Friday, 2009-08-07

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Meriodhans: ping10:15
dhansMerio: pong10:16
Meriodhans: I've pulled your latest changes and trying to collect students per degree after running seed_db... I receive "global name 'subsets_dict' is not defined"10:17
Meriodhans: seems line 123 of statistic.py10:17
dhansMerio: damn, I forgot to send the next commit which fixes that...10:18
Meriodhans: eheh please push it ^_^10:18
dhansMerio: can you type self.subsets_dict ?10:18
dhansMerio: just one word :-)10:18
Meriodhans: however I contacted you for a different thing, regarding the scope path thing... is needed for us, as we have one dashboard and more than one gsoc (and also we have ghop)10:20
dhansMerio: I am working on that10:20
Meriodhans: and so I have to do an interface in the dashboard to select it... and if it's not ready it's difficult for me to hack on that :)10:21
dhansMerio: because I wanted to do it along with the access stuff10:21
dhansMerio: it is almost finished, I just need to test it10:21
Meriodhans: ok no problems, it's just to ask you to complete it (if you can) with reasonable time for me to work on the GUI :)10:22
dhansMerio: I will commit and push it in a very few hours10:22
Meriodhans: I'm almost finished the refactoring, I don't know if you see what I've done, I basically put some logic (update and move) in the dashboard one and out of the widget object, which make more sense for incapsulation of behaviors.10:23
Meriodhans: great, thx :) :)10:24
Meriodhans: but we really should upgrade to jquery 1.3 as madrazr said some days ago10:24
dhansMerio: I saw :-) didn't fully understand, but saw :-)10:24
dhansMerio: is this a problem to upgrade?10:24
Meriodhans: you mean you didn't understand the code or the reason?10:24
madrazrMerio: I dropped the plan of using colorbox later :D10:25
Meriodhans: well, I guess it's not a great problem, but we should then test everything to assure no regression happens10:25
dhansMerio: the code, but I just took a look :-)10:25
Meriomadrazr: yes but then yesterday I was trying to do some simple publish/subscribe behavior for events (something straightforward in Dojo) and couldn't do anything to help... it was very discouraging ... :(10:25
Meriodhans: ah ok, it's just to assure myself I'm not completely mad on wanting to do that :D10:26
madrazrMerio: Oh !10:26
Meriomadrazr: I had to do an ugly workaround with delegation and checking the target object of the click. I mean, that is what probably it's done behind the scenes in the Dojo's observer pattern.. but it's not beautiful code to read in this way :)10:27
dhansMerio: actually now you are calling /statistic/get_json_response/google/gsoc2009, so you can change it to /statistic/get_available_statistics10:29
madrazrMerio: Oh OK, sad :(10:30
madrazrsad when you have to do work arounds :(10:30
Meriodhans: are they divided for gsoc/ghop, gsoc2008/gsoc2009 and so on?10:34
Meriomadrazr: yes :( So I think I'll send a mail in the dev list supporting your idea :)10:34
MerioBut I think these kind of things will be better done after GSoC ends10:35
madrazrMerio: yeah, for heavens sake not during GSoC :D10:36
dhansMerio: it is strange, because the dashboard is 'per user', so there is no good way how to 'divide' them better than 'by name' or something like that10:36
Meriomadrazr: eheheh sure ^__^10:36
Meriodhans: what do you mean? I thought that if you have the user, you know which roles and rights the user has and so which kind of statistics and which event/instance (gsoc-ghop/2008-2009 and so on) is allowed to see10:38
dhansMerio: yep, only statistics which the user is allowed to see will be sent10:39
Merioand can't you divide it for gsoc/ghop?10:39
dhansMerio: it can be done. for example {"GSoC": [stat1, stat2, stat3, etc], "GHOP": [stat1, stat2, stat3, ...]}10:41
dhansMerio: but to be honest I do not know it the current module with work for GHOP without any modifications10:42
Meriodhans: yes we need something like this in response... I think preferred way is the key like google/gsoc2009 and google/gsoc2008 and so on10:42
Meriodhans: well, that's not a problem, we don't have to support ghop in the project AFAIK, but we can have a look into the future... and at least be assured that it works with multiple instances of gsoc at a time10:43
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dhansMerio: you mean {"google/gsoc2009": [stat1, stat2, stat3, ..], }10:44
dhansMerio: ?10:44
Meriodhans: exactly10:44
dhansMerio: scope_path for each statistic is already sent in json reponses10:45
Meriodhans: yes but should be divided in that way you mentioned10:47
dhansMerio: so won't it be a problem if I remove it? Because it would be like {"google/gsoc2009": [{"link_id": "students_per_degree, "scope_path": "google/gsoc2009", "name": "Students Per Degree"}]...}10:47
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Meriodhans: something like this data = {"google/gsoc2009": {name: "Google Summer of Code 2009", statistics: [{"link_id": "students_per_degree", "name": Students Per Degree"},...]}, "google/gsoc2008": {...}};10:49
dhansMerio: ok cool10:49
Meriodhans: cool ^_^10:50
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dhansMerio: ping15:03
Meriodhans: pong15:03
dhansMerio: I pushed the get_available_stats commit15:04
dhansMerio: anyway, there is no access checking so you will always get a list of all stats15:04
dhansMerio: I am having some problems with that access control and I will work on it on Sunday15:05
Meriodhans: ok important thing is that I can read the available statistics divided by scope path :)15:05
Meriodhans: ok no probs for me. In the meantime I've fixed the bug about saving chart modification made right after creation15:06
dhansMerio: tomorrow I am going out (to run on a desert :D) and be back very late and tired in the evening15:06
Meriodhans: and also made only one "update chart" function in the javascript, and change all the update chart stuff in the code referring to that function... cleaner :)15:06
Merio"run on a desert"? :)15:06
dhansMerio: great :-)15:06
dhansMerio: yeah, it came out that there is one (small) desert in Poland and tomorrow some local sport organizations from there organize the first polish run on a desert :P 5 or 10 km15:08
dhansMerio: they give medals, so I am going :P15:08
Meriodhans: eheh great...! Enjoy then :)15:09
dhansMerio: thanks :-)15:09
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