Thursday, 2010-03-04

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ArthurLiuhi, can I get the arthurliu linkid moved from the [email protected] google account to the [email protected] google account ?12:27
ArthurLiuSRabbelier, ^12:31
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axhhiya, i'm new to the project, im interested in trying fix bug 748 dont have much experience can someone point me in the right direction where i'd find the views for these pages?16:36
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worldcoderI have looked at your gsoc page21:23
worldcoderI want to work with melange21:23
worldcoderi am a webdeveloper and your idea about photo uploading and cropping interests me21:24
worldcoderi have worked with upload mangament projects21:25
anth_xdifferent topic: i missed the start of the testing period. i've signed up w/ a profile and have been poking around. two questions:21:39
anth_x1) is there a guide for particular things to test or just "beat on the thing"?21:40
anth_x2) there's only so much you can do without being attached to an org. any good "test orgs" i should apply to so i can test more?21:40
anth_xor are y'all well covered?21:40
anth_xalso (and not a question): melange looked/worked very well last year. it looks even better this year. nice work so far!21:42
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worldcoderany one from melange here?22:50
worldcoderme looking to work for Gsoc with mealnge22:50
worldcoderon the previous year idea succesful uploading of profile photo22:51
worldcoderand cropping feature22:51
worldcoderusing js library22:51

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