Saturday, 2010-06-12

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sttwistermadrazr: ping15:17
madrazrsttwister: pong15:17
sttwistermadrazr: got some quick question, do you perhaps have some time ?15:17
madrazrsttwister: go ahead!15:18
sttwisterso, I want to define a view that is not tied to any specific model15:18
sttwisterI created a view that inherited base.View15:18
sttwisterand defined a logic class as well15:18
sttwisterbut the Logic class needs a model reference15:19
sttwisterso how should I go about this ?15:19
sttwisterbtw, the view I'm talking about must simply return a list of all models and all data providers if that changes anything15:19
madrazrsttwister: Oh interesting15:20
madrazrsttwister: give me some time to think about it a bit15:20
madrazrsttwister: we haven't done anything like that till now AFAIK15:20
sttwistermadrazr: ok sure, thanks :)15:20
sttwistermadrazr: yep, I looked around a bit and haven't found anything like this situation15:21
sttwistermadrazr: well, the data seeder will contain some models in the near future, so I might as well just create a dummy model now if there's no easy workaround15:22
madrazrsttwister: it will surely contain or may contain?15:23
sttwistermadrazr: surely, it will keep track of the task progress (i.e. what model to seed next etc)15:24
madrazrsttwister: then you should create stubs for those models and use them15:24
madrazrsttwister: it is lot easier than to find a workaround now and then throw away that work around later15:24
madrazrsttwister: if I am making sense?15:24
madrazrsttwister: saves lots and lots of time15:25
sttwistermadrazr: yes I get it15:25
sttwistermadrazr: I was just thinking that this view doesn't really "belong" to a model15:25
madrazrsttwister: Oh OK15:26
madrazrsttwister: one min15:26
madrazrI am missing something here15:26
madrazrsttwister: if it really doesn't belong to a model why do you want logic?15:26
madrazrlogic is the interface between the Data layer and the View Layer15:26
sttwistermadrazr: because base.View requires Logic15:27
madrazrsttwister: let me look at that code15:28
madrazrsttwister: you must do a workaround here15:28
sttwisterI tried leaving out params['logic'] or setting to None, it throws exceptions15:28
madrazrsttwister: it uses it elsewhere15:28
madrazrsttwister: but this makes me think one more thing15:29
sttwistermadrazr: I think base.View access params['logic'] directly15:29
madrazrsttwister: this is definitely not the type of View that is typical of anything in Melange till now15:29
madrazrsttwister: so should you really want to inherit from base.View?15:29
sttwistermadrazr: indeed15:29
madrazrsttwister: why do you want to inherit?15:29
sttwistermadrazr: nope, but there's nothing else...15:29
sttwistermadrazr: sooo, this means creating a new class of views ?15:30
madrazrsttwister: thats what I think at least15:30
madrazrsttwister: if you see how all the base modules are constructed15:30
sttwistermadrazr: ok then, I think this should be dev mailing list material15:30
madrazrbase.View depends on base.Logic15:30
madrazrwhich inturn depends on base.Model (which is not the case here)15:30
madrazrshoot a mail15:31
madrazrI will +1 on it :P15:31
madrazror ask for suggestions15:31
sttwisterok, right away...15:31
madrazrI will give what I said here :)15:31
madrazrsure thanks15:31
sttwistermadrazr: posted15:36
madrazrsttwister: Ok15:38
madrazrwill reply15:38
sttwistermadrazr: I forgot about the solution involving dummy model, will update now15:38
madrazrsttwister: Ok15:38
madrazrI will reply after that then15:38
sttwistermadrazr: updated ;)15:39
madrazrsttwister: great! will reply15:40
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MatthewWilkesevening all21:08
MatthewWilkesHow's it going?21:08
madrazrMatthewWilkes: Hi21:15
madrazrMatthewWilkes: going good!21:16
MatthewWilkesmadrazr: Glad to hear it!  You mentoring SoC this year?21:17
madrazrMatthewWilkes: yeah21:17
madrazrSocial Features project21:17
madrazrMatthewWilkes: how are things going there?21:18
MatthewWilkesGood, thanks, doing a bit of housekeeping around Plone as I've been too busy to do much recently, so earning some brownie points ;)21:19
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