Monday, 2009-04-20

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ramiroit's me again, the guy that pops in every couple of days and asks when/how it will be possible to edit the title/abstract of a project.00:44
ramiroany news on this issue?00:44
kblinyeah, it'll be possible for accepted students to edit their accepted project descriptions after the announcement tonight00:53
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ramiroit seems weird to edit it after the announcement.01:30
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ArthurLiuwe really can't edit them a bit before they get broadcasted all over the internets ?01:49
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kblinArthurLiu: read the melange-soc list02:44
kblinArthurLiu: it was announced there02:44
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jpyehi all, anyone here involved in the 'lock down' of student proposals about 30min ago?05:27
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jpyehow about a melange admin?05:29
kblinSRabbelier: poke05:39
kblinSRabbelier: see above05:39
jpyeok, I have sent an email to LH. issue was that the lockdown of student proposals just occurred with no prior warning to mentors mailing list. it's OK, but warning would have been nice.05:45
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SRabbelierkblin: in case he comes back06:59
SRabbelierkblin: we're about halfway with the "lockdown"06:59
SRabbelierkblin: I see no reason to announce that though06:59
dqminhSRabbelier: will melange work with python 2.6 :(06:59
SRabbelierkblin: orgs were not supposed to change their allocations anymore anyway06:59
SRabbelierdqminh: probably, you should try07:00
kblinSRabbelier: it seems they've got an extra slot last minute, and we was trying to set that student up with a mentor07:00
dqminhi tried already but it doesnt work . Let me get some screenshot.07:00
tpb<> (at
SRabbelierkblin: well that sucks07:05
SRabbelierdqminh: I'll be available to try and help you with that tomorrow :)07:05
SRabbelierdqminh: lots of important stuff going on today :)07:05
dqminhSRabbelier: sure :)07:05
dqminhhehe , i actually dont know python. Just want to help out with the JS stuff :D07:06
SRabbelierdqminh: you just need to get it running?07:06
dqminhSRabbelier: yah07:06
dqminhany advice ?07:06
SRabbelierdqminh: install pyton 2.5 xD07:06
ArthurLiuSRabbelier, hi07:07
ArthurLiucan slots still be given back to the pool ?07:07
SRabbelierArthurLiu: heya07:08
SRabbelierArthurLiu: welll... :P07:08
SRabbelierArthurLiu: you're a tad late there07:08
SRabbelierArthurLiu: like, a week :P07:08
ArthurLiuone of our student retracted his proposal..07:08
ArthurLiulike, this night07:08
SRabbelierArthurLiu: :(07:08
SRabbelierArthurLiu: we'll have to do it manually07:08
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ArthurLiuand we don't have backups worth a slot07:08
SRabbelierArthurLiu: Debian's proposals have already been converted07:08
ArthurLiuI saw that07:08
ArthurLiuI was pretty confused when the ordering changed07:09
SRabbelierArthurLiu: please send an e-mail to the list, ccing pawel, leslie and myself07:09
SRabbelierArthurLiu: hehe, sorry about that :P07:09
ArthurLiuI thought some facetious mentor shuffled all the proposals around07:09
SRabbelierArthurLiu: ouch :P07:09
ArthurLiuwhich list ?07:09
SRabbelierArthurLiu: melange-soc07:09
ArthurLiumelange-soc ?07:09
ArthurLiuok right07:09
ArthurLiudon't want to be spanked by lh :D07:09
SRabbelierArthurLiu: :D07:10
kblinArthurLiu: ouch, that sucks07:11
ArthurLiuerr, do I need to put the name and title of the proposal in my mail ?07:13
ArthurLiuwe ranked it last of our allocated slots07:13
ArthurLiuat least yesterday, but I can't see the rankings anymore today07:13
SRabbelierArthurLiu: please do, and also include the link to the proposal07:14
ArthurLiumail sent07:18
SRabbelierArthurLiu: thanks07:19
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ArthurLiuSRabbelier, what does "t123795186174 - t123868736942" mean07:48
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IngoRennerhi there07:55
IngoRenneranybody here who could check whether an org homepage in melange was created correctly?07:55
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* Erant prods SRabbelier09:34
lhErant: do you know what's up?09:35
Erantlh: Regarding?09:35
lhErant: oh i thought you were prodding SRabbelier because i am here - got a call that i needed to be on the irc09:35
ErantNo idea.09:35
lhErant: np09:35
ErantNah, got some more security crap for him.09:36
ErantHe's going to be so happy with me09:36
ArthurLiulh, hi, got my mails?09:36
lhArthurLiu: yes. one fire at a time please. :)09:36
* Erant hides the matches09:37
* ArthurLiu prepares the blowtorch09:37
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* lh gets out marshmallows09:40
ErantDammit. This is annoying.09:40
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ErantOh, I can make a new proposal still on the demo server. good.09:42
Erantlh: I'm assuming you're LHospo?09:43
lhErant: yes and i play her on tv09:43
ErantAnyway, I may have mildly messed up that impersonation page.09:46
ErantDon't go all "wtf" when it logs you out of your Google account when you go to that page... :P09:46
ErantOh, I can't create a new proposal.09:53
ErantCan someone remove the deadline on the demo server? :)09:54
ErantOr clean up the comments in one of my other proposals.09:55
lhArthurLiu: your student is just going to get accepted. at this point all changes have to be done manually and the devs are taking care of something else. we can handle it later. please ping me tomorrow if i dont get back to you sooner.09:57
ArthurLiuI'll tell him so he doesn't freak out :)09:58
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meonkeysI keep seeing the message "The site is currently not in maintenance mode."10:53
meonkeyssorry if this is a repeat of other messages today.10:54
meonkeys*sigh*, gosh, I suppose I could be a bit more clear.10:54
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meonkeysIn trying to update pages for my organization in the GSoC 2009, I keep ending up at what appears to be the "maintenance" page, and it includes a curious message about not being in maintenance mode.10:55
anothy_xwhen i view all student proposals in melange, it currently claims to be showing me proposals "t123877111961 - t123873304375". we, um, didn't get *quite* that many.10:58
anothy_xi just looked over the open issues summaries and didn't see anything that sounded like this. is this a known issue?10:58
dhaunmeonkeys: according to the melange-soc list, there are some app engine problems currently10:59
meonkeysdhaun: ok10:59
dhaunalthough that message *is* funny :)10:59
Erantapp engine seems to be on the slow side today11:00
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RoanKattouwAny Melange dev here to help me? Me (mentor) and our org admin have tried to create a home page for our org, unsuccessfully: we keep getting the " The site is currently not in maintenance mode." error. Others have reported the same error when setting their home page link ID (for a pre-existing page) in #gsoc11:09
anothy_xokay, crazy numbering issue entered:
tpb<> (at
RoanKattouwMelange is also loading very slowly today BTW11:12
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SRabbelierdanderson: don't you love GAE?11:24
SRabbelierdanderson: I think they're working hard to continue the tradition of a major fail during SoC student announcement :P11:25
RoanKattouwlh, SRabbelier: Any Melange dev here to help me? Me (mentor) and our org admin have tried to create a home page for our org, unsuccessfully: we keep getting the " The site is currently not in maintenance mode." error. Others have reported the same error when setting their home page link ID (for a pre-existing page) in #gsoc11:26
SRabbelierRoanKattouw: known issue :)11:27
SRabbelierRoanKattouw: whole of AppEngine is dead11:27
RoanKattouwIs there some way that you (or another dev) can do some hacking and set us up with a home page?11:28
SRabbelierRoanKattouw: we can't do anything :P11:28
SRabbelierRoanKattouw: be patient11:28
SRabbelierRoanKattouw: things will be fixed soon :)11:29
RoanKattouwAlright, will be patient11:29
RoanKattouwBe sure to mention it here when things are fixed then11:29
SRabbelierRoanKattouw: sure, see also #gsoc11:30
SRabbelierRoanKattouw: we're back11:37
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RoanKattouwSRabbelier: Great. Now I just need a dev to set the homepage link ID for me, because my org admin ran off to a meeting11:41
SRabbelierRoanKattouw: lol :)11:48
RoanKattouwHe arranged to be around to do it himself just now, but that was when the site was broken :(11:49
SRabbelierRoanKattouw: when will he be back?11:49
RoanKattouwHe said he'd be out of town all morning (PT), so he probably won't be back before the announcement11:49
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RoanKattouwSRabbelier: But since someone (I believe it was you) said on the mentors mailing list that such things were possible, I was wondering if you (or someone else) could quickly go in and mark our homepage as such11:56
ErantSRabbelier: *prod*12:02
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borjahey all12:04
borjaSo I'm looking at my org's list of projects ( and the table header has the following:12:04
borja« First  t123877812492 - t12387749911412:04
lhSRabbelier: are we actually back? i say we are not actually back until the App Engine team posts a notice that the issue is fixed.12:05
lhRoanKattouw: that was me who said that actually.12:05
lhborja: i believe that was an error introduced by a recently committed patch which will be reverted, but solydzajs can tell you further12:06
ErantSRabbelier: plx to go here: with both Internet Explorer and Firefox. IE will be obvious, with FF, try posting a comment, or going to another page.12:06
tpb<> (at
borjalh: cool, thanks; just wanted to mention it here before filing a bug report, since I didn't see an issue for it (after a quick look) but it seemed like someone must've noticed already12:06
solydzajsborja: yes I'm reverting that patch right now12:07
RoanKattouwlh: Melange is back, I just successfully created a home page. I now need to promote it to home page status without the presence of my org admin :(12:07
lhborja: cool.12:07
lhborja: thanks for letting us know about it.12:07
dandersonlh: need folks to keep the peace tonight?12:07
dandersonI'm heading out now, but I should be back ~1h before the onslaught12:07
lhdanderson: it might be useful, yes. but no need to stay up late for it12:07
lhdanderson: thank you dear, always appreciated12:08
dandersonk, later then12:08
lhRoanKattouw: if you ask solydzajs nicely he might help you12:08
lhdanderson: l8rs12:08
RoanKattouwlh: Great, thanks12:08
RoanKattouwsolydzajs: Could you help me out with a Melange problem? Our org admin was online earlier this morning to create the home page and mark it as such, but that failed because of the AppEngine breakage. When that was fixed, he'd already headed off to a meeting and he's gonna be out of town all morning. I (mentor) have created a home page but can't mark it as such, could you do that for me?12:18
solydzajsRoanKattouw: can you ping me in 10 minutes ? and we will fix it, I just need to revert a patch and deploy new version of Melange12:19
*** RoanKattouw is now known as RoanKattouw_away12:24
RoanKattouw_awaysolydzajs: Heading off to dinner, so won't be able to poke you in 10 minutes :D my org is Wikimedia, and the link ID of the prospective home page is "homepage". Thanks12:24
ErantTime to make food. I just submitted a new issue I think merits some attention.12:27
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solydzajsRoanKattouw_away: fixed.12:32
SRabbelierErant: oh dear, not ag ain :P12:50
ErantSRabbelier: Sowwie. :( Issue 60612:51
Eranthf :P12:51
ErantIf you want, you can blame Leslie. She drew my attention back to melange when she replied to that other issue.12:52
SRabbelierErant: Why the hell is it possible to put JS in a src tag?12:52
Erantplx to not look at me for that. ;P12:53
ErantFirefox seems to know it's probably not kosjer.12:54
ErantIE just blindly stumbles into it.12:54
Erant"What's this..." *thump*12:54
ErantThe fact that you guys are using POST stuff, and not GET, mitigates the attack considerably btw.12:55
ErantAt least on FireFox12:55
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anothy_xborja: i submitted an issue for that a little while ago (sorry, wasn't following the conversation here)13:02
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kblincan someone translate from californian to english?13:20
kblin"No, it cannot still change."13:20
kblindoes that mean it still can change or it can't change anymore?13:20
solydzajsIt can't change13:22
solydzajsNew entries can be added but the ones that are listed won't change13:22
solydzajsWe are in the middle of converting student proposals to student projects13:23
kblinyeah, I was just trying to make sense of lh's last email13:24
MatthewWilkeskblin: What's wrong with "No, it cannot still change." ?13:24
*** gchaix has joined #melange13:45
gchaixWe were just doing a final check on all our accepted apps to make sure all is in order and one of my mentors just pointed out that we can no longer see what mentors are assigned. Is that intentional? Or did we screw something up?13:47
*** johndbritton_ has joined #melange13:47
kblinMatthewWilkes: doesn't parse in my book13:50
MatthewWilkeskblin: Does "Yes, it can still change." parse?13:51
anothy_xgchaix: well, it's the same here, anyway. i also can't see private comments any more, it seems.13:52
SRabbelieranothy_x: oh?13:52
SRabbeliersolydzajs: how come?13:52
anothy_xSRabbelier: is that not intended? i just noticed, checking what gchaix had said.13:53
gchaixanothy_x: I suspect it's all fine, but after the scare we got this weekend because we misunderstood the mentor assignment process, I'm nervous13:53
SRabbelieranothy_x: perhaps it is13:53
SRabbelieranothy_x: not sure13:53
SRabbelieranothy_x: but it's likely because the proposal is now accepted/rejected13:53
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kblinMatthewWilkes: yes13:53
anothy_xit seems odd that the private comments would go away, though. there's useful information in there, things the mentor might want to pay particular attention to and whatnot.13:54
kblinMatthewWilkes: as would "No, it cannot change anymore"13:54
SRabbelieranothy_x: please to file a and we'll try to fix it when we can :)13:57
tpbTitle: Project hosting on Google Code (at
Lennieanothy_x, true13:57
Lennieanothy_x, we will give you access soon gonna have a discussion about that firsT :)13:57
SRabbelierLennie: put it on our agenda for today's call :P13:57
Lenniegood point :)13:58
Lennieanyhow if you can't read them anymore that means you wouldn't be able to do anything usefull at all13:58
lhLennie, SRabbelier: you read for today's call?13:58
Lenniebecause that means we have done the conversion for your org13:58
SRabbelierlh: of course :)13:58
* lh thinks perhaps we should make it 30 minutes due to accepted student announcement today, maybe schedule follow up for later this week. we can discuss on call itself.13:59
anothy_xLennie: still want an issue for it?13:59
SRabbelierlh: oooor... we can stay on call13:59
SRabbelierlh: during the announcement13:59
SRabbelierlh: to deal with eventualities13:59
SRabbelierlh: how's that13:59
Lennieanothy_x, hmm yeah sure then other people will see that :)13:59
anothy_xk. doing so now.14:00
lhSRabbelier: that's fine with me as long as folks can multitask i know i can14:00
SRabbelierlh: same here14:00
Lenniesorry it gave you a scare anothy_x but it was necessary for a day :)14:00
anothy_xno worries.14:00
Lennielet's get this show on the road!14:00
Lenniecall me :p14:00
lhLennie: kk14:00
lhsolydzajs: can you initiate the call? i am taking a final look at the agenda14:00
solydzajslh: yes14:01
solydzajslh: one sec14:01
Lennielh, add Student Proposals after deadline to the list :)14:01
lhLennie, SRabbelier: btw, we are still waiting on dan bentley, he will be coming in a sec14:01
lhLennie: adding14:01
SRabbelierlh: np14:01
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anothy_xissue 610 created.14:08
gchaixanothy_x: thx14:09
gchaixGlad to see I wasn't losing my mind :-)14:09
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aluinki hear good work has been done, and we hope to announce on time...i give the credit to the melange dev team14:31
* aluink gives a load of props!14:31
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MatthewWilkesYou guys can't bow and twibble at once?  And I thought you were superhuman!14:57
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Corsixgetting 500 errors for the links in #gsoc15:04
ian_macseems to be better now15:05
adam-_-500 for me15:05
kblinCorsix: DDoS from 3500 students clicking at once15:06
ian_macup and down15:06
ArthurLiugoogle needs moar servers :D15:06
CorsixI thought the cloud was meant to prevent this ;)15:07
kblinremind me to not run my webapps on GAE ;)15:07
dandersonso, to summarize, results are up, but GAE is down?15:07
ian_macGAE is up and down, I guess15:08
ArthurLiushould I post the acceptance list link to slashdot ?15:08
dqminhmbe we should *wait* for a while15:08
kblindanderson: that's what I gathered15:08
ian_mac*shrug* it happens15:09
* r0bby hugs you all15:09
r0bbySoc brings down GAE: Story at 1115:09
*** jyothish has joined #melange15:09
r0bby(bad joke)15:09
*** jyothish has left #melange15:10
dandersonr0bby: badly timed, not funny, should I continue?15:10
MatthewWilkescont. page 9415:10
scorche|shdanderson: welcome to the magical world of r0bby15:10
scorche|shbelieve it or not, he has gotten better  ;)15:10
dandersonI remember15:10
dandersoneven so.15:10
ian_macwhy triple your capacity to handle a peak that will likely last 30 mins tops?15:10
*** brlcad has joined #melange15:11
Corsixbecause that is the whole point of hosting on Google's architecture15:11
kblinThe site is currently not in maintenance mode. <-- hehe15:12
EricJyeah, but damn is it slow.15:12
r0bbythis is cute15:13
r0bbysolydzajs: amazing job =)15:13
EricJaaand.. there it went again.15:13
EricJ"The server encountered an error and could not complete your request."15:13
solydzajsEricJ: that's the AppEngine problem15:13
solydzajsEricJ: not Melange15:13
*** Corsix is now known as Corsix|happy15:15
*** Mkop has joined #melange15:15
* Merio gives hugs to the committers ^__^15:16
*** aluink has quit IRC15:17
MkopI imagine you probably don't want to hear about 500 errors right now,right?15:17
r0bbyyeh they domnt15:17
r0bbyit's GAE15:17
r0bbyperk of 3000+ hits15:18
SRabbelierMkop: they be fixed :)15:20
* r0bby dances15:20
MkopSRabbelier: i.e. they _are_ fixed, or they _are being_ fixed?15:20
Corsix|happy has been consistently 500ing for me, though individual project pages and org pages work fine15:21
SRabbelierMkop: have been, pushed15:21
tpbTitle: Sign In Required (at
r0bbytpb: sign in.15:21
solydzajsMerio: ping :-) congrats :-)15:21
SRabbelierr0bby: tpb is a bot15:21
r0bbyahh :)15:21
r0bbysolydzajs: got accepted, of course you knew :)15:22
r0bbylikely lol15:22
MerioLennie, SRabbelier, solydzajs: thank you very much ^__^ and gratz to you to have made this happen (the student announcement... and well... my announcement ^__^)15:22
SRabbelierMerio: you too man, grats!15:23
r0bbyyeh solydzajs good job :>15:23
solydzajsSRabbelier: :-)15:23
solydzajsr0bby: thx :-)15:23
summatusmentisThanks all!15:24
*** sttwister has left #melange15:24
summatusmentisand congratulations on success15:24
MatthewWilkescongrats Merio!15:26
MerioThx MatthewWilkes ^__^ So happy about it :)15:27
r0bbyit was nice meeting you by the way :)15:27
solydzajsr0bby: yep you too :-) party was cool wasn't it ?15:29
r0bbyoh yeh :)15:29
r0bbyI did wind up finding info about the pasta lol15:29
r0bbygot in touch w/ anthony too, decided to post to targeting all of open everything via the tag and group15:30
arunreddyMELANGE rOCKS..15:32
r0bbycan't say the same for GAE15:32
arunreddygreat work team.. congos.and thanks a lot15:32
*** RoanKattouw has left #melange15:34
*** schumaml has joined #melange15:36
schumamlI guess that I can't influence the location of the soc accepted students box on the homepage?15:37
SRabbelierarunreddy: thanks :)15:38
SRabbelierschumaml: no you can't15:38
*** dhans has joined #melange15:40
dhansHey all15:40
dhansI just saw I got accepted:)15:41
dhansThank you all!!!:)15:41
MerioHi dhans, gratz ^__^15:41
MatthewWilkesCongratulations dhans15:42
Lenniegratz dhans15:42
dhansMerio: thanks:) gratz to you too!15:42
*** antarus has joined #melange15:43
* MatthewWilkes thinking the Melange devs should get "Hug me, then buy me a beer!" tshirts for the mentor summit ;)15:43
antarusso are you guys actually paying for your appspot quota?15:43
antarusor is google comping it?15:43
MatthewWilkesthe melange instance is whitelisted, it can be as greedy as it likes15:43
dandersonantarus: probably charged to the summer of code program in general15:44
dandersonwhich is basically equivalent to "yeah, it's free" :P15:44
* antarus wonders where the errors are coming from15:44
*** jmworx has joined #melange15:44
jmworxCan anyone help us "fix" the homepage problem for
solydzajsjmworx: what can I do for you ? you want to set the homepage ?15:51
solydzajsdhans: congrats :-)15:52
jmworxsolydzajs: yes15:52
SRabbelierjmworx: did you read
kblinfolks, impressive performance. too bad GAE tried to spoil your show15:52
jmworxIs this the homepage?
*** Ownatik_ has joined #melange15:53
*** giantwaffeldonke is now known as ircmaxell15:54
SRabbelierkblin: thanks :)15:55
*** EricJ has left #melange15:55
*** arunreddy has left #melange15:55
*** ircmaxell is now known as giantwaffeldonke15:56
r0bbysolydzajs  see pm15:57
*** marcosRz has joined #melange15:58
*** haoyu has joined #melange15:58
*** marcosRz has left #melange16:02
*** _ke has joined #melange16:02
_kedoes anyone can give us a hint, how we could extract the email addresses of our students, so that we can send them a welcom/better luck next time mail?16:02
scorche|shyou cant16:03
*** giantwaffeldonke is now known as ircmaxell16:03
SRabbelier_ke: search issue tracker, there's an issue about it as to why you can't atm16:04
SRabbelier_ke: you can star it16:04
_kethats quite bad for us as org16:04
*** Mkop has left #melange16:06
_keis there at least a way to get the mail address out of a link_id?16:08
anothy_xno. link_id is generated ad hoc at signup.16:09
_kenot good either16:10
_keis there _any_ way how i could get a mail address as an org admin?16:10
jmworxCan someone just set this as the xiph homepage?
tpb<> (at
kblin_ke: you can comment on their proposals16:11
kblin_ke: but iI guess it's unlikely they'll still check those16:11
anothy_x_ke: not at current. as SRabbelier said, there's an issue about it, which you can star to try and get it resolved faster.16:11
_keanothy_x, can you give me the link to it?16:11
SRabbelierkblin: unless they are subscribed to updates?16:12
kblin_ke: lmgtfy16:12
harlanhow do I edit the contents of ?16:12
tpb<> (at
_kekblin, pardon?16:13
jmworxanyone can help set the xiph homepage?16:14
jmworxI'm mentor but not admin16:14
tpb<> (at
kblin_ke: "let me google that for you"16:14
_kekblin, thanks16:15
kblinat least that sounds like what you might need16:15
_kekblin, well, we just want to send them some mails16:16
kblin_ke: if it doesn't sound like what you need, feel free to browse the issue tracker for a more appropriate feature request or file a new one16:17
*** arun_ has joined #melange16:17
_kekblin, do students get notifications if we post a comment?16:17
kblin_ke: if they signed up for notifications16:18
*** Ownatik_ is now known as Ownatik16:19
*** DylanZA has joined #melange16:20
jmworxOK, nm my earlier request to set the home page16:20
*** ircmaxell is now known as giantwaffeldonke16:24
arun_are there any plans to add a page that lists all 1000 accepted students? it'd be more convenient than checking each of the org pages one by one. i checked the tracker, but i didn't see anything logged. sorry if i missed it. and thanks for all your hard work.16:25
* Erant prods Lennie16:26
Lenniehi Erant16:26
ErantLennie: plx to fix me making new proposal. I broke all the other ones.16:26
*** jmworx has left #melange16:26
Lenniemsn :)16:26
ErantYou can also just delete the comments16:26
kblinarun_: we never had that before, and I don't see what that'd be good for?16:28
arun_kblin, i think it'd be nice to see all of the proposals. makes it easier to see everything that's going on.16:29
arun_it gives you an overview of all the gsoc work that's happening.16:30
kblinfile a feature request16:30
SRabbelierkblin: we can do an export16:31
SRabbelierkblin: and put it up as site document16:31
SRabbelierkblin: so if it's desirable it won't even take any cod3e16:32
* kblin shrugs16:32
kblinI don't care. arun_ does :)16:32
*** EllenKo has quit IRC16:32
kblinI'm just holding up the "issue tracker" sign16:32
ErantI have that sign too16:34
ErantI get to beat Sverre over the head with it from time to time.16:34
*** hotchix has quit IRC16:35
SRabbelierErant: meany16:38
ErantSorry :(16:38
ErantSRabbelier: There's something bugging me16:39
SRabbelierErant: what's that?16:39
*** kenny87 has joined #melange16:40
ErantIt does filter 'document' from my javascript16:40
ErantImplying it knows I'm doing javascript O_o16:41
SRabbelierErant: who does?16:41
Erant<img src=javascript:document.location=...16:41
ErantIt doesn't like me when I do that16:41
ErantIt thinks I'm cute when I do <img src=javascript:location=... but that's not the point. :P16:41
Erant(I broked another one of my proposal pages this way. I'm running out. Luckily Lennie is fixing it.)16:42
SRabbelierErant: lol, weirdass16:44
ErantI'm not sure it was ment that way, but I'll take it as a compliment.16:45
MerioErant: you should use window.location.href16:45
ErantMerio: I think it won't like me if I do that either.16:45
ErantMerio: Though, do you know what we're talking about?16:45
MerioErant: or window.location document.location AFAIK is deprecated (at least in Firefox). In the page the "window" object is in the scope, that's probably why you can access it through "location"16:46
MerioErant: well, actually just guessing and willing to help if possible ^__^16:47
ErantMerio: XSS vuln. in Melange16:47
MerioErant: I wasn't aware of16:49
ErantMerio: So the wack thing is that the streamparser removes 'document' from my javascript.16:50
ErantIt would ofc. normally never do that, so I'm guessing it's aware that I'm running javascript.16:50
kblinit just doesn't trust you16:51
kblinlooking at how you're breaking things, it seems to be right ;)16:51
ErantTrust me enough to allow me to run javascript16:52
ErantIt's just limiting me16:52
ErantNot enough, obviously16:52
ErantYou can probably twist this into a make-the-user-do-anything-you-want type of deal. Not sure how yet, POST data is trickier than GET.16:54
SRabbelierErant: how come?16:55
ErantI made it log the user out already. Highly fucking annoying.16:55
SRabbelierErant: lol, brilliant16:55
ErantYeah, so that broke that proposal page. Can't go to it without logging myself out.16:55
*** giantwaffeldonke has quit IRC16:55
ErantThe other one has a location= in it, so it redirects me, so that proposal page is broken.16:56
ErantGot one left. :P16:56
ErantWhich already has broken </div> tags16:56
ErantSo it's sketchy16:56
ErantSRabbelier: The GET/POST thing? GET only requires a URL, POST will require form.submit and whatnot.16:57
SRabbelierErant: ah, true16:57
ErantSo what you gotta do is download the entire page you want to attack, inject javascript into that, and then load it.16:57
ErantOr something like that.16:57
ErantBut I've never actually written javascript, so I dunno the tricks.16:58
SRabbelierErant: firebug? :p16:58
ErantHeh :P16:59
LennieErant ftw :)16:59
Lennieyou are making lh happy :P16:59
ErantI'm pretty sure it's exploitable, too lazy to code up a PoC though.16:59
ErantI'm going with it being highly annoying, and thus needs to be fixed.17:00
ErantPeople will go "wtf" when they're logged out after visiting a certain page anyway.17:00
ErantLennie: Read the backlog?17:01
ErantLennie: I think streamparser is letting me do javascript. It might be configured incorrectly.17:01
Lenniedid I miss anything?17:01
ErantWell, it removes the entire <img> tag as soon as the javascript contains 'document', or 'eval'.17:02
lhErant: if you want to do our security i <3 you and will give you tshirts17:02
ErantKinda depends on how much time I can free up for this. I'll get back to you on this.17:04
ErantI'm no web security dude though. I mainly do embedded security.17:04
ErantAnd on that note, Imma go shower.17:05
*** cregep has quit IRC17:05
*** James--Crook has joined #melange17:06
ErantBut not before I say hi to James.17:06
* James--Crook waves to Erant17:06
ArthurLiuok, I just had ten students clicking over and over on their 'proposal' trying to modify it and one of them eventually discovered that they had to modify their 'project' but nobody noticed...17:07
ErantJames: Take a peek at Issue 606, bet you'll find it interesting :P17:08
LennieArthurLiu, new system new workflow17:09
*** VDVsx has joined #melange17:09
arun_logged the issue: thanks all.17:09
* James--Crook says lennie ftw17:10
LennieJames--Crook, why :)?17:10
r0bbyfor blog linking purposes, do you have to log into melange to view student projects?17:10
James--CrookErant: ace.  Saw that almost as soon as you posted it and have been following closely since...17:10
VDVsxis there a way to see the accepted students e-mails in melange ?17:10
Lennieit shouldn't r0bby :D17:10
James--CrookLennie: fixing 610.  Hot issue.17:10
*** Mek has joined #melange17:10
Lennieo yeah17:10
Lennienp :P17:10
MekI'm getting an "500 Server Error" when I try to go to
tpb<> (at
Lenniethanks for reporting Mek17:12
Lenniedevelopers are looking into it now :)17:12
*** DylanZA has quit IRC17:17
*** brlcad has left #melange17:22
*** _ke has left #melange17:30
*** _ke has joined #melange17:35
_keit seems like the comment form disappeared, any way to get it back?17:35
*** Ownatik has quit IRC17:40
SRabbelier_ke: nope, you cannot post comments anymore at this time17:44
*** Ownatik has joined #melange17:44
SRabbelier_ke: you can post public comments17:44
SRabbelier_ke: (use the public page)17:44
SRabbelier_ke: the review page is read-only17:45
_keSRabbelier, so how you guys think we as an org should contact our students?17:45
SRabbelier_ke: through the public page17:45
*** diones has joined #melange17:46
MatthewWilkes_ke: You also might want to let them know to join your IRC channel and email you17:46
MatthewWilkes_ke: We haven't asked for contact details for anyone and can get in touch with everyone.  I'd be surprised at any org that couldn't17:47
_keit was definitely better last year, when we simply could email our students17:47
*** EllenKo has joined #melange17:48
tpb<> (at
VDVsxsomeone here can give me a student contact  ? , I'm the maemo org admin17:50
*** schumaml has quit IRC18:00
SRabbelierVDVsx: nope18:01
SRabbelierVDVsx: private info18:01
SRabbelierVDVsx: we can't give that18:02
*** _ke has left #melange18:02
solydzajsMerio: ping18:05
solydzajsdhans: ping18:05
Meriosolydzajs: pong18:05
VDVsxSRabbelier, ok thanks, I will send the welcome e-mail to him trough the GSoC system18:05
solydzajsMerio: ok so we need to decide in the upcoming days whats the plan with Stats module :-)18:06
solydzajsMerio: I will schedule a meeting with you and Daniel18:06
solydzajsMerio: you can already start thinking what parts you would like to work on exactly18:06
Meriosolydzajs: do you have any further thoughts about that?18:08
Meriosolydzajs: e.g. in which part it's better to divide the work between Daniel and me18:08
solydzajsMerio: yep but I need to put it into some documents, I have everything in my head right now :-)18:09
solydzajsMerio: but I would like to get an idea what you are interested in too18:09
Meriosolydzajs: ok do you want a mail before the meeting or we'll just talk about it during the meeting?18:10
solydzajsMerio: yep email would be nice18:11
Meriosolydzajs: that's ok, will write you soon :)18:12
*** scorche has quit IRC18:13
*** SRabbelier has quit IRC18:13
*** ajuonline has quit IRC18:13
*** gchaix has quit IRC18:13
*** r0bby has quit IRC18:13
*** scorche|sh has quit IRC18:13
*** SRabbelier1 has joined #melange18:13
*** scorche has joined #melange18:13
*** SRabbelier1 is now known as SRabbelier18:14
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o SRabbelier18:14
solydzajsMerio: awesome18:14
dhanssolydzajs: pong:)18:15
solydzajsdhans: I will schedule a meeting with you and Merio to decide what are you guys going to work on exactly18:15
solydzajsdhans: please think about what are you interested in and send me an email18:15
solydzajsdhans: that will help me divide the work18:15
dhansok, I'll do it tomorrow18:16
*** VDVsx has left #melange18:19
*** dhaun has quit IRC18:19
*** gchaix has joined #melange18:20
*** ajuonline has joined #melange18:20
*** scorche|sh has joined #melange18:20
*** r0bby has joined #melange18:20
*** dhans has quit IRC18:20
ErantHah, sweet :D18:21
Erant<img src="javascript:$.post('', {name: 'John', link_id: 'erant'})">18:21
ErantGo guess what that does.18:21
*** dhans has joined #melange18:22
dhanssolydzajs: I have one question: may I write you the email in Polish? :)18:23
solydzajsdhans: yes but furthet communication about the project we will try to keep in English :-)18:23
dhansyes, I uderstand:) thank you18:24
solydzajsErant: eh :-) maybe you would like to fix it too, not just report ?;-)18:24
Erantsolydzajs: I was just having some fun :(18:24
*** dhans has quit IRC18:24
ErantMuch thx for using jQuery btw :P18:24
solydzajsErant: yep :-) sure no problem18:25
ErantMakes doing POST crap so much easier.18:25
ErantYeah, I'll look into how to fix it. I was just pointing out that there's a certain severity to this issue.18:25
solydzajsyep I saw your issue report regarding JS in IMG SRC18:26
Corsix|happyErant: How about a $.getScript to pull in and auto-run external JS files?18:27
dionesSRabbelier: Here is a possible guide on how to use pylint with melange.18:27
tpbTitle: Nopaste - No description (at
Corsix|happythen you don't have to fit everything into a src tag18:27
*** dqminh has quit IRC18:27
ErantCorsix: I don't normally write javascript, so not too familiar with the tricks.18:28
SRabbelierdiones: awesome!18:28
dionesAh, there is a part that is missing18:28
Erantif $.getScript works, that's... yeah. Not so good.18:28
dionesI have no idea where python installs the scripts directory in linux18:29
diones(It may not exist at all)18:29
ErantCorsix: Regardless, I think I've proven my point :)18:29
Corsix|happyErant: indeed18:30
Erantsolydzajs: A hotfix would be disallowing HTML in comments. I don't really get why HTML is allowed there anyway.18:30
SRabbelierdiones: awesome, bookmarking18:31
Corsix|happyto allow for links, bold, headers, etc>18:31
ErantIn comments?18:31
Corsix|happyalthough links could be given as plaintext18:31
ErantWell, you could also remove <img> from the whitelist18:31
solydzajsErant: yep we can do that18:32
ErantCan go out right along with the <div> tags.18:32
Corsix|happyWhat other tags does IE honour the src attribute for?18:32
*** florinciu has quit IRC18:32
Corsix|happyI recall it doing so for more than you'd think18:32
*** James--Crook has left #melange18:36
MerioGoing to bed guys, see you tomorrow ^__^18:36
*** Merio has quit IRC18:37
*** diones has quit IRC18:39
*** Corsix|happy has quit IRC18:47
*** Lennie has quit IRC18:49
*** SRabbelier has quit IRC19:10
*** Ownatik has quit IRC19:13
*** kenny87 has quit IRC19:46
*** solydzajs has quit IRC19:48
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*** lh has quit IRC19:53
*** lh has joined #melange19:53
*** solydzajs has joined #melange19:55
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*** solydzajs has quit IRC19:58
*** mithro has joined #melange20:16
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*** adam-_- has quit IRC20:29
*** tansell_laptop has quit IRC20:34
*** ajaksu has joined #melange20:41
*** mithro has quit IRC20:45
ajaksuhi folks... I see an org (oydev) without students, is this expected?20:45
*** tansell_laptop has joined #melange20:47
*** _allen_ has joined #melange21:04
*** dimazest has joined #melange21:12
*** dimazest_ has quit IRC21:13
*** MatthewWilkes has quit IRC21:14
*** durin42 has joined #melange21:19
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durin42Hey everyone, just popping in to let you know I'm intentionally inserting a failing test to verify BuildBot configs will DTRT.21:19
*** Ownatik has joined #melange21:20
durin42danderson: ping?21:23
*** EllenKo has quit IRC21:37
*** Ownatik has quit IRC21:52
*** Ownatik has joined #melange21:53
durin42Done breaking stuff for now. No idea where that email is.22:10
durin42danderson: unping, don't need you now after all. :)22:10
*** durin42 has left #melange22:10
*** durin42 has joined #melange22:10
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*** tansell_laptop has quit IRC22:15
*** durin42 has quit IRC22:19
*** durin42 has joined #melange22:20
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