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andy_hHi, I'm listed as a mentor at the Python Software Foundation for pyKata.  I need to be officially registered with GSoC.  The link for signing up to mentor just sends be to the site.  How do I ask to be a Mentor officially?00:40
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borjaHi all02:49
borjaThere's a student who is spamming us with the same proposal over and over, only changing the title of the proposal02:49
borjaIs there any way of blocking or banning the student?02:49
MatthewWilkesborja: No.  You can submit a feature request to Melange, or even a patch02:57
MatthewWilkesYou could also mail the mentor list so other people will know he's being a dick and not to accept him02:58
borjaMatthewWilkes: yeah, I was considering that too02:58
borjaMatthewWilkes: Althuogh I seem to remember there's been flamewars in the past because someone called out a student on the mentor list, and some people thought it was a terrible thing to do02:59
MatthewWilkesborja: I dunno about others, but I'd like to know if a promising student was actually a liability03:00
* borja nods03:00
MatthewWilkesNow, the ability to block students from submitting to an org with a note that then shows up to them and other orgs they apply to, that'd rock03:00
borjayeah, I'll definitely be submitting a feature request03:02
borjamaybe just a simple mechanism to "flag" students03:02
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borjaso orgs know that other orgs have had trouble dealing with that student during the application period03:03
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paddyforanHey, is anyone interested in the Social Integration project?03:28
paddyforanI have some mockups and a PRD, if anyone would like to discuss it.03:29
MatthewWilkespaddyforan: I don't think there are any melange core devs online atm, most of them are based in the EU and it's the middle of the night for them03:30
paddyforanMatthewWilkes: Thanks for the info. :) Still, if anyone is interested in exchanging ideas, I'd be happy to talk. I've just had mine bouncing around my head, and I figure I may as well talk to some other people about it. :)03:32
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andreaain the proposal "guideline" there is: You should also plan to provide an abstract of your proposal, including a brief list of deliverables12:20
andreaawhat does it mean derivable in that context?12:21
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andreaaSRabbelier or durin42, any hint?12:47
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grosserHi guys.13:00
grosserI think I need some help with the summer of code webapplication.13:00
grosserIs there someone who could help me a little.13:00
grosserThere is a student who applied for our project (gcc).13:01
grosserHere is his application:13:01
tpb<> (at
grosserHowever I am not able to see it from the mentor view.13:01
grosserThere is just one that he marked as withdrewn. This one is in the invalid section.13:02
grosserHoweer the other one he said was normally submitted13:02
andreaagrosser: it seems there are no mentors online here, did you try to ask on #gsoc?13:02
grosserI will try. Thanks a lot.13:03
andreaayou welcome13:04
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grosserSo just to report back. I did not realize there are several proposals.  So I found mine on the second page13:14
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paddyforanhey, is anyone interested in chatting about Social Integration?15:39
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neo7__andreaa, It deals with What you will be delivering during the SoC timeline.15:51
andreaathanks neo7__15:51
neo7__andreaa, most welcome15:51
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tpbTitle: Deliverable - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (at
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paddyforanJust for some more information :)15:53
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andreaaMerio: do you have a minute?16:10
Merioandreaa: yep16:12
Meriopaddyforan: what do you need?16:12
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paddyforanMerio: I was just looking to chat someone up about Social Integration, see if what I was thinking about was practical and in line with the project goals, and see if they had any ideas16:18
Meriopaddyforan: yep you can tell me if you want16:20
paddyforanMerio: thanks :)16:24
paddyforanbasically, I envisioned a four part improvement16:24
paddyforanthe first part consists of a profile page for each user. Part two is a way to search users. Part three includes calendar integration with Google Calendar. And part four includes social integration, tying current and new events/pages to APIs for other software.16:26
paddyforanI have a PRD with mockups, if you'd like to view that, or I can just explain it. Whatever's most convenient. :)16:26
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Meriopaddyforan: well you should send it to us through socghop16:30
Meriopaddyforan: also before deadline which is in 2 hours and a half :)16:31
paddyforanMerio: I have :) I'm just trying to make sure there's nothing I need to touchup in the next 2 1/2 hours :)16:35
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Meriopaddyforan: what's your first name (if you want you can tell in private message)16:39
Meriopaddyforan: so I can find it :)16:39
paddyforanMerio: My name is Sean Foran. :)16:41
paddyforanMerio: I'm not THAT embarrassed of it16:42
Meriopaddyforan: just for privacy :)16:42
Meriopaddyforan: yep so I've read a former revision16:46
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paddyforanMerio: Yeah, I was a bit confused, I think, in exactly what the proposal needed16:48
Meriopaddyforan: have you already inspected some Melange's code?16:49
neo7__Merio, nice question :P just a few hours remaining.16:50
Meriopaddyforan: need to go away for some time, bbs: however, please let me know if you want some chatting now or you prefer some public comments16:50
paddyforanMerio: Not at this point :( I have mainly read the documentation supporting it, along with the code style document.16:51
paddyforanMerio: Really, whichever is faster. :) I'd like to submit the strongest proposal I can. :)16:51
Meriopaddyforan: just a quick note, as a general advice (unfortunately I'll be busy for the next half an hour): if you plan some integration I would suggest to provide links to what you plan to integrate17:02
paddyforanMerio: Thanks for the note. :) I'll update my PRD with that.17:03
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paddyforanMerio: I've gone ahead and linked them. Thanks for your feedback: I really appreciate it :)17:21
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Meriopaddyforan: yw :)17:53
paddyforanMerio: If I may, I'd like to ask you a question you may or may not be able to answer, about the application process17:54
Meriopaddyforan: yep, tell me17:55
paddyforanMerio: Am I as entirely out of my depth and/or mind as I feel, applying for this?17:56
Meriopaddyforan: what do you mean? :)17:57
paddyforanMerio: I feel like I'm making a lot of stupid mistakes XD17:57
Meriopaddyforan: hmm I can't get you to be fair :)18:01
paddyforanMerio: I dunno. I'm just not harbouring a huge amount of hope for working with Melange this summer. I feel like I've not put my best foot forward in my application, up until now.18:02
Meriopaddyforan: if a student is or not accepted depends on many factors. Even if you don't get accepted if you feel it could be an experience nothing prevents you to "work with Melange". It's open source, so you can contribute anyway, it's just that you don't get paid by Google for it.18:08
paddyforanMerio: Yeah, it's just harder to justify the time spent to my keepers, and would have to fit it in around a different full time summer job. Which would be more difficult to do. But I'm hopeful. I really want to get more involved in Open Source, I just need the time to do so...18:11
Meriopaddyforan: I understand your point, there could be many things to say, a good discussion indeed :)18:13
Meriopaddyforan: Now I really have to go away, will be back in one/two hours, see you around :)18:13
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Meriopaddyforan: back now, I needed to come back home from work :)19:43
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kusumHello All19:49
kusumCould somebody here help me with a problem here19:49
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neo7__kusum, what is it?19:50
kusummy application proposal appears both in List of student proposals as well as list of ineligible/withdrawn proposals19:50
kusumwill the organisation be able to see my proposal ?19:50
Meriokusum: are you sure it's the same proposal?19:51
kusummeaning ?19:51
neo7__kusum, yes they will be, organization is able to see the proposals as far as it is in the list.19:51
neo7__kusum, you might have created two proposals, Thats what Merio is trying to say19:52
kusumcould you explain why it is appearing in the ineligible/withdrawn list also ?19:52
Meriokusum: probably you sent a weak proposal before which was classified as ineligible, and then you sent another one with some corrections, isn't it?19:53
neo7__because you withdrew the proposal and then resubmitted it, and you are now confused whether it is still there or not.19:53
kusumi did not withdraw19:53
kusumMerio: not the case19:54
neo7__It won't happen by magic.19:54
Meriokusum: did you submit only once?19:54
kusumi believe so19:54
kusumi do remember submitting only once19:54
neo7__No worries, I have tested it, as far as it is in the student proposal list, it is viewable to the org19:54
kusumis there anything i can do just to be safe19:55
neo7__ask the mentors if they are able to view your application.19:55
Meriokusum: you can ask to the melange list19:55
Meriokusum: or ask the organization19:55
Meriokusum: yep, just as neo7__ said19:55
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kusumI have sent a mail stating my problem to the org19:56
kusumdo i send one to Leslie Hawthorn also ?19:56
neo7__kusum, you don't need to.19:56
neo7__kusum, try reaching the authorities in steps.19:57
Meriokusum: no, also because Leslie Hawthorn is no longer in GOSPO team, there is Carol Smith now19:57
kusumfirst i contact the mentoring organisation and mentors first ?19:57
Meriokusum: yes ask your organization, it's the better thing to do, also to know why a proposal of yours has been marked as ineligible (I guess because it was a duplicate?)19:58
neo7__kusum, yes that would be a preferable choice if I had been at your place.19:58
kusumMerio: neo7__ Thanks a ton19:59
kusumI hope it's a valid submission19:59
kusumi really worked hard for it19:59
* neo7__ wonders how to reproduce that problem, for testing.19:59
Merioneo7__ if we don't know the exact steps I think it's almost impossible :)20:00
kusumi might have submitted the same application twice20:00
neo7__Merio, yes i was thinking about that, because I tested that on my instance of melange and it worked fine, there was no problem in withdrawing and submitting the proposal20:01
kusumbut the time stamp is abt 2 hours difference20:01
kusumcould not have been possible ?20:01
Meriokusum: can you remember if you did something?20:01
neo7__kusum, If you submit two applications they won't get withdrawn.20:01
kusumi am 100% sure i did not withdraw20:02
neo7__Can you reproduce the same problem again?20:02
kusumOne of the mentors posted a comment to the proposal20:02
neo7__kusum, on the demo. Merio, is the Demo accpepting the proposals?20:03
kusumnow does that mean they can see my proposal20:03
neo7__kusum, that does mean that.20:03
Meriokusum: I mean something like leaving the page opened, resubmit it again.. or for example the first time seemed not to work so you submit another time without being aware that your proposals was instead already submitted20:03
kusumi think that happened20:03
kusumthe 2nd case20:04
Merioneo7__: I think not, don't know its state but we ran a complete mini-GSoC for testing20:04
kusummy net was slow this morning20:04
neo7__kusum, contact the mentors, I don't feel that there is much of a problem when you already received a comment from a mentor. Merio if its accepting the test proposals till now then please provide the link.20:09
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Merioneo7: I think not, it should be set at the final stage of timeline20:28
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paddyforanMerio: just returned. OK, woke up. But still. Thanks for all your help and advice earlier. I appreciate it. :)20:37
Meriopaddyforan: that's fine :)20:38
paddyforanMerio: Is there something I should do in the next three weeks, or just cross my fingers and hope?20:39
Meriopaddyforan: just be checking your email and/or notifications on socghop for public comments, if any, in the next week. After slot assignment... well, just cross fingers :)20:42
paddyforanMerio: Slot assignment?20:42
neo7Merio, yes thats fine, I hope that the problem of kusum is solved by now,20:44
neo7paddyforan, Every organization in GSoC is given some slots, depending upon the number of projects that they are going to take.20:44
tpb<> (at
neo7Averagely its 4-5 per org20:45
Meriopaddyforan: on April 21 (well, some time before) Google assign slots for each org20:45
MerioActually it depends on how many projects proposals an org has received and some other "human" considerations20:45
paddyforanMerio & neo7: thanks for the info ^_^ I'll keep an eye on my notifications (I have been since SRabbelier first reviewed my proposal)20:47
Meriopaddyforan: yep, I know that ;)20:49
paddyforanMerio: Wow, Big Brother? o.o20:50
Meriopaddyforan: no, just another Melange possible mentor :)20:50
Meriopaddyforan: as I'm one of Melange mentors obviously I'm able to see all the proposals20:51
paddyforanMerio: As in, you're a possible mentor, or you heard from another possible mentor?20:51
paddyforanMerio: But how does seeing all the proposals make it obvious I'm watching my notifications like I expect them to turn into a bunny if I look away? :P20:53
Meriopaddyforan: can't get you20:54
paddyforanMerio: I said I've been watching my notifications obsessively, and you said you knew. How does the ability to see my proposal help you know that?20:55
Meriopaddyforan: no, it's not like that: I know about public comments/replies :)20:57
paddyforanMerio: Ah, ok. I was a little concerned there. :)20:58
Meriopaddyforan: misunderstandings happen :)21:00
paddyforanMerio: With alarming frequency. o.o Someone mentioned last night that you're all from Europe. If you don't mind my asking, where are you from?21:02
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SRabbelierpaddyforan: Madhusudan isn't, he's from India :)21:02
Meriopaddyforan: we're not all from Europe, the awesome Madhusudan is from India21:03
Merioyep :)21:03
Meriohowever I'm from Italy21:03
paddyforanSRabbelier: You live! I was totally lied to last night, then... >.<21:03
neo7SRabbelier, Finally you replied after such a long time.21:03
SRabbelierpaddyforan: what were you told?21:04
paddyforanSrabbelier: Someone mentioned most of the dev team was in Europe. :) So perhaps it wasn't TECHNICALLY a lie.21:04
neo7SRabbelier, Carol wanted to have total number of proposal submitted.21:04
SRabbelierneo7: I know21:05
SRabbelierneo7: already done21:05
neo7SRabbelier, :)21:05
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* neo7 is off to sleep, good night everybody :)21:16
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paddyforannight neo7 :)21:17
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paddyforanArthurLiu: ?23:06
ArthurLiuin my list of proposals (mentor view), I have projects with scores 0, -1 and -223:06
ArthurLiuthey are sorted in this order: 0, -2, -123:06
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