Friday, 2011-03-04

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jainWhat exactly is to be done in Google Code-in with new architecture Gsoc 2011 topic?13:11
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bipul_What is to be done in Google Code-in with new architecture Gsoc 2011?14:14
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madrazrbipul_: Hi14:31
bipul_i want to discuss on gsoc topic  Google Code-in with new architecture14:32
bipul_what exactly needs to be done in it.14:32
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madrazrbipul_: look at the last series of changes on our repo14:38
madrazrbipul_: we are coming up with a new architecture for Views14:38
madrazrbipul_: but due to the time constraints we have been able to limit our focus only on GSoC module of Melange14:38
madrazrbipul_: we want to get that done on GCI too14:38
bipul_so the entire views needs to be created for gsoc as well14:41
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madrazrbipul_: yes14:46
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slingshot316madrazr: how was your day? :)16:45
madrazrslingshot316: Ok Ok16:46
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madrazrslingshot316: how was yours?16:46
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slingshot316slingshot316: not bad, had to write a top-down parser.. had tough but was done at around 716:47
slingshot316tough time*16:47
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ratulslingshot316:finished with ur app?16:47
slingshot316ratul: no not really, was stuck with other works16:48
slingshot316ratul: anyway16:48
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slingshot316ratul: what are you upto?16:48
ratulslingshot316: I am trying to make a calender for my college16:48
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slingshot316madrazr: sorry that was meant for you and i started talkin to myself :|16:49
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ratulslingshot316: sorry, did it disconnect me?16:49
slingshot316ratul: yep16:49
ratulslingshot316:empathy sucks in case of IRC16:50
ratulslingshot316: anyway16:50
slingshot316ratul: get weechat, its awesome16:50
ratulslingshot316: I want to make a user-defined calender16:50
madrazr"(10:18:09  IST) slingshot316: slingshot316: not bad, had to write a top-down parser.. had tough but was done at around 7"16:50
madrazrslingshot316: be warned about infinite recursion :D16:51
slingshot316madrazr: lol totally :P16:51
slingshot316madrazr: so is your app engine server working now?16:51
slingshot316ratul: thats nice,16:51
madrazrslingshot316: yeah16:52
ratulslingshot316: but I am not sure if people in my college would like an app based on google16:52
madrazrthere was nothing wrong yesterday16:52
madrazrI figured that out today morning16:52
madrazrslingshot316: it was just that my brain had come to a standstill yesterday :P16:52
madrazrslingshot316: I was doing some Ruby on Rails development and was running the server on the same port16:52
madrazrslingshot316: was wondering where the hell was port occupied16:53
slingshot316madrazr: lol, happens.. give it a break from coding :P16:53
madrazrslingshot316: forgot utilities like lsof too :)16:53
slingshot316madrazr: lol16:53
madrazrslingshot316: yeah, one round of sleep and a dosage of Ph.D. defense was sufficient :P16:53
slingshot316madrazr: hahaa16:53
madrazrslingshot316: give me the URL again please?16:53
slingshot316madrazr: one second16:53
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slingshot316madrazr: http://localhost:8080/gsoc/program/home/google/gsoc200916:54
madrazrslingshot316: it just works for me16:55
slingshot316madrazr: :(16:55
slingshot316madrazr: but why not for me16:55
madrazrslingshot316: what is the problem you are having?16:55
slingshot316madrazr: i disable v216:55
madrazrslingshot316: also16:56
madrazrslingshot316: are you up to date with the repo?16:56
slingshot316madrazr: no not really16:56
slingshot316madrazr: how will i know if m upto date?16:56
slingshot316madrazr: pardon my ignorance16:56
slingshot316madrazr: i'm gettin a 40416:57
madrazrslingshot316: hg pull -u16:58
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slingshot316madrazr: well that overwrite the changes i made?16:59
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madrazrslingshot316: what kind of changes?17:02
madrazrslingshot316: you mean commits?17:02
slingshot316madrazr: no not commits, say i changed some view and then i did hg pull -u will my changes be lost?17:03
slingshot316madrazr: or should use branches?17:03
madrazrslingshot316: usually it won't be17:03
madrazrbut if there are some merge conflicts, I am not sure17:03
madrazrslingshot316: it depends on what changed actually17:03
slingshot316madrazr: oh okay okay17:03
slingshot316madrazr: i think its better if i have a branch and then merge it17:03
madrazrslingshot316: depends on you17:05
madrazrslingshot316: I would not do it :P17:05
slingshot316madrazr: but is that not how it is done?17:06
slingshot316madrazr: or may be not, i dont know17:07
madrazrslingshot316: I don't know about that, but I personally usually won't have to bother17:07
madrazrslingshot316: my changes are always saved in patches in a patch queue17:07
slingshot316madrazr: okay17:08
madrazrslingshot316: so if I have some crazy thing that happens, I can still retrieve my changes back17:08
slingshot316madrazr: yea, thats a better idea or a better way to do it i think17:09
slingshot316madrazr:m not able to pull, it says connection timed out17:11
madrazrslingshot316: pull again17:12
slingshot316madrazr: one second17:15
slingshot316madrazr: tried thrice17:15
slingshot316madrazr: and now fourth time :(17:16
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slingshot316madrazr: i just updated17:25
slingshot316madrazr: but still m getting 40417:26
madrazrslingshot316: ouch17:26
madrazrslingshot316: what is the URL your are upping from?17:26
slingshot316madrazr: i just did hg pull -u17:26
tpbTitle: Revision b3912a02ab: / (at
madrazrslingshot316: try https once17:31
madrazrbut I don't think it should change17:31
madrazrbut still17:31
slingshot316as in hg pull -u
tpbTitle: Revision b3912a02ab: / (at
slingshot316madrazr: no changes found17:34
madrazrslingshot316: ah Ok17:34
madrazryou are upto date then17:34
slingshot316madrazr: then what is the problem? :( how do i get to understand Melange then? :( :(17:34
madrazrslingshot316: I asked you to tell me again what your problem is17:36
madrazrslingshot316: since I really don't remember what we spoke yesterday17:36
madrazrlet me check the logs wait17:36
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slingshot316madrazr: well, the problem is none of the links under programs work and none of the links with new gsoc or new gci work17:38
slingshot316madrazr: and the roles link too17:38
slingshot316madrazr: m gettin a 40417:38
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madrazrslingshot316: can you make sure v2 is disabled17:42
madrazrand in which file?17:42
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slingshot316madrazr: yes it is17:45
slingshot316madrazr: in app/soc/modules/soc_core/callback.py17:46
madrazrslingshot316: there you go17:47
madrazrslingshot316: there is one check for GSoC too17:47
madrazrslingshot316: melange/app/soc/modules/gsoc/
slingshot316madrazr: one second17:48
slingshot316madrazr: should i change it for gci too ?17:49
slingshot316madrazr: in line 6217:50
madrazrslingshot316: yes, if you want to experiment with GCI17:51
slingshot316madrazr: okay17:51
slingshot316madrazr: thank you so much for helping17:51
slingshot316madrazr: i thought you were talkin of v2 only in the soc_core thingy17:51
slingshot316madrazr: one more thing17:52
slingshot316madrazr: when i click on list documents or list users.. it never lists anything, it just says list of documetns.. thats.. is that a bug in the templates?17:52
madrazrslingshot316: TBH, I figured them out later17:52
madrazrslingshot316: lists are broken17:53
slingshot316madrazr: oh :)17:53
madrazrslingshot316: new lists are on their way17:53
madrazrslingshot316: one thing you guys can do17:53
madrazrfor experimentation17:53
madrazrslingshot316: I was just talking to other developers about this problem17:53
madrazrslingshot316: and the problem that antrik_ brought up other day after you left17:53
madrazrslingshot316: for experimentation, you can use the tagged version of our last release17:54
madrazrv0-8-20110202                  5fc210e33d7817:54
madrazrthis is our last release17:54
slingshot316madrazr: but thats it the latest relaease right?17:54
madrazrslingshot316: I promise, things work as expected on that release17:54
slingshot316madrazr: thats not*17:54
madrazrslingshot316: yes17:54
madrazrslingshot316: that is the last release17:55
madrazrslingshot316: our development branch is on very fast development at the moment17:55
slingshot316madrazr: but when i just updated, dint i get that ?17:55
madrazrslingshot316: so if you want to keep up with what we are doing, up17:55
madrazrslingshot316: you are already past that17:55
slingshot316madrazr: oh okay okay17:56
madrazrslingshot316: note release is different than tip17:56
slingshot316madrazr: so what do you suggest?17:56
slingshot316madrazr: should i switch back to that release?17:56
slingshot316madrazr: yea yea, i understood now17:56
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ratul_can someone give me some sample task so that I can understand the testing project in the idea list?18:01
mayanks43hey there, just confirming, clicking on doesn't add your mail id to some list right? I clicked it mistakingly.18:03
tpb<> (at
slingshot316madrazr: i just updated to last release and i'm getting a 404 at the main page :(18:20
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madrazrratul_: sample task?18:24
ratul_madrzr: ya18:25
madrazrmayanks43: I don't think so18:25
madrazrmayanks43: you are an Org Admin?18:25
slingshot316madrazr: should i switch to that last release or stick to this one?18:26
mayanks43no i am a student :P was just checking out the page. But the first line made me think.18:28
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nandohey everyone18:45
nandoany1 home!18:48
nando :(18:48
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madrazrratul_: I think you did not get the messages I sent previously19:00
madrazrseems like I got disconnected :(19:00
madrazrif you want samples, mail the dev list19:00
madrazrratul_: Leo will be mentoring that project19:00
madrazrratul_: he should have more insights into testing19:00
madrazr ratul_: not that I have no clue, but he knows better than me19:01
madrazrnando: Hi19:01
madrazrnando: home?19:01
ratul_madrazr: sorry I was decorating my desktop :P anyway, so should I contact him? if it is, then how?19:02
nandowhat i want to know is there any idea list fr gsoc??19:02
madrazrratul_: I would suggest to keep the discussions in open19:04
madrazrratul_: mail to the mailing list19:04
madrazrratul_: any one who has time will pick it up19:04
ratul_madrazr: sure. Thanks!19:04
madrazrnando: what idea list are you talking about?19:04
nandoi mean how do i know what an organisation wants fixed...there is some list provided by them isnt it?19:05
nandowhich should be available on gsoc site19:05
ratul_madrzr: sent the mail. hope someone will reply( affirmative ).19:12
ratul_madrzr: :)19:12
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madrazrnando: yes19:19
madrazrnando: once the organizations are selected, it will be available on GSoC site19:19
tpb<> (at
madrazrcheck the timeline19:20
madrazrnando: accepted orgs will be announced on March 18th19:20
nandoso what can i do to increase my chances of getting accepted19:20
madrazrnando: contribute19:20
nandook! thanks a lot..will look at the timeline19:21
madrazrnando: contribute, contribute, contribute is the only success mantra19:21
madrazrOk guys, I think I need to leave19:21
madrazrI have a flight to catch tomorrow. Hope I will wake up for that19:21
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nandothanks a lot madrazr19:21
madrazrnando: NP19:21
ratul_nando: hi!19:22
nandothanks a lot madrazr19:22
ratul_nando: what do u do?19:23
nandoi study!19:23
nando :p19:24
ratul_nando: JFY.19:24
ratul_nando: new in open source, or melange?19:24
nandoi have used open source applications/os ....but new to melange..19:25
ratul_nando: JFY again, by any chance were u in 2010?19:25
nandowhas scipy19:26
nandowhat makes you think that?19:26
nandoscientific tools for python...woah!19:26
ratul_nando: some conference.actually most of the people I meet here and some other places also r from (where I also went)19:27
ratul_nando: looks like u google fast19:27
nandoaadat pad gayi hai19:27
madrazrnando: guys this an open source project channel19:28
madrazrnot a regional language discussion channel19:28
ratul_nando: how did u stumble upon melange?19:28
ratul_madrazr: true, as I think he forgot to check the other members :)19:28
nandok..but madrazr by any chance did u understand that//19:28
nandomelange's website has the irc address..19:29
madrazrnando: I don't understand Hindi19:29
madrazrnando: but I listen everyday, so I can make out :)19:29
ratul_madrzr: do u think i will get some small task?19:29
nando:O r u indian ?19:29
madrazrratul_: sure19:29
madrazrratul_: you wanted a task related to tests19:29
madrazrratul_: so I asked you to ping Leo19:30
ratul_madrzr: from childhood, i dont work nice until given assignments19:30
madrazrratul_: he will give you don't worry19:30
ratul_madrazr: I sent mail to all :D probably will be flooded by tasks tomorrow morning19:30
nandowhich channel should i join if i have some programming doubts?19:30
madrazrnando: what do you mean by programming doubts?19:31
nandou know like errors in c code etc?19:31
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ratul_madrazr: nice choice of name it was, madrazr. giving u a european look. :D19:31
madrazrnando: is it specific to a language?19:31
madrazrratul_: I don't like to reveal my online identity. It is scary19:31
madrazrratul_: ouch I mean in IRC channels19:31
madrazrratul_: well outside IRC, I don't care19:32
madrazrnando: if you want to ask specifically about C, you can try ##C19:32
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ratul_madrazr: an question about IRC. which is the best? xchat? it is pain to write everyone's name when replying19:33
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madrazrratul_: it is an etiquette19:33
madrazrratul_: and all the IRC clients I have come across, autocomplete names19:33
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madrazrratul_: I never had a problem with any of the clients I have come across19:34
ratul_madrazr, but for me it is giving ',' which is bad19:34
ratul_madrazr, :)19:34
madrazrratul_: for me Pidgin, irssi works best when I am behind this stupid #$%$% proxy19:34
ratul_madrazr, anyway i am leaving. i think u need rest too as u said about flight. good night!19:35
madrazrratul_: and Quassel outside19:35
madrazrratul_: Ok bye19:35
madrazrratul_: yeah sure19:35
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