Wednesday, 2012-01-11

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tdfischerI seem to not be getting any emails from melange20:10
Nightrosetdfischer: bah - seems the people who can help aren't around atm20:11
tdfischerI'll try again later20:11
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issyl0Hi.  I'm trying to upload GCIN forms to Melange.20:47
issyl0When I uploaded them and clicked submit, Melange complained about "check encoding type" (they were both scanned as PDFs), then when I clicked on the file links and re-downloaded the uploaded ones, they downloaded fine.20:50
issyl0Are they there or not?  Can I safely ignore Melange's error?20:50
issyl0Thanks.  :-)20:51
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issyl0I just went back to the form submission page and they're listed, so let's hope it's all OK.  :-)20:57
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jacktheripperthis task is bugged
tpb<> (at
jacktheripper'Unknown' difficulty, and I wasn't awarded points for it21:11
jacktheripperit should be hard21:12
jacktherippercould someone look into this ?21:12
gevaertsUnfortunately the poeple who usually handle these things don't seem to be here right now21:13
jacktheripperit's alright, I'll ask for this later21:15
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