Wednesday, 2011-11-09

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asmeurer___So are you guys aware that the link in the gci acceptance emails is broken?20:12
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Nightroseheya folks :)20:33
* Nightrose pokes SRabbelier :P20:33
NightroseSRabbelier: i can't seem to do this org profile thing...20:34
SRabbelierdamn :D20:34
Arcyea we gots the same problem20:34
SRabbelierwell darm :)20:34
Nightroseah good good20:34
tpbTitle: Google Accounts (at
Arc"There is no org_app for the org_id pysoy"20:34
Nightrosesame here20:34
Arcalso the email sent out had a url lacking teh hostname20:34
asmeurer___also, there's nothing in the dashboard20:34
SRabbelierwhah, no way :D20:35
Nightroseway :P20:35
SRabbelierit had the full url in the test! :P20:35
SRabbelierthe test lied!20:35
Nightrosei demand cake20:35
Arc^^ from email20:35
Arcits ok, we're all smart enough to figure it out20:35
SRabbelierthere _is_ an org app with id pysoy :P20:36
Arcbut some of us have ants in our pants to create the org profile before the announcement goes up :-)20:36
SRabbelieran accepted one too20:36
NightroseSRabbelier: and kde? ;-)20:36
NightroseArc: lol20:36
SRabbelierwell, yeah, everybody who got an email :P20:36
Arcdon't know what to say, its giving me that message.  maybe im not allowed to edit it?20:36
SRabbelierone sec, checking20:37
SRabbelierwtf m820:38
SRabbelierdeploying ninja-release for teh debuggings20:39
SRabbelierplease hold while AppEngine is being slow20:40
SRabbelierok please hit that url again20:40
* Nightrose plays some elevator music20:40
Arc500 Server Error20:41
SRabbelierthat's great20:41
SRabbelierno org_app20:41
SRabbelierwhy is there no org_app?20:41
SRabbelierthere's supposed to be an org_app :(20:41
Nightroseit was afraid of all the hits it'd get20:41
Nightroseand ran away20:41
Arcnot that many hits, hopefully just one for each org.  the real storm begins in 10 days20:42
SRabbelierI see the problem20:42
SRabbelierall our org_apps have a proper key20:43
SRabbelier_except_ this one20:43
SRabbelierdarnit :P20:43
SRabbelierand I see why too20:43
Arcwhy didn't I get a proper key? and what about Nightrose?20:43
SRabbelierthe new code didn't know it had to hard code the key, so it didn't20:43
Arcoh - org apps as in gci20:43
SRabbelierorg app as in, the survey you filled out to apply20:44
ArcNightrose: kde?20:44
NightroseArc: yes20:44
Arclets talk at some point about a women's program sometime soon.  I'm with PSF20:44
Arci talked with gnome and mozilla peeps at the summit about this20:45
SRabbelierso... I fixed the bug that caused this (meaning next years org apps will run just fine!), now I gotta fix this years :P20:45
NightroseArc: happy to schedule a meeting after today in a week - exam crunching period at the moment for me - after that feel free to make a request at
Arclol ok20:45
SRabbelierI think I hacked a solution together20:52
SRabbelierhere goes nothing :)20:54
SRabbelierNightrose, Arc: please be so kind as to try once more?20:54
asmeurer___works for me20:54
* SRabbelier dances20:54
SRabbeliercrazy hacks abusing internal apis ftw!20:54
Nightrosethis seems to go somewhere :20:55
Arcwfm :-)20:55
* Nightrose hands a cookie to SRabbelier20:55
* SRabbelier omnomnom20:55
asmeurer___"Public Name"20:55
asmeurer___is that my name or the org's name?20:55
SRabbelierasmeurer___: depends, what url are you at?20:56
tpbTitle: Google Accounts (at
SRabbelierasmeurer___: that's all about you20:56
SRabbelierasmeurer___: you need to create your own profile first20:56
SRabbeliershould have added a notice20:56
asmeurer___So there's no remembering it from previous programs?20:56
Nightrosei had the same question...20:57
SRabbelierasmeurer___: no, but there is remembering it within the program20:57
asmeurer___ok, what is the popup with colors?20:57
SRabbelierasmeurer___: so you won't have to fill it in again for other orgs or being a mentor20:57
SRabbelierasmeurer___: eheh, avatar selector :P20:57
SRabbelierasmeurer___: our student was working on adding it, but apparently didn't quite finish it :(20:58
Nightroseit has pink!20:58
asmeurer___text based avatars.  Nice.20:58
SRabbelieryou're right20:59
SRabbelierthe url isn't full20:59
asmeurer___well, I just picked my favorite number and color20:59
SRabbelierasmeurer___: neato :P20:59
SRabbelierasmeurer___: doesn't matter much if you're not a student20:59
SRabbelierasmeurer___: I think we decided against using them for comments20:59
SRabbelierasmeurer___: so they won't show up anywhere20:59
asmeurer___you might want to remove it before you put the student profile creation online21:00
asmeurer___or else you will get 100 questions of the same on the gci mailing list21:00
SRabbelierasmeurer___: quite the cotnrary21:00
SRabbelierasmeurer___: we want to have it working before then :P21:00
SRabbelierprofile fill-outery successfull?21:01
Nightrosemy own profile yes21:02
Nightroseon to org profile now21:02
SRabbelieronwards the Nightrose!21:03
SRabbelierthat sounds pretty cool actually21:03
Nightrosei already gave all this info :/21:04
asmeurer___suggestion for next time: autofill the org description from the application21:04
Nightroseespecially writing the description again is meh21:04
* Nightrose ^5s asmeurer___21:04
asmeurer___fortunately, I still have the application, so I can just copy paste...21:04
Nightrosei don't ...21:04
* Nightrose goes to look for generic description21:05
asmeurer___we put ours on our wiki21:05
tpbTitle: Organization description - GitHub (at
asmeurer___though actually, I think it might be better to rewrite the description with an aim to high school students21:06
asmeurer___Ideas list?21:07
SRabbelierthat should be feasible21:07
SRabbelierI think we used to do that actually21:07
SRabbelieranyone want to file a for that?21:07
tpbTitle: Google Project Hosting (at
asmeurer___yes, I think it was like that for gsoc21:07
asmeurer___I'm on it21:08
SRabbelierasmeurer___: thanks21:08
SRabbelierasmeurer___: yeah, ideas list is basically what you showed Carol so people can get an idea of the kind of tasks your org will have, but... dunno how useful it is at this poitn21:08
SRabbelier(since org homepages aren't live yet)21:08
asmeurer___won't that be imported into melange at some point, though?21:09
Arcyea i thought so too21:09
tpb<> (at
Nightrosethank god for browser remembering form data :D21:09
Arcwhat about adding mentors and backup admins?21:12
Nightrosein the org profile - the address should be mine or the office of our non-profit?21:14
Nightrosei guess the latter21:14
Nightrosebut then it is missing a name or similar21:14
Nightroseit starts with street address21:15
SRabbelierNightrose: yeah I don't think that's actually _used_ by anything, anywhere?21:20
SRabbeliersince you have to manually enroll as a supplier anyway?21:20
SRabbeliermostly an artifact of the orignal design in which those fields were added to the data model21:20
SRabbeliercreate an issue if you care21:20
Nightrosei don't care enough atm tbh21:20
Nightrosebut i will once i got out of the exam crunch maybe21:20
Nightroseorg successfully added21:22
Nightrosedo i get a badge?21:22
SRabbelierNightrose: maybe if I can find the right memcache key to clear21:23
asmeurer___btw Nightrose: you can still access the application if you go to your dashboard21:25
Nightroseyeah just saw that...21:25
Nightrosetoo late21:25
SRabbelierwell, I cleared it... buuuut it didn't populate21:28
SRabbelierdid you set the logo?21:28
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Nightrosei did21:30
Nightroseit showed in the list for me21:30
Nightroselist of orgs that is21:30
Nightrosealong with two python ones (or at least it sounded pythinish)21:30
SRabbelierI see the problem :)21:32
SRabbelierNightrose: BAM21:37
SRabbelierhow's that21:37
Nightroseuh uh21:37
NightroseBAM sounds dangerous21:37
NightroseSRabbelier: what am i looking for?21:38
tpb<> (at
asmeurer___I see three logos on the homepage21:38
asmeurer___they don't link to anywhere, though21:38
SRabbeliersadly no org homepages yet21:39
SRabbelierbut still!21:39
asmeurer___by the way, can we get a "participating orgs" link on the sidebar?21:39
NightroseSRabbelier: ahhhh :D21:40
Arcgci enrollment as a supplier shouldnt be an issue anyway, i havent seen anything about org payouts for gci21:42
Arcthe only address that should matter is the mentor's mailing address for tshirts21:43
SRabbelierArc: mind creating a new issue? :D21:50
tpbTitle: Google Project Hosting (at is smaller :-)21:56
Arcor i guess
NightroseSRabbelier: doh! i put in the wrong link to the task list -.-21:57
Nightroseand can't see where to go to fix it21:57
tpbTitle: Google Accounts (at
SRabbelierwe need a link obviously, but no dashboard yet21:58
tpb<> (at
SRabbelierArc: thanks22:00
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