Thursday, 2009-08-06

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Meriodhans: ping05:40
dhansMerio: pong05:51
dhansMerio: sorry, I was eating05:51
Meriodhans: no problems :)05:51
Meriodhans: I've seen you made the virtual statistic stuff, great :) I just wanna ask if it's a problem of mine that the table doesn't update and the update_chart triggers twice or it happens to you too05:53
dhansMerio: you mean that when you change virtual statistic, the visualization does not change?05:53
Meriodhans: yes, even if I see the correct data is coming from the backend05:54
dhansMerio: when you change visualization then, you will see the correct data05:55
dhansMerio: but I do not know why it is like this...05:55
Meriodhans: hmm it does weird things to be fair :(05:55
Meriodhans: but there's no problem, I can have a look at it05:56
dhansMerio: I mean I tried to debug the script yesterday for a couple of hours, but do not know how to fix it05:56
Meriodhans: just a question, otherwise we're constantly changing stuff :P05:56
Meriodhans: no probs, I'll do it then :)05:56
MerioI see that05:56
Merioyou've deleted the JSON stringify around the ID for the "update_chart" code05:57
Meriodid you do it because something was not working?05:57
dhansMerio: because it did not know for me when it was stringified :-)05:57
Meriodhans: what do you mean?05:58
dhansMerio: it was also strange... it took me some time to find this. everything looked right...05:58
dhansMerio: in updateChart in statistic_chart logic05:59
dhansMerio: link_id looked right, but getForFields returned []06:00
dhansMerio: when I deleted stringify, it started to work06:01
dhansMerio: about the bug that the new data is not displayed:06:02
Meriodhans: ok problem is that in this way IIRC it doesn't work the update chart :D06:02
dhansMerio: I was talking about updateChart06:02
Meriodhans: because you're waiting for string pairs and I'm waiting for a "proper" JSON object06:03
Meriodhans: sorry I mixed up06:03
Meriodhans: hmm I can see it doesn't save now the selected visualization, is it happening to you also?06:04
Meriodhans: (however the same thing applies, we're doing slightly different things when communicating with the server)06:04
dhansMerio: I see that visualizations are saved (Safari, Firefox)06:06
Meriodhans: I mean as soon as you create the widget, change the visualization and reload the dashboard => the selected visualization is not saved. If then you change the visualization again and try to change the visualization and reload the dashboard => the selected visualization now is saved06:07
dhansMerio: right ;-/06:08
Merio"If then you change the visualization again and try to change the visualization"=> change the visualization once ... ehehhe.. I was distracted while writing :P06:08
dhansMerio: I'll try to fix it06:10
Meriodhans: well... do you need to work on melange.graph.chart.js now?06:10
Meriodhans: I would like to spend some time refactoring it06:10
dhansMerio: sure06:10
Meriodhans: because we have some code duplication there06:10
dhansMerio: about the bug that the new data is not displayed when you change the statistic:06:11
Meriodhans: ok just telling you because the merge could be eventually painful :D06:11
Meriodhans: yep tell me06:12
dhansMerio: you'll probably find it out quickly, but what I discovered is that when a  visualization for a new statistic should be drawn, in _drawChartInside06:13
dhansMerio: just before return new melange.graph.chart[visualization_type](... statistic_data[current_statistic],....)06:13
dhansstatistic_data[current_statistic] was up to date06:14
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dhansMerio: then it moved to $m[visualization_name] = function (div_container, vis_data, chart_options, callback) {...}, but this._drawIntoContainer = function (container) was not executed06:15
dhansit was executed later, but then with the old data06:15
dhansMerio: and I had no idea how to fix it :-)06:15
Meriodhans: ok no problem, I'll spend some hours today on that06:16
Meriodhans: thanks for the tip however06:16
dhansMerio: great :-)06:16
dhansMerio: just to let you know: generally, when a widget is loaded/created, it does not load any dataTable at the beginning. it just loads virtual_statistics which is in a form of dictionary {virtual_statistic_name: [list_of_possible_visualizations]}. Then: if it is a new widget, it chooses the first virtual statistic to be the default one and downloads data for it. Otherwise (if the widget it loaded from the server), it sets current_statistic and06:21
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Meriodhans: and...?06:38
dhansMerio: and basically that's it :-)06:39
Meriodhans: ok :D06:39
dhansMerio: I just wanted to point out that when a widget is created no dataTables are downloaded, because now you can download dataTables for virtual statistics only06:40
Meriodhans: ok, gotcha06:40
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Meriodhans: just FTR, refactoring is including also dashboard.js :)06:59
dhansMerio: ok :-)06:59
Meriodhans: 1) can you make the getjsonresponse return only properly available statistics? It shows also statistics that still are not collected (probably it's enough to just look at the finaljsonstring of the statistic?)07:05
dhansMerio: sure07:06
Meriodhans: thx :)07:06
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