Saturday, 2011-03-05

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rainHi everyone, may I ask you something?09:11
rainI'm interested to participate to the Google SoC09:12
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bipuli am sorry13:35
madrazrbipul: for?13:35
bipullets say a GCI page for a organization13:36
madrazrbipul: yeah?13:37
bipulI have to define models for organization and views to display the pages13:40
bipulAlso the data is stored into the online datastore?13:40
bipul i dont know jquery so do i ahve to learn it in detail?13:41
madrazrbipul: there is a GCI module already13:43
madrazrbipul: the Data models are all there13:43
madrazrbipul: they are fine and set, they need not be rewritten13:43
madrazrbipul: it is only Views that we want to rewrite13:43
bipulso what's the first task that i should do in order to get hold of idea?13:49
madrazrbipul: update your repo to the latest13:51
madrazrbipul: look at last commits13:51
madrazresp ones related to Views13:51
madrazrthat is all the new code that is going to soc.modules.views.gsoc13:51
madrazrI mean soc.modules.gsoc.views13:51
* madrazr WTB :D13:52
madrazrget an idea of how the new views are being written13:52
madrazrthats the first step13:52
madrazrsecond step is to start writing a dashboard kind of functionality for GCI Profiles13:52
madrazrlike Org Admin, Student, Mentor etc13:52
bipulalso by repo you mean change log13:54
madrazrbipul: also, please address with IRC nicks when you talk to some one on IRC13:54
madrazrbipul: otherwise I never know who you are talking to. There are 19 people in this channel other than you and me now13:54
bipul@madrazr: Very well13:54
madrazrbipul: no, I mean our mercurial source repo13:55
bipul@madrazr:  oh13:55
bipul@madrazr: hg update!14:02
antrikmadrazr: err... last time you mentioned a different stable tag...14:13
madrazrantrik: it depends on what you want to do14:33
madrazrbipul: for you yes14:33
madrazrI mean14:33
madrazrantrik: for you yes14:34
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madrazryou need to use the last release tag14:34
madrazrif you want to change something on current release of Melange14:34
madrazrantrik: sorry, I realized what you meant now. I really need to get some sleep then14:39
madrazrantrik: I am not the Canonical answer :P Whatever hg tags says is the canonical answer. I am human. I can make typos :P14:39
madrazranyways, I will go and catch up with some sleep before reading messages here wrong, again and again14:40
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