentform id, theres on the backside a section for each school year, and on my is for example "Schoolyear 11/12", its okay?18:13
tpbTitle: emailcodein - (at
thomas888someone active? or I posted it on the wrong channel?18:17
antrikthomas888: it is not the right channel... sounds rather like a question for #gsoc18:22
antrik(is there a separate channel for GCI? not sure...)18:23
antrikof course I can't promise that it is any more active than this one :-)18:23
dhaunthomas888: what antrik said - but then again you probably won't get an official answer on a weekend anyway18:23
dhaunif in doubt, email Carol :)18:23
dhaunCarol Smith18:24
thomas888can you pls give me the mail?18:24
dhaun[email protected]18:25
thomas888thx ill try it first on the gsoc channel18:25
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Alex11223|2Claim button doesn't work22:26
Alex11223|2500 error22:26
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madrazrAlex11223|2: does not work? What is happening?22:28
Alex11223|2500 server error22:28
madrazrI see the error22:29
madrazrattempting to fix!22:29
madrazrAlex11223|2: Oh! wait22:29
madrazrI will fix this22:29
madrazrbut apart from that22:29
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madrazrAlex11223|2: what is your Google account username?22:30
madrazryou can PM if you don't want to make it public22:30
madrazrAlex11223|2: and you have another account?22:30
Alex11223| I think22:30
jacktherippermadrazr, could you take a look at this (and speed it up) when you're done ?
tpb<> (at
madrazrjacktheripper: you are the student on that task?22:31
madrazrand gaf.stephanos in the issue report22:31
madrazrAlex11223|2: One minute22:32
jacktheripperif you need confirmation, tag j-b on #videolan or #x264dev22:32
madrazrAlex11223|2: check your PM22:32
madrazris that related to you somehow?>22:32
madrazrsome kind of identify or anything22:32
jacktheripperyou mean j-b ?22:32
jacktheripperhe's the org admin22:32
Alex11223|2yes, email22:32
madrazrjacktheripper: patience please22:32
madrazrjacktheripper: your org admins and mentors have been contacted22:33
jacktheripperok thanks22:33
madrazrjacktheripper: read the issue comment by Daniel there22:33
madrazrWill be marked as fixed, when I get confirmation from Video LAN org admins about the difficulty.22:33
madrazrjacktheripper: that means, things will be updated when we get the confirmation22:33
jacktheripperI know, but that's supposed to be an instant thing so I thought a confirmation wasn't sent. Thanks22:34
madrazrAlex11223|2: and that is the same account you use to do everything on
madrazrAlex11223|2: this is extremely strange. The logs says you are not being properly identified. As in the corresponding profile is not being fetched22:35
madrazrAlex11223|2: can you log out completely once22:35
madrazrand login again and try?22:36
madrazrjacktheripper: Ok, NP22:36
madrazrjacktheripper: anyway, Daniel is on it, he will update things. Also there is nothing to worry. We will rerun all the tasks points and ranking at the end once again22:36
jacktheripperoh alright22:37
jacktheripperthanks again22:37
madrazrif you don't see your score updated in about 3-4 days, feel free to ping me22:37
madrazrjacktheripper: or the issue22:37
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Alex11223|2The same after relogin22:38
Alex11223|2gmail also asked for login btw22:38
Alex11223|2and sent code to my phone, maybe 30 day experied22:39
madrazrAlex11223|2: that is weird22:40
madrazrAlex11223|2: what is your link_id?22:41
Alex11223|2em... ?22:41
tpb<> (at
madrazrAlex11223|2: ??22:42
Alex11223|2what is link_id?)22:42
madrazrAlex11223|2: ah never mind22:42
madrazrWe renamed it, we call it username anyway22:42
madrazrand I have it22:42
Alex11223|2in firefox the same problem btw22:44
madrazrAlex11223|2: which browser do you regularly use?22:45
madrazrAlex11223|2: Ok22:45
madrazrAlex11223|2: if it has a private browsing mode22:46
madrazrI suggest you to login from there and check22:46
Alex11223|2looks like the problem is only in this task
tpb<> (at
Alex11223|2it it works22:48
tpb<$> (at
madrazrAlex11223|2: I figured out what happened22:50
madrazrAlex11223|2: it is the problem with the data22:50
madrazrnot with the code22:50
madrazrlooking into it22:50
Alex11223|2submit (message) also doesn't work btw22:53
madrazrAlex11223|2: try now22:53
Alex11223|2now everything ok :)22:54
madrazrAlex11223|2: cool!22:54
Alex11223|2thank you :)22:54
madrazrAlex11223|2: NP22:54
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