Friday, 2010-11-05

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ThomasWaldmannmoin :)15:24
ThomasWaldmannjust got a notify New Notification: Your Organization Application for MoinMoin has been accepted.15:24
ThomasWaldmannfollowed link15:24
ThomasWaldmannneeded to log in15:24
ThomasWaldmanndid that15:24
ThomasWaldmannthen got:15:24
ThomasWaldmannNo valid numeric record ID given.15:25
ThomasWaldmann (there)15:25
tpb<> (at
ThomasWaldmannhmm, i followed the link from the notification on the melange ui, that one worked15:26
ThomasWaldmann(my first try was following the link from the email)15:27
ThomasWaldmannthe gciusermanual looks a bit strange btw, esp. the font and font size15:35
ThomasWaldmannwhat's the "contrib template" for exactly?15:36
ThomasWaldmannbtw, the street address 1 field does not allow the dot (.) character15:37
ThomasWaldmannbut it is a rather common thing used to abbreviate stuff like Strasse to Str. (street)15:38
ThomasWaldmannalso, the city does not allow dash (-) which is a common part of city names (at least in germany)15:38
ThomasWaldmannbtw, the system even already HAS (and display) data that is correct, but does not conform to that a-z 0-9 blank rule15:42
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jimreganI'm having some trouble with Melange not accepting my surname17:20
jimreganbecause it has an apostrophe17:21
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Mekon pages like the email adress links are not proper mailto: links18:00
tpbTitle: Show GCI Organization (at
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*** SRabbelier changes topic to "Melange powers Google Code-In and Google Summer of Code site ( - Questions? Ask someone with op or voice - Logs at"18:25
*** SRabbelier changes topic to "Melange powers the Google Code-In and Google Summer of Code site ( - Questions? Ask someone with op or voice - Logs at"18:26
SRabbelierjimregan: hey18:36
SRabbelierMek: hi18:36
SRabbelierThomasWaldmann: hi18:36
jimreganso... yeah, my surname /used/ to be accepted in Melange, not it's not18:38
jimreganit looks like it's the change in
tpb<> (at
SRabbelierjimregan: correct, Google shipping requirements I'm afraid18:42
SRabbelierjimregan: Your "name on document" can still be your proper name though18:44
SRabbelierjimregan: although that doesn't matter much to you, since you're not a student18:44
jimreganright... so just put some random crap in instead of my actual name18:48
MekThis web site needs a different Google Maps API key. A new key can be generated at <-- I get that error when I try to fill ou tmy GCI mentor profile18:56
ThomasWaldmannhi SRabbelier19:22
SRabbelierMek: where?19:24
SRabbelierMek: url?19:24
SRabbelierjimregan: no, just don't use any of those symbols :P19:24
jimreganyeah, well, there's no way for me to write my /name/ without them19:24
MekSRabbelier: mentor profile editing ( in my case)19:27
tpb<> (at
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SRabbelierjimregan: romanjinise it19:29
SRabbelierjimregan: e.g., use a regular e instead of an e with a accent grave19:29
jimreganI just used a nick, done, dusted... I'm just saying... that's not my name19:31
SRabbelierjimregan: You _should_ use a romanjinised version of your name though19:33
jimreganyeah, I did.. I'm just a little on edge about this because I almost had my flight to the mentor summit cancelled over this sort of thing19:35
SRabbelierjimregan: how so?19:36
jimreganoh, just the agent trying to make me pay twice19:36
jimreganone quick call to the European Consumer Centre later, everything got sorted there :)19:37
jimreganerr... that, and my org admin waiting 40 minutes on hold to scream blue murder at them19:37
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ThomasWaldmannis it just me or is gci melange crashing for everybody all the time?20:44
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SRabbelierThomasWaldmann: nope, it's for everybody21:26
* ThomasWaldmann feels less alone :)21:27
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SRabbelier is back alive23:46
tpbTitle: GCI Home (at

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