Friday, 2010-06-11

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sttwisteranyone knows how would I go with creating a view that's not specific to any model ?22:26
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Leo__sttwister: heya22:55
Leo__sttwister: do you mean to use a single view to handle many types of models?22:56
sttwisterLeo__: hey22:57
sttwisterLeo__: no, I mean a view that doesn't rely on data from any model22:57
sttwisterLeo__: in my case, a view that simply returns a list of all models detected via introspecting the code22:58
Leo__sttwister: a view is not necessary to associate with one model22:59
sttwisterLeo__: well that's correct, but I can't seem to find any view in Melange that is not associated with either a model or a task23:00
Leo__sttwister: it just handles a request, does something and then return a response.23:00
sttwisterLeo__: I'm looking for a way to properly integrate it with the modules callback systems and reuse existing code23:00
Leo__sttwister: that's probably the special needs of Melange23:01
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Leo__sttwister: you may want to have a look at soc.views.models.cron23:03
Leo__which seems not bounded with any model23:04
sttwisterLeo__: oh that's right, thanks23:04
sttwisterit's just odd that it's placed under soc.views.models23:04
Leo__sttwister: pleasure :-)23:05
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Leo__sttwister: yes, it may be due to the fact that it also inherits base.View :-)23:07
sttwisterLeo__: I think then that there's also a need for a Logic class (which again is not bound to any model?) ?23:09
Leo__sttwister: hehe, probably23:14
Leo__sttwister: gotta sleep. Talk to you later.23:17
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