Tuesday, 2010-05-04

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gevaertsIs it normal/expected that the "List of Student Proposals sent to X you are mentoring" is empty?14:40
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Meriogevaerts: I have no project too, but I don't know if this is wanted14:43
Meriogevaerts: I don't know the details, however a "student proposal" become a "student project" once it is accepted14:43
Meriogevaerts: so maybe this is the reason why it's not listed as a "student proposal" anymore14:43
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Meriosttwister: let's start :)15:00
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sttwisterMerio, roger that :)15:01
sttwisterso, what's first ?15:01
MerioFirst is: did you enjoy the call yesterday? (at least, what skype let you hear about the call :P)15:02
sttwisteryes of course, it's nice to see you guys in the community are really close together and very friendly to newcomers :)15:03
sttwisterI had to change about 3 different internet connections before I got it to work properly in the end, heh15:03
sttwisterother than that, it was really exciting15:04
MerioHappy with that :)15:04
sttwisterhow was it at the other end, did you get to hear what I said? :/15:04
MerioAbout the connection problems it was a temporary problem or likely to be permanent? :(15:04
MerioYes, but I had problems too15:04
MerioMy upgrade to Lucid didn't go so smoothly, Skype fails and I had to use Skype on Windows, but freezed once, just when you started talking :P15:05
sttwisterusing the wired connection that I tried at first, it's likely to be permanent15:05
sttwisterbut I managed to switch to a wireless connection that worked flawlessly15:05
sttwisterI'm planning to upgrade tonight I think :)15:06
MerioDon't know if you already tried Thunderbird 3, but after the upgrade mine hangs with IMAP and freezes every time I close it... I think I'll try to install everything from scratch this weekend :)15:07
sttwisterI don't use Thunderbird15:08
sttwisterand I always install from scratch, I keep my /home on a different partition15:08
Meriome too (about the partition), but Karmic upgrade went so smooth :)15:09
MerioHowever, back to meeting :)15:09
MerioFirst item on my agenda meeting is: when are we going to have next scheduled meeting?15:10
sttwisterhmm, perhaps on a weekly basis ?15:11
MerioI mean, obviously we can talk everytime we want (gtalk or IRC, preferably IRC if I'm at home, I'll keep GTalk open in the cellphone to have more availability for you)15:11
MerioYep, I would like to keep at least a weekly "formal" meeting15:12
MerioIf it's possible for you right after the conference call15:12
sttwisteryes, that's a good idea15:12
MerioUnfortunately for my job I've to fill my agenda every week so I can't plan too much :)15:12
sttwisteraha, I see15:13
sttwisterwell, planning it right after the conference call would solve two problems in that case15:13
MerioAlso on Saturdays and Sundays I'm going to a friend of mine to study together for our last exams :)15:14
MerioHowever as I said I'll keep my gtalk in the phone active, so you can contact me almost everytime15:14
sttwisterI don't think I'll need anything so urgent that I'd need to contact you on your phone tho :)15:15
sttwisterif you're not online, I'll probably just email you15:15
MerioWell who knows, something can be blocking you. Maybe not during community bonding, but when code starts is not so good to be blocked by mentor's availability15:16
MerioJust in case15:16
sttwisterok :)15:18
sttwisterI'll keep that in mind15:18
MerioThat leads to my point "1B" in the agenda: how much time do you have during the community bonding phase (basically the next 20 days)15:18
MerioI mean, what's your agenda during the community bonding and, well, afterwards when the coding starts15:18
sttwistercurrently, I'm finishing my university semester15:19
sttwisterI don't have to invest a lot of time in it actually15:20
sttwisterAfter that, starting somewhere in July, I'll do a short internship as required by my university15:20
sttwisterit's 2 or 3 weeks of 4 hours/day, so nothing serious :)15:21
Meriohmm, well it means part time availability from mid term to suggested pencil down date?15:22
MerioJust to know15:22
sttwisterahh, just a second let me check the timetable15:23
sttwisterit should be somewhere around the mid term period15:24
MerioSo, going to point 2 in the meeting agenda... your "homeworks" for community bonding period :)15:25
sttwisteryummy :D15:26
MerioFirst of all, as you did a demo for your application I'm feeling you already put your hands on the codebase15:28
MerioIs there something you need to know, I mean any question or something?15:28
sttwisternot anything specific15:28
sttwisterI also did read some wiki pages related to architecture and design decisions15:28
sttwister(side note: I might be having some weird connection problems, it seems like IRC is lagging a bit)15:29
MerioAs I told you some time ago I'm probably of little help with Python end, but I can help you a lot with the Javascript layer15:29
Merio(no probs)15:30
sttwisterwell then, it's a good thing that JS is the weakest link in my case15:30
MerioNo probs with that then :)15:31
MerioSo did you already dig into Melange's data model?15:31
sttwisteryes, roughly15:32
MerioBecause obviously it's the most important thing you will be working with during your project15:32
MerioMy thought was to have you draw some sort of UML schema of the current data model15:32
sttwisterI'll look into it in far more detail as I start writing the design documents15:32
MerioI did spend roughly an afternoon last year to draw one15:33
MerioI still have it, it was just a draft and now is probably updated but it will give you an idea on what I have in mind15:33
sttwisterok, sounds great15:34
MerioSince it's critical for your project better to get to know it during community bonding15:35
MerioAlso, as soon as it's ready we can publish it in the wiki :)15:35
MerioFor "we" I mean "you" obviously15:36
MerioIt was "we" as in "the community" :D15:36
sttwisterindeed, I'm not planning to start coding and then get stuck in the middle because of a bad design15:36
sttwisterI already created a page for the data seeder project, nothing there yet though15:36
MerioYup I've seen it15:37
MerioWe'll get into the wiki page in a few minutes15:37
MerioSo well, you can work on the UML schema, I think it won't take much time15:38
sttwisterI'll do that :)15:39
MerioThen I'll suggest you to work on the remote/local "issue"15:40
MerioI mean to dig better on the configuration for the seeder15:40
sttwisteryou mean the configuration file / format ?15:41
Merioand the XML/YAML/Fixtures thingy15:41
MerioYes, just explore better advantages and drawbacks of those formats15:42
sttwisterok, will do15:42
MerioI didn't dig into Fixtures to be fair15:44
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sttwisterfrom what I've seen, they seem to be useful for storing and seeding with predefined data15:45
sttwisterI'm not sure how they can help with seeding random data15:46
MerioWell I guess you can work on examples with those solutions15:47
MerioSo you're ready and have clear ideas when real coding starts15:47
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MerioJust something very simple, will help you explore advantages/drawbacks of the three options, both locally and remotely15:48
MerioAnd see what works best for the features we want and, why not, what you like to work with the most :)15:49
sttwisteryep, prototyping was included in my proposed timeline for the community bonding period15:49
MerioYup you're right15:50
MerioSo well, go for it :)15:51
sttwisterwill do ;)15:51
MerioSo, well, as far as I can see, just add the UML schema to your timeline, everything we talked about is just detailing that15:52
MerioObviously consider the integration with web interface15:53
MerioI mean not in your prototype, just think how it will be driven by the interface15:53
sttwisteraha, just added that to the TODO list15:53
MerioAnd then we will discuss it together what's the best thing to do with Ajax calls15:54
sttwisteralso, perhaps I could have a look on that draft you said you did last year ?15:54
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Merioyup there were errors and is outdated, but it will give you a glance of what's expected :)15:55
MerioI was just writing down some "notes" for me to explore the code15:57
MerioI used ArgoUML IIRC15:57
sttwisterI usually use Eclipse for UML diagrams, but that's just because it integrates better with my projects15:59
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MerioDo it your way, it's fine. Don't know what Eclipse uses for UML diagrams, maybe is compatible with ArgoUML, otherwise download it just to let you see my files16:00
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MerioSo well last point (aside from questions) is "what to do now" :)16:01
MerioI've seen you created the wiki page16:01
MerioJust rename it to include "GSoC2010"16:02
Merioand write down the notes of this meeting16:03
sttwistersomething like GSoC2010DataSeeder ?16:03
Merioyup, actually Savitha already created this page after her meeting with Madhusudan: http://code.google.com/p/soc/wiki/SocialFeaturesMelangeGSoC201016:03
tpb<http://ln-s.net/6T11> (at code.google.com)16:03
MerioSo we might want to stick with that format16:04
sttwisteroh ok, I guess I'll call it DataSeederGSoC2010 then16:05
MerioAlthough I would prefer GSoC2010something :)16:05
MerioWell, just nitpicking16:05
sttwistereverything else was with gsoc at the beginning16:05
MerioYup, use it as a prefix (so beginning), I'll ask Madhusudan and Savitha :)16:06
MerioSo well, write down meeting notes there16:07
Meriowith links to the logs16:07
Meriogeneral log link is in the topic => http://www.thousandparsec.net/~irc/logm/16:08
tpbTitle: IRC logs (at www.thousandparsec.net)16:08
sttwisterroger that :)16:08
MerioYou can use Savitha's page as a reference16:09
MerioMaybe you can use also this one => http://code.google.com/p/soc/wiki/StatisticsModule16:09
tpb<http://ln-s.net/6T2F> (at code.google.com)16:09
MerioWhich was the wiki page we worked with Daniel during our GSoC last year16:09
sttwisterI'll use Savitha's I think16:11
MerioOk I think we can stop for the moment, for the next meeting I would like to talk about the features after you write down your thoughts16:14
MerioJust update the wiki page16:14
MerioI'll be updated by mails (don't know if you're aware of it, you can subscribe by mail for issues, commits [and wiki page changes], etc)16:15
sttwisterok then16:15
sttwisteryes I'm aware of that :)16:15
sttwisterI'll update the wiki in just a sec16:15
sttwisterand... looking forward to our next meeting then16:16
MerioOk fine :) For any question... as you know, you can contact me anytime you see me online :)16:16
sttwistersure, will do :P16:17
Meriook, cheers ^_^16:18
sttwisterbye ;)16:18
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