Tuesday, 2009-06-23

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ajaksujamtoday: viewing survey results is still broken, as you've changed the behavior of ?read_only=true...01:02
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ajaksujamtoday: pushed pick_quant for new questions01:08
jamtodayajaksu: looking into ?read_only=true issue...01:09
ajaksujamtoday: don't worry too much, you just cut short a code path that is easy to recreate once the project handling is stable :)01:14
ajaksujamtoday: have you confirmed the checkbox bug on my test instance?01:16
kblinhi folks01:17
kblinI think I can set aside some time to help you guys testing01:17
ajaksuhi kblin, thank you very much :)01:18
kblinthank you for making that stuff work01:18
ajaksukblin: I'm going through some todo items, but I can invite you as a developer to http://melange-ajaksu.appspot.com/ so you can test both creating and taking surveys :)01:23
tpbTitle: Surveys demo instance (at melange-ajaksu.appspot.com)01:24
ajaksudone :)01:27
ajaksujamtoday: Ellen Ko is a developer, yay :)01:29
kblinI need to agree to not use melange for the creating or stockpiling of missiles.. aw, man01:30
jamtodayajaksu: I am getting grade activation working tonight, and SurveyRecordGroup will be refactored so that it is bulletproof for grades...get rid of the ambiguities.01:42
jamtodayajaksu: and fixing other critical issues01:42
ajaksujamtoday: I'm working on the results view and the pair processing view, is that ok?01:43
jamtodayajaksu: yes, I see what you mean about the view being broken...apologies about that01:44
jamtodayajaksu: it's hard to believe I thought it could be output as a table01:44
ajaksujamtoday: nah, it was actually a todo to have the results view and lennie asked for the pairing view, so we're being lucky regarding pain points :)01:45
kblinso where would you prefer to get bug reports? :)01:51
kblinthe github thing or google code?01:52
ajaksukblin: either one works for me, but given we have some issues in github and none yet in the main tracker, github is slightly better if you're comfortable with both01:59
ajaksu(actually I wanted to avoid people not reporting issues because they only have google or github accounts :))01:59
kblinevery melange user has a google account02:01
* ajaksu feels kinda stupid :D02:01
kblinso, am I expected to get a server error when trying to see the public view of my survey?02:01
ajaksunope, but given that jamtodayjust fixed something that could lead to this, let me upload and test :)02:03
ajaksukblin: seems to be fixed?02:04
ajaksujamtoday: are you OK with me directing testers to file issues at google code? we'd avoid people not having github accounts skipping filing reports :)02:05
kblinhey, it claims my survey is closed02:08
kblinthat's not what I'd expect from a survey starting this morning and ending on friday02:09
kblinsay, is that time UTC?02:09
ajaksulet me add a 'ended at x, but now it's y' notice so we get a clear picture :)02:10
kblinwell, if the time is UTC, it has not started yet02:11
kblinat least bumping the starting time back to 0500 instead of 0800 helped02:13
ajaksuah, recent changes made 'before start' message and 'after closing' message the same... I'll add a tooltip about timezones then02:15
ajaksuyup, UTC :)02:17
* kblin twiddles his thumbs while waiting for appengine02:19
kblin<class 'google.appengine.runtime.DeadlineExceededError'>02:19
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kblinFile "/base/data/home/apps/melange-ajaksu/0-5-20090608.334400083896472634/soc/views/models/host.py", line 18, in <module>02:21
kblinwhile trying to import that module02:22
ajaksukblin: thanks, looking at log02:22
ajaksujamtoday: where are you? :)02:22
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ajaksukblin: it looks like our requests are too heavy currently, I'll try a possible fix in 20 minutes02:24
kblinok, no worries02:25
kblinI need to get my day started anyway02:26
kblinI'll try later then :)02:26
jamtodaysorry guys...02:27
jamtodayajaksu: google code is the best place, agreed.02:27
jamtodayajaksu: are there any more outstanding bugs?02:28
jamtodayif you change your version id to devvin, you can run seed_db and then creating evaluation surveys should work02:29
ajaksujamtoday: actually, none not in my list, but the new ones are: our requests are heavy in cpu, going to investigate and try a fix, and deadline/opening error messages are the same, besides time being UTC (tooltip to the rescue) :)02:29
jamtodaya lot of the CPU stuff can be fixed by tasks02:29
jamtodaybut I can't get them working on my SDK02:30
jamtodaywhich means I'm staying away for now02:30
jamtodaywhen we want to update some entities, that's a good time to use a task02:30
ajaksubut what are we doing today that is heavy? only thing I can think of is my ACL checks for building the menu :)02:30
jamtodayajaksu: app engine loves to complain02:30
jamtodayred is bad, but hard to avoid02:31
jamtodayer *not that bad02:31
ajaksujamtoday: ok, I'll try to see if I spot obvious things to improve soon-ish :)02:31
ajaksugood luck with tasks!02:31
jamtodayone obvious thing is to batch puts and reads02:31
jamtodayyou can use GQL binding to do chain batch reads, pretty neat02:32
jamtodayajaksu: I am stealing your homepage document. Hope its CC licensed02:37
ajaksujamtoday: it's public domain ;)02:37
kblina CC-ND license wouldn't help, I guess ;)02:40
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jamtodayajaksu: what kind of document is on your homepage? the site home document?02:53
ajaksusimple document, then you pick it by link_id in Edit Site Settings02:54
jamtodayajaksu: I'm making an important addition to SurveyRecordGroup, and then documenting and submitting for a code review03:08
jamtodayI'm fairly confident that at this point it's actually a robust way of approaching this03:08
ajaksujamtoday: great :)03:08
ajaksuI'll review as you post it :)03:08
jamtodayunfortunately, it's a change that will break existing evaluation surveys03:12
ajaksunot a problem for me :)03:15
ajaksuhow does it address James Crook's comments?03:15
jamtodayI'm going over them and addressing each one...will post soon03:24
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jamtodayajaksu: hmm... Patch set contains no recognizable patches05:08
jamtodayI just made a diff, what else does it want?05:09
ajaksudunno, I use upload.py and it autodetects my local changes... maybe you're sending the rich git format instead of plain diffs?05:09
jamtodayajaksu: missing the -p flag in git. my bad05:14
ajaksunp :)05:16
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dhansMerio: ping10:19
Meriodhans:pong :) just some minutes, phone call :)10:20
dhansMerio: sure :)  as usually sorry for being late but there is such a nice weather here in Warsaw that I just didn't realized it's 4 pm :P10:21
Meriodhans: in the meantime, status update? For me: yesterday I've only updated blog, did conference call and this morning I've set up my Win box so debug organization home map.10:22
Meriodhans: if you want to go back to the sun no problems, I think today there isn't much to say, only status update :)10:22
Meriodhans: we need to have confirmation for our tasks (even if we can proceed anyway in the meantime)... and you have to update the wiki ;)10:23
dhansyes, I will do it by tomorrow. but ok, I have done that json responses10:24
dhansI'll push it in some minutes10:24
Meriogreat man!10:24
dhansand also updated the blog (but have to send it - also in some minutes:))10:25
Meriojust let me know which URL I have to call for the JSON responses (or send it as a context variable)10:27
dhansexactly - it is important :)10:27
dhansI will describe it on wiki and send you also an email10:27
Meriook perfect, so I can start integrating with it, but more important I want to create the dashboard page10:28
dhansand if you don't mind, today or tomorrow it would be great if you could intorduce me to the js side of our project :)10:28
MerioAnd start integrating the ajaxy thing ;)10:28
dhansso that I can do also something on the js side10:29
MerioYep if possible for you it's better tomorrow, today it's pretty busy :)10:29
Merioyes, totally agree10:29
Merioso well, today I'm going to work integrating the dashboard in a simple HTML page, tomorrow I'll create model etc of the dashboard, so I can integrate your JSON Responses too10:31
MerioThen we can start thinking "horizontally" better10:31
MerioSo well... now I've to take a shower, bbs. Will ping you later (if you're still here :))10:32
dhansI will be here up to like 6 pm (your time :) )10:33
dhansMerio: I hope you won't get mad, but I updated today's notes on wiki :)10:52
Meriodhans: back :) No problems, thank you :) One task less to do today ^__^11:09
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Merioajaksu: ping12:34
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ajaksuMerio: ping15:29
Merioajaksu: pong15:30
ajaksuMerio: sorry for not posting our JS for review, I'll make some related UI fixes now and hope to submit soon15:31
ajaksuand you pinged me earlier? :)15:31
Merioajaksu: yep, to ask you about JS for review... I thought it was me that I couldn't find it and I wanted to ask you where it was :D15:32
Merioajaksu: see also my last review of the former code, I've seen it's been pushed without the name change of growfield, so probably we might want to change it just for beauty :)15:32
ajaksuLet me submit it now, any changes tend to be small :)15:33
Merioyep ^_ì15:34
ajaksuMerio: http://codereview.appspot.com/82042 :)15:35
tpbTitle: Issue 82042: Melange Surveys: Survey taking and editing JS, additions to CSS. - Code Review (at codereview.appspot.com)15:35
Merioajaksu: great :)15:36
ajaksuMerio: plenty of styles nits, I'm afraid, but also worry about non-obvious things lacking comments, so don't hold criticisms :)15:39
Merioajaksu: that's ok ^__^ (with evil glance and mouth pouring blood) :P15:40
ajaksujamtoday: http://melange-ajaksu.appspot.com/survey/show/program/melange_team/surveys_demo/midterm_gsoc_2009_student15:48
tpb<http://ln-s.net/3N7Y> (at melange-ajaksu.appspot.com)15:48
jamtodayajaksu: excellent work....this is showing some flaws that weren't evident16:38
jamtodaywe want to support 1024x768....making some quick css changes16:39
ajaksujamtoday: I'm getting an error trying to see side-by-side diffs at http://codereview.appspot.com/87046/patch/1/2 and not that cheerful right now, but I'll add comment-per-question, tune the CSS and make radio output configurable as horizontal or vertical (currently opera shows vertical)16:40
tpbTitle: app/soc/logic/models/survey.py - Issue 87046: SurveyRecordGroup Logic+Model Patch - Code Review (at codereview.appspot.com)16:40
jamtodayif you'd like, inviting me as developer of melange-ajaksu would make it easier to quickly transfer entity data16:54
jamtodayand see logs etc16:55
ajaksubut I've alredy invited you, like a week ago or before that!17:03
jamtodayhmm...im on melange-dev, but didn't get an invite to melange-ajaksu17:04
jamtodayajaksu: you're right. just found the invite17:05
ajaksujamtoday: have you tested the radio_buttons/checkboxes issue there? I found out that once you have multiple values in a pick_multi, converting it to radio or select is weird, but I've spent a lot of time in this heisenbug and you still owe me a side-by-side testing17:10
jamtodaythere's a few problems...one is while editing, deleting selection fields and options doesn't really work17:24
jamtodaylooking into that now17:24
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ajaksujamtoday: in my instance, right? how about the "checkboxes don't get checked accordingly with the surveyrecord" issue, can you still reproduce it?17:27
jamtodayajaksu: not getting that problem on your instance17:28
ajaksujamtoday: probably newsfeed related then, it only took us 20 hours to figure it out17:28
jamtodaybefore we go blaming the news feed17:29
jamtoday(besides, i turned it off on my instance)17:29
jamtodayif I go to my saved survey record, uncheck everything, and then reload17:29
jamtodaythen they are still unchecked, even though they were last saved as checked17:30
jamtodayim just going to start debugging the SurveyForm to get some empirical info17:30
jamtodayajaksu: i've got the bug figured out17:33
jamtodayit only occurs when it's a selection field, not pick_multi17:33
jamtodaythe initial val isn't being set, surveys.py ln 20717:34
ajaksujamtoday: selection plus checkboxes isn't actually meant to work, but I don't have javascript to block that pairing yet17:34
jamtodayand the radio buttons probably have the same problem17:36
jamtodayI can implement all the JS, just let me know what combos aren't valid17:36
ajaksujamtoday: I tried to say that in the 'add selection question' tooltip and PickManyCheckbox and WIDGETS in helper.surveys17:37
ajaksupick_quant goes with select or radio, pick_many goes with checkboxes and selection goes with select :)17:38
jamtodayhow about selection goes with select, pick_quant goes with radio, and pick_many goes with checkboxes17:40
jamtodayand we don't need to worry about mix n match17:40
ajaksujamtoday: works for me :)17:40
jamtodayokay ill make these changes17:40
ajaksubut then we'll probably want to make pick_quant always vertical (it's a CSS fix), as long option texts seem to be common17:41
jamtodayk ill make that fix17:51
ajaksujamtoday: whiny email to you, sorry, I'll try to compensate with a lot of coding and meeting Leslie to make sure things are working as they should... and your code review still doesn't work, do you want me to upload from hg?17:52
ajaksujamtoday: what do you think of http://github.com/jamslevy/Melange/issues#issue/38 ?18:01
tpbTitle: Issues - jamslevy/Melange - GitHub (at github.com)18:01
jamtodayajaksu: just pushed numerous fixes, rendering type is now automated, and i made a few JS bug fixes. All deleting/restoring works18:21
jamtodayajaksu: I appreciate the email. honesty is good18:26
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jamtodayajaksu: the grade activation feature is going to have to work very differently than the last version...but apologies about the breakage19:28
jamtodayajaksu: I'm thinking that the only surveys where the grade activation should be present is mentor_evaluation19:28
ajaksujamtoday: I'll remove submit grade the button, it should be in the results view anyway... and, hm, I actually feel like I need to apologize more than you do, working with you has been a great experience :)19:30
ajaksujamtoday: yes, that makes sense19:30
jamtodayIt's been tough because as you say, the requirements have been very implicit19:31
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jamtodayajaksu: I just pushed another changeset with working grade activation. the feature is not complete, but the basic handler does successfully update the project statsu21:01
ajaksujamtoday: great! I have to be afk for a couple of hours but I want to push the comment-per-question change and finish the porting of the midterm before sunrise utc -3 :)21:17
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