Friday, 2012-01-13

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svuorelahi peoples20:50
svuorela - I'm missing some buttons.20:51
svuorelaand Nightrose says she misses the same20:51
Nightrosethis also seems to happen in other tasks20:52
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asmeurer_(me too)21:01
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c_schmitzI am still looking forward to the first release of Melange which is actually tested first and does not screw up some existing function :(21:41
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xstyleSomething happened with the GCI site21:43
xstyleall the timers and task infos disappeared for all the tasks21:44
svuorelayou're user number 6 including me who mentioned since I joined to mention it :)21:44
c_schmitzanother untested release21:45
svuorelac_schmitz: I'm not sure that's helping ... but I'm sure that volunteering will help a lot :)21:46
c_schmitzsvuorela: I am only a user and it's nott of my own choise21:46
c_schmitz*choice even21:46
svuorelac_schmitz: but you still have the possibility to treat fellow open source developers with a bit of respect, instead of starting out in a aggressive tone21:48
c_schmitzsvuorela: I did that during the first 4 releases that were borked21:48
svuorelaand you think that treating others without respect is going to improve anything?21:48
c_schmitzI am merely stating facts21:49
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thomas888Something is weird with the google code in site, it doesnt show the descripton of any task22:01
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xstyleat least 7 other people including me have reported it so far :P22:04
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thomas888k i cant know thatm because i cant see the chat history (:22:05
xstyleI know, just telling you :)22:06
xstyleIt works if you're not logged in22:06
xstyleJust open the task in another browser or something22:06
thomas888Does someone know if the mentors can approve a task while this bug? Im in a hurry, because i really want to complete my third task...22:07
Nightrosethomas888: nope22:07
thomas888And the code in will be longer cause this, or not?22:16
xstyleI doubt it if it gets fixed fast22:17
thomas888i hope it also22:20
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robbyoconnorMelange is broken again...mentors aren't being able to view approve tasks...22:57
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robbyoconnorI am a mentor for Sahana Foundation23:13
c_schmitzto continue a tradition: robbyoconnor, you are the 9th person to join and report it23:14
robbyoconnorMaybe they'll stop testing on the live server...23:16
robbyoconnorjus sayin!23:16
kodamake me the 10th :)23:19
c_schmitzrobbyoconnor: agreed23:24
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robbyoconnorI'm trying to be as tactful as I can23:33
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