Wednesday, 2010-03-10

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bitgeeki wanna work for new document editor project in google summer of code13:57
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anth_x(when we get to this point) does melange do slot allocations (org A gets 16 students, org B gets 3, &c) or is that manual/out of band?14:25
anth_xeven if just as a starting point; i understand the google staff may tweak things afterwords.14:27
anth_xthis isn't actually about GSoC at all: i woke up this morning realizing that something i have to do for a totally unrelated project is very similar to that sort of allocation process, and was wondering if i could re-use small bits of code.14:28
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schumamlif I create a document at user level, can anyone else be allowed to edit it?21:17
schumamlthe docs claim that both write and read only control the read permissions, but this may be a c&p error21:17
SRabbelierschumaml: where does it say that? that's indeed a fail21:18
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tpb<> (at
SRabbelierschumaml: ah, yes, let me fix that21:20
SRabbelierschumaml: wow, that section is seriously fucked up21:21
schumamland could a definition of "member" be added somewhere?21:22
SRabbelierschumaml: member?21:22
schumaml"Only other members of the user's mentoring organization"21:23
schumamlfor soc, there's admins, mentors and students for an org21:24
schumamland members are...?21:25
SRabbelierthe union of that21:25
SRabbelierdoesn't it say21:25
SRabbelierMember: Only organizations administrators, mentors and students of the organization will have access to edit the document.21:25
schumamlMember: Only other members of the user's mentoring organization will have access to read the document.21:26
SRabbelieroh, right21:26
SRabbelierthat's... kinda.. wrong :P21:27
schumamlSRabbelier: I'm talking about user level documents21:27
SRabbelierschumaml: yup, I see it now21:27
SRabbelier(the 'member' ACL doesn't make much sense for users atm)21:27
schumamlthe idea behind this is that I want *all* documents for our org to reside in melange this year21:28
SRabbelierschumaml: then don't create them as user document, create them as organization document  instead21:29
SRabbelierschumaml: (or have them as user document for now, and then migrate them as soon as you're accepted)21:29
schumamlI was looking for a way to have some people edit one of my documents21:30
schumamlbut I guess this isn't possible at all?21:30
SRabbelierschumaml: not currently, no :(21:30
SRabbelierschumaml: we really need to overhaul our ACL system anyway though, so do file an issue, and it might be possible next year ^^21:30
schumamlor maybe tie in google docs21:31
SRabbelierschumaml: yeah, we've been thinking about that, but not sure we want that; we _are_ going to overhaul the document system itself though (that's already planned, whereas the ACL overhaul is only something "we should probably do at some point")21:32
SRabbelieranth_x: yes, Melange has support for that21:33
SRabbelieranth_x: and yes you can probably re-use the allocation code21:33
SRabbelieranth_x: see soc.logic.allocator (allocation? I forget), the 'reliableAlgorithm' is what you want21:33
SRabbelieranth_x: (or something like that, grep for 'reliable)21:33
anth_xneat, thanks!21:33
SRabbelieranth_x: feel free to ask for more questions on how it works, I wrote it last year, but I remember pretty well how it works I think :P21:34
schumamlnow it would be useful to have nice docid values with google docs :/21:43
SRabbelierschumaml: docid values?21:48
schumamldocsid=<user>_orgsocideas instead of docid=gfer45FDSgfrvcxvbn, for example21:51
schumamlin order to get more meaningful urls21:51
SRabbelierschumaml: ah, yes :)21:53
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