Saturday, 2010-04-10

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gracelawHi there: i have a question - virgin GSoC admin here :-)04:24
gracelaw I have accepted a mentor's request in Melange, but he is not listed on my mentor's page and I can't assign him to a student proposal04:25
gracelawat one point, i read a message that my next step is to un-invite this person, now, I can't even get back to this page... :-(04:27
gracelawdoes anyone know what I should do?04:28
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Leo__Hi all09:23
MerioHi Leo__09:24
Leo__Hi Merio09:24
Leo__Merio: I submitted my GSOC application regarding the New Data Seeder yesterday.09:24
Leo__Merio: Have you got chance to see it?09:24
MerioLeo__: most of the work on reviewing project proposals will be done next week, just keep looking for any public comment :)09:25
Leo__Merio: I will :-).09:26
Leo__Merio: Is there anything I can do during this period?09:26
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MerioLeo__: just be prompt to reply if some of the mentors give you a public comment :)09:27
Leo__Merio: BTW, I have already joined the group and mailing list.09:27
Leo__Merio: cool and thanks for your suggestions :-)09:28
MerioLeo__: fine :) yw :)09:29
LennieLeo__: Most of our contributors are traveling at the moment, or preparing for travel09:44
LennieWe have a week long hackathon next week :)09:45
Leo__Lennie: I see. Thanks for letting me know :-)09:45
Leo__Lennie: BTW, the hackathon seems interesting. Can you tell me more about it? :-)09:48
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LennieFirst up it is an excellent oppertunity to discuss which student proposals we like09:49
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LennieNext to that the team is meeting the new GSoC herder Carol Smith09:50
Leo__I see. It's about GSOC applications.09:50
ihalipyeah, i heard she was flying to .nl09:50
Lennieso we have to help her get familiar with the system, especially the new duplicate detection which is to be used soon09:50
Lennieihalip: correct :)09:50
LennieAlso, we'll be focussing on a working on a few features09:51
Leo__cool :-)09:51
Lennieincluding the Google Higly Open Participation contest :)09:51
Lennieanyway, small team only 6 attendees09:52
Leo__Will next GHOP be held soon?09:52
LennieHopefully end of this year :)09:52
Lenniebut that I don't know for sure09:52
Leo__Cool :-)09:53
Lenniea lot to do09:53
Lenniewhat I'm pretty sure of is that our next big upgrade will be a new text editor :)09:53
Lenniebecause this one is far from optimal :D09:54
ihalipi had some trouble with formatting09:54
Leo__I have seen many good proposals on the text editor on the group discussions.09:54
ihalipLeo__: after a few edits, mine looked ok too :P09:55
Lenniewe all had ihalip, but it all boils down to resources :)09:55
Lennieanyway, I'm 99,9% sure that we will take on a project with regards to the text editor09:55
Leo__I understand09:55
Lenniesince that is our next focal point :)09:55
LennieOther important stuff are the profile pages09:56
Lennieand after that seeding/testing09:56
Lennieso you are in a good position Leo__ :)09:56
Lennielets hope your proposal is any good09:56
Leo__I am glad to hear it  :P09:57
LennieI know this is probably in your proposal09:57
Leo__If I improve my proposal in the meantime, will it still be considered?09:57
Lenniebut what do you do in daily life?09:58
Leo__I am a PhD student.09:58
Leo__Just passed my viva and correcting my thesis.09:58
Lennie(trying to find your proposal), what's your name :)09:59
Leo__Chong Liu09:59
LennieNN and ML10:00
Lennienice :)10:00
Leo__yes :-)10:00
LennieI approve of those areas :)10:00
Leo__cool :-)10:01
LennieI do love the cultural difference in the CV :p10:01
Lenniefull clean driver license :D10:01
Leo__I'm a careful driver  O:)10:02
Lenniewhat do you know about GHOP?10:03
Leo__I just know it is a contest for pre-uni students10:04
Leo__Not a lot :-)10:04
LennieDo you think your system can also be used to seed a predefined set of data? Such as I want to the Proposal Review code10:05
LennieI want to test*10:05
Leo__This should be supported.10:06
LennieIf you could, could you add a comment on how you would do that and how you think maintainability in the face of data model changes fits into your project?10:07
Lennieawesome :)10:09
Leo__Thanks for your suggestions :-)10:09
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stefanhaIs there a way to export the full contents of student proposals?  e.g. a tarball of proposal text files16:24
stefanha(I'd like to make a list of student email addresses and would like to grep '@' from the proposal pages.)16:26
dhaunstefanha: try the CSV export option16:59
dhaunI'm not convinced that's really CSV it's exporting, but it seems to contain the proposal text16:59
stefanhaIt is just CSV exporting the AJAX table17:01
stefanhaNot the full contents of the proposal.17:02
dhaunstefanha: which table did you try - that also seems to vary17:03
dhaunfor the table "Student Proposals already under review" it does contain the proposal text, from what I can see17:03
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stefanhadhaun: I tried the other table :).  On the phone but will play with it more soon.17:07
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stefanhadhaun: You're right.  I checked the CSV for the under review list, it contains proposal text.17:27
stefanhadhaun: Guess I've got to put them all under review first...17:28
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dreimarkjust a question. i see in the Admin options a name for a mentor which isn't listed at the mentors list.17:34
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* dreimark figured that the additional name was the cyrrilc written name of one of our mentors21:20
dreimarkhe had to remove it. otherwise i couldn't assign him21:20
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l0nwlfThe 'back' button is broken on Melange, which is a major cause of irritation regarding GSoC.22:22
durin42Melange broke my ability to open proposals in tabs.22:27
durin42This is made of suck.22:27
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