Wednesday, 2009-07-08

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Lenniegood morning :)04:27
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majensenhi all- odd question11:40
majensenI recently got a gmail acct, well after becoming a gsoc mentor11:41
majensenI try to log in now, using my "old account" email,11:41
majensenI come up as "New account" in gsoc, with a "Create profile" option and no persistence of old info11:41
majensenany ideas?11:42
Meriodhans: great work :) Still need to pull your changes, but commit messages look promising! :)12:05
dhansMerio: thanks :)12:06
dhansMerio: now I am having a little problem with determining new widget's place after it's moved12:06
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dhansactually it's a strange problem, because jQuery like... hangs :)12:07
Meriodhans: should read the code then12:08
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dhansMerio: ok, I already know what was wrong. I'm so stupid... :P12:13
dhansMerio: I have one variable and I am so lazy that I didn't mark it 'var' so as to be private, because I wanted to later. and that variable overrode another global variable :P12:15
Meriodhans: don't do that! ^__^ as a matter of curiosity, which was the var name?12:16
dhanswidget :P12:16
Merioyou mean global in the function or global in the window?12:17
dhansI named a variable 'widget' in my local function12:19
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Meriodhans: ok :)12:19
dhansMerio: strange - I don't see any global widgets that could be overridden, but I am happy it works now :)12:21
dhansMerio: btw. is there an option to see actual DOM?12:21
Meriodhans: you have plenty of options: Firebug DOM panel and Firefox DOM inspector. If you only want to see the current HTML code you can use Web Developer Toolbar, don't know the name of the option in English (I've Italian version) but something like "source->generated source"12:25
dhanshmm but when dragging is performed (I mean widgets are moved), does DOM change?12:27
Meriodhans: it's that the way in which you should detect widgets position at the end of every dragging12:28
dhansMerio: strange, because I am getting results as if it doesn't change :P12:28
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Meriodhans: hmm if the DOM is not changed similar achievements can be done with CSS attributes, perhaps jQuery UI change them. You can see the CSS applied to every component using Firebug as well12:30
dhansMerio: I am downloading DOM inspector12:30
Meriodhans: good, I work on Firebug mostly, but pick the one you like the most or suits your need at best12:31
dhansMerio: I picked DOM inspector randomly :)12:33
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Meriodhans: that's a good way :P12:37
dhansMerio: It's cool :) And now I am convinced that DOM changes, so there must be something wrong with my code :P12:38
Meriodhans: if changes... well, yes must be that ^__^12:39
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durin42SRabbelie1: ping?14:16
durin42Lennie: are you here?14:34
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SRabbelie1durin42: pong15:49
durin42SRabbelie1: Matthew doesn't read melange-dev stuff, and it all falls into a bucket, so I forwarded him your email without it being sent to the list15:53
durin42he's not seeing any messages that have a to or cc of melange-dev15:53
durin42just FYI15:53
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SRabbelie1durin42: I cc-ed him did I not?16:00
SRabbelie1durin42: oh really?16:00
SRabbelie1durin42: durr, why is that?16:00
durin42SRabbelie1: he doesn't have time for reading it, and that's one label he's just ignoring16:02
durin42even if he's to:'ed, it'll still drop into the bucket for the list16:02
SRabbelie1durin42: meh, ok16:03
SRabbelie1durin42: good to know, thanks16:03
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* DrJoel is curious if GSoC org admins will be able to see which mentors have done their surveys17:04
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Lenniestop hiding SRabbelie1 :P18:24
Lennienn :)18:24
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