Monday, 2009-06-22

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jamtodayi got it working, all bugs i wrote.00:02
jamtodayI'm using the model name ProjectPair00:02
jamtodayor SurveyProjectPair00:02
jamtodaythis is kind of heady stuff, so I think its appropriate to use more descriptive names00:02
ajaksuagreed :)00:04
ajaksujamtoday: I gotta get some sleep, can you push later so I get to see things early tomorrow? :)00:07
jamtodayajaksu: sure. There'll be a conference call at 21.00 UTC +200:27
jamtodayI'll have all the project related linking we've discussed00:27
jamtodayajaksu: just found a bug in the view. a check for request.POST was in the _public method, making it so that the state of taken surveys wasn't being regenerated for me.01:18
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Meriodhans: ping09:51
dhansMerio: pong!09:51
Meriodhans: Hi ^__^ Is it ok for you to anticipate a bit the meeting?09:51
dhansof course :)09:52
Meriogreat :)09:52
MerioMy proposed agenda: 1) Status update 2) dashboard creation 3) JSON responses 4) Tasks to submit to our mentors (next steps)09:53
MerioSomething else from you?09:53
dhansnot really, because you already added the 3rd point09:54
dhanswhich is important imho:)09:54
Meriook ^__^09:54
MerioSo point 1)09:54
dhansmaybe something will come up...09:54
MerioI worked on integrating YUITest and deleting JSUnit, and porting JSUnit sample tests I've done to YUITest, that's already done and committed. Same thing I've done with Selenium for black box testing (also with a sample test, which is actually something I needed to automate for me to use statistics). Now I was starting on something dynamic to change the visualization with the same data in the browser, for that to happen I would like to integrate some browser09:57
MerioThat connects to point 2), but first your point 1) ^__^09:57
dhansok, I am not writing so fast :P09:57
Merio(Forgot I also integrated a new jquery spin version in the main branch, but this has nothing to do with statistics :))09:57
dhansI finished division of stats collecting into two parts (choice collection and actual stats collection), but it is not very nice in my opinion so I canceled introducing it before I discover if it can be done in an easier way by task queue api (now I am learning it).09:58
dhansalso, I added some default views for statistic module (create, list, delete, edit)09:58
Meriogreat I've seen the task in the issue tracker09:58
dhansbut the view for create is going to change after statistic logic functions abstraction09:59
dhansand I also pre-designed abstraction of statistic logic function, but I suggest postponing it now09:59
MerioI agree09:59
dhansbecause it could be better to abstract everything for example after introducing stats for surveys10:00
Merioyes, as James Crook said in the mailing list10:00
MerioOtherwise we will come up with nearly no deliverables for midterm ;D10:00
dhanswe should better finish something ;p10:01
Merioyes ^__^10:01
dhanswhich leads us definitely to point 2... :)10:02
Merioyes :)10:02
MerioSo, my question is: I've seen how to integrate something that is related with a model10:02
MerioBut dashboard is not integrated with a model, it's only view and logic, is it true?10:02
dhanshmm I think it is true...10:03
MerioSo is there something different to be done Python side to create a view unrelated to an actual model? I've seen that something like this has been done for example for duplicate students10:03
MerioI didn't explore the code yet10:04
dhansmost melange views are designed to display model entities...10:04
dhansok, so we may check out this duplicate students and go for it10:05
MerioYes but statistics will be very different, because we don't have a "view" for it (beyond this testing instance), they will be all doing JSON responses10:05
dhansor maybe we could create another model like stats dashboard which would be 'per user' or something...10:05
MerioAnd JS will take care of making the whole dashboard view10:06
MerioI think it can make some sense if we want to save the status of the dashboard10:06
Meriofor example which charts are displayed10:06
Merio(that links to the thing)10:06
dhanseaxactly again10:06
MerioSo we will probably have a that handles "per user" dashboard status10:07
dhansor maybe 'per org_admin' at the beginning if you don't mind10:08
MerioThat model will need probably links to chart.pys, to say which charts are displayed, and probably some options to save the status of the dashboard (where every is displayed)10:08
MerioYes, if it simpler that can be changed afterwards10:08
dhansdamn I meant per program admin :)10:09
Merioso in the dashboard view, we will read JSON responses from chart.pys (for already made charts) and statistic.pys (to take data from the backend to create new charts.pys)10:09
Merioyes I've got it :)10:09
MerioUnderstood what I was meaning about the interactions with the models?10:11
MerioBecause we need to agree at that point to have a common view of the final product :)10:11
dhanshmm I think so10:12
MerioWhat I'm meaning is: the final user will have only the dashboard10:12
MerioProbably only few users will have the statistic collection control panel, which is going to be something that will parametrize stuff we give to task api and some parameters to give to task api itself10:13
dhansand you mean that stats collection will be also available for admins by dashboard?10:13
MerioWell I think it can be a separate view, because they're very separate tasks10:14
MerioThe stats collection view will be based on what we have now, but integrated with task API in the future10:14
MerioIf we want we can also keep the "visualize", which will give only a table, just to see which data has been gathered10:15
MerioAnd probably extended to work also with partial JSONs10:15
MerioSo the dashboard will be something that can10:16
Merio1) create new based on data gathered with statistic.py10:16
Merio2) modify/delete chart.pys that already present in the dashboard10:16
Merio3) add charts saved previously by the users in the dashboard10:16
Merio4) give permissions to other users to see some chart.pys10:17
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MerioTo accomplish task 1) we need something in the backend that gives a list of statistic.pys (pure data) available. And then clicking on a pool of data, the backend will return a JSON with all the data10:17
dhanshmm now you talking about dashboard for admins?10:18
MerioWell yes, I'm talking about the overall functionality, than we can give other users less rights, but we can do that at the end of the project10:18
dhansbecause I think I don't understand the point number 310:18
MerioKeeping in mind that, we need to develop the "all-features"10:18
MerioOk so..10:19
MerioI enter the dashboard for the first time10:19
dhansok I think I got it10:19
MerioNo one has saved charts10:19
MerioSo you have a list of data available (that comes from
MerioI select one of the pools of data10:20
MerioAjaxy way, I receive from the backend a JSON with all the data10:20
MerioThis creates a widget in my dashboard with, for example, a simple table view of that data10:20
MerioNow I can tweak it in some ways, may it be the colors, the type of chart or some filtering using jLinq in some way10:21
MerioThat's ok, I've my chart10:21
MerioI click save and I give it a name10:21
MerioThis goes to, which saves the type of the chart, the options for the visualization and the steps for jLinq to get that filtered view (or a link to a shrinked version of data, but it's for the future)10:22
MerioOk so now I reenter the dashboard10:22
Merio(or something will change dinamically, doesn't matter now)10:22
MerioAnd it will shows me10:23
MerioA widget in the position I left (because it was saved in when I left)10:23
MerioThen a list of the pools of data available (taken from as before)10:23
MerioAnd then a list (which actually contains only one name) of the charts that I already saved (or saved by some other user if I've permission to see them), taken from charts.py10:24
MerioIf I have, for example, permission to read another user chart, then I can click on it and it gives me another widget with the chart in it10:25
MerioDid you get the point? Don't know if I explained it well10:25
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Meriodhans_: wb ^__^10:28
dhans_Merio: again some problems ;-/10:28
Meriosorry about that :(10:28
dhans_anyway, I read your messages up to 'Then a lost of pools of data available ... '10:29
Merio(15:24:24) Merio: And then a list (which actually contains only one name) of the charts that I already saved (or saved by some other user if I've permission to see them), taken from charts.py10:30
Merio(15:25:09) Merio: If I have, for example, permission to read another user chart, then I can click on it and it gives me another widget with the chart in it10:30
MerioHere it is :)10:30
dhans_thanks :)10:30
dhans_ok and I ased a quastion if you mean that the should be rather global?10:31
MerioWhat do you mean for global?10:31
dhans_so that if I save a chart then you can access it?10:31
MerioWell it depends on the rights I give to it10:31
dhans_hmm ok, that is also a solution10:32
dhans_because I thought for charts to by like 'per user' and no one else has access...10:32
dhans_but it is ok, if...10:32
MerioThis is going to be linked with how we deal with charts that are based on data that program admin don't want to send to the client, so the program admin can save a "shrinked" JSON and link the chart to it instead of the original data10:32
MerioWell it's "per user", everyone can save own charts, but you can give rights10:33
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dhans_for example, I create a chart for 'students per degree' and give you rights for it10:34
MerioIn theory it should be expanded with categories or tags, but I think it's very well for the future at the moment, it depends on how much time it will get to get something functional ^__^10:34
dhans_and then you can both: create a new chart for students per degree and view my chart?10:34
MerioI think so, you can read other users charts and then save your own charts based on other users chart10:35
MerioThe problem is not the chart, the problem is the JSON that is linked to from We need to take care of it as much as we can10:35
dhans_yes it is10:36
dhans_because if I remember correctly we have not yet decided what format should a 'half-cooked' json has10:37
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MerioYes but we can change it whenever we want, the logic is what we need to care about at this stage, "half-cooked" jsons is something for future (after midterm), we need to take the basics done for midterm10:38
Merio(this connects to next steps and JSON responses ;))10:39
dhans_yes :)10:39
dhans_the generation of half-cooked jsons on the server side is not a problem10:40
MerioSo I think for the moment one important thing is to have querable and reply to the client with JSON responses10:41
Merioyes, it might be even easier once we get the structure done10:41
MerioI mean for the 2910:41
dhans_so if I remember correctly you wanted to have some kind of RESTful responses10:42
MerioIf we work on creating the statistic dashboard and to query with type of data and, if asked a type of data, have it reply with a JSON with the data.. and then something to play with in the dashboard.. then we will have something ready for the midterm one week before it, and then we have a week to refine it better10:42
MerioYou can see something of it done in the and seed_db.html files10:43
MerioBut we just need to organize the tasks and then assign it to me or to you, and have that list of tasks approved by our mentors (we can ask them during conference call this evening)10:43
MerioSo here =>!resolved&version=2009062910:46
tpb<> (at
MerioThere are the tasks we planned for 29 June10:47
MerioWe need to see if there's something missing to achieve what we want to do10:47
MerioI think the abstraction for EntityPerField should be postponed10:48
MerioGoing to10:48
MerioI think it's all in place, do you see something missing?10:49
dhans_not really10:50
MerioI'm going to add Python statistic logic and model to components and extend dashboard page to dashboard page and model10:50
MerioI think I should do it10:51
dhans_add python statistic logic and model?10:51
Meriooh sorry.. I was meaning dashboard :)10:51
dhans_ok, if you want. the second thing is, but I don't want to end up with doing nothing10:52
MerioNo I think it's not something we want for 2910:53
dhans_so from where you want to read data abouth the charts?10:54
MerioI think it's enough some functions in the for the moment, than we will change10:54
MerioBut if you think you've enough time during the week we can start with chart.py10:56
dhans_i don't think that it requires so much work...10:56
MerioWell so it could be great :)10:56
MerioGoing to create the tasks then10:56
dhans_anyway, for me the most important thing is what type of json response you mean that you need on js side?10:57
MerioNothing different from what we already have10:57
Merioit's only that it should not be given as a json string in the django template10:57
dhans_exactly, so how?10:58
MerioHmm let me see where is the code10:58
Merio(however need to send JSON responses with the data before)10:58
dhans_because the only thing I know it that it's probably some kind of ajaxy way, so as the site is not reloaded?10:59
Meriohmm I can't find the code11:01
dhans_but it is somewhere inside seed_db and seed_db.html?11:02
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MerioIn seed_db you can see how to get data from a JS query11:03
MerioThen in proposal duplicates you can find how to reply with a JSON response11:03
MerioBut I can't find the latter11:03
Meriodhans: in views/models, lines 500  to 58011:05
Meriothe query from JS is in soc/content/js/duplicate-slots-090505.js, line 8011:06
dhans_ok I see it11:07
Merioso we need something like that11:08
MerioFirst step is getting via JS query/JSON response what we already have for statistic.py11:08
MerioThen we can expand to chart.py11:08
MerioBut it's another level of complexity, also for JS side11:08
MerioSo I suggest for 29 just to work on and integrate the dashboard in JS11:09
dhans_by JSON response that we already have you mean this one data_table object for students per degree ? :)11:09
MerioAnd see if there's time left in some meeting11:09
MerioAt the moment it could be enough11:09
MerioProbably it would be better to spend time on having more statistics instead of working in chart.py11:09
MerioYou can work on the JSON response and with the other statistics11:10
dhans_for more statistic is certainly not a lot of work I think11:10
MerioAnd I'll work on creating the dashboard, both client side and backend side11:10
MerioWell just giving priorities11:10
dhans_ok, and if we have time we'll move on to chart11:11
MerioIn next meetings we can plan better11:11
MerioAlso because dashboard is going to take some effort on integrating it11:11
dhans_about those responses: on the python side it looks to be very similar to the traditional responses...11:14
dhans_except that self.json() is returened11:15
dhans_Merio: that was a question in some kind :)11:18
Meriodhans_: sorry I was away a minute :) Reading11:19
MerioYes is very simple to do it I guess11:20
MerioIt's that the function should get data from the GET variables and output data to JSON responses11:20
MerioThis is the only difference11:20
MerioSo you have a function that I query from JS without any parameter, that gives me a JSON object in response with all available statistics (say like {name: whatever, link_id: whatever})11:21
MerioThen I query "link_id" and it gives me the same JSON you already have created with gviz11:21
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dhans_ok, so I will do it by tomorrow11:24
MerioOh that's great :)11:26
MerioProbably it will take me some time to work on the dashboard (backend and frontend), I think two or three days11:26
MerioBut if you are ready for tomorrow I can start querying you and receive JSON soo11:27
MerioOk will you be idling here in the afternoon?11:30
MerioSo in the meantime I can update the list of tasks, update the wiki with today meeting and ping you to confirm the list of tasks to be sent in the mailing list11:30
Meriodhans_: ^^11:30
dhans_but let me do the wiki update tomorrow. i just sad I never did :)11:31
MerioI would like to update it with today meeting contents now, if it's ok for you, so we're prepared for today's conference call. If you want, tomorrow it would be fine if you update the wiki formalizing a bit the architecture based on what I've already put inside the wiki and what we discussed about today, so we can double check if we're both in sync with it11:34
MerioSo just divide the wiki effort, I would put meeting contents now and you put formal architecture tomorrow11:34
MerioIs it ok?11:34
Merioperfect :) Going to start it in half an hour, then I'll ping you, say, in an hour or two, to double check the task list :)11:35
dhans_sure, I should be at home11:36
Meriook :)11:36
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Meriodhans_: ping13:20
dhans_Merio: pong13:20
MerioI've finished with meeting notes and with tasks assignment, have a look at =>!resolved&version=2009062913:22
tpb<> (at
Meriocheck if it's all in place and tell me if some changes are needed13:22
Merioobviously we can refine it during the week, but it's just something to review for our mentors13:22
dhans_now I am going to eat something, so will do it just after that13:23
MerioOk, I'll post the mail in the dev list, just tell me if some change is needed before conference call :)13:24
Merioajaksu: ping :)13:35
ajaksuMerio: pong, and thanks a lot for the review! :)13:35
Merioajaksu: you're welcome ^__^ I was wondering how did you reply in that way to the review. I mean, it seems that I can start a new review and send a plain new message, or reply to your message but without doing a review... what are the steps? :P13:37
Merioajaksu: so I can reply you better :)13:37
ajaksuthe inline comments? you have to click on 'start review' in the left... you could also click on View under side-by-side diff, but it's hard to do that in the jquery review :)13:39
ajaksuMerio: should I post our updated survey JS now or are you busy until the call? :)13:40
Merioajaksu: no I mean I received a mail with your reply and then the inline comments. It seems from the site that I can send you a new plain mail (without your text quoted) and inline comments, or reply to your email (but without inserting inline comments). I'm updating the blog, but post it if I have some time before conference call I can try to review it13:42
ajaksuMerio: ah, I copy-and-pasted it, after adding the inline comments, in the reply box :D13:44
Merioahahah understood :)13:45
MerioSo now I'll be updating the blog than.. code review :)13:45
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tpb<> (at
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lhhello nurse16:05
lhjamtoday: ping16:05
lhjamtoday_: ping16:05
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lh_grumble vpn connection disconnects me from the irc grumble16:06
ErantLike duh it does.16:07
lh_Erant: whateva. annoying!16:08
lh_jamtoday: ping again16:08
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lhMatthewWilkes: i just sent you mail.16:14
lhyes, i have been irc handicapped lately. i fell into a boy hole.16:14
MatthewWilkeslh: Wonderful! :)16:15
lhdamn straight.16:15
lhhe makes me happy. it's nice.16:15
lhMatthewWilkes: what have you been up to?16:15
jamtoday_lh: ping back16:15
jamtoday_I am signed in twice, making this pinging thing not work out too wel16:15
* jamtoday_ is signing off of his laptop16:16
lhjamtoday_: it's all good.16:16
lhlet me know when you're ready jamtoday_16:16
*** jamtoday_ has quit IRC16:16
MatthewWilkeslh: Falling behind on my book, cat-herding Plone people, working late, finding a new house and finishing my 1st year of uni.  Same old, same old :)16:16
lhMatthewWilkes: my goodness. nicely done dear. where are you looking for housing?16:17
* lh goes to call james levy, bbialb16:17
MatthewWilkesI'm going to a place 3 minutes walk from university, right next door to one of my favourite pubs16:26
MatthewWilkessharing with a physics student called Tarek and a maths student called Araminta16:26
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ErantMatthewWilkes: Wow, where did you find those people. :P16:34
ErantMatthewWilkes: Straight out of a sci-fi movie?16:34
MatthewWilkesErant: The repository of the weird and wonderful, gumtree.com16:35
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kblinyay, a lh17:02
lhkblin: yes, she lives17:03
kblinbut your excuse is good17:03
lhMatthewWilkes: i think you should be careful, too much intellectualism in one place can be bad for you17:03
lhkblin: :p I fell down a boy hole, ok?17:03
ajaksulh: you said you're going to arrive early, is that in Porto Alegre or are you staying somewhere else before FISL starts? :)17:04
MatthewWilkeslh: I'll just tell them to get jobs and spend all my time coding :)17:04
lhajaksu: i am in porto alegre now17:05
kblinlh: not arguing against that one17:05
lhMatthewWilkes: that works17:05
lhkblin: it's nice down here. :)17:05
kblinlh: glad to hear that. :)17:07
lhkblin: what have you been up to?17:08
ajaksulh: tell me you want to chat about surveys (and that you have a bit of time for that :)) and I'll be there before FISL ends, I just had no good excuses to go :)17:08
kblinfinishing up my thesis17:08
kblinjust printed it out today, handing it in tomorrow17:08
lhajaksu: i really really really need to talk to you about surveys and have no plans on thursday at fisl17:09
lhand am in town the rest of the weekend too17:09
lhhint hint17:09
ajaksulh: that's it, lemme buy a plane ticket or two :)17:11
lhrock the hell on17:11
lhi am staying at the sheraton17:11
lhand have no plans for all of tomorrow except working on survey stuff so there you go17:11
lhoh yeah, maybe i should write my talks. that would be a good idea.17:12
ajaksulol, that would make some sense, true :)17:12
MatthewWilkeslh: Pshaw.  You're meant to start those after getting back from the bar the night before17:12
lhMatthewWilkes: i'm optimizing for brew consumption. first slides, then beer.17:12
MatthewWilkesthat works17:13
kblinlh: I realized I'm going to miss Cat at LinuxTag, but I just found out that I've got an exam in under a month about a subject I had a couple of years ago, so I'm busy preparing for that17:15
kblinso please say hi once you folks meet back at the office17:15
lhwill do m'dear17:15
* MatthewWilkes suddenly remembers he has a beer in the fridge17:20
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ajaksulh: got nice prices for going wednesday night and returning on friday night, but it's the same as going tuesday night... and I don't have experience with working on the road, so if makes no difference for you I'll stay here longer to make sure I code during tuesday, otherwise it's something I'd have to learn anyway, so I'd leave tomorrow :)17:41
lhajaksu: sounds good to me, will leave Thursday open for you.17:42
ajaksulh: deal :)17:50
lhajaksu: you going to stay with friends? if not try to find lodgings near me.17:51
ajaksulh: I can stay with friends, but they live in the neighbouring Canoas (30 minutes car ride without traffic), so let me check if there's a place near the sheraton that doesn't have prices near the sheraton's :)17:55
lhajaksu: ok sounds good.17:55
lhlet me know how it goes.17:55
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*** madrazr has left #melange18:18
lhscorche|sh: hello dear, how are you?18:26
scorche|shlh: Gent at the moment18:26
lhGent or Ghent?18:26
lhI know the second, not the first18:26
scorche|shboth are the same (in different languages)18:27
scorche|shGent in local language, Ghent in english, i suppose18:27
lhAh ha!18:28
scorche|shit is!18:28
lhWhatcha there for?18:31
MatthewWilkesRight, I'm going to bed!  Lovely seeing you again lh, don't be a stranger :)18:31
scorche|shlh: rockbox annual developers conference, but that is over with now and i am exploring the city =)18:31
lhMatthewWilkes: i won't. sleep well dear.18:32
lhscorche|sh: ah lovely. i hope you it treats you right.18:33
*** MatthewWilkes has quit IRC18:33
scorche|shit has so next =)18:34
lhlondon is AWESOME18:38
lhhave fun.18:38
lhsay hi to the queen for me18:38
lhor at the very least, have a nice chutney18:38
scorche|shwe shall see =)18:39
* scorche|sh doesnt think chutnet is really his thing18:42
scorche|shchutney either18:42
lhok then cream stout18:42
scorche|shthat might work =)18:43
lhmmm, cream stout18:43
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scorche|shlh: when should this testing ideally be done by?...i am still in .eu for a week or so, so i may have the occasionally opportunity to test, but if it can wait till i get home too...19:01
lhwe go live with surveys on july 6th iirc19:01
* lh checks timeline19:01
scorche|shalright, so there is some time...19:01
lhas far as i know, anytime before the 6th your comments would be useful, welcome and appreciated.19:01
lhyes, we are god forbid doing things early this year.19:02
scorche|sha novel idea19:02
ajaksuscorche: ping me for anything surveys you want, including special roles or developer access, I'm still writing about features and coding some improvements but should have a nice list of 'needs testing' very soon :)19:04
scorche| may not be for a bit though as i am on vacation, but i will help eventually =)19:05
ajaksuthank you very much :)19:06
* lh strews flowers19:10
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ajaksusolydzajs: hi :)21:37
*** jamtoday has joined #melange21:42
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lhjamtoday: hey before i make an ass of myself22:17
lhdo we have the capacity to do an all participant survey that is separate from the mentor survey and student survey?22:17
ajaksujamtoday: I'm calling w.o. after 2 minutes :D22:18
ajaksulh: yes we have :)22:22
lhajaksu: thank you dear. i will add in a survey.22:22
ajaksulh: porting the participation example you gave us earlier is on my todo list for... uh, tonight (for long values of tonight that might include sunshine), but I'm debating requirements and have a couple of tasks to clear before porting it22:24
lhparticipation example?22:24
ajaksu"Copy of Past Google Summer of Code Participant Survey" :)22:25
ajaksuit's more of a UI test than anything, so it's down the list :)22:25
* ajaksu realizes he hasn't taken a look at jamtoday's midterms yet, this might be redundant by now :)22:25
jamtodayhey guys...just catching up22:26
jamtodaymy midterm examples were abundantly simple22:26
lhajaksu: ah got it22:27
ajaksujamtoday, lh: maybe I should port the 2008 midterms from the google doc instead?22:28
lhi thought i updated all of them for 2009, no?22:28
lhif not i can fix.22:28
ajaksuthere's 2008 surveys for historical... just a sec...22:28
ajaksureference, historical reference :)22:29
lhok what we have in there taht is not for historical reference is useful if you want to do imports. :)22:29
ajaksuand not something we want to keep private for now? that was the reason I was aiming at the historical reference :)22:30
jamtodayWe can't import from a Google Form or Doc at this time, just from one Melange survey to another22:36
jamtodayand even that feature is not yet on the testing instance22:36
jamtodaylh: I forgot to ask before, is it high-priority to be able to specify required survey questions?22:38
lhnah, no point in keeping private22:38
lhjamtoday: uh, it's best if we can specify required, and kinda needed since the payment yes no question for mentors needs to be required22:39
jamtodaylh: to clarify, I mean requiring that certain questions must be answered before the survey can be submitted22:39
lhjamtoday: saving in draft form is a good thing(TM)22:39
ajaksugreat, I'll port it then so we'll have it on survey form sooner rather than later :)22:39
jamtodaythe Grade field and Project field are required, but the arbitrary questions are not22:39
lhajaksu: you rock. i owe you a caparhina22:39
lhi am sure i spelled that wrong too22:39
ajaksulh: you did, but at least it's recognizable :)22:40
lhi will totally get you one, too22:40
ajaksujamtoday: want me to add a 'required' checkbox (no time to test validation, I'm afraid)22:42
ajaksujamtoday:  maybe we should adopt the 'text at top, options below' format instead of left-right as it's now, but keeping a title at left and adding what we store as 'question' on top could work too, what do you think?22:43
jamtodayNo...not important enough22:43
jamtodayI'm not sure I follow....22:43
jamtodayajaksu: if there is one really crucial fix you could make, it's getting checkboxes and radio buttons to re-render saved state22:45
jamtodayI've tested this locally and on the testing instance, does not seem to work.22:45
ajaksujamtoday: I can't fix what I can't reproduce, can we do a side-by-side test right now on my test instance?22:46
ajaksuI see my checkboxes translate to entries in my records, do yours?22:46
jamtodayI'm talking specifically about taking a survey, not creating/editing22:46
jamtodayYes, it is saved correctly, but not re-rendered22:46
jamtodayso the problem is with the SurveyForm() configuration of the form fields22:47
ajaksujamtoday: me too, I'm talking about taking a survey and my radio buttons and checkboxes being correctly checked/selected22:47
jamtodayis your git repo fully updated?22:47
jamtodayI can also pull from hg22:48
* lh reads scroll back22:48
lhnothing for me to see here, move along22:48
ajaksujamtoday: not from your last commits, so I'll update, run a local test, push to testing instance, run a test there and, if it works for me, we take a side-by-side test, deal? :)22:49
jamtodaythis would be a good time to try some other browsers...I've been using FF3/Ubuntu22:50
* jamtoday is booting into XP22:51
ajaksujamtoday: could it be related to newsfeeds changes I didn't manually merge? can you take the survey on my testing instance?22:57
jamtodayI'm fairly positive it doesn't involve newsfeed code22:59
ajaksujamtoday: you actually added some relevant JS code, so my wfm seems less relevant now... still merging :)23:02
jamtodaygood chance it was my bad...let me look over my recent JS changesets...23:05
ajaksujamtoday: but you've had this issue for a long time and it's been wfm, so I'm actually thinking my form extensions might be fooling me23:07
ajaksujamtoday: same issue in my test instance?23:08
ajaksuchange in access list names needs reseeding :)23:10
ajaksuand it also breaks reseeding :)23:10
jamtodayI thought I had changed it in all the necessary places...23:11
ajaksuI think I had everyone hardcoded in there, maybe we could fetch the real list and pick from it?23:12
ajaksujamtoday: locally, on your latest commit, I can get the checkbox checked in FF and, on logging in on Opera, it's still checked...  I'll push it to my testing instance now, unless you want to run a test there with the old code firstt23:16
ajaksupushing, then :)23:20
ajaksujamtoday: and my checkboxes are still checked on my testing instance, so we need to track it down together :)23:23
jamtodayvery odd23:24
jamtodayhow about at
tpb<> (at
jamtodayYou didn't use seed_db on your test instance?23:26
jamtodayThe evaluation debugging mode requires it to be run once to make the fake mentors and students23:26
jamtodayajaksu: I do see what you mean about left-right vs. up-down23:27
jamtodaybut you are just testing public surveys, so that should be fine23:27
ajaksuI didn't know about having to run it... lemme check how :)23:28
ajaksuI'm getting 500 Server Error submitting on that link :)23:28
ajaksuand there is no pick_multi, right?23:28
jamtodayThere is no pick_multi when first creating a survey23:30
jamtodayonly when editing23:30
jamtodaystrange..i'm not getting the the logs!23:31
ajaksuare you talking about pick_quant? anyway, I meant no pick_multi in that specific survey you linked above23:31
jamtodaynot pick_quant, both select and pick_multi23:34
ajaksu'NoneType' object has no attribute '__dict__' in /home/ajaksu/melange/app/soc/logic/models/ in getProjects, line 18423:34
ajaksusigh... let's go slowly: you click 'create a survey', then you click 'add selection question', you fill stuff in, and you don't have a question type select or you don't have pick_multi there? is this it? because I do have it there23:36
jamtodayajaksu: I do have pick_multi, just no checkboxes or radio23:38
jamtodayer, rather, no radio23:38
jamtodayradio_buttons and pick_quant only appear in editing23:38
ajaksugreat, that's a know lacking bit of code on my part :)23:38
ajaksunow, to the checkboxes not being rendered checked, can you take ?23:39
tpbTitle: Error (at
ajaksujamtoday: erroring in: soc/views/models/", line 267, in _public23:46
ajaksu    survey_record=survey_record,23:46
ajaksuUnboundLocalError: local variable 'survey_record' referenced before assignment23:46
jamtodayajaksu: you have uncovered a bug...I was too GSOC-focused writing this23:48
jamtodayI'll refactor in push within a couple minutes...23:49
ajaksujamtoday: is this about the views 500 or the logic 500?23:49
ajaksuI'm officially not sleeping tonight, things are broken and we have a heisenbug, can we please work together so I can either pick something to fix or can tick something out of my worry-about list?23:50
ajaksuand viewing saved records is broken too, at least it seems to be due to one of the above two issues23:54
ajaksubrb :)23:54
jamtodayyes, I am up for that23:54
jamtodayjust pushed the bug fix23:54
jamtodayThe problem is that I've been doing most testing on midterm evaluations, not so much on non-midterms23:54
ajaksujamtoday: is the error on /app/soc/logic/models/ in getProjects, line 184 the same thing?23:56
ajaksuok, brb for real now23:57
jamtodayno the logic thing was because the DebugUser() function ran....i can fix that tooo23:58

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