Thursday, 2009-07-09

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LennieHI Merio05:30
LennieI extended the timeout to 10sec05:30
MerioLennie: hi ^__^05:30
Lennieshould hopefully be enough :)05:30
MerioLennie: Hope so :) otherwise we can suggest a screenshot while the tooltip appears :P05:31
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jamtodayajaksu: the import JSON implementation looks pretty good, very consistent with the style06:05
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dhansMerio: ping06:17
Meriodhans: pong06:23
dhansMerio: hi06:23
Meriodhans: hi, good morning ^_^06:23
dhansMerio: there is one thing left to do to with widgets positions after the dashboard is loaded06:24
dhansMerio: I thought it'd be easy, but now I think there might be a problem06:24
dhansMerio: could you open dashboard.js, line 202 ?06:25
Meriodhans: just one moment, pulling your changes... takes a while only using one hand (eating pizza for lunch :P) :)06:27
dhansMerio: sure :)06:27
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Meriodhans: file opened06:35
dhansMerio: ok06:35
solydzajsdhans: Merio : hi :-)06:35
solydzajsdhans: Merio grabbing something to drink and be right back06:35
dhanssolydzajs: hi :)06:36
Merio(ahhh missed italian pizza in Ireland :P)06:36
dhansMerio: ok, so there, you send a request to get a list of all charts, and then for each chart you send a request to get its actual data, ok?06:37
Meriodhans: yes06:38
solydzajsdhans: Merio : do you guys have a minute to discuss status and upcoming week work ?06:38
Meriosolydzajs: yes it's fine06:38
dhanssolydzajs: sure, can you wait 3-4 minutes?06:38
dhanssolydzajs: thanks06:38
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dhansMerio: because I was also thinking about changing it so that we send just one request, but your solution seems to be easier :-)06:41
Meriodhans: actually yes, we can send only one request in this particular case. But I wanted to keep it abstract for document transclusion06:42
Meriodhans: so if we have a particular tag in a document, the js layer will call that particular chart and got it included in the document without hassle06:43
dhansMerio: ok cool06:44
Meriodhans: at least that particular RPC-like call is useful, but we can make another one to get all charts (even if you have to wait for the complete calling to see something, which I don't like however)06:44
MerioSo, we have two options:06:44
Merio1) make the ajax calling sync, but then the former call is cohecred to reply in a particular order, which can be something good for the moment (so faster), but I don't like it because if we change all stuff to 4 columns than we have to change JS logic and Python logic as well06:45
MerioEven if we can make the Python logic parametric so we can overtake this06:45
Merio2) something smart in Javascript to put all the stuff in the right positions and reorder them if a widget has to be injected in a particular position. Which maybe could be ugly to see06:46
Merio3) create another RPC to output the widgets in the correct order06:47
Merio(all at once)06:47
MerioI like solution 1 the most06:47
dhansMerio: I was also thinking about the second...06:47
MerioIf we go parametric in Python06:47
dhansMerio: but I would also go for the first :)06:47
Meriodhans: well thing is with the second one is that let's say06:48
Meriodhans: you get a request and you display a widget in a particular position06:48
Meriodhans: then for some reason Internet connection gets slower06:48
Meriodhans: the user begin to interact with the widget06:48
Meriodhans: and then suddenly ... the widget moves or disappear from the screen :P06:48
dhansMerio: oh yes, this is a problem - actually there may be a lot of such problems when internet connection gets slower ;-/06:49
dhansMerio: but ok, let's make there calls sync06:50
Meriodhans: yes, I'm concerned about it because my connection in Rome is unstable since a long time... :P06:50
Meriodhans: for sync calls, you can see code in bulk-review06:50
dhansMerio: so you're gonna be our tester :P06:50
Merioline 58-7806:50
dhansMerio: ok06:50
Meriodhans: or duplicate-slots line 74-9506:51
dhansMerio: so I think we can ping pawel06:51
Meriodhans: actually the latter I recall I made it async.. so I don't know if there is something counterintuictive (so this is actually an async call) or something I can recall correctly of what happened when deploying that piece of code :D06:51
Meriosolydzajs: double ping!06:51
solydzajsok :-)06:52
Meriosolydzajs: mass ping!06:52
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solydzajsok guys06:53
solydzajsso I would like to discuss few things06:53
solydzajswe need to set final goal for Statistics project06:53
solydzajsbut few things first06:53
solydzajsdhans: I will review Task Queue API wiki page today and make some small changes if I find anything that needs to be changed, I will post my comment on melange-soc-dev thread that you started06:54
dhanssolydzajs: ok - great. I will also make some small changes, because for example I realized that it's possible to run tasks on sdk which I hadn't known about06:55
solydzajsyes it is, that is one of the things I wanted to point out06:56
Meriodhans: really? Good!06:56
solydzajsyou just have to run them from admin console your self06:56
dhansMerio: manually :)06:56
solydzajsdhans: That is one of the reason why I pointed you to the Google I/O video06:56
Meriodhans: really? not so good! :P06:56
dhanssolydzjas: thanks - at last I watched it, but it was like an hour :P06:57
dhansMerio: it's cool - you just need to push 'Run' button :)06:57
Meriodhans: naah, too much work ;)06:58
solydzajshehe ok06:58
solydzajsdhans: when we can expect status update blog post ?06:58
solydzajsdhans: you are always late with those :-)06:58
dhanssolydzajs: hmm today?06:58
solydzajsdhans: ok06:59
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solydzajsdhans: Merio : I'd like to get an work plan for upcoming week from you via email07:02
solydzajsWhat are you planning to do in the upcoming 7 days07:02
solydzajson day by day basis07:02
solydzajsyou should include pushing stats code patches to mailing list there07:02
solydzajswe want to start reviewing your code closely07:03
solydzajsand we can do it once you send the patches to melange-dev07:03
Meriosolydzajs: actually as told you (and going to send on list), until 20 I won't be so productive. I was thinking about refinements and correct errors that will come from code reviews07:03
solydzajsand then after review you commit it yourself07:03
solydzajsMerio: ok please send that to the list as we agreed07:03
dhansMerio: could I send you some code review of your code?07:04
solydzajsThat doesn't stop dhans from being productive :-)07:04
Meriosolydzajs: what about "tangled" code? E.g. Daniel is working on some JS side I begun, so it's not correct to push it with me as author, should we produce different patches?07:04
Meriodhans: yes, as soon as I put them in rietveld everyone will be able to :)07:05
solydzajsthe author can be changed when we commit using -u "Mario ... <email>"07:05
solydzajsin command line07:05
Meriosolydzajs: yes but if we send for example melange.graph.chart.js, the authors are two07:05
solydzajsI'm a going to write an email to the list with things that need to work for Statistics, basically project final goals07:06
Meriosolydzajs: we can untangle them only if we produce different patches out of it (don't know how but I guess it should be possible)07:06
dhansMerio: ok, you can commit js files :-)07:06
solydzajsMerio: it doesn't matter, do you really care about commit count ?07:06
solydzajsone will commit one file the other will commit the other file07:06
Meriosolydzajs: no, it was to be fair with Daniel, he worked on some code of mine, I don't have this "problem" because I still didn't work over his07:07
solydzajsFew things I would like you guys to note that need to be changed:07:07
solydzajs- floating menu needs to be replaced07:07
solydzajs- If the dashboard has no widget there should be some kind of text indicating what to do07:07
dhansMerio: really I don't care who is the committer :-)07:07
solydzajs- There is only one statistics to choose from on the demo instance, why ?07:08
Meriodhans: ok ^__^07:08
solydzajs- aybe a progress bar or busy icon would be nice when widgets are loading ?07:08
solydzajs- Space for on widget is a little small, can we adjust that ? Maybe 2 columns instead of 3 ?07:08
dhanssolydzajs: because yesterday, I like cleared some database in the demo instance07:08
solydzajscause chart + table won't fit07:08
dhanssolydzajs: I will add more stats today07:08
Meriosolydzajs: actually it should be a button to zoom it with a thickbox07:09
dhanssolydzajs: yes, we talked about it - two columns is better07:09
solydzajsso please note my suggestions07:10
solydzajsand I expect an email from both of you with upcoming week work plan07:10
dhansMerio: and also would it be possible to create one unmovable widget in the first column first place in which we could put this menu thing?07:11
solydzajsI will review it and comment if I think things should be reprioritized07:11
solydzajsok ?07:11
dhanssolydzajs: cool07:11
Meriodhans: I thought about it (as it was in the nettuts tutorial) but I think is a waste of space, we can have a different style floating menu as well07:12
dhanssolydzajs: I am planning to work on statistics from surveys and generally start working on abstraction of statistics backend functions07:12
solydzajsMerio: and you should indicate in your email how many hours per day you can work on Melange in the upcoming day07:12
solydzajsdhans: I will review all that in the email, CC melange-soc-dev please :-)07:12
dhanssolydzajs: sure07:13
dhansMerio: but it is frustrating that you create a widget and it is covered by this thing07:13
Meriosolydzajs: ok07:13
dhansMerio: and about the menu icon - it's fine but when I saw it for the first time I didn't know what it was :P07:14
Meriodhans: the floating menu style could be thinner, the position is fixed so it's a matter of positioning the page. Something (as solydzajs pointed out) that happens also in Gmail interface for iphone07:14
Meriodhans: yes, I choose it quietly "randomly" just to show we could achieve an interface like that :P07:14
dhansMerio: :P07:14
solydzajsok thanks for your time guys07:15
solydzajslooking forward to read the emails07:16
dhanssolydzajs: thank you07:16
Meriosolydzajs: Only thing I would like to understand07:18
Meriosolydzajs: because you said not to focus on dashboard because it's not a key feature07:18
Meriosolydzajs: but I think that is the main panel where all actions will come into play, so I couldn't understand your point, if I have a different vision from yours or if I misunderstood your point07:18
solydzajsMerio: I mean not to focus too much on it, we first should get all the stats finished and working and stable, before we add more UI stuff07:18
solydzajsMerio: you get my point ? That's also one of the reason why I want the code to be pushed to main repository asap07:19
solydzajsMerio: and stay in sync with main repo and constact patches reviews07:19
Meriosolydzajs: hmm so it would mean I should go for statistics backend stuff, and work more closely with Daniel's code. Just to be sure about it.07:20
solydzajsMerio: no I just mean that I don't want to have fancy new JS plugins added before we actually make things stable as they are now :-)07:22
Meriosolydzajs: ah ok got you :) About the mail to send to the list about time availability... in normal times it would be fine, but until my exam time I could spend on it depends very much on how I speed up things with exercises these days. So I can't be precise or make "promises" :P Just tell that I'm working on refine style and go for reviews / change things afterwards and pushing on the repository. Something like that. Is07:24
solydzajsok, but you can say approximately ~1-2h a day or so ?07:26
Meriosolydzajs: something like that, depending however on how things go, just want to be fair and not promising something in this very moment... afterwards it will be fine :)07:28
Meriosolydzajs: but well got your point, I'll give a "more-or-less" time :)07:28
solydzajsok thanks07:28
Meriosorry about that, I hoped to be successful on not speeding down with SoC... but well, s... hem... it happens :P07:29
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Lenniesolydzajs: Sent you invite for madhusudan's instance07:52
Lennieajaksu: ping?07:54
ajaksuLennie: pong, working on the group view :)07:54
Lennieyou pulled latest code  yet?07:55
Lenniesince I made a skeleton :P07:55
ajaksuerr, no :(07:55
ajaksupulling :)07:55
Lennieyou'd better :P07:55
LennieI didn't see you yesterday/this morning07:55
Lennieso I though whatever I'll get some stuff in07:55
Lennieshould be easy now07:56
Lenniestill have to replace the form though :D07:56
LennieI haven't done that07:56
Lennieping me when you've pulled the code :)07:58
ajaksuLennie: I had added a title prop to group too and your skeleton merges nicely with my working create view :)07:58
LennieI added name :P07:59
Lenniegood merges ftw07:59
Lennietalking about which07:59
Lenniefail me :D08:00
Lenniefixed ^_^08:01
Lennieok so you are working on create/edit?08:01
ajaksuLennie: yup08:02
Lenniekeep me posted08:02
Lennieatleast before you go offline :)08:02
ajaksubtw, I'm using the "if not entity: fields['link_id'] = 't%i' % (int(time.time()*100))" for autogenerated link_ids, do we have something better? (lifted from student_proposal :)08:03
Lenniekeep it08:03
Lennieit's fine :P08:03
ajaksuLennie: will do, and I hope this will be done before going offline :)08:03
solydzajsLennie: thx08:04
ajaksuLennie: should I create a logic for group so we have updateOrCreateFromFields?08:07
Lenniealso in already08:07
ajaksugreat :)08:07
Lenniejust lift it from the params['logic'] if you need it08:07
Lenniesolydzajs: ping08:08
Lenniehave a min or 2 for me?08:08
solydzajsLennie: pong08:09
solydzajsLennie: yes08:09
Lennieare you gonna code something before the end of the week to send emails to mentors/students who didn't fill in their survey yet?08:10
Lennieor should I make a quick hack for it that we'll only use this once? So we can have something proper for finals08:10
solydzajshmm the best would be to do it using Task Queue API08:11
Lenniethat's possible08:12
solydzajsOk I will work on that tomorrow08:12
solydzajsif something doesn't work we will write quick hack on Saturday ?08:12
Lenniehmm, I'm off from friday 15:00 till saturday 15:0008:13
LennieI've heared three different kind of mailings btw08:13
Lenniementors per project08:13
Lennieand org_admin per org summary08:13
Lennieyou have proper time for it tomorrow or is NUI keeping you busy :D?08:14
solydzajsLennie: is there an easy way to list all the surveys for particular organization ?08:14
Lenniethere is an easy way to list all the projects08:14
Lennieand to see wether or not there is a surveyrecord for it08:15
solydzajsok but I'm thinking about the view showing Org Admin all the surveys and information who didn't take the survey yet08:16
solydzajssomething that was really useful last year08:16
solydzajsand two years ago08:16
Lenniekeep the pagination small then it should work08:16
Lennie1 query per project to see if there is a record for it08:16
Lenniehowever I wonder how the URL will look08:17
solydzajsok I will see what I can do08:17
solydzajsbtu email notifications first08:17
solydzajsCan you send me an email with description what exactly you want ?08:17
Lennieon-list, off-list?08:18
solydzajshow is it going with the task that will update Student Projects based on grade ?08:19
solydzajswhen is that planned for ?08:19
Lenniemonday give or take a few days08:19
Lenniedepending on the export for surveys :P08:19
solydzajswhere are you going on Friday/Saturday ?08:19
Lenniefriends :)08:20
solydzajsok cool :-)08:20
solydzajshave fun08:20
LennieI will08:20
solydzajsok looking forward to your email08:20
Lenniethe processing has no immideate implicatoins08:21
Lennieofcourse I'll try to have it ready08:23
Lenniebut I expect  more problems with exporting all the answers :D08:24
Lenniedamn GAE and limitations ^_^08:24
ajaksuLennie: ping :)08:57
ajaksusent the views patch :)08:58
Lennieoh jolly08:58
Lennietested :)?08:58
ajaksutested for create, edit and delete :)08:58
ajaksuoh, and list and show :)08:59
Lenniedropdown items?08:59
Lennieand only for the program in scope?08:59
ajaksuyup, out-of-the-box dropdown08:59
Lenniesince I turned off all the URL's which didn't have a scope in them for create09:00
ajaksuhmm, you turned off in the skeleton or somewhere else? It did create in the right program, but I think we're not filtering by program for dropdown yet, lemme test :)09:01
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Lennieyes skeleton has params['no_create_raw'] = True09:02
Lennieform validation method in place as well?09:05
ajaksuyes for required fields, lemme test bogus values in choices after I test the dropdown filtering09:06
Lennieonly for required?09:06
Lennieor real cleaners that retrieve a survey.09:06
Lennieand if not exists throw ValidationError09:06
ajaksunope, no real cleaners yet09:07
ajaksuso, we list all grading and project surveys, not only those for the program, back to hacking :)09:10
Lennieit should atleast be for the program in the scope only :P09:15
Lennieyou should do a getForFieldsOr404 on program entity :)09:15
ajaksuI'm not explicitly fetching the surveys, so I'd like to see if there's a way to pass the filter param to the form, do you think it's an acceptable path?09:17
Lennieexplain :)?09:18
LennieI don't think dynaform can do that trick :)09:19
ajaksuI'm using djangoforms.ModelForm with Meta.model = GradingSurveyGroup :)09:19
ajaksuModelChoiceField seems to be it09:22
Lennieoh hehe09:22
Lennieplease don't :)09:22
ajaksuok :)09:23
Lennieunless you can make it work as you want to :P09:23
Lenniewith filter09:23
Lennieand proper display09:23
ajaksu15 minutes for trying? :)09:23
Lenniego ahead :)09:23
Lenniewhat does the choice field display btw?09:24
LennieDjango here per default decides to show a memory adress09:24
ajaksuI use a form method to fetch survey titles, could use it to filter by program too...09:26
*** epifanio has joined #melange09:44
Lenniehmm ok09:58
Lenniedynaform would be best09:59
Lennieyou can put in a modelchoicefield in dynaform09:59
Lenniesince it is built on top of django anyway09:59
ajaksuhowever, modelchoicefield expects a query, melange hides queries in logic, so I was thinking of just extending createGet and editGet instead...10:08
Lennielogic.getQueryForFields ? :)10:09
Lenniethe best way of doing it would be to headpatch get and edit10:16
Lenniecreate the new for10:16
Lennieand put it in params['create_form'] or 'edit_form'10:16
Lennieand then let the rest of the create/edit code handle it10:16
ajaksuI see10:18
Lennieback in one sec gotta switch to wireless10:18
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*** Lennie has quit IRC10:19
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Lennie_10:19
*** Lennie_ is now known as Lennie10:19
*** florinciu has joined #melange10:19
Lenniethere we go10:19
*** arvind_khadri has joined #melange10:30
durin42Just to be clear, I'm not upset about the attachment thing, I'm just really stunned that y'all want patches as attachments10:33
epifanioHi All10:35
epifanioi'm a Soc student10:35
epifanioi've a little question ... (aplogize my english)10:36
epifanioi submitted my proposal to the Melangie Soc site using as account my mail (yahoo)10:36
*** arvind_khadri has quit IRC10:36
epifanioi used this account to create the proposal10:37
Lennieyou changed to gmail account10:37
Lennieand now you can't login :)10:37
epifaniobut now log-in using the yahoo account .. i can log-in .. but  i have this screen :
tpbTitle: Imageshack - immagine1eei (at
epifanioLennie:  yes it is10:38
epifanioinfact i can log-in with both account gmail+yahoo10:38
epifaniobut only the gmail account prompt me to the right page10:39
Lennieconfused now :D10:39
Lennieyou can log in with yahoo account10:39
epifanio using gmail i can do the "student survey"10:39
epifanioi already done it right now10:39
epifaniowhile using yahoo, i have the screen i posted first10:40
epifaniois that normal ? is all ok ? .. maybe i need to have only one account that is able to log-in10:40
Lennieyeah it's because you are using two accounts10:41
Lennieand the yahoo account got introduced to your gmail account by google10:41
epifanioneed it to change something ?  i can ignore the yahoo account and use only gmail10:41
epifanio*need i10:41
Lenniewe can get you back on the yahoo account for afaik10:42
Lennieif you mail the melange-soc-dev list with from your google account and yahoo account we can switch them10:42
Lennieyou should explain the situation again so we can see if this is a normal case10:44
epifaniook :  i receive regular mail from SOC to my yahoo mail account ;  i used yahoo to submit my proposal ;  ... but tring to log-in using yahoo i'm not able to see " student survey " in the left menu10:45
Lenniecould you tell me your link id btw ;)?10:46
epifanio... so i tried to log-in using gmail account and i succesfull log-in10:46
epifanioyes : massimo_di_stefano10:47
Lennieand with gmail you see all the normal stuff you'd expect :)10:47
epifaniowith gmail i'm able to make the "student survey" , i done it right now10:48
Lenniesee pm for one sec10:48
Lennieand you created the gmail account after you have registered with the yahoo mail right?10:49
epifaniono i don't this get me confused, i have gmail account from more than 2 year10:53
epifanioas regular mail account10:54
Lenniedid you do anything special :)?10:54
epifaniono, that i can remember :-/10:55
Lenniesomehow your user_object got changed to contain your gmail account as google account10:56
Lennieinstead of your yahoo10:56
Lennieeverything should just be normal10:57
Lennievery interesting though :)10:57
Lenniesolydzajs: any ideas on how this happened?10:57
solydzajsLennie: no idea, I don't recall changing it10:59
Lenniethere is no record of it being changed either10:59
Lenniethe user object just changed because it somehow noticed he had a gmail account?11:00
Lenniesomething inside GAE11:00
solydzajswell it's not documented by GAE11:00
solydzajsit shouldn't update the datastore tho11:00
LennieGAE doesn't document everything :D11:02
Lennieeverything looks okay though epifanio11:03
Lennieso you can continue using gmail11:04
Lennieor we could put in on yahoo :)11:04
Lennie*it on11:04
epifaniono i can use gmail without problems .. is better for me11:04
Lennieok :)11:04
Lenniewe leave it as is then11:04
Lennieajaksu: ping11:05
Lenniehow's it going :)?>11:05
epifaniothanks for support me! ok :-)  ... and thanks for the SOC experience too ... is my first time, i find it exiting ;.)11:05
Lenniecan I review something :P11:05
Lennieepifanio: It's the first time on a new app that is still being developed :-)11:05
Lennieepifanio: thanks for showing us this strange case:D11:06
epifanioyes this my blog :
tpb<> (at
epifaniomaybe you'll find a lot of english errors .. let me kno :-)11:07
Lennieterrain generation?11:08
Lennieoh nm ^^_11:09
Lenniecoupling of two systems :)11:09
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epifanioi'm adjusting it right now, thanks!11:19
solydzajsit's all Cocoa ?11:23
epifaniousing pyqt, is all python11:24
epifanioi'm testing on osx and sidux (debian-sid derived)11:24
solydzajsoh ok nice11:25
epifanioi'm happy, thanks!11:28
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*** geoffbeier has joined #melange11:43
ajaksuLennie: I'm stuck, if I put the query logic in the form and use a hack to get the program it works, outside of that I'm struggling to get to a program :/11:45
Lenniegetting a program entity is easy11:46
Lenniekwargs['scope'] is the keyname of the program11:46
Lennieif the program is the only problem please send it11:47
LennieI'll take a look11:47
ajaksuin create or edit I have access to kwargs['scope'], but to pass the program to the form from those I have to use a form trick to attach the query and survive Post/Get form creation, right?11:48
Lenniedon't you build the form in create or get self?11:50
Lenniecreate or edit11:50
ajaksuLennie: it's created in editGet, editPost, createGet and createPost in base, IIUC...11:53
Lenniethe bound/unbound instance yes11:53
Lenniehowever the form is already specified11:53
Lenniein params['create_form'] params['edit_form']11:54
ajaksuLennie: trying it that way :)11:59
geoffbeierhi all. i'm an org admin and mentor. is there a way in melange for me to see the student view of the midterm form?11:59
Lennieyou can see it in base.py11:59
geoffbeierone of our students is asking me a question and i don't quite understand what he's talking about :)11:59
LennieLH published them
tpb<> (at
geoffbeierit says I don't have access to the document12:01
Lenniegoogle docs says everyone :P12:01
Lenniegive me your mail address I'll cut the student part out for you :)12:02
geoffbeiergeoffbeier at gmail.com12:02
geoffbeierthank you very much12:02
Lenniedone :)12:03
geoffbeierthanks. on the page where they're answering the questions, is there anything asking them to upload source code or anything that looks like it could be asking that?12:07
Lennienot that I know12:07
Lennieafaik Google asks for code after GSoC12:07
geoffbeierok. that's what i thought too.12:08
Lenniedinner time :)12:09
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Lennieajaksu: ping12:39
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grimnot sure if this is the right place, and i'm sure you heard about it, but theres a typo in quetion 13 of the mentor survey22:14
grimand it looks like the last word in question 14 should be student not mentor22:16
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