Thursday, 2010-03-11

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anth_xcan an org have multiple backup admins?15:33
Wolf_OSGeoanth_x: yes15:36
Wolf_OSGeoyou can invite the others after you get accepted15:36
anth_xah, but not for now?15:44
anth_xalso: i like the positive thinking implied in your reply. ;-)15:44
Wolf_OSGeoanth_x: I sort of have to think positively, otherwise all this work won't make a lot of sense :P16:01
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lresendeMorning guys, are the projects listed in the complete list of projects for 2009, or only the ones that successfully completed the program ?16:16
tpb<> (at
Wolf_OSGeoSRabbelier: halp! Our backup admin has his melange id listed as firstname.lastname, but it is not accepted by the application form ?!?16:21
Wolf_OSGeoluckily the second backup admin has a link id of the form firstname_lastname ;)16:22
Wolf_OSGeolresende: they are only the successful ones16:22
lresendethanks Wolf_OSGeo16:23
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cryos|workQuick question (I hope) - what format is expected for the backup admin link iD?17:50
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durin42cryos|work: just the link id17:53
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cryos|workdurin42: Thanks - I have found the relevant section in the user guide now. First time in submitting an organization application.17:55
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neo7about melange, anyone here.19:19
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SRabbelierWolf_OSGeo: quee?21:07
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bitsweathey melangers21:16
bitsweatpossible to see my old stuff from gsoc 2009?21:17
bitsweattried finding my org app from last year, since I quite liked it :)21:17
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anth_xare you using the same account/linkid as last year?21:33
bitsweatI poked for some URL changes to no avail21:37
anth_xacutally, i'm not sure the linkid matters. i've looked at our app from last year, and i'm different.21:37
anth_xbut i can't remember where i got it from. hold on...21:38
bitsweatthanks anth_x21:40
anth_xoh, wait. my memory was faulty. i was looking at our application *template* from last year, not the actual application.21:45
anth_xsorry. :-(21:46
bitsweatI'd love to keep our template, too, as it went through several iterations during proposals21:48
bitsweatis that accessible?21:48
dhaunbitsweat: the application template for the students to use? that should still be on your org's home page21:54
bitsweathmm - 500 Server Error :)21:55
dhaunyou did replace the <org-name-here> accordingly?21:55
bitsweatlol yeah ;)21:56
bitsweatworked on subsequent load21:56
dhaunk, just checking :)21:57
bitsweatthanks! good to have that recovered21:58
anth_xyeah, that's what i was looking at! geez.22:00
anth_xtrying to find it now, though, i keep getting the hope page (which is different)22:00
bitsweatyeah, there's no link to it afaik22:01
bitsweatI'd still be enormously grateful to have the 2009 app available22:01
dhaunyep, I had that link noted down somewhere, fortunately22:01
bitsweatthink a melange dev would be open to exposing those?22:01
dhaunI think the org application is gone, though - unless the melange devs know of a way to recover it22:02
* dhaun had a backup, fortunately22:02
bitsweatI'd imagine they wouldn'tve deleted data, probably just no way to view it22:02
bitsweatdhaun:  smarter than me ;)22:02
kblinI had a printout22:07
kblina bit annoying, but useable22:07
bitsweatI could've sworn I had it in my wiki, too22:13
bitsweatbut as they say, wiki is hawaiian for "can't find it"22:13
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SRabbelierbitsweat: we decided to not go through the effort of recovering that I'm afraid22:57
SRabbelierbitsweat: we changed the data model, and it would've been a pita to convert from old to new22:58
bitsweatSRabbelier:  makes sense23:03
SRabbelierbitsweat: sorry if you lost any data23:03
bitsweatwas just browsing the code - looks like the old model is present, but perms are set to not show since the program is no longer active23:04
SRabbelierbitsweat: the idea was that all data we 'threw away' is fairly easy to recreate23:04
SRabbelierand that a lot of people write up their application outside Melange anyway23:04
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