Thursday, 2011-11-10

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DrJoelstupid gci question.. the acceptance email was a relative URL not a full one..  what was the domain?03:33
tpbTitle: Google Accounts (at
DrJoelthanks for the link to the logs.. answer was right there03:35
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DrJoelI have a Google Code-In project logo question.  Does anyone feel up to the minor challenge? :)17:59
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Arcanyone know how to edit an org profile?20:28
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DrJoelArc: do you have the partial link from the email?20:49
Arcyes.  it doesnt work anymore, it sends me to the frontpage21:00
DrJoelI don't see it either.  I was wondering what the public view of our page was.  Our logo had to be tinkered with and I wanted to check it21:01
Arcthere is none yet.  i wanted to add our logo but i cant get to that page21:12
DrJoelI can't find even where I entered the data anymore. Assuming I wanted to edit it. :(21:14
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