Sunday, 2009-04-19

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dqminhhi guys, will melange work with python 2.6.2c1 ? I'm having some problems running it locally.01:58
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dqminhgtg lunch. will be back in 30 mins :d02:06
alpha_one_x86hello, I have problem to become mentor, I have try it long time ago, but it say my: Please make sure there is no outstanding invite or request and be sure that you are not a Mentor already.02:06
alpha_one_x86It's KDE part, it's for port ultracopier to KDE02:06
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quyetndhi everyone05:24
quyetndI have a problem with my gsoc profile and was told to come here to seek for guidance05:25
quyetndmy question is: how can I recover my gsoc profile after messed up with my google account ?05:25
tpb<> (at
dhaunI'd try that ...05:29
quyetnddhaun, tpb: Thanks for your info, i'm trying it ...05:32
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dionesSRabbelier: Hi10:17
SRabbelierdiones: heya :)10:17
dionesSRabbelier: So, continuing the previous conversation10:18
SRabbelierdiones: sure :)10:18
dionesSRabbelier: So its ok for developers to add comments to modify pylint behavior?10:19
SRabbelierdiones: yes, in cases where the behavior pylint is flagging is intentional10:20
dionesSRabbelier: Ok, so thought it was better to put that in the "setup your workspace" tutorial10:29
dionesSRabbelier: Hi had to look for a different spot to have acces to internet10:29
SRabbelierdiones: Why should that go into setting up your workspace though?10:30
SRabbelierdiones: It should probably be part of our coding guidelines somewhere10:30
dionesSRabbelier: Yeah I could go there to, but haven't you said that I should make a guide to how to setup pylint?10:31
SRabbelierdiones: yes, that would be nice :)10:31
SRabbelierdiones: but that guide should be linked to in the "GettingStarted" guide, rather than included in10:32
dionesSRabbelier: Hmm true10:33
dionesSRabbelier: So, just to be sure, the setup pylint goes to getting started and and the pylint comments  goes to the coding guidelines, right?10:35
SRabbelierdiones: "getting started with pylint", yes10:35
dionesSRabbelier: Should I propose a patch to add a reference to "getting started with pylint" in "How to get started with Melange"?10:38
SRabbelierdiones: we'll add the reference when you finish the UsingPylint topic :)10:38
dionesSRabbelier: Ok then, I'll work on that10:39
SRabbelierdiones: thanks!10:39
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r0bbysolydzajs: my hoody is in anthony's trunk!11:47
solydzajsr0bby: oh :-)11:48
solydzajsr0bby: email him11:48
r0bbyI realized it this morning11:48
r0bbywhen i got up, i think i was slightly tired11:49
r0bbydo you have his email?11:49
r0bbywait a sec.11:51
r0bbyI'll handle it when i get home11:52
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VDVsxcan somebody check what happened with the maemo community home page, I created the home page a couple of days ago but my org appeared in the last list sent by pawel.12:37
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Lenniesure VDVsx12:41
LennieVDVsx, you created a home page document?12:42
VDVsxLennie, yes,
tpb<> (at
VDVsxdunno if it is correct12:42
LennieI see the problem :)12:43
Lenniego to edit org profile12:43
Lennieand fill in maemo in the home page link_id field12:43
Lenniethis way the application knows which page you want to use as homepage12:43
Lenniethe is featured button makes it show up in the organization sidebar12:44
Lennienot sure if you'd really want that with this document :D12:44
tpb<> (at
Lennieseems to be working now :)12:46
Lennietogether with a meamo feed at the bottom12:46
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VDVsxLennie|Food, ok, my fault, I added the home page url in the first field, which should be our org website :)12:47
VDVsxLennie|Food, thanks12:47
Lennie|Foodhehe, it happens your welcome12:48
Lennie|Food(would be strange if we forced a melange website to be your homepage)12:49
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Lennie|Foodthe app does crazy stuff sometimes but that would be nuts :D12:49
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VDVsxLennie|Food, heheh12:52
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James--CrookSRabbelier: I'm marking issue 601 as a duplicate (221 would solve the 'headline'  issue) and I'm raising two new enhancement issues, one for a status page for each org, and one for a status page for all orgs.16:23
SRabbelierJames--Crook: you have a link handy?16:23
James--CrookI'm just about to write them.16:24
James--CrookSo does that sound sensible to you?  If not I'll explain more here...16:25
SRabbelierJames--Crook: one sec, let me check those issues16:25
tpb<> (at
tpb<> (at
SRabbelierJames--Crook: you can close it as duplicate, but then please also add one about automated nag mails16:26
James--Crook601 isn't about nag e-amil!16:26
James--CrookBut I can add that too...16:27
SRabbelierJames--Crook: correct, it's not, but we need that too :P16:27
James--CrookOK.  So close one and three new ones pop up.  Oh well :-)16:27
James--CrookWill get to that now.16:27
SRabbelierJames--Crook: maybe we should declare issue bankrupcy :D16:28
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r0bbylh: could you pm me anthony's email please?17:42
r0bby(I need to see how to get my hoody back, it's in his trunk)17:42
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lhr0bby: my anthony?17:57
lhwhich anthony?17:57
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kblinhi lh18:01
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r0bbylh: your anthony18:08
r0bbyas in last night I took my backpack but forgot my hoody18:08
r0bbyI regret not taking his # or email18:09
lhkblin: hey there18:09
lhr0bby: he told you he is ircmaxell on twitter18:09
r0bbyi couldn't remember18:09
r0bbyI knew maxell but i guess i forgot the ircbot18:10
* r0bby smacks his forehwead18:10
r0bbygod twitter is slow as dirt18:11
r0bbywhich makes no snese.18:11
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r0bbyAnthony typo'd his recent tweet18:17
r0bbygod i wish i wasn't hard of hearing sometimes18:18
r0bbylh, yeh i followed him, but it does not give the option to message him :/18:25
r0bbyalright, i'll stop spamming here18:26
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ArthurLiuis there really no possibility we can edit the titles and abstracts before the selected projects get blasted all over the internet tomorrow ?19:18
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nubar0bby: you dont have the link to send a message but you can craft one from the block link19:45
nubar0bby: now if it'll work or not will depend on twitter's code19:45
nubar0bby: it didnt refuse to generate the message sending dialog19:46
nubar0bby: so maybe the only thing they do to 'disable' the feature is not showing the link, dunno19:46
nubar0bby: but you can try your luck there19:46
r0bbynuba: thanks19:49
r0bbyI took the approach of tagging it and addressing19:49
r0bbynuba: you rock19:55
nubait worked?19:56
r0bbyit didnt list it as a sent message but yes19:58
nubar0bby: nice, but poor coding from twitter then20:07
nubait should have displayed a 'this user has choosen not to receive direct messages' page20:08
nubainstead of the form20:08
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r0bbyypi ex[ecy tpp ,icj20:15
r0bbyyou expect too much*20:16
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