Friday, 2010-02-26

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antrikI don't see any links for admin/mentor etc. after registering on am I missing something?05:15
mdcMy guess is that after the org application is approved, those options will appear.  (just a guess)05:54
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antrikthe point is, I can't even submit an org application06:21
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kblinantrik: you're a bit late, I think08:11
kblinas far as I understood the timeline, org signup was over at 23:59:59 GMT last night08:13
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Sylvestreyouhou, my (fake) application has been accepted :p10:17
ErantO_o I just got 20 emails10:18
Lennieyeah :P10:18
LennieWe told everyone to fill in your link id as backup admin Erant  :)10:18
Lenniejust to spam you10:18
LennieSylvestre:  gratz :p10:18
ErantI can't actually do anything yet, right?10:19
ErantAll I can do is 'List my...'10:21
Lenniejust let the others fill in the profile10:21
Lennieyou could register all those orgs :P10:21
Lenniebut would be waste of your time :)10:21
Lennieyou'll get an org admin invite for each of them once they have completed it10:21
Lennieif things don't blow up10:22
ErantI have an organization too. Or should have10:22
ErantSomething <img src= \>10:22
Lenniethen one of those mails should be yours :P10:22
Erant*cough* Perfectly legal name.10:23
ErantIt doesn't say anything though10:23
ErantAll I got was a bazillion emails saying "Congratulations, your application as a mentoring organization for Google Summer of Code 2010 has been accepted!"10:24
LennieI should probably add your fake org name in there :P10:27
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ArthurLiu let's see if I can get you a patch :)10:32
tpb<> (at
Lennieshould be possible :D10:33
LennieI think we even have a decorator for it10:33
Lenniethe decorator is already blocking you ^_^10:34
ErantSweet. It works :)10:34
Lennieoh damn10:34
Lenniewhat does :p?10:34
Lennieif you say it works you have broken something Erant10:34
ErantNo, I ment the POST thing10:34
ErantI'll break something later10:34
Lennieyeah, protection against you :D10:35
ArthurLiuwhy use a JS thingie in the first place and not just a form ?10:35
LennieNo clue, wasn't my decision :P10:36
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ArthurLiu on http://localhost:8080/seed_db ?10:44
tpbTitle: Python | --> --> --> Traceback (most r - Anonymous - L0WdWTeF - (at
Lennieyou sure you are up to date?10:45
LennieI don't have that here10:45
ArthurLiumy python2.6 indeed doesn't have a pstats module10:46
ArthurLiudoesn't work either with my python2.510:47
ArthurLiuit's in python-profiler, which is non-free so not installed by default10:48
ArthurLiuok working now10:50
Lennieno guarantees on seed_db though10:50
Lennieif you are logged in as a dev you can go to /notifications/create10:51
Lennieand just send yourself a message :)10:51
ArthurLiuyeah, that's what I was looking for10:52
ArthurLiuchanging the javascript hack into a proper form works here10:54
ArthurLiuthe source code is littered with this weird idiom10:57
ArthurLiuwhere's this decorator thing located ?10:58
Lennieprobably app.soc.views.helper.decorators10:58
Lenniecalled in app.soc.views.models.base.View.delete()10:59
LennieI gotta go10:59
Lenniethanks for your help :)10:59
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SylvestreArthurLiu, hello11:23
Sylvestreare you contributing to melange ?11:23
ArthurLiuyeah, I want to be able to delete notifications :)11:23
Sylvestrekudo !11:23
ArthurLiu(cough, and swag, cough)11:23
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LennieI just got a call :P11:25
Lenniedon't have to go11:25
LennieArthurLiu: you can spam me again ^^11:25
ArthurLiuso, I looked at all the templates with calls to handlers using decorators.mutation11:26
ArthurLiuand they are all wildly different11:26
ArthurLiuneeds some unification11:26
ArthurLiuworking on it11:27
Lenniesounds nice11:27
LennieAre you seeing yourself in the list of requests?11:28
SylvestreAn overview of your unhandled invites.  / gsoc_mentor11:28
SylvestreI don't know what to do... Should I accept myself ? :p11:29
Lennieit should say completed at least :P11:30
Lenniewhich means it will die once the link is fixed11:30
Lenniebecause the access check will prevent you from accepting yourself :)11:31
Lennie    if request_entity.status in ['completed', 'rejected']:11:31
Lennie      raise out_of_band.AccessViolation(message_fmt=DEF_REQUEST_COMPLETED_MSG)11:31
Sylvestreok :)11:31
Sylvestredo you want me to answer to the bug report ?11:31
Lenniejust answer after my next comment :P11:32
Sylvestreas long as it is not "submit a patch" ;)11:33
LennieI should have done that11:33
LennieSylvestre: Running build and deploying in amin11:35
Sylvestreok, thanks11:36
SylvestreI was testing11:36
Lenniehow many bug reports did you do already :p?11:37
Sylvestreheu, not much, something like 4 or 511:38
Lennienew version is running now11:40
SylvestreWorks for me. Thanks11:40
Lenniethe mentor you are talking about11:46
Lenniedid you invite him?11:46
Lennieor did he/she use the "Apply to become a Mentor" link11:46
SylvestreI don't think he did anything11:47
Sylvestredo you want me to ask him to apply ?11:48
Lennieyou could try :)11:48
Lennieit would be nice if that gets a spin from a non-dev account :P11:48
Sylvestreok, he is off but he should be back in a minute. I will ask him11:49
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Lenniesure thanks11:53
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kblinyay, my org was accepted into gsoc ;)12:16
LennieI'm still waiting for the first fool to say OMG I've been accepted already12:16
Sylvestrewait. It was not for real ?12:18
mdcOur org "Etherboot Project" was accepted in the GSoC 2010 testing instance, but I don't seem to have the role of "org admin".12:20
mdcI just sent mail to about it.12:20
Lenniefollow the steps in the notification your received?12:20
LennieYou must finish the organization profile12:21
Lennieafter that you'll receive an org admin invite12:21
Lenniewhere you can fill in your personal (fake) details12:21
mdcPlease click here to fill in the necessary information and create your Organization.12:22
mdcSubtle :)12:22
Lennieah well12:22
LennieIf I'm correct it should also be posted that day on the Mentors list12:22
* mdc clicks the link and starts-a-typin'12:22
Lennieso that it is more clear12:23
mdcCool, thanks :)12:23
kblinLennie: thanks for helping out as co-admin, btw12:23
mdc"Organization Link ID"12:24
mdcA bit of contextual help text may be useful on this form.12:25
Lennieyeah more clear then last yar :P12:25
Lennieno tooltip there :(?12:25
mdcLet me double-check12:25
Lennieyes it is subtle :P?12:26
mdcIt appears at the bottom of the window12:26
Lennietoo subtle perhaps12:26
mdcSo my focus was too high :)12:26
mdcIt is non-intrusive, and maybe I'm trying to do this crack-of-dawn :)12:27
* mdc carries on :)12:27
LennieI can add a text to the side12:28
Lenniejust like there is for phone number12:28
SylvestreLennie, my co admin just accepted the co-admin stuff and is also a mentor after receiving my invitation. No problem12:30
Lenniethat works12:30
Lenniemakes me happy12:30
Lenniestudent proposals will probably be buggy12:30
Lenniewe are having some last minute changes12:30
Lenniesuch as being able to make your proposal public12:31
Lennieif you want to12:31
LennieSylvestre: over the course of this weekend I"ll send in fake proposals to each org12:32
Lenniesince you as an org admin can't sent in your won12:32
Sylvestreok, perfect12:32
Lennieyou should try to though12:32
Lenniebut the system should block you :P12:32
Sylvestre(btw, it has been a bit borring to have to create a second admin at the beginning)12:32
Lennieyou mean the backup admin?12:33
Lenniedid you fill in your 2nd acount :P?12:33
Sylvestreno, I am too lazy for that, I ask to a buddy to do it12:33
LennieIn the mail leslie sent out it said you could abuse Erant for it :)12:33
Lenniehe got spammed :P12:33
Sylvestreok, sorry, next time, I will ready fully the mail12:34
Lennieyes boring perhaps12:34
Lenniebut necessary :D12:34
Lenniebut we had Erant to take the fall :)12:34
kblinLennie: that makes the real timeline a bit tricky12:34
Sylvestreindeed but this might explain why we are only 5 orgs (including you)12:34
Lenniekblin: ?12:35
Lenniekblin: just like last year every org needs to have 2 people signed up12:35
kblinwe had that last year already?12:35
Lenniekblin: If you think that will be a problem please mail LH to ensure that she perhaps sends out a mail to the list saying that it is mandatory12:36
Lenniethe old hard-coded org applications had that in them as well12:36
Lennieyou needed to fill in a backup admin12:36
Lenniewhich was not you :)12:36
kblinah, then it wasn't bad enough for me to remember, should be fine then12:36
LennieI share your concern12:36
Lenniehowever we need to ensure that there are 2 at the moment of applying12:37
Lennieand this is the only way :P12:37
Lenniethis year around though12:37
Lenniethe backupadmin can edit the application :D12:37
kblinah, ok12:37
kblinfortunately this year I just admin two projects :)12:37
Lenniehow many was that last year?12:38
kblinso OI had to fill in my personal details five times12:38
SylvestreHow many applications did you get ?12:38
Lenniekblin: not this year :)12:38
Lenniekblin: yes you would still have to click okay five times12:39
Lenniebut it is prepopulated12:39
ErantLennie: lolwut, lh actually sent out an email saying to use me? :P12:40
Lennieuse or abuse :P12:40
kblinErant: well, I used Lennie's link_id, I guessed that first12:42
Lenniecrazy wombat?12:43
mdchmm: feed://
mdcis not accepted as an rss feed.12:45
Lenniethat is an issue you can report in the tracker12:45
mdcI assume I need something with "http:"12:45
Lenniepossibly yes12:45
mdcwill do12:45
Lennielet me quickly chceck12:45
Lennieyeah I think so12:46
Lennieit is fetched using urlFetch12:46
Lenniekblin: If you think that will be a problem please mail LH to ensure that she perhaps sends out a mail to the list say12:46
Lennie  """Fetches the given HTTP URL, blocking until the result is returned.12:46
Lennieso yes :)12:46
kblinwhat's a valid tag value?12:47
Lennieis it giving you problems?12:47
mdcit sort of starts autocompleting12:47
mdcwhen you start to enter text12:47
mdcI'm not sure there is help text though.12:47
* mdc successfully submit org profile!12:48
kblinLennie: I used space to separate the values and it complained, telling me to see the help12:48
kblinthere was no tool-tip, tough12:48
Lenniecomma separated it is :p12:48
kblinit's comma separated, I know12:48
Lennieif you use autocompletion it automatically does so12:48
Lenniekblin: please report the missing "help"12:48
kblinLennie: will do12:48
Lennieit should have been there12:49
kblinLennie: there was no auto-tag for wombat or crazy12:49
Lennieyou can add your own tags12:49
Lenniethe tags you see there were those from GSoC200912:49
kblinyeah, I just went and put my own, so I didn't notice the autocompletion12:51
Lenniewhich lead you to the error12:52
Lenniewhich is nice12:52
kblininteresting, I completed the form, but I sill just see my pending application12:52
kblinand I get a server error if I try following the activation link again12:53
kblinin the sidebar12:53
Lenniepending in the sidebar?12:54
kblinif I'm accepted and filled out the activation form, my org should turn up in my sidebar like last year12:54
Lennieafter you ahve filled in your org admin profile it should12:54
Lenniehmm /gsoc/org/applicant/melange/gsoc2010?id=1863512:55
Lenniethat died on you12:55
kblinerror 50012:55
Lenniethat one12:56
Lennieyou completed that right?12:57
Lennieinstead of the 500 you would normally get an access error12:57
mdcTags completion is stubborn.12:57
Lenniehowever I screwed that one up :p12:57
Lennieit now just goes 500 when you have no access there12:58
mdcI enter "C"  and it _insists_ on putting in C#12:58
kblinyeah, my org shows up in the "accepted orgs" list with all the tags12:58
Lenniekblin: you should have an invite to become org admin12:58
Lennieafter you have accepted that12:58
Lennieyou'll see it in the sidebar12:58
Lenniewe need more personal data first :P12:58
kblinah, now I see the email12:59
* mdc subversively gets around the data entry issue :)12:59
Lenniemdc:  let me see if I can reproduce that13:01
mdctry just typing "c"13:01
mdcyou can get around it by typing cccc, foo, bar13:01
Lenniewhat did you want to type>13:01
mdcthen (before hitting return) editing the ccccc13:01
Lennieas a ta13:02
mdcto be just c13:02
mdcI entered c,13:02
Lennieworks fine here13:02
mdcit gave me c#,13:02
mdcMac OS Firefox?13:02
Lennieit does behave weird13:02
mdcI can try Safari.13:02
Lennieit does behave different13:03
Lennienormally after completing a tag the autocomplete would close13:03
Lenniehowever in case of c it stays open13:03
Lenniebut I can just type and find other tags13:03
LennieMac OS13:03
Lenniekblin: ping13:05
mdcI wonder if the '#' char is being used as some parsing terminator?13:05
Lenniecan you try the link that died on you again in a minute? I'm putting up the new version :)13:05
Lenniemdc: shouldn't be :P13:06
Lenniebut interesting hypothesis13:06
LennieI'm off now13:08
Lenniejust stalk SRabbelier  if you have questions :)13:08
mdcBye Lennie :)13:08
Lenniehe should be around13:08
mdcand Thanks!13:08
Lenniereport bugs if you find them :P13:08
mdcWill do13:08
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* mdc has successfully managed to register our org in the test instance.13:09
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* kblin belatedly pongs lennie and then goes to stalk SRabbelier instead13:21
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* ArthurLiu is back from work18:27
ArthurLiulet's attack these mutable forms18:27
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LennieArthurLiu: Good luck on the attack!18:55
Lenniemay the spirit of elune light your path18:55
Lennieor whatever fancies you :P18:55
ErantI probably shouldn't be able to kick other admins off a project, right?19:09
LennieYou should, but I rather you arent :P19:10
Lennieunless it is your own org :p19:10
Lenniewe expect there to be a certain maturity19:11
Lennieso that's why equals are able to kick each other :)19:11
ErantOh. *cough*. Sorry mdc :P19:11
Lenniejust reinvite him :P?19:11
ErantThere's no button for it though, right?19:12
Lenniefor what?19:12
LennieInvite an Admin ?19:12
Lennieit should be right there19:12
ErantNo, for kicking another admin19:12
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Lennieoh yes there is19:20
Lennieor was19:20
Lenniedepending on how screwed up the redirects for the list are :)19:21
LennieManage Admins and Mentors19:21
Lennieshould be there for you19:21
ErantAhk. A mentor shouldn't be able to roundhouse an admin out though, right?19:22
ArthurLiuhow many mentors does it take to kick an admin /19:23
ErantLennie: What's your linkid?19:26
LennieCan a mentor roundhouse an admin :D?19:27
Lenniethat's nice19:27
Lenniejust use Lennie19:27
Lenniewhat do you need me for?19:27
Erant(I still think it's a stupid thing, link_id. Also, the document submission is cluttered as hell POST-wise)19:27
Lennieyou better not be screwing me :P19:27
LennieErant: not my design :)19:27
LennieI trying to use link_id as little as possible ;P19:28
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ErantHeh, no, you should still be an admin. Weird how I get a 404 though19:28
Lennielet me log in :P19:29
ErantOh, no, not weird.19:29
ErantI think. Hmm19:29
Lenniethat user is not even an admin :P19:29
Lennietry rijk0214 :)19:29
Lennieas link id19:29
Lennieand kick me :)19:30
Lenniewould be nice if you could :P19:30
Erant"This entity does not belong to you.", all right, fair enough. Had to try the obvious.19:30
Lenniewhich link?19:30
Lennieso I can go and figure out the check19:30
tpb<> (at
ErantI'll maybe start reading some more source. I'm pretty much at the end of gutfeeling + manual fuzzing19:31
LennieErant: what you should do is rewrite that page19:31
Lennieto work with POST19:31
Lennieand earn yourself some swag :)19:31
Lennieshould be pretty straight forward :P19:31
ErantI did earn swag.19:32
Lennieyou said you could kick someone as a mentor?19:33
Lennieare you sure you were only a mentor for that org :p?19:33
ErantOh, no, I wanted to try that19:33
Lennieplease do :P19:33
Lenniewant an invite?19:33
Lennieshould be sent now :)19:35
Lenniewith a custom message woot :P19:35
ErantAn HTML escaped one?19:36
Lennieno of course not :P19:36
Lennieactually this one should be19:37
Lenniebecause it is using django19:37
Lennieso auto escape19:37
Lennieyou can try19:37
Lennieyou are an org admin so you can invite someone else :)19:37
Lennieyou can request to become a mentor for an org :)19:38
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mdcErant: "was it something I said?" ;-P20:24
* mdc fills out the org admin screen again :)20:25
ErantDoes it not remember that? It does for me20:28
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Wolf_OSGeofunny how the linkid for the org cannot end in an underscore. Is there a technical reason for it?21:55
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ArthurLiu patch draft :)23:14
tpb<> (at
ArthurLiunow sleeping23:14
ArthurLiuFlims Laax tomorrow for me23:15
mdcAlright, back in the saddle.23:52

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