Tuesday, 2012-01-10

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c_schmitzHi everyone16:23
c_schmitzI cannot extend a deadline on a GCI task16:23
tpb<http://ln-s.net/9WHq> (at www.google-melange.com)16:23
durin42I won't be of any use. I'm really emeritus at this point.16:26
c_schmitzwell, someone must have done a release today16:26
durin42Hang on, let me poke some people that have a clue.16:26
c_schmitzversion number says so16:26
c_schmitzdurin42: thank you16:26
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Lenniedurin42, who needs help :0?16:39
c_schmitzhi Lennie16:41
Lennieo hi16:41
c_schmitzc_schmitz: I cannot extend a deadline on a GCI task16:41
c_schmitzc_schmitz: @durin4216:41
c_schmitzc_schmitz: http://www.google-melange.com/gci/task/view/google/gci2011/713625316:41
tpb<http://ln-s.net/9WHq> (at www.google-melange.com)16:41
Lennieby not able to extend you mean?16:42
Lennie(in other words, what happens or what doesn't happen)16:42
Lenniewhat are your interactions :)16:42
c_schmitzLennie: I click on 'Extend deadline' nothing happens16:42
c_schmitznot even a JS error ;)16:43
Lennieso the button is there?16:43
Lenniewhich browser?16:43
c_schmitzlatest FF16:43
LennieDo you have another browser installed (although FF should be fin)16:43
LennieIf you have please try it there, while I search on the backend for a possible cause :)16:43
c_schmitzLennie: doesn't work in Chrome either16:44
Lenniegive me a few min16:45
LennieI see a new release has been pushed 3 hours ago16:47
Lenniehave you tried force refresh?16:47
Lenniectrl+f5 or the likes16:47
c_schmitzLennie: yes16:48
c_schmitzbeside I never visited the site before with Chrome, so very unlikely that's the cause16:49
LennieJust had to check :)16:50
Lenniebut you are right16:50
LennieCan I have your username on the website?16:50
LennieShould be noted in the box on the bottom left when you are logged in16:50
c_schmitzc_schmitz ;)16:51
Lenniemakes sense :p16:51
LennieDo you know how to disable javascript in your browser ^_^?16:56
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Lennieo hi lh17:00
c_schmitzLennie: sure i do17:01
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Lenniec_schmitz, try without. The field should be there17:01
Lennieat least I hope17:01
Lennie(as a temp fix that is)17:02
c_schmitzLennie: nope, doesn't work17:02
LennieThe field is not there?17:03
LennieIs there any mention of task-btn-extended-deadline in the html src?17:03
LennieI'm not running on my usual workstation so I have to do all this the hard way :p17:03
c_schmitzyes, there is17:04
c_schmitzthe attached div is made invisible by CSS17:05
c_schmitzuse Firebug to make it visible17:06
c_schmitz*I used17:06
c_schmitzthat way I could extend it17:06
Lennieand then you were able to extend the deadline :P17:06
LennieNow to get a proper fix in there somehow17:06
c_schmitzI hope that's not the longtern solution  :p17:06
LennieI might hope so :D17:06
LennieWould you mind filling this out-> http://code.google.com/p/soc/issues/entry17:07
tpbTitle: Google Project Hosting (at code.google.com)17:07
LennieI'll route it to someone who can fix17:07
LennieI'm off for lunch, bbs17:08
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Lenniec_schmitz, madrazr can help you with your problem17:43
Lenniebasically the extend deadline button wasn't expanding the hidden div17:43
Lennieso either css or js changed recently17:43
madrazrLennie: Oh!17:44
LennieI need to run to a meeting17:44
madrazrLennie: it may be a side effect17:44
madrazrLennie: sure17:44
Lenniebut he fixed it by manually editing css :p17:44
madrazrI will look into it17:44
Lenniebut that's just temporary :P17:44
madrazrLennie: Ok17:44
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AbhishekHey , i cannot post comment on my task17:53
Abhishekplease help !17:53
Abhisheklennie , madrazr : ^17:54
madrazrc_schmitz: I am leaving to the airport right now, I could not push the fix yet17:55
madrazrI will do it after check in17:55
madrazrAbhishek: I will be back online from the airport17:55
madrazrsorry about that17:55
madrazrI am getting late17:55
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madrazrc_schmitz: Hi20:15
madrazrwe believe the problem is fixed now20:16
madrazris it so?20:16
madrazrdo things work as expected?20:16
Lenniemadrazr, have a save trip20:37
madrazrLennie: thanks!20:37
madrazrwow brb20:37
madrazrthis is crazy20:38
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madrazrLennie: it is an international flight and Lufthansa has not assigned a seat yet :P (They have removed all the seats chosen while booking the ticket). They will apparently do it while boarding20:43
LennieDon't fly with Lufthansa then :P20:45
LennieWhere you flying from/to/20:45
* Nightrose waves @ madrazr and Lennie20:46
madrazrLennie: I definitely should not. They don't even per seat entertainment system20:47
madrazrflying from Bangalore to Los Angeles (Irvine)20:47
* madrazr waves back to Nightrose!20:47
Nightrosemadrazr: no per-seat system?20:47
madrazrNightrose: yeah!20:47
Nightrosethat's nuts for such a long flight20:47
madrazrNightrose: really20:47
* Lennie boasts20:49
LennieI'll see you in SF next week when I fly over with Wifi on my plane :P20:49
LennieWhich way around the world are you flying? Lufthansa makes me think you'll have a stop in Germany/Switzerland :p20:50
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madrazrLennie: ha ha, domestic flights have that! I don't know why they can't give Wifi on international :P20:52
madrazrLennie: via Frankfurt20:52
madrazralright, finally, call for boarding!20:52
madrazrI hope the problem is temporarily fixed at least by reverting the version20:52
madrazrLennie: see you!20:52
madrazrNightrose: see you!20:53
madrazrhave a good day20:53
Lenniegood flight madrazr20:53
Lenniecya soon20:53
Nightrosecya :)20:53
madrazrLennie: thanks! see you!20:53
madrazrNightrose: see you20:53
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