Monday, 2010-11-22

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dreimarkour value is 0 now. if i edit all tasks. what do i have to fill in there. is it just the time in hours?00:01
dreimarkSRabbelier: ^00:01
SRabbelierdreimark: the time is stored internally as just the hours00:01
SRabbelierdreimark: but the form shows it as hours%2400:02
SRabbelierdreimark: since the days are shown as hours/2400:02
SRabbelierdreimark: there's no need to change them atm00:02
dreimarkbut 0 is not accepted00:02
dreimarkhow can i say exactly 5 days ?00:03
dreimarkSRabbelier: ^00:06
SRabbelierdreimark: where, in bulk import, or in the view?00:07
dreimarkin the view00:07
tpb<> (at
SRabbelierdreimark: why do you need to enter it there, it already says 5 days?00:08
dreimarkif you select "Publish the task" it cries00:08
dreimarkSRabbelier: ^00:09
dreimarkonly if i add something valid there i can publish it00:09
SRabbelierdreimark: right, so I said, either enter 4 days, 24 hours, or 5 days and 1 hour until we fix it00:10
dreimarka ok, now i understand00:10
dreimarkThomasWaldmann: i add that 1 into that field00:11
dreimarkThomasWaldmann: done00:22
SRabbelierdreimark: ping00:25
dreimarkSRabbelier: pong00:27
SRabbelierdreimark: deployed 0-8-20101121-p300:27
SRabbelierdreimark: can you see if you can bulk-publish now?00:27
dreimarki can only test on demo - there is still p200:28
SRabbelierdreimark: oh, deployign there00:28
dreimarkthomas can on melange, and there i have entered 48 times the 100:29
dreimarki was asking and did not understood that want to fix it immeaditly00:29
SRabbelierdreimark: argh, damned AppEngine is giving me trouble deploying00:33
dreimarkif it is on melange working, then ThomasWaldmann can publish our tasks, i have to get some sleep soon. i can test it in some hours.00:34
* ThomasWaldmann published00:39
SRabbelierThomasWaldmann: using bulk?00:40
SRabbelierdreimark: I published it to melange-demo too00:40
SRabbelierdreimark: as Release 0-8-2010112100:40
SRabbelierThomasWaldmann: great00:41
SRabbelierdreimark: I also removed the 0 hour restriction00:41
dreimarkSRabbelier: on demo bulk approve did not work00:43
SRabbelierdreimark: wait, are you an org admin on demo?00:43
dreimarkanyway have get some sleep, we can look on that later.00:46
SRabbelierdreimark: weird, glad it's working on socghop at least00:49
* SRabbelier is off to bed as well00:49
dreimarkhow much are online?08:14
dreimarkls -rtl10:35
dreimarkSRabbelier: how it going on10:35
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SRabbeliermohamed: hello12:17
mohamedthere is a problem in the site am i right?12:17
SRabbelierdreimark: not so good12:17
SRabbeliermohamed: Quite so12:17
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mohamedok i hope it will be fixed very soon12:17
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mohamedwho is here is from google company?12:18
SRabbeliermohamed: me, of sorts12:18
JaneWellsSRabbelier: I replied to your response on the list (thanks). The formula for the # of hours is throwing me a bit. What is meant to go in the # of days, # of hours fields?12:18
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aviraldgHas Google Code-in started (officially) yet?12:19
m4k3rHey guys, are there some news about when -aproximately- google-melange will be up?12:20
JaneWellsaviraldg: yes, but melange is having some issues. please be patient12:20
SRabbelieraviraldg: yes it has, but we're down and out for the moment12:20
SRabbelierm4k3r: I'm looking into it right now, hopefully within the hour12:20
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SRabbelierJaneWells: Internally we store it as just hours12:20
JaneWellsaviraldg: at wordpress, we are talking with potential students in our irc channel for anyone who wants to get started on a task. if you know what project you want to work with, you might try contacting them directly in the meantime12:20
SRabbelierJaneWells: but we display it to you as hours and days (e.g., days = internal_hours/24, hours = internal_hours%24)12:21
SRabbelierdreimark and ThomasWaldmann both are part of moinmoin12:22
m4k3raviraldg:  I'm on #moinmoin-dev. Currently both Thomas and out mentor are away, but you can just join and wait.12:22
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JaneWellsSRabbelier: so we should enter the longest amount of time it should take in hours?12:22
JaneWellsbut in days increments unless there are half days etc12:22
aviraldg@m4k3r okay12:22
SRabbelierJaneWells: yeah, the idea is this makes it easier for you guys to enter large timespans12:22
m4k3raviraldg:  ops, sry #moin-dev12:23
JaneWellsSRabbelier: the road to hell.... ;)12:23
SRabbelierJaneWells: heh12:23
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JaneWellsSRabbelier: out of curiosity, how does the melange ui get determined? do you guys have ux/ui people or is dev-decided?12:29
SRabbelierJaneWells: the latter, but we've hired EchoDitto to redesign our UI, next GSoC we'll have a properly designed UI :)12:29
JaneWellsah ok, was just about to volunteer since wordpress 3.1 is almost out the door12:29
SRabbelierJaneWells: we can definitely use help in implementing whatever ED designs though12:30
JaneWellsi'm not a coder, i just design the wordpress ui :)12:30
SRabbelierJaneWells: they'll be providing us with HTML and CSS, and that needs to be converted to Django/python/appengine12:30
SRabbelierJaneWells: aaah :)12:30
JaneWellsdo they do many applications? i thought they were more of branding/marketing12:31
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SRabbelierAureiAnimus: hi12:33
SRabbelierJaneWells: I'm not sure, I got a similar impression, but they're doing a great job so far12:33
AureiAnimusAny predictions on when the maintenance is over?12:34
JaneWellsAureiAnimus: give it an hour12:35
AureiAnimusOkay, thanks :)12:36
mohamedok i hope it will be fixed very soon12:36
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Moultmemory issues?12:44
SRabbelierMoult: yup, problem identified, am working on a fix12:44
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_kikocan't access the melange right now..12:52
SRabbelier_kiko: correct, am working on a fix12:54
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* espes is curious as to what constitutes "Memory errors"13:01
Moulthe forgot to do something :)13:01
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SRabbelierespes: eh, we're fetching the same object 150 times13:05
SRabbelierespes: and that object contains a database pointer to each task that points at it13:05
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_kikoSRabbelier: thanks :) nice to hear that.13:08
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utkuDo any of you know when will the tasks be available? or how long will it take to solve the problem?13:16
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jacktheripperutku: the problem was identified and there's a fix in progress. It shouldn't take long.13:27
jacktheripperutku: time varies according to problem. Check the organisations. Some problems take as long as 3 weeks.13:27
m4k3rutku quitted 10 minutes ago.13:28
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_kikoi think tomorrow we will have a lot of request when the gci starts13:29
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sivahow much time would it take ?13:34
JayDezand now he's back jacktheripper13:34
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_kikosiva: do you mean the gci tasks?13:35
SRabbelierI'm testing a fix atm13:35
SRabbelierSeems to be working13:35
_kikosiva: depends on the organization or the project13:35
sivaok thanks13:36
_kikosiva: but i saw some tasks that already included that time13:37
_kikosiva: what project do you want to join?13:37
sivamaybe videolan13:38
sivaqand you13:38
*** Aki_ has quit IRC13:40
siva_kiko: and you13:40
*** Hamdulay has joined #melange13:40
_kikosiva: im not qualified, im already an oldie guy, im checking the status of the contest :)13:40
*** danie has quit IRC13:41
_kikosiva: vlc, that's very nice13:41
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t0kshello there! anyone that managed to claim a task for google code-in?13:42
JaneWellst0ks: the site is down right now, will be back up soon13:43
snizzot0ks: is currently down13:43
_kikot0ks: tomorrow :)13:43
siva_kiko: i even  liked the sahana13:43
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t0kstomorrow? do we know time?13:44
*** mithro has quit IRC13:44
t0kscause i am trying from 8 utc13:44
SRabbeliert0ks: site will be back up soon13:44
SRabbelierwithin 15, probably sooner13:45
JaneWellst0ks: some projects are verbally letting students start on tasks by communicating directly in their irc channels. which project(s) do you want to work for13:45
t0ksa vlc project13:45
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snizzoSRabbelier: 15:00 which gmt?13:46
utkuis it possible to participate in multiple projects?13:46
SRabbeliersnizzo: within 15minutes13:47
snizzooh ok! thanks!13:47
utkuor should i read the manual? :)13:47
jacktheripperutku: only one task at a time.13:47
jacktheripperutku, and yeah RTFM :p13:47
sivajacktheripper: thanks13:48
_kiko 5hrs have passed13:48
* SRabbelier deploying new release13:49
m4k3rOk, from now, let's tell the others the server will be up tomorrow, to be sure we don't overload google-melange13:49
SRabbelierm4k3r: no need for that13:49
m4k3rSRabbelier:  just jocking.13:49
utkum4k3r: good idea :P13:49
snizzowe love you :)13:51
SRabbelierSite's back online13:51
JayDezyay. :)13:51
jacktheripperthanks a bunch13:52
_kikohi, ok i can access the melange right now13:53
SRabbelier_kiko: excellent13:53
*** aviraldg has quit IRC13:53
_kikohow to claim the task, i dont see any claim link13:53
SRabbelier_kiko: Pick a task from
tpb<> (at
utkufinally! :)13:54
_kikoits kinda slow right now..13:54
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jbillsWhat is wrong with melange and when will it be up?13:55
*** mithro has joined #melange13:56
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JayDez_kiko: would agree with the slowness..13:56
*** jacktheripper has quit IRC13:56
*** aviraldg has joined #melange13:56
SRabbelierjbills: it's already back up13:57
SRabbelier_kiko: slow how?13:57
t0kseverything is ok, thanks13:58
_kikothe loading.. prompt has a very long delay and the unresponsive script always appear13:58
*** jbills has quit IRC13:58
SRabbelier_kiko: there's a lot of tasks to be loaded13:58
_kikoSRabbelier: i see, yeah it contains very long list of the task13:59
SRabbelier_kiko: but, yeah, the script unresponsive is a thing we need to fix13:59
oxanwell, it works fine with chrome/chromium, but yeah, in firefox it's bad14:00
* SRabbelier nods14:00
*** Samoi_ has quit IRC14:00
SRabbelierWe should use webworkers or such14:00
aviraldghow do you claim a task?14:02
_kikoi have to install the chrome :(14:02
*** andu__ has joined #melange14:02
SRabbelieraviraldg: the dropdown above the comment box14:02
* SRabbelier will brb14:02
SRabbelierask questions in #gsoc14:02
*** Samoi_ has joined #melange14:03
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aviraldgthe complete task list absolutely *kills* firefox14:04
aviraldgis there any other way to access the tasks of a particular organization?14:05
utkuaviraldg: I'm able to claim a task with Google Chrome.14:05
m4k3rSRabbelier:  I have ploblems in listing my tasks.14:05
Samoi_Yea, firefox really does not like the linq script14:05
SRabbelierm4k3r: deploying a fix for that14:05
SRabbelierm4k3r: please wait less than a minute14:06
_kikothere's no tux4kids projec tasks?14:06
SRabbelierm4k3r: can you try again now please?14:06
m4k3rSRabbelier:  ok, but, I mean, tasks claimed are ok?14:06
* m4k3r there's a new task! Melange beta-tester!14:06
SRabbelierm4k3r: can you go to ?14:06
tpb<> (at
* SRabbelier laughs14:07
m4k3rSRabbelier:  ok!14:07
SRabbelierm4k3r: does it work now?14:07
SRabbelierm4k3r: thanks!14:07
m4k3rThank you.14:07
SRabbelierm4k3r: what's your link_id?14:07
SRabbelierm4k3r: awesome, good luck with GCI then!14:08
snizzogl hf :)14:09
aviraldgSRabbelier: would it be possible to reduce the default value for "tasks per page" to a more manageable value like 20?14:10
SRabbelieraviraldg: heh, at first it was set to show _all_ tasks14:11
SRabbelieraviraldg: why do you want less?14:11
aviraldgcurrently the only options are 100, 500, 100014:11
*** jacktheripper has joined #melange14:11
aviraldgstill very very slow14:11
SRabbelieraviraldg: lowering that won't make it faster though14:12
*** madrazr has joined #melange14:12
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o madrazr14:12
*** andu__ has quit IRC14:12
aviraldgyou mean it loads *all* the tasks at once?14:12
SRabbelieraviraldg: yes14:14
SRabbelieraviraldg: well14:14
SRabbelieraviraldg: incrementally14:14
SRabbelieraviraldg: in batches of 10014:14
*** anon_ has joined #melange14:15
_kikousing google chrome works for me now :)14:16
* SRabbelier chuckles14:16
SRabbelierChrome +114:16
_kikoafter claiming the task, when can my claimed task approve?14:16
snizzowhen mentor sees i suppose14:17
SRabbelier_kiko: the mentor will get mailed and will decide to approve it14:17
jacktheripperSRabbelier, based on what ?14:17
SRabbelierjacktheripper: ?14:18
SRabbelierjacktheripper: oh, uhm, don't know really14:18
SRabbelierjacktheripper: I think it's mostly a formality14:18
jacktheripperwhat makes him decide to approve I mean14:18
SRabbelierjacktheripper: he might ask some questions14:18
SRabbelierjacktheripper: if the task is difficult or whatnot14:18
*** nolze has quit IRC14:18
_kikoSRabbelier: thanks14:19
* SRabbelier will bll now14:19
anon_why are there so few projects available?14:19
snizzomaybe not all org have inserted all tasks14:19
*** Furkan has joined #melange14:19
snizzowait or ping mentors :P14:20
sivawhy is it automatically scrolling down14:21
_kikosnizzo: yeah, I noticed that too14:21
_kikosiva: its loading..14:22
snizzochrom* works with melange (with slowness but works :))14:22
jacktheripperis Obey Arthur Liu around  ? :D14:22
sivasnizzo: is chrome really effective14:23
madrazrsiva: what is automatically scrolling down?14:23
siva madrazr: the web page14:24
madrazrjacktheripper: btw to your question on what makes mentor to approve, this feature was requested to avoid spams14:24
*** GautamGupta_ has joined #melange14:24
madrazrjacktheripper: we don't really doubt our students, we are just trying to make sure to allot the request only to "students" who request it14:24
jacktherippermadrazr, how would he know if I'm spamming ?14:24
madrazrjacktheripper: not to the spammers who claim the task and lock it down for other students14:24
*** GautamGupta has quit IRC14:25
madrazrjacktheripper: as SRabbelier said, may be your mentor will ask a question or two? We have given that autonomy to mentors and mentoring organizations14:25
_kikois it possible to add more task from the project organizer?14:25
*** GautamGupta_ is now known as GautamGupta14:25
madrazr_kiko: can you please elaborate on your question?14:25
jacktherippermadrazr, ah okay, thanks.14:26
madrazrsiva: which web page? There are several pages live now14:26
_kikomadrazr: i mean, because some of the task are not entered by the organizer, can we request to that organizer to add more task?14:26
madrazr_kiko: how do you know that the organizer has not entered some of the task? Is the list present somewhere else?14:27
aviraldg... on the organizer's wiki/website14:28
madrazr_kiko: To be precise, the task doesn't exist for all purposes of the contest, unless they appear on
sivathe task's page14:28
madrazraviraldg: same as above ^14:28
tpb<> (at
sivathis one14:28
madrazrsiva: thanks for the URL, I will take a look at it14:28
sivayour welcome :)14:29
_kikomadrazr: yeah,  there's a list of the task ideas. I just saw just 4 task entered.14:29
madrazr_kiko: Ok, then you were right earlier. You must ask your organization to enter those tasks14:29
_kikomadrazr: thanks a lot for the clarity. :)14:30
madrazr_kiko: also it is quite possible that they have entered those tasks into google-melange but have not made it public14:30
madrazr_kiko: even for that, you need to ask your Organization to make more tasks public14:30
_kikomadrazr: i see. i think ill ask them for clarification or a request.14:30
mavuMy browser hangs while loading the page, and if i try to search for a particular organization. Is that happening to everyone or is it just me?14:31
*** c_schmitz has joined #melange14:31
madrazrmavu: which browser?14:31
c_schmitzhi everyone14:31
madrazrmavu: it works on Firefox and Chrome14:31
snizzomavu: me, chromium is slow but works14:31
madrazrc_schmitz: Hi14:31
madrazrIt is slow14:32
c_schmitzthe task list is really slow, I wish there was a way to show fewer items than 10014:32
madrazrbecause there are so many tasks14:32
madrazrso many kids, trying their hands at the contest14:32
c_schmitzit should default to 50 or something14:32
madrazrc_schmitz: 100 was a good trade-off we could come up with, otherwise people would have complained about navigating a large number of pages14:32
madrazrc_schmitz: we need to trade-off at some number you see, we chose 10014:33
_kikoi guess, the best way is to catergorize the task by organization.14:33
madrazr_kiko: which is already there14:33
m4k3rWy can't I claim more than one task? :(14:33
c_schmitzmadrazr: I see14:33
madrazrm4k3r: thats the rule of the contest14:33
_kikothanks, yeah i saw organization search box14:33
madrazrAll: If you find that I don't answer your question, please feel free to ask again14:33
madrazrI am answering too many people, so it is easy to miss some14:34
mavumadrazr: but the search simply crashes the browser.14:34
c_schmitzmadraz: I understand that by stil there should be an option in the dropdown to switch to fewer items14:34
madrazrmavu: searching for which field?14:34
madrazrmavu: let me try once again14:34
_kikomavu: try chrome14:35
mavuI am in India with net speeds fairly towards the upper end of the spectrum we can get here. This practically makes the site unusable for most of the kids here.14:35
aviraldgmavu: it's not about net speeds14:36
madrazrmavu: I come from India as well, I am sitting in Mumbai at the moment14:36
_kikomavu: i have 128kbs here, chrome makes it fast :)14:36
aviraldgthe script itself is processor intensive14:36
mavuah :) ok14:36
Moultjust throwing in the $0.02 that it works well on opera14:36
madrazraviraldg: it is, lot of data to load14:36
* aviraldg is from india to14:36
_kikowow so many india dev here :)14:37
madrazrc_schmitz: sorry for ignoring, there is an option to switch to 50 items on the list AFAIK14:38
madrazrc_schmitz: just checking for you14:38
*** GautamGupta has left #melange14:39
madrazrc_schmitz: ouch I see, we will fix this soon14:40
madrazrI see there is only 100, 500 and 100014:40
c_schmitzyep :)14:40
* mavu closed eclipse. Its much better now :)14:41
_kiko:) eclipse14:42
madrazrmavu: it works well with Chrome14:42
jacktheripperare all tasks equal in reward ?14:42
madrazrlittle problems than on Firefox 3.x14:42
jacktheripperI read you get $100 for every 3 tasks14:42
madrazrjacktheripper: depends on the difficulty level14:42
jacktheripperdifficulty doesn't count ?14:42
jacktheripperhow ?14:42
mavumadrazr: sure :) i'll give it a try14:42
madrazrjacktheripper: difficulty level doesn't matter for 100$14:42
jacktheripperranking ?14:43
madrazrjacktheripper: but mind you, that is not your only goal14:43
_kikoi just want the shirt :)14:43
madrazrjacktheripper: yes, you must aim higher, to goto Mountain View :D14:43
_kikothe Grand Prize baby!14:43
madrazrjacktheripper: trust me Googleplex at Mountain View is awesome! I was just there a month back. It is a dream to go there14:43
madrazrif that was not tempting enough ...14:43
_kikomadrazr: how did you went there?14:43
madrazr_kiko: Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit14:44
_kikomadrazr: wow. that's very of you :)14:44
_kiko*very cool of you. :)14:44
madrazranyways not deviating the discussion here14:44
madrazrmore questions people14:44
madrazrFLAMES? :P14:44
snizzobrowser war! cmon!14:45
jacktheripperopera ownz!14:45
anon_question: after i apply for a task, how do i get confirmation? in mail?14:45
*** westi is now known as westi|bbiab14:46
madrazrbtw some one complained about search by Organization, it works fine in Chrome14:46
madrazra bit slow, not too slow though14:46
sivahas the contest started14:46
snizzosiva: oh yeah14:46
madrazrif you know what organization you want to search for I suggest going to List participating Organization page14:46
madrazrand then navigate to that Organization's home page14:46
madrazrit must be much faster14:46
madrazrand you can see List of all tasks only for that organization14:47
madrazrsiva: yes14:47
madrazrsiva: I see people have started claiming requests14:47
madrazranon_: if you are subscribed to the task you get a notification14:47
madrazrin the mail14:47
*** _kiko1 has joined #melange14:47
madrazranon_: telling some one changed the status of the task, "Like Approved your claim request"14:47
madrazranon_: if you haven't subscribed to the task, please do so ASAP14:48
snizzojust curious... how to subscribe?14:48
jacktherippersubscribe ?14:49
madrazrsnizzo: for each task, you must see a "cute little star" preceding the title of the task14:49
madrazrsnizzo: you can click on it to subscribe14:49
*** _kiko has quit IRC14:49
snizzoi've already claimed it14:49
madrazrjacktheripper: ^14:49
madrazrsnizzo: just let me know if you are subscribed then?14:50
jacktheripperyes, star's lit up already here14:50
c_schmitzdoes a mentor has to subscribe to his own task?14:50
madrazrsnizzo: the star is shinning for you or it is dim?14:50
madrazrc_schmitz: if the mentor has created the task, then no14:50
madrazrc_schmitz: if additional mentors were added later, then yes, they must14:50
snizzoin List My Task i can't see the star14:50
snizzooh I see xD sorry14:51
snizzois so cute anyway :)14:51
c_schmitzmadrazr: someone from our org created all tasks14:51
c_schmitzso now I have to enter every task and subscribe even though I am assigned as mentor?14:52
*** snizzo has quit IRC14:52
c_schmitzthat is, eh, optimizable14:52
madrazrc_schmitz: probably yes14:52
madrazrc_schmitz: you are a mentor?14:52
madrazrc_schmitz: if you think, we should do that, will you be so kind to create an issue for Melange about the same? We will consider it for GCI 2011 for sure14:53
*** Furkan has quit IRC14:53
madrazrc_schmitz: you can submit the issue here:
tpbTitle: Google Project Hosting (at
madrazrc_schmitz: I know it is counter productive to now go and subscribe to all the tasks, but we intentionally avoided this because, some people don't want us to spam their inboxes without their consent14:54
madrazrc_schmitz: had to trade-off again14:54
c_schmitzbeing  a mentor is unlikely 'without consent' ;) -  a switch on the profile settings would resolve that14:55
c_schmitzbut I will be happy to create an issue14:55
madrazrc_schmitz: thank you so much. That is so kind of you14:56
madrazrc_schmitz: just out of curiosity, which org?14:56
c_schmitzthanks for your help!14:56
c_schmitzanother question: Is there any way to see details on the claiming student?14:57
madrazrc_schmitz: cool!14:57
c_schmitzAll I can see right now is the username14:57
madrazrc_schmitz: nope14:58
madrazrc_schmitz: also another important thing to note is that, these students would not even be students on Melange datastore until they complete one task successfully14:58
madrazrc_schmitz: thats the contest rule14:58
*** westi|bbiab is now known as westi15:02
*** Furkan has joined #melange15:04
*** anon_ has quit IRC15:05
*** Samoi_ has quit IRC15:05
*** anon_ has joined #melange15:06
*** anon_ has quit IRC15:07
JaneWellsSRabbelier: this might already be on the radar, but i've been hitting a bug where when i try to invite someone as a mentor or admin i get a red error massage saying i can't add them (no reason given), but in the background, it does actually send the invite to the person i tried to invite.15:08
SRabbelierJaneWells: can you paste the exact message, and the url?15:08
JaneWellsyeah, will do it when i see it again15:10
SRabbelierJaneWells: thanks15:10
JaneWellsSRabbelier: actually, back button worked fine to get at it. :)15:11
JaneWellsThis user can not receive an invite to become a GCI Mentor.15:11
JaneWellsPlease make sure there is no outstanding invite or request and be sure that this user is not a GCI Mentor.15:11
tpb<> (at
JaneWellshave gotten it on everyone today15:11
JaneWellsbut they are all getting in okay15:11
SRabbelierJaneWells: probably because they were already invited15:12
SRabbelierJaneWells: see
tpb<> (at
JaneWellsgot the same error trying to make westi an admin15:12
JaneWellsand trying to invite boone, who had not been invited15:12
JaneWellsi did check the invite list15:12
JaneWellsnot abig deal since they are getting the emails, just wanted to report it15:13
*** c_schmitz has left #melange15:14
SRabbelierJaneWells: curious, not sure what to do with that15:15
JaneWellsi'll be adding more mentors as they send me their link_ids, will keep an eye and see if the behavior continues/changes/etc15:16
*** siva has quit IRC15:18
SRabbelierJaneWells: ok, please do15:18
*** pipesmoker has joined #melange15:18
*** nolze has joined #melange15:20
*** andu__ has joined #melange15:23
*** jacktheripper has quit IRC15:25
*** t0ks has quit IRC15:27
_kiko1it seems, all are working fine now :)15:27
SRabbelier_kiko1: excellent!15:28
*** andu__ has quit IRC15:28
*** aviraldg has quit IRC15:34
*** aviraldg has joined #melange15:35
*** mavu has quit IRC15:40
*** svaksha has joined #melange15:44
*** utku has quit IRC15:46
*** Nuterian has quit IRC15:46
*** mithro has quit IRC15:46
svakshahi, it should be possible for an admin to add a gmail id as a mentor via melange? a project admin was unable to add my id, so is this the place to get help about it?15:47
SRabbeliersvaksha: no, the mentor needs to have a profile in Melange15:49
SRabbeliersvaksha: and then the admin can add the mentor by their link_id15:49
svakshaSRabbelier: hmm..not sure what you mean by profile in melange. Is a link_id==gmail Id?15:50
SRabbeliersvaksha: no15:50
SRabbeliersvaksha: sign in to the iste15:50
SRabbeliersvaksha: and click "Create a profile" on the left hand side15:50
svakshaah, ok15:51
* svaksha wonders why melange does not use the gmail ID by default15:52
*** utku has joined #melange15:54
*** mavu has joined #melange15:55
westihmm 500 errors are back :-(15:56
SRabbelierwesti: where?16:00
westiSRabbelier: was on a create task post. but I get it on GET now as well
tpb<> (at
SRabbelierwesti: heh, looks like AppEngine is having trouble itself16:01
westiSRabbelier: :-(16:02
SRabbelierwesti: just try again16:02
westiSRabbelier: worked thanks16:03
SRabbelierwesti: good :)16:03
*** nolze has quit IRC16:06
*** mavu has quit IRC16:11
svakshahmm ... melange does not let me accept the mentor invite. I get "Google Maps API key not present." error. Any idea what is wrong here?16:18
*** ArthurLiu has joined #melange16:20
ArthurLiuI just got a ClaimRequest on a task that was already Claimed, how come? and
tpb<> (at
svakshaWhen I try to insert the key in the Google Maps field Site Settings it asks me to sign in and out  "Please sign out and sign in again as a Site Developer to view this page.". Doing that also throws the same old error.16:24
ArthurLiuoh, apparently it's my mistake16:30
ArthurLiusilly question, but how do I delete a task?16:31
ArthurLiuassuming it's unclaimed16:31
madrazrArthurLiu: The task edit page should have a delete button16:32
madrazrArthurLiu: I was really scared for a moment to see that you got a claim request for the claimed task, that would have been an epic fail16:33
ArthurLiuapparently that was an error during my mass task creation16:34
ArthurLiuI seem to remember about an edit button while I was editing tasks last week16:35
ArthurLiubut I can't see it anymore on the task page16:35
SRabbeliersvaksha: and now?16:35
ArthurLiuok, so apparently Edit links disappear from tasks that had been previously ClaimRequest-ed, even if I rejected the ClaimRequest16:36
ArthurLiufilling the bug right now :)16:37
svakshaSRabbelier: now when i scroll down, a message pops up: "This web site needs a different Google Maps API key. A new key can be generated at"16:37
SRabbeliersvaksha: ok, thanks, am looking into it16:37
svakshaSRabbelier: ok. i'm logging off for tonight, so ping my nick if you need to leave a message.16:39
svakshaSRabbelier: thanks16:39
SRabbeliersvaksha: thanks for reporting16:39
madrazrArthurLiu: yes that is by design, anything that was requested/made public should not be delete-able/editable, if SRabbelier thinks we should be able to do it, we will add it back16:40
tpb<> (at
ArthurLiuI have a Task that was an input mistake during mass filling16:40
ArthurLiuand a student attempted to claim it16:41
SRabbeliermadrazr: no, I agree, they should first make it unclaimed, and public16:41
ArthurLiuI want to delete it16:41
ArthurLiusounds like a reasonable scenario16:41
SRabbeliermadrazr: wait, they can't even remove it if it's not claimed?16:41
ArthurLiuSRabbelier, that is the case I'm seeing16:42
madrazrSRabbelier: no, once it moves out of "Open" state they cannot16:42
madrazrSRabbelier: since it becomes a public property16:43
SRabbeliermadrazr: I agree with ArthurLiu, they should be able to fix mistakes16:43
*** utku has quit IRC16:43
madrazrSRabbelier: Ok then16:43
madrazrArthurLiu: I will fix the issue, you have filed16:43
*** _kiko1 has quit IRC16:55
*** _kiko has joined #melange16:56
*** pipesmoker has quit IRC17:15
*** Hamdulay has left #melange17:20
aviraldgI have a question...17:21
madrazraviraldg: shoot17:22
aviraldgI've "completed" a task, as in it's in the Status-NeedsReview state... and I've talked to a couple of mentors from that project and they say it's okay17:23
SRabbelieraviraldg: then they should go to the task and close it so that you can move on to your next task17:23
aviraldghowever... the very fact that it's in Status-NeedsReview is preventing me from claiming another task.17:23
SRabbelieraviraldg: correct17:24
aviraldgif I withdraw from the task at this point17:24
aviraldgwill they still be able to close the task?17:24
SRabbelieraviraldg: no17:26
SRabbelieraviraldg: you won't get points for it either17:26
SRabbelieraviraldg: you'll just have to wait until they close the task17:26
aviraldghmmm... it's a very minor task and I'm really feeling like moving on to something bigger :'(17:27
aviraldgguess I'll wait though17:27
madrazraviraldg: yes you will have to wait17:33
madrazraviraldg: that is the rule of the contest17:33
JaneWellsaviraldg: why not get a hard start by starting on a new task so that when they do close the first one, you'll be well on your way with the second?17:40
aviraldgcurrently doing just that17:40
aviraldgthough it would be a waste if two people ended up doing the same thing17:41
JaneWellsaviraldg: guess it depends on your definition of waste17:41
aviraldgsure ... you could use the better patch17:42
dukeletoI just created
tpb<> (at
*** Furkan has quit IRC17:55
dukeletoI am still confused about the "hours/days" field. Are they total elapsed time that the ticket is open?17:56
SRabbelierdukeleto: They're the total time a student has for the task, the time starts counting from the moment their claim request is accepted17:57
dukeletoSRabbelier: oy vey. Is it possible to modify the time associated to task after a claim request? Probably not. This is getting icky.17:57
SRabbelierdukeleto: they can get an extension if the time expires17:59
dukeletoSRabbelier: yeah, but i didn't realize it was elapsed time. I need to change all my times. Oy.18:00
SRabbelierdukeleto: what did you think it was?18:00
SRabbelierdukeleto: what are you changing the values from/to?18:02
dukeletoSRabbelier: i thought it was "this is how many hours it will roughly take to do this"18:03
dukeletoSRabbelier: it was not clear at all18:03
SRabbelierdukeleto: wait18:08
SRabbelierdukeleto: that's what it means18:08
dukeletoSRabbelier: i don't mean "elapsed time"18:08
dukeletoSRabbelier: so when i put "10 hours" i was thinking "10 hours of work"18:08
dukeletoSRabbelier: not "10 hours from when you claim the task"18:09
SRabbelierdukeleto: how did you expect it to work then?18:09
dukeletoSRabbelier: that is very different. People have to sleep and eat and occasionally take a bio break, if they know what is good for them18:09
JaneWellsSRabbelier: question: is there no way to contact students other than leaving a comment on the task page?18:09
dukeletoSRabbelier: i had no idea the time limit was built into the task. I thought it was for the students to take into account when choosing tasks18:09
SRabbelierdukeleto: ah, that's been discussed on the list though18:09
SRabbelierJaneWells: correct18:10
SRabbelierJaneWells: see also
tpb<> (at
dukeletoSRabbelier: which list?18:11
JaneWellsi don't have links to profiles or anything, just a username on claiming comments18:11
dukeletoSRabbelier: there is a mailing list about this stuff?18:11
SRabbelierJaneWells: yeah, correct18:11
SRabbelierdukeleto: on the gci-discuss list18:12
JaneWellsdo the students have to create profiles, or are they just registering a username and having at it?18:12
dukeletoSRabbelier: i am not even subscribed to that. I thought everything was on the gsoc-discuss list18:12
dukeletoJaneWells: i wish they had profiles. Seems like they are just ghosts with usernames18:13
SRabbelierJaneWells: at first the latter, after completing their first task the former18:13
SRabbelierdukeleto: legal won't allow us to collect any info on them more than that until they've completed their first task...18:13
JaneWellsyeah, it's rough b/c we're getting people just saying 'i want to claim this task' and we have no idea who they are, if they're qualified, etc. that seems like an odd position for legal to take.18:14
JaneWellsoh well18:14
dukeletoSRabbelier: ok. Please kick the legal department in the face for me, bro.18:14
JaneWellswe'll just plan for a high number of fails in teh first 3 day block i guess18:14
JaneWells(we all know these kids have facebook accounts etc.... it's not like they are anonymous on line)18:15
SRabbelierJaneWells: it's not like GSoC18:15
SRabbelierdukeleto: I'm sure Carol can fwd your concerns to the right people ;)18:15
dreimarkdukeleto: talk with them on irc or mumble18:15
dukeletoSRabbelier: thank, i appreciate it ;)18:16
dreimarkor bigbluebutton18:16
*** westi is now known as westi|gone18:16
madrazrJaneWells: if we are through with fails in the first 3 day block, it is still a win. This is the first time GCI is running (well there was GHOP which was different). We will learn and we need time to learn18:16
SRabbelierdukeleto: you got updatez18:17
tpb<> (at
madrazrJaneWells: We == "the entire community"18:17
madrazrJaneWells: I would just like to draw the attention to the fact that nothing started "perfect" (Well there is TeX ;-) )18:18
* madrazr hides18:18
dukeletoSRabbelier: danke, i responded.18:21
*** carols has joined #melange18:26
SRabbelierdukeleto: there's carols18:27
SRabbelierdukeleto: or perhaps we should move this to #gsoc18:27
carolshi dukeleto18:27
SRabbelierJaneWells: can you join #gsoc too?18:30
*** Lennie has joined #melange18:34
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Lennie18:34
*** toks has joined #melange18:35
*** aviraldg has quit IRC18:46
*** aviraldg has joined #melange18:46
tokssite is very annoiying :(18:47
SRabbeliertoks: why?18:49
toksnot responsive18:50
toksand you cant open in another tab a project18:51
toksat least it works :P18:52
*** allman has joined #melange19:06
*** allman has quit IRC19:11
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m4k3rAwaiting Registration == task solved?20:24
*** JaneWells is now known as jane|away20:24
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*** westi|gone is now known as westi22:11
ArthurLiuwhen will the fix for be deployed?22:11
tpb<> (at
*** westi is now known as westi|gone22:21
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*** fyskij has joined #melange23:43
fyskijthere's an uploading form on melange'23:43

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