Tuesday, 2011-01-11

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sora_hI downloaded Japanese version consent form of GCI2010, but it seems broken00:02
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Dark_Shikariwhat's broken about it?00:07
jacktheripperuh where do you download the forms ?00:10
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jacktheripperhtg, gn00:16
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cryptwcan't get the chinese consent form to display properly00:19
cryptwand the word warping on the english is all messed up too00:24
cryptwunless it's my settings00:24
tpb<http://ln-s.net/8M4-> (at gyazo.com)00:25
sora_hI downloaded from here http://code.google.com/p/google-code-in/downloads/list gci_consent_form_ja.pdf00:25
tpb<http://ln-s.net/8M4:> (at code.google.com)00:25
cryptwwhich viewer are you using? is your system set to an asian language?00:26
sora_hOther Japanese PDFs can see well00:27
sora_hAnd I'm using Preview.app on Mac OS X 10.6.600:27
cryptwoh. i'm using adobe on windows >.>00:28
sora_hCan I use English version for instead?00:28
cryptwyou can use whatever version you feel like00:29
sora_hi see. thx00:30
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cryptwi'm tempted to reply to the email and say please upload the forms in an OPEN format such as .txt00:36
aviraldg"initial judging"?00:46
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cryptwhas anyone managed to get the asian language PDFs to display properly on windows?03:55
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madrazrcryptw: interesting :P11:35
cryptwanyway, would either of you happen to be able to display the chinese student consent forms properly?11:36
cryptwimo it would've been better to use a free(tm) format like .txt11:36
* ThomasWaldmann would maybe not see if there is something improper.11:47
ThomasWaldmanncryptw: url11:48
tpb<http://ln-s.net/8M97> (at google-code-in.googlecode.com)11:49
ThomasWaldmanncryptw: do you also see a mostly empty thing? that has some ascii stuff, but not chinese glyphs?11:50
cryptwdefinitely no chinese11:51
cryptwjust a bunch of crap11:51
cryptwthe words "Google Code-In" show up fine11:51
cryptwand a URL linking to the rules11:51
ThomasWaldmanncryptw: did you tell on #gsoc ?11:51
cryptwthat's the main channel for this?11:52
ThomasWaldmannwell melange is the web software used for gci11:52
ThomasWaldmann#gsoc is the channel for google code-in and google soc (summer of code)11:52
aviraldgThomasWaldmann: There?12:24
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ThomasWaldmannaviraldg: yes?13:54
aviraldgyou're a mentor, right?13:54
aviraldgwell, can you access tasks atm?13:55
aviraldgbecause I'd submitted a task before the deadline13:55
aviraldgand my mentor is having problems accessing it13:55
ThomasWaldmannsome hours ago, "view all tasks" did not work, but "view MY tasks" did13:55
ThomasWaldmanndid you give him the task url?13:56
aviraldghe says that my task isn't visible in "View My Tasks"13:56
aviraldgthat gives him a 50013:56
jacktheripper500 <313:56
aviraldghe sent a mail to Carol anyway, and I'm waiting for her to come online13:57
aviraldgis that a very common occurrence with Melange or Google AppEngine applications in general?13:58
ThomasWaldmanni can access a closed task from "my tasks" view13:59
aviraldgit was a NeedsReview task13:59
aviraldgmoreover, even I can't access it14:00
aviraldg(using the link)14:00
KaythxbyeCarol lives in a timezone where it's ~6h in the morning14:00
aviraldghowever, in my case, it gives me a "This task hasn't been published yet."14:00
Kaythxbyeso depending on when they start working at Google you should recieve a mail in a few hours I think14:01
aviraldgI hope so. :)14:01
ThomasWaldmanni still can a access a "claimed" task, but do no actions aside from comment14:02
aviraldgThomasWaldmann: I believe mentors received a mail in which they were told that tasks for which submissions had been made before the deadline should still be reviewed?14:03
ThomasWaldmannhmm, can't remember, but i did that anyway14:11
aviraldgwell, I think I'll just wait for her to reply; probably a technical problem14:12
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dreimark.oO the ghop points system had lead in lessor discussions17:53
dreimarkabout it17:53
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Jumpyshoeshello, as in the gci discuss thread (http://groups.google.com/group/gci-discuss/browse_thread/thread/f81e1999d4d0d586#), i have tasks that have been completed but not claimed. when i try to access the tasks, melange gives me a 500 server error (http://www.google-melange.com/gci/task/show/google/gci2010/videolan/t129463104877), but the rest of the site works. are there some issues with the task pages?23:01
tpbTitle: Work submissions post contest deadline wont be counted for ranking - Google Code-in Discuss | Google Groups (at groups.google.com)23:01
Jumpyshoesmy mentor also cannot access the page23:08
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