Friday, 2009-04-10

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* Erant slaps SRabbelier08:16
SRabbelierErant: wot?08:17
ErantWaiting for some huge file to finish copying08:17
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ThomasWaldmannmoin :)08:46
ThomasWaldmanni maybe need to reassign our orgs backup admin, but I couldn't find where to do that in melange08:47
* ThomasWaldmann would have expected that the org profile lists admin id and backup admin id, but it doesnt08:48
ThomasWaldmannbtw, thanks for melange. for most stuff it works nicely and it even survived the usual lastminute dDOSes yet.08:51
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dhaunThomasWaldmann: I had a similar problem (our backup admin didn't sign up in time) and was told to simply invite another admin09:08
dhaunapparently, Melange doesn't really have the concept of a "backup admin" - that was just a label on the org application form09:08
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ThomasWaldmanndhaun: ah, ok, I already added another admin, so I guess we are fine.09:18
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ThomasWaldmannso the only question left is if it is a problem to have 3 admins lists (so that I would need to unlist 1 or have that one resign as a admin)09:22
dhaunI don't think there's a limit to the number of admins - we had 3 last year as well09:26
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* Lennie slaps Merio around a bit with a small Imperial-Class Stardestroyer09:45
LennieMerio you are king!09:45
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dionesSRabbelier: hello09:49
SRabbelierdiones: heya09:49
ThomasWaldmannLennie: you are from the dark side? :)09:51
SRabbelierThomasWaldmann: dhaun is right, you can have as many org admins as you need09:51
LennieNo my young padawn, I travel at warp 9.97509:51
* ThomasWaldmann just wondered you have small stardestroyers at hand :)09:52
dionesWhat should I put in my  timeline?09:52
LennieThomasWaldmann: I'm from The Netherlands, everything is possible here :)09:53
Lennieand it's legal :009:53
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SRabbelierdiones: when you plan to finish what09:54
SRabbelierdiones: so if given a list of delivierables09:54
SRabbelierdiones: estimate how long each one will take you09:54
SRabbelierdiones: and put that in your timeline09:54
* SRabbelier is brb, gotta put a letter to the big G on snail mail09:55
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ThomasWaldmannLennie: hehe.10:05
LennieSRabbelier ^_^10:06
sandy|lurkSRabbelier: is duplicate acceptance notification implemented this year? that is, once we see "the line", if I have a student over it and so does another org, will I have any indication in melange?10:16
Lenniesandy|lurk, nope you will be notified through other measures10:19
sandy|lurkLennie: by "you", do you mean "organization admins"?10:19
Lenniethe problem is that we had no way (untill very recently) to keep something like that up to date10:19
LennieApp engine now has cron jobs since 3 days...10:20
Lenniebut they are still very limited10:20
sandy|lurkI understand10:20
sandy|lurkas long as there is some automated way of knowing this, without having to talk to a million people, I think we'll be fine10:20
Lenniewe do plan on having that10:20
Lenniethere is an easy way for us to know who are possible duplicates10:21
Lenniein fact10:21
LennieI tested it today on the GSoC website10:21
Lennieand it worked like a charm :)10:21
Lennieanyhow, wtb long-running threads for App Engine10:25
Lenniethen we can keep stuff like that really up-to-date without too much trouble :D10:25
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SRabbelierheya :)10:55
SRabbelierLennie|Gone: I don't think there will be long-running threads on GAE10:57
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LennieCampFire One talk hinted at it12:03
Lennieanyhow I'm glad there is atleast some cronjob stuff now :D12:03
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madrazrLennie: Hi12:46
madrazrLennie: why is it wicked?12:51
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Lennielooks cool :p12:52
madrazrLennie: ha ha what a timing :D12:52
Lennieit works12:52
madrazrLennie: heh :P12:52
madrazryou scare me a lot12:52
madrazrLennie: you aren't still convinced with my explainations for is_editable?12:52
madrazrLennie: err... The patch which makes proposals editable after deadline if mentors allow it?12:53
Lennieyeah the if statement might be correct12:53
Lenniebut still12:53
Lenniestudents must have the ability to edit their proposal at all time during the signup period12:54
madrazrLennie: it is no?12:54
madrazrLennie: is that an issue with naming by any chance?12:54
Lennieyou know what would be best12:57
madrazrLennie: I did not get you :(12:57
Lennie<- thinking :p12:57
madrazrLennie: Ok :)12:58
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Lenniecall isAfterPeriod :013:01
madrazrLennie: ?13:01
Lennieinstead of isAfterEvent13:01
madrazrLennie: Ok13:01
Lennieyou should seperate some stuff from the if statements13:02
Lennieand make an extra error message13:02
madrazrLennie: Ok13:02
Lenniethat states that you can't edit it now but the org can give you the power to13:02
madrazrLennie: ah cool!13:02
Lenniemight make everything more clear13:02
madrazrLennie: yeah Ok13:02
Lenniealso dont forget about the matched deadline13:02
madrazrLennie: I like this idea13:02
madrazrLennie: sure13:02
madrazrLennie: its Ok if I send it on Monday?13:03
madrazrouch Sunday13:03
Lenniemap first :)?13:03
Lenniethis one can come later13:03
madrazrLennie: Ok sure13:03
madrazrLennie: there are some issues with CSS which I am not able to find out13:04
madrazrLennie: I am not able to make 2 coloumns using CSS, whenever I attempt to do that feeds and maps overlap over each other13:04
LennieI'm no CSS king either13:04
madrazrLennie: heh :)13:05
madrazrwho is the CSS king around?13:05
madrazrwe have a JS King I am happy. Merio :D13:05
madrazrI am happy I know that :D13:05
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madrazrouch Lennie left before I came back :(14:06
madrazrSRabbelier: I am thinking of hosting my mercurial repo at bitbucket or else where, so I can access it instead of sitting bored if I am not at my place. Is that Ok? Are there any licensing issues or such?14:08
SRabbeliermadrazr: nope, go ahead14:08
SRabbeliermadrazr: We're licensed under the Apache License v214:08
SRabbeliermadrazr: you can do pretty much anything you want with the code :)14:08
madrazrSRabbelier: Oh Ok14:09
madrazrthats awesome cool!14:09
madrazrSRabbelier: thanks14:09
SRabbeliermadrazr: yup14:09
madrazrSRabbelier: yeah :)14:09
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warthog9stupid question: how does one view which mentors have said 'I'm willing to mentor this student'?15:31
dhaunthey're listed at the top of each application15:33
warthog9dhaun: ahhhh I was expecting a button or something to click to 'confirm' or something, but I see that now (though it would be nice if their linkid was listed there or something to confirm at the bottom)15:34
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* rwatson ponders a feature like the following: you know your org is going to lose a certain number of students to collisions with other orgs, so you want two kinds of "backup" projects in the queue behind your main choices: (1) fallbacks for specific projects where you got dup proposals for the same idea and want to pick at most one and (2) a general pool of fallbacks17:02
* dhaun would like that feature17:03
ArthurLiurwatson: overengineering :)17:03
ArthurLiujust do it manually17:03
ArthurLiuin practice, everyone will want to tweak stuff manually and be sure it behaves exactly the way it is expected to be17:04
ArthurLiuit's a little like VCR programing :)17:04
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lhrwatson: i like your ideas. did you file feature requests?17:07
* lh waves to rwatson17:07
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rwatsonArthurLiu: not over-engineering in the sense that it would be nice if all the fallbacks/etc didn't require human negotiation, because that's painful. :-)17:09
rwatsonlh: hi :-)17:09
dionesSRabbelier: Heya fella17:09
SRabbelierdiones: Hello again :P17:10
* lh adds to quotes for the ages "human negotiation is painful"17:10
* lh hugs SRabbelier17:10
rwatsonheh. ouch. :-)17:10
lhthanks for all your hard work on slot allocations sverre17:10
* rwatson goes back to lurking and working on other things17:10
lhMerio: did you put in a gsoc app for melange?17:11
SRabbelierlh: hey :)17:11
SRabbelierlh: thank you *hugs back*17:11
Meriolh: hi :) yes, a stats module one17:12
dionesSRabbelier: I have done a litle timeline17:12
SRabbelierdiones: oooh, nice :)17:12
dionesSRabbelier: I wish you could have a look17:13
SRabbelierdiones: Sure, post it as comment :)17:13
lhMerio: hotness. sounds great.17:13
SRabbelierdiones: I'll be notified that you have updated it17:13
freebsd-brooksit seems odd that when you manually rank a proposal, a non-manually ranked proposal can tie with it17:14
SRabbelierfreebsd-brooks: there's no way to change that, unless we then manually change all other ranks17:16
SRabbelierfreebsd-brooks: so we figured it'd be better to do it this way17:16
SRabbelierfreebsd-brooks: then you could +1 or -1 other proposals as needed17:16
Meriolh: I hope ^__^ Did you read it?17:16
SRabbelierdiones: got it17:17
freebsd-brooksSRabbelier: makes sense for ranks other than 1, would it make sense to bump #1 proposals by one more point?17:18
SRabbelierfreebsd-brooks: we could do that, sure *nods*17:18
SRabbelierdiones: mhhh, are you aware that we already use pylint?17:18
dwendthey SRabbelier17:18
SRabbelierdwendt: heya!17:18
dwendtwhat's up with melange17:18
dionesbut you use it as a shell script17:19
SRabbelierdiones: rigth, what do you intend to do then?17:19
dionesthat won't do in a windows system17:19
SRabbelierdwendt: slot allocations and duplicate detection working :)17:19
dwendtoh good, that's important17:19
SRabbelierdiones: like that, what do you intend to do to make it work on windows?17:19
freebsd-brooksSRabbelier: thanks17:19
SRabbelier**ah, like that17:19
SRabbelierfreebsd-brooks: please create a for that17:20
tpbTitle: Project hosting on Google Code (at
dionespydev have a good support for pylint17:20
dionesbut there is a bug17:20
SRabbelierdiones: oh?17:21
dionespossible bug17:21
SRabbelierdiones: in pylint or in pydev?17:21
dioneswhen using pydev+app engine+ pylint; pylint won't find app engine modules.17:22
lhMerio: no, but i can if you would like17:22
dionesI have a feeling that is pydev since I was able to test pylint without pydev and worked flawlessy on our code17:22
SRabbelierdiones: mhhh, did you add GAE to yoru pythonpath?17:23
dionesyes, all of them17:23
dionesyes, project pythonpath, pydev pythonpath, pylint pythonpath17:23
SRabbelierdiones: I just think it's a tad long to be working on that, no?17:23
dioneswindows pythonpath17:24
Meriolh: it'd be awesome, btw it's up to you :)17:24
lhMerio: i will take a look provided the melange mentors are ok with it, i have not signed up to mentor for melange17:25
dionesPossibly, but I marked pydev stuff as optional in my project proposal17:26
dionesSRabbelier: So whether I can or not complete it, after the first 2 weeks I'll move on to smoke tests17:27
SRabbelierdiones: also, your timeline is too long I think17:28
SRabbelierdiones: 17/08 is the firm pencils down date17:28
Meriolh: ok, hope they're agree with it17:29
SRabbelierMerio: we do :)17:30
dionesSRabbelier: If I kill  4 weeks of pylint I might do it 10 days before the end of GSoC17:31
MerioSRabbelier: heya :)17:31
SRabbelierdiones: I feel you should be doing the pylint stuff during the community bonding period17:32
SRabbelierdiones: as it's related to getting your setup working17:32
SRabbelierdiones: rather than coding on melange17:32
SRabbelierMerio: hey :)17:32
ErantSRabbelier: OHAI17:34
* lh heads out for the afternoon to run errands17:34
SRabbelierErant: haaaai ^_^17:35
SRabbelierlh: one errant, two errands?17:35
ErantSRabbelier: Codin'?17:35
SRabbelierErant: yush17:35
ErantThis is the first time in ages I can just sit down and code an entire evening17:36
lherant = on a journey17:36
SRabbelierErant: amazing :P17:36
SRabbelierlh: that's what the name means?17:36
ErantNever heard of, tbh.17:37
lhSRabbelier: yes.17:37
lhknight errant?17:37
SRabbelierlh: cool17:37
* lh leaves the 12th century for a few minutes17:37
ErantSRabbelier: Pretty much, yeah. Feels good. :P Knocking out some good C code, doing evil linkerscript magix.17:38
SRabbelierErant: for shame :P17:38
ErantLinkerscript magix ftw.17:38
Erant"Welcome to Crappy BootLoader (CBL) v0.01 (build 20)"17:39
SRabbelierErant: lolol17:39
ErantBuild number's just so I can see whether I actually uploaded the most recent build.17:39
ErantI made that mistake one too many times17:40
SRabbelierErant: noice17:40
ErantSo now I need to dive into my ARM manual again... Unless someone here knows how to flush the DCache and invalidate the ICache on an ARM9?17:40
SRabbelierErant: yup, I do17:41
SRabbelierErant: step 1. get hammers17:41
SRabbelierErant: 2. swing17:41
SRabbelierErant: 3. profit17:41
SRabbelierErant: works, guaranteed!17:41
ErantIt's deffo going to invalidate the ICache17:42
ErantNot too sure about flushing the DCache17:42
SRabbelierErant: it'll be empty for sure17:42
ErantIt's probably going to invalidate a whole bunch of things.17:42
ErantTrue enough17:42
SRabbelierErant: :D17:42
dionesWhere is that nice calendar of GSoC?17:43
SRabbelierErant: I'm actually working on the Melange release  script atm17:43
Erantw0t's it do?17:43
SRabbelierdiones: I'll mail it to you17:44
ErantBesides sitting there, being pwetty17:44
SRabbelierdiones: pm me your email17:44
SRabbelierErant: it do releases17:44
SRabbelierErant: simple enough, no?17:44
SRabbelierErant: indeed17:45
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dionesSRabbelier: I hate working with dates17:52
SRabbelierdiones: weeks  is good enough17:52
SRabbelierdiones: that's what I did for my GSoC17:52
SRabbelierdiones: you can also do your timeline as GSoC calendar17:52
SRabbelierdiones: err, Google Calendar ofc.17:52
SRabbelierdiones: and then share that with us in a comment17:52
dionesSRabbelier: So I have actually 11 weeks to code17:57
SRabbelierdiones: yes, how come you didn't know this?17:57
tpb<> (at
dionesSRabbelier: I'm a bit slow on math17:58
dionesSRabbelier: And bat with dates also17:58
SRabbelierdiones: smooth :P17:58
Erantdiones: Bad way to get girls. They generally don't like you batting them.18:06
dionesErant: lol18:06
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lresendeany tips on how to import the exprted csv file into google docs ?18:15
SRabbelierlresende: hmmm... put them in excel/oocalc and then import that?18:22
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dionesSRabbelier: btw, why Program announced. Life is good.18:35
dionesIn gsoc timeline18:35
SRabbelierdiones: uhm, cos it's true? :d18:35
dionesSRabbelier: Just that?18:36
SRabbelierdiones: yup18:36
SRabbelierdiones: timeline has to start _somewhere_ :P18:39
dionesSo you guys just felt the first line was too short18:41
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homunqI'm getting "500 server error" for about 2 minutes now.20:26
homunqOh well. I'll come back later. Just letting y'all know.20:27
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dionesMe too20:32
dionesIts back now20:32
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