Saturday, 2010-02-27

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neo7SRabbelier: ping06:52
neo7topic: discussion about the modification of the TinyMCE for first idea.07:33
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* neo7 waiting for someone to answer.10:54
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neo7I feel that the changes of the issue
tpb<> (at
neo7were only made to mercurial17:10
neo7and not the git repo17:10
neo7if anyone sees it please ping a.s.a.p17:10
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DrJoelhi.. have question on test gsoc ..17:38
DrJoelanswered it myself I think .. :(17:39
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neo7SRabbelier: I am interested in the upgrading of the melange editor.18:24
neo7I suppose modification of tinyMCE would do most of it.18:25
neo7should I start it?18:25
SRabbelierneo7: not really18:25
SRabbelierneo7: We don't want TinyMCe tbh18:25
neo7ok, you want to remove tinyMCE completely and want a new editor in its place.18:26
neo7is that right?18:26
neo7SRabbelier: :)18:27
SRabbelierneo7: see also the wiki document and Issue 30618:27
DrJoelSRabbelier: I hope the issues I have filed aren't too nitpicky..18:27
SRabbelierDrJoel: I think some of them are unclear at least18:28
DrJoelthe issues? .. just give me numbers and I will clarify18:28
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DrJoelAhh.. I see 73118:29
SRabbelierDrJoel: yea18:30
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DrJoelgrep -r "onlyfill" .   ... it is in multiple of the help instructions that pop up.18:30
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DrJoelI will see what I can do to clarify though18:30
DrJoelSRabbelier: did that help?18:35
DrJoelgoing afk18:39
neo7SRabbelier: If The problem with tinyMCE gets fixed, would you like using it, or you would still like to go for the newer one.18:41
SRabbelierneo7: I think we want to get ride of a HTML based editor18:41
neo7SRabbelier: perhaps you are looking for a python based editor.18:41
neo7SRabbelier: ?18:42
neo7As you See the JavaScript Creole the wiki markup parser.18:45
neo7SRabbelier: are you looking for something like that?18:46
neo7SRabbelier: what is XSRF token?18:55
neo7I got this while I was testing this18:55
neo7Message send failure18:55
neo7Missing XSRF token.18:55
SRabbelierneo7: you need to include an xsrf in all POSt operations19:08
neo7SRabbelier: cross site request forgery?19:15
SRabbeliers/xsrf/xsrf token/19:16
SRabbelierneo7: the token protects against xsrf19:16
neo7SRabbelier: and how to include it in mailing through melange.19:17
SRabbelierneo7: what are you doing? are you adding a new form?19:18
neo7SRabbelier: no, I just went to XMPP and tried sending message.19:19
SRabbelierneo7: ... huh?19:19
neo7and then I tried using inbound mail.19:20
neo7in the from option I put in [email protected] then to [email protected] subject as "hi" message body as "hi"19:21
neo7Perhaps it is a problem of AppEngine that I am running.19:21
neo7SRabbelier: Please point me wrong wherever you feel so.19:22
SRabbelierneo7: I honestly have no idea19:23
neo7ok, regarding the text editor. would you like to have a python based server side engine?19:24
neo7SRabbelier: leave the mail and XMPP thing. I was just testing the melange on localhost:808019:25
SRabbelierneo7: we haven't looked into mail or xmmp, so you're on your own there19:25
SRabbelierneo7: and I'm not sure what you mean wrt text editor19:26
neo7with respect to text editor, You want to have something better in usability and safer when it comes to HTML.19:27
neo7because of the issue 306 that was created.19:27
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neo7The first line went to the last, while it was all fine in WYSIWYG format.19:28
neo7so, you need a new text editor, and I was suggesting it to be a python based.19:29
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neo7as stated in the application implementing markitup in melange is a great option. So If i am not wrong you want a program which has functions of all the packages stated in it.19:35
neo7SRabbelier: In "it" as in the Idea list.19:36
neo7I am planning to integrate some of the editors separately on my local melange code.19:49
neo7SRabbelier: may I start working for it?19:49
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SRabbelierneo7: I'm not going to stop you :P20:09
neo7SRabbelier: its ok, I want to confirm whether I was going right or not. + Doing it before hand would let me know Melange better.20:11
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