Wednesday, 2009-04-08

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chunmunanyone awake?04:13
chunmunmadrazr: ping04:13
madrazrchunmun: pong04:13
chunmunmadrazr: #gsoc04:13
chunmunmadrazr: the update that was supposed to allow students to edit their proposal if allowed by mentors04:14
chunmunwas it pushed?04:14
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merbztI need to revert an application that I marked as ineligible, how do I do that ?07:05
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madrazr1Merio: TBH Firebug is god!09:57
Meriomadrazr1: really it is ^__^10:00
madrazr1Merio: maps are working for Org home page now10:00
madrazr1I asked Pawel what to do regarding orgadmin being shown with a different marker, he did not say anything10:01
Meriomadrazr1: great work man! lines drawn too? :)10:01
madrazr1Merio: have to ask him again10:01
madrazr1Merio: yes10:01
madrazr1Merio: also the logic is greatly reduced now10:01
madrazr1Merio: the Python side data construction logic I mean10:01
tpbTitle: Paste #111594 | LodgeIt! (at
Meriomadrazr1: great! I dunno how it worked last year. Try to post a question in the dev list (if you didn't, I'm few days late on reading it.. my fault! :P), so the commiters can reply you when they're less busy10:02
madrazr1Merio: as far as we see in last year's app, we don't see org admin marker separately10:03
madrazr1SRabbelier: who was your org admin last year?10:03
Meriomadrazr1: so remain with this now and just ask the dev list, if required you will be asked to10:03
madrazr1Merio: yeah Ok sure10:03
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madrazrMerio: want to do some CSS thats all now :)10:04
Meriomadrazr: seems easier now :) Even if the Karnaugh maps thing has been useless I hope you enjoyed a bit anyway :P eheheh :P10:05
madrazrMerio: it was way too awesome than I could imagine10:05
Meriomadrazr: ok, great, feel free to ping me if you need :)10:06
madrazrlearnt so much, and a bit of first year Basic Electronics :D10:06
madrazrMerio: sure10:06
Meriomadrazr: eheh much fun ^__^10:06
madrazrMerio: yeah10:06
merbztI need to revert an application that I marked as ineligible, how do I do that ?10:11
kblinman, I forgot how slow svn was for some operations10:20
kblinok, so what's the fastest way to get some data into melange?10:22
* madrazr is curious to know what life altering changes happened at r383, hg subversion is going dead at r383 :(10:23
kblinah, screw this10:25
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SRabbelierkblin: what's you need?10:43
kblinSRabbelier: nothing10:43
SRabbelierkblin: no?:(10:44
kblinI'm not going through the legal red tape for a patch that'll probably take < 5 lines10:44
SRabbelierkblin:what legal red tape>?10:45
kblinthe cla is like two pages10:45
SRabbeliermadrazr: "major reorganization of the soc svn repo, to mergei not a single APp ENgine image (to make development easier, now that only a singel app will run all GOSPO programS)10:45
kblinthat's more paperwork than my last job contract10:45
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SRabbelierkblin: it's ~= the git Signed off by stuff10:46
madrazrSRabbelier: Oh Ok, I am not able to hgsubversion clone the repo because of 38310:46
SRabbeliermadrazr: pwnd :)10:46
madrazrI have been trying continously from last 6 hrs10:46
madrazrSRabbelier: heh :)10:46
SRabbeliermadrazr: can't you start cloning from a higher revision/10:47
SRabbeliermadrazr: with git-svn you can specify the revision to start from10:47
madrazrSRabbelier: Oh, I must try that10:47
SRabbeliermadrazr: you should10:47
madrazrSRabbelier: if so I will clone from r384 :P10:47
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kblinSRabbelier: I'll just file a bug10:47
SRabbeliermadrazr: just start at like, 100010:47
madrazrSRabbelier: Ok10:47
SRabbelierkblin: :(10:47
madrazrSRabbelier: if something goes wrong, I will summon durin42 ;-)10:48
* madrazr runs10:48
kblinSRabbelier: part of the cla isn't even legal here10:48
kblinat least from the way I understand it10:48
SRabbelierkblin: oh, how so?10:48
SRabbeliermadrazr: lol, you should!10:49
SRabbeliermadrazr: he wrote it :D10:49
kblinSRabbelier: I can't assign copyright to anyone10:49
kblinapart from dying10:50
SRabbelierkblin: ah, right, did you try die()?10:50
SRabbelierkblin: I think it's perl10:50
kblinanyway, it's already filed10:50
SRabbelierkblin: doesn't it say that if it's not legal where you live it's void?10:50
kblindunno, I just skimmed it10:51
madrazrSRabbelier: there is -S which is Skip before Revision10:52
SRabbeliermadrazr: win :)10:52
madrazrSRabbelier: yeah :)10:53
kblinSRabbelier: as I said on #gsoc, this one doesn't itch enough to bother10:53
SRabbeliermadrazr: start at 1k10:53
SRabbeliermadrazr: it's not interesting before there10:53
madrazrSRabbelier: Ok sure10:53
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madrazrnot interesting, lol!10:53
kblinI might reconsider when getting to an itch that'll take longer to fix than to read the legalese10:53
SRabbeliermadrazr: mostly Todd making changes to the wiki :P10:53
madrazrSRabbelier: Oh Ok10:54
SRabbelierkblin: consider it a one-time investemnt :P10:54
kblinSRabbelier: currently I was planning to do that one-time investment as code10:54
SRabbelierkblin: ehe10:54
kblinthough I could probably fork and patch it there10:54
SRabbelierkblin: btw, if you want to clone melange from git, you can use
tpbTitle: Public Git Hosting - Melange.git/summary (at
kblinSRabbelier: sweet, thanks10:54
SRabbelierkblin: np, it's almost always in synch with trunk :)10:55
kblinmuch better than svn :)10:57
SRabbelierkblin: indeed :)10:57
kblinso assuming I want to fix that mentor assignment thing, how do I get a database pre-filled so I don't need to fill out those forms again?10:58
SRabbelierkblin: go to http://localhost:8080/seed_db and enjoy10:59
SRabbelierkblin: mh/11:01
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lhSRabbelier: ping11:10
madrazrSRabbelier: I am not able to get the CSS right for org home page map. But other than that everything seems fine.11:37
madrazrAs I have already said I will not be able to work for next 3 days, shall I send the patch? Some one else may be able to pick it up and complete just the CSS part?11:37
lhmadrazr: SRabbelier is heading home from university will be back soonish11:38
madrazrlh: ah Ok, thanks :)11:38
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SRabbeliermadrazr: yup, send out the patch12:15
SRabbeliermadrazr: it'll be looked at by either Pawel or lennie :)12:16
madrazrSRabbelier: Ok sure12:16
madrazrSRabbelier: the patch is ready, was waiting for your approval :P12:16
kblinhm, so, seed_db doesn't make me admin of any org, does it?12:17
SRabbelierkblin: it does12:18
SRabbelierkblin: as long as you're logged in when you run iut12:19
SRabbelierkblin: or sign in as [email protected]12:19
SRabbelierkblin: (it makes the user that is logged in when running seed_db the owner/creator/etc for a whole bunch of stuff, or if no-one is logged in, uses [email protected] instead)12:19
kblinbasically hmm12:20
kblinhang om12:20
SRabbelierkblin: basically hmm?12:20
kblinbackspace key too slow12:22
kblinI just did a seed_db, but I don't see anything more going on12:22
kblindo I need to log in as admin?12:22
SRabbelierkblin: no, mhhh, it should just run as long as you're running locally or in debug mode12:23
kblindon't see any difference12:27
kblinI still just see the user and programs menu12:27
kblinah, clicking that flush cache button helped12:28
kblinbut roles still says "You don't have any Roles in Melange. "12:28
madrazrSRabbelier: sent!12:28
SRabbeliermadrazr: that's weird12:29
madrazrSRabbelier: why?12:29
SRabbeliermadrazr: err, meant kblin :P12:29
SRabbelierkblin: let met test12:29
madrazrSRabbelier: heh Ok12:29
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kblinSRabbelier: ok, I'll restart again12:30
SRabbelierkblin: you can clear the datastore through http://localhost:8080/clear_db12:30
kblinso, I do a git clean -xdf12:30
SRabbelierkblin: kblin: or restart with http://localhost:8080/reseed_db12:30
SRabbelierkblin: appengine stores the db on /tmp12:31
kblinnasty :)12:31
SRabbelierkblin: hehe12:32
SRabbelierkblin: or run -c12:32
kblinmuch better12:33
SRabbelierkblin: it worked now?12:34
kblinI'm just used to apps keeping all their stuff under the source dir for dev mode12:34
SRabbelierkblin: you can specify where to put them on the commandline12:34
kblinyeah, sure12:34
kblinI'm talking about useful defaults12:35
SRabbelierkblin: Hehe12:35
SRabbelierkblin: which is why I have 'git config alias.deploy" :)12:35
kblinanyway, I don't seem to have student proposals in any org, is that correct?12:36
SRabbelierkblin: mhh, yes, I never got around to having seed_db add any of those12:43
SRabbelierkblin: if you want it to add those it's fairly trivial12:43
SRabbelierkblin: the code is in soc.models.seed_db12:43
SRabbelierkblin: examples a plenty :)12:43
kblinyeah, dinner first, though12:44
SRabbelierkblin: indeed12:58
* geekius_caesar can't post comments..12:59
SRabbeliergeekius_caesar: eh?12:59
geekius_caesarI'm trying to post a comment in respond to a mentor comment but13:00
geekius_caesarpage loads and loads and loads13:00
geekius_caesaruntil I get a blank page13:00
geekius_caesarif noone else has reported it, may be a problem on my side.13:01
SRabbeliergeekius_caesar: hmm, what browser? (doesn't sound familiar)13:03
geekius_caesarFirefox 3.0.8, maybe it's the network conditions..13:06
geekius_caesarThe thing is that i'm trying to post a comment since 3 PM, UTC/GMT+1, weird huh?13:09
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kblinSRabbelier: there's a seed_student_proposal() function13:40
kblinSRabbelier: how would I call that?13:42
kblinwhat's with all the trailing whitespace in all the code?13:49
SRabbelierkblin: not me ;)13:51
* SRabbelier uses git :P13:52
kblinit just stands out in my editor and looks really bad :)13:53
kblinI need to create a student user to submit a student proposal, right?13:55
kblinI also wonder who thought a 2 space indentation was a good idea13:57
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kblinanyway, it seems that I can seed student proposals from seed_many14:00
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getxsickis paweł sołyga here?14:02
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getxsicki found a little bug in melange14:05
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kblinhm, ok, whatever, how do I create a student application manually?14:06
kblinthat's faster than trying to figure out the seed_db code which is full of variables that say nothing to me14:06
SRabbelierkblin: I think 2 space indentation is Google policy14:10
SRabbelierkblin: you go to 'edit timline' for gsoc2009 for example14:10
SRabbelierkblin: and set 'student signup start' to before now14:10
SRabbelierkblin: and 'student signup end' to after now14:11
SRabbelierkblin: and hit flush cache so you can see the sidebar link14:11
SRabbeliergetxsick: pawel is not, but I am14:11
getxsickSRabbelier: well, one of my proposal looks so bad14:11
getxsicki mean, there is some problems with divs or something14:11
SRabbeliergetxsick: did you paste it from MS Word?14:12
getxsickfrom MoinMoin14:12
SRabbeliergetxsick: it probably used style tags?14:12
getxsickwell, currently some texts overlap others14:12
getxsickpropably, but i don't how it was converted when i paste it into melange's editor14:13
getxsickbut the fact is that i can't write comments because comment box is under other layer14:13
kblinremind me to never work on python code unless I get combat pay14:14
kblinI'm not allowed to graduate in 252514:14
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durin42kblin: huh?14:19
durin42kblin: Python is your friend.14:19
SRabbelierkblin: I second durin42's comment, what's wrong with python? :P14:19
SRabbeliergetxsick: so, it's not quite a bug in Melange, right?14:19
SRabbeliergetxsick: at most a bug in TinyMCE?14:19
kblinSRabbelier: for google, that is14:20
kblindurin42: not at 2 space indentation14:20
SRabbelierkblin: I find it very readable :)14:20
durin42kblin: Tabs are the One True Indentation, yet no editor properly supports them14:20
kblindurin42: I can only think of one indentation setting that's wirese than that..14:20
kblindurin42: one-space indentation :)14:21
kblinSRabbelier: not for getting the rough workings of a page of unknown code at a glance14:21
getxsickSRabbelier: propably. but it's still the problem ;-)14:21
kblinI tend to need 4 spaces at least14:21
SRabbelierkblin: sed "s/  /++++/g" | sed "s/++++/    /" ?14:22
kblinsure, and I image how happy you folks will be when I submit that14:23
SRabbelierkblin: obviously you s/    /++/g" | sed "s/++/  /g" before you submit ;)14:25
getxsickSRabbelier: so i can't make comments, right? :)14:27
SRabbeliergetxsick: weeeel... mhhh... can you paste me the url of your application?14:27
getxsickSRabbelier: pm14:28
kblinok.. anyway, I'm in the student proposal view python file now, where does it fill the possible mentor field?14:28
SRabbeliergetxsick: lol, very nice14:28
SRabbelierkblin: wasn't the point that it didn't atm?14:28
getxsickSRabbelier: do you think? :)14:29
SRabbeliergetxsick: so I'm not sure what's actually wrong with the html to cause this :P14:30
kblinSRabbelier: no, I can see the "possible mentors" field being filled14:30
SRabbeliergetxsick: I'm looking at the source but I don't see anything scary14:30
kblinSRabbelier: it just doesn't give an easy way to get at the link_id14:30
getxsickSRabbelier: well it doesn't help ;-014:30
SRabbelierkblin: right, that's because atm it's just a regular field that's auto-constructed by Django14:30
* kblin knows why he used python for his webapp14:31
kbliner pylons14:31
kblintoo much magic in django14:31
SRabbelierkblin: yeah, there's _a lot_ of magic in Django14:33
SRabbelierkblin: I didn't get on board till all these major design decisions (like using Django and whatnot) were already made14:34
kblinI'm not blaming you personally14:34
SRabbelierkblin: the relevant line is 25814:34
SRabbelierin student_proposal.py14:34
kblinI'm just collecting a list of things I can reply when people ask me to send melange patches14:35
SRabbeliergetxsick: anything I can do to fix your proposal?14:35
getxsickSRabbelier: yeah, just fix it :)14:35
kblinis there a version of readonly_field_as_table_row that'll give me a dropdown box option instead?14:35
SRabbelierkblin: no, but there is a field that will give you autocomplete14:35
SRabbelierkblin: so you'd only have to change line 24614:36
SRabbelierkblin:  widgets.ReferenceField14:36
kblinSRabbelier: that is that the model or the view?14:36
SRabbelierkblin: grep and thou shalt find14:36
SRabbelierkblin: view, sorry14:36
kblinI don't see how this maps to the equivalent field in the template14:38
SRabbelierkblin: (please prefix your messages with SRabbelier, I'm multitasking a lot and I forget to check IRC)14:39
SRabbelierkblin: through some magic of our own14:39
SRabbelierkblin: the dictionary defined in line 245 is converted to an actual field14:39
SRabbelierkblin: which is then (together with the 'rank' field) converted into a form14:39
kblinSRabbelier: ah. obviously14:40
SRabbelierkblin: heh, the alternative is defining a whole bunch of forms manually14:40
SRabbelierkblin: anyway, this is why I offer to help people get started14:41
SRabbelierkblin: anyway, does grepping for widgets.ReferenceField tell you enough on how it is used?14:42
*** madrazr has left #melange14:42
SRabbelierkblin: the one in say, group_app line makes for a fair example14:42
kblinyay, I got melange to crash14:44
dwendthey SRabbelier14:48
SRabbelierdwendt: heya14:49
kblinSRabbelier: hm, I used the reference field thing, fixed my typo so melange doesn't crash anymore, but there's no autocomplete14:50
kblinthen again, I've always had trouble with the autocomplete in melange, so that might just be me14:50
SRabbelierkblin: ok, so here's the non-trivial part14:51
SRabbelierkblin: look at the soruce of the page14:51
SRabbelierkblin: scroll down to the assign mentor field14:51
SRabbelierkblin: look for a url saying 'pick'14:51
kblin    $.getJSON("/possible_mentors/pick",14:52
kblinI assume the possible_mentors one is wrong14:52
kblinbut that's the key used in the template to get the field_as_table_row thing14:52
SRabbelierkblin: right14:52
SRabbelierkblin: it should be mentors14:52
SRabbelierkblin: since that's the url of the 'mentors' :)14:53
Meriokblin: doesn't autocomplete work for you?14:53
SRabbelierkblin: also, it needs some pimping14:53
SRabbelierMerio: O HI :D14:53
MerioSRabbelier: hi ^__^14:54
kblinMerio: it's flaky14:54
kblinMerio: sometimes it does work, sometimes it doesnt14:54
SRabbelierkblin: could be server takes a while to finish getting the entities for the autocomplete14:54
SRabbelierkblin: depends on how many entities there are in total for your particular query14:54
kblinah, fair enough14:54
SRabbelierkblin: the more entities, the longer it takes to get them, so the longer you have to wait for it to kick in14:55
kblinit was the invite mentors field I was having issues with14:55
Meriokblin: wow, quantistic autocompletion... I should apply for a patent ^__^14:55
kblinwhich iterates over all users, I guess14:55
SRabbelierkblin: mhhh, yeah, it only fetches the first 1k users xD14:55
kblinthat's just plain broken14:56
SRabbelierkblin: I know14:56
kblinbut that's another issue14:56
SRabbelierkblin: we can't fetch more in one request14:56
SRabbelierkblin: we're going to fix it with scheduled tasks14:56
SRabbelierkblin: to build up the list iteratively14:56
SRabbelierkblin: but will take a few to have that done :)14:56
kblinanyway, I'm beginning to see why I waned to implement this as a dropdown14:56
kblinstupid ajax magic14:56
kblinwhat happened to plain old websites?14:56
SRabbelierkblin: -shrugs-, would take longer for the page to load14:57
SRabbelierkblin: probably  longer than you are willing to wait14:57
* Merio cries :P14:57
SRabbelierMerio: don't worry about it, kblin is a grumpy guy :P14:57
dwendthrm... they just announced java servlet support for app engine14:57
kblinif I only got the people who want to mentor the proposal, that'd be two or three <option> tags14:57
SRabbelierdwendt: yup, I read!14:58
MerioSRabbelier: just kidding ^__^ I remember that we can't use "LIKE" for queries in GAE, is it true? Because it would solve some issues about autocompletion14:58
kblinhow do I debug this ajax stuff?14:58
SRabbelierkblin: right, so now you got the right pick url14:58
SRabbelierkblin: just visit it in a separate window14:58
SRabbelierkblin: you'll see the result as a JSON string14:59
Meriokblin: get Firebug firefox extension and play with console.debug() or console.dir()14:59
SRabbelierkblin: (think python dictionary notation)14:59
SRabbelierMerio: yup, sadly it's true14:59
dwendt...and the Java servlet environment also supports cron jobs14:59
kblinMerio: see, that's where it starts15:00
SRabbelierdwendt: the python one does too15:00
SRabbelierkblin: as said, you don't have to15:00
SRabbelierkblin: are you trying to make this work15:00
SRabbelierkblin: or are you looking for reasons to copmlain15:00
kblinI just want to save the admins to look up the link_id for possible mentors15:00
*** James--Crook has joined #melange15:00
SRabbelierkblin: cos if it's the latter I'd rather spend my time on different things15:00
kblinSRabbelier: btw, /mentors/pick 404s15:00
SRabbelierkblin: mentor, singular15:01
kblinSRabbelier: same15:01
SRabbelierkblin: my bad15:01
SRabbelierkblin: ah, right, you'll need to add this oneliner to views/models/mentor.py15:01
SRabbelierkblin: new_params['pickable'] = True15:02
SRabbelierkblin: anywhere in the __init__ method15:02
SRabbelierkblin: (obviously after new_params has been declared)15:02
kblinSRabbelier: only user and documents have a pick url, it seems15:02
SRabbelierkblin: right, 'privacy' feature15:02
kblinand implement a pick attribute, it seems15:03
kblinSRabbelier: ^^15:04
SRabbelierkblin: ah, yes, my bad15:04
SRabbelierkblin: add pick = decorators.view(view.pick) at the bottom is enough15:04
kblingot that15:04
kblinstole it from users :)15:04
SRabbelierkblin: yup, that's where I got the pickable line15:05
* SRabbelier doesn't remember all of Melange15:05
* SRabbelier gets snippets from other parts of the codebase15:05
kblinI'm not convinced we really want that, though15:05
SRabbelierkblin: want what?15:06
kblinSRabbelier: make mentors pickable15:06
SRabbelierkblin: mhhh, no?15:06
kblinSRabbelier: that really leaks all the information from the mentor page15:07
SRabbelierkblin: hmmm, I guess a custom key_order is needed for pick15:07
SRabbelierkblin: so that you could say15:07
SRabbelierkblin: only export the link_id and name?15:07
kblincall me old-fashioned, but if my org admin wants to know my t-shirt size, he should ask me :)15:07
* SRabbelier snickers15:07
SRabbelieryeah, ok15:07
kblinah, I see15:07
SRabbelierkblin: one sec, let me see if I can whip that up15:07
kblinuser doesn't leak that15:08
kblinbut I don't see the magic that causes that15:08
SRabbelierkblin: that's cos user doesn't contain anything else15:08
SRabbelierkblin: in, line 71015:09
SRabbelierkblin: change to15:09
SRabbelier    key_order = params.get('cache_pick_order')15:09
SRabbelier    data = [i.toDict(key_order) for i in entities]15:09
SRabbelierkblin: add 'cache_pick_order' to same way you added pickable15:09
SRabbelierkblin: watch the magic15:09
kblinSRabbelier: 'View' object has no attribute 'cache_pick_order'15:11
kblinImpressive :)15:11
SRabbelierkblin: huh?15:11
kblinSRabbelier: ah, in the params15:12
SRabbelierkblin: yes :P15:12
kblinSRabbelier: that takes a list, right?15:13
SRabbelierkblin: yes, it does15:13
SRabbelierkblin: so pass it ['link_id', 'name_on_documents'] and it should work15:14
SRabbelierkblin: actually, 'name' instead of 'name_on_documents' might be better15:14
kblinSRabbelier: that's what I did15:14
SRabbelierkblin: ok15:14
kblinSRabbelier: works, I just got ...15:14
kblin{"data": [{"name": "Test Example", "link_id": "test"}, {"name": "test user", "link_id": "test"}, {"name": "Test Example", "link_id": "test"}]}15:15
kblinthree times? :)15:15
kblinI thought link_ids were unique :)15:15
kblinanyway, that seems to work15:16
kblinSRabbelier: thanks for the help15:16
SRabbelierkblin: mhhhh, that's weird15:16
SRabbelierkblin: can you test with multiple orgs?15:16
SRabbelierkblin: (multiple mentors for different orgs that is)15:17
kblinsure, I just need to create some more mentors then15:17
*** Dran has joined #melange15:17
DranJoin the code geass rp!
tpb<> (at
kblinis there any way to skip the three-way-handshake?15:17
Dransay u have lopus15:18
kblinSRabbelier: can I quick-add mentors somehow?15:19
*** Dran was kicked by SRabbelier (go spam somewhere else)15:20
dwendtdidn't know code geass was a part of melange15:20
SRabbelierkblin: mhhh, I dont' think so15:20
SRabbelierdwendt: well, not anymore :P15:20
kblinI don't have lopus anyway15:21
dwendtIt's never lopus.15:21
kblinah, I can make it a two-way handshakre15:23
SRabbelierkblin: right, by inviting the user15:24
*** lh_roaming has joined #melange15:24
lh_roamingJames--Crook: ping, sorry i am very late15:25
lh_roamingmeeting ran over and had to get food, skipped breakfast15:25
lh_roamingeh, it happens15:25
SRabbelierlh_roaming: *peer*, did you eat yet?15:25
lh_roamingSRabbelier: plate of food beside me15:25
lh_roamingJames--Crook: so i read through your chat log with sverre15:25
lh_roamingand agreed that we want to make melange a system that can create a developer hub that is compelling to FLOSS folks15:26
kblinSRabbelier: ok, now I have link_id test three times and the new mentor once15:26
SRabbelierlh_roaming: good15:26
lh_roamingJames--Crook: however, your ideas about sharing code and doing collaborative programming within the application15:26
SRabbelierkblin: can you look in the admin panel?15:26
kblinSRabbelier: so I assume the test link_id is borked somehow and it works otherwise15:27
SRabbelierkblin: http://localhost:8080/_ah/admin/datastore?kind=Mentor15:27
SRabbelierkblin: see if mebbe there's actually three mentors?15:27
lh_roamingJames--Crook: i am not sure i understand your vision and there may be barriers to implementing some features based on google's requirements, but that doesn't mean they need to be features melange should not have15:27
lh_roamingJames--Crook: so tell me more about how you see melange working as a development hub15:27
James--CrookIt's far future.15:27
kblinSRabbelier: yeah15:27
James--CrookIt's about reducing barrier to entry.15:28
kblinSRabbelier: link_id test is mentor for three orgs15:28
kblinSRabbelier: and as such is in the list three times15:28
SRabbelierkblin: ok, so, it's showing mentors from _all_ orgs?15:28
lh_roamingJames--Crook: i see it as being a useful place to collect all kinds of information about best practices, resources for learning, etc.15:28
kblinSRabbelier: yes15:28
James--CrookEven with the best instructions in a wiki it takes a lot to set up a dev environment.15:28
SRabbelierkblin: ok, so now the trick is to tell the pick url to filter15:28
kblinSRabbelier: where do I steal that from? :)15:29
James--CrookAnd talking through/debugging a bug with someone in IRC is slow.15:29
lh_roamingJames--Crook: e.g. i am someone who wants to learn about git stuff. there's a ton of resources out there. why not create a list of *useful* resources, where useful is defined as recommended by the actual development team. (shorter list = less chance your would-be developer will fail out)15:29
SRabbelierkblin: try it the view, it does Document auto-complete15:29
lh_roamingJames--Crook: understood on the development environment and IRC chat. how could melange improve these?15:29
SRabbelierkblin: which are scope by, indeed, the org! :)15:29
James--CrookSo it's the nearer term things we need to focus on15:29
SRabbelierkblin: (just like the mentors)15:29
kblinSRabbelier: great15:30
James--CrookLong term future, people develop code on a wiki, not just text.15:30
lh_roamingJames--Crook: agreed, but i am having a planning/strategy/roadmap meeting with pawel next week and i want to make the most effective use of time. even if ideas are merely a glint in our collective eye, we should be designing to make many things possible long term15:30
James--Crookbut shorter term we need to look at why would an org install their own copy of Melange?15:30
lh_roamingJames--Crook: we should ask hilmar lapp. he's doing it.15:31
lh_roamingJames--Crook: for other orgs and their use of melange, i am less worried. i want what we have done with melange for gsoc 2009 to be a portal for open source developers to share with each other and to others who want to learn15:31
kblinSRabbelier: is that the     rights['pick'] = ['checkDocumentPick']15:31
James--CrookStill too restricted...  If Audacity wanted to run an Audacity-SoC we would be too small scale to make much use of Melange.15:32
lh_roamingJames--Crook: i think that folks who want to use it for their own use cases will find what we implement beneficial and hopefully contribute back their own fixes that will help out all15:32
SRabbelierkblin: views/models/            reference_url='document', filter=['__scoped__'],15:32
SRabbelierkblin: that line15:32
SRabbelierkblin: the filter=... part is what you want15:32
kblinSRabbelier: right, reading helps15:32
SRabbelierkblin: ^_^15:32
kblinSRabbelier: my bad15:32
SRabbelierkblin: 't does15:32
James--CrookIn the shorter term I want to see orgs adopting it because they can use it as a kick-ass bug tracker, that happens to be in the right format for GHoP.15:32
lh_roamingJames--Crook: ok, that's good feedback. why are you too small scale to make use of melange? or is it that the current overhead to use melange (from a usability, feature richness perspective) makes not using it better than using it15:32
James--CrookOverhead is small.  But it is not needed.15:33
lh_roamingJames--Crook: i think most orgs will argue that they want to track issues in their issue tracker not in melange.15:33
James--CrookFunding a GSoC ourselves we'd have maybe two participants.15:33
lh_roamingJames--Crook: got it, can handle things via email only for example15:33
* lh_roaming notes this15:33
lh_roamingJames--Crook: so on tracking of issues (i like to think of it as a running "help wanted list")15:33
James--CrookYes... but many orgs would love to have GHoP happen for them, and for that they need to have their bugs in a good format.  And that takes time.15:34
lh_roamingJames--Crook: would you suggest that we try to make it possible for melange to "talk" to other issue trackers, at least the most common (e.g. bugzilla, trac)15:34
James--CrookNo, because I think we can easily do better than any bug tracker out there.15:34
lh_roamingso how can melange help with getting bugs in a good format?15:34
James--CrookMelange is going to have a bug tracker in it anyway to run GHoP.  (Or so I understand)15:35
lh_roamingJames--Crook: i dont necessarily disagree with that, but i think "converting" other projects to a different issue tracker is going to be very hard. low motivation to do it.15:35
James--CrookNot at all.15:35
kblinSRabbelier: what prefix would that be, then?15:35
SRabbelierJames--Crook: agreed there's no low motivation15:35
James--CrookBug trackers eat time, in their current incarnation.15:36
lh_roamingJames--Crook: it will have a task list - these tasks can be bugs or other help wanted items (e.g. creating a marketing brochure is not really a bug, although it is a "bug" that one doesn't have one when it is needed_15:36
SRabbelierkblin: no prefix, just the filter=['__scoped__'] part15:36
SRabbelierkblin: (since mentors don't have a prefix, that's something that only applies to Documents)15:36
James--CrookUnderneath, yes, but the psychology is very important.15:36
lh_roamingJames--Crook: so what does a better work (bug) tracker look like?15:36
lh_roamingpsychology of it - please elaborate15:36
James--CrookWell, first thing to notice that feature requests are not bugs, and they are more fluid.15:36
James--CrookNo one likes to have 500 bugs, even if we call them 'issues'.15:37
kblinSRabbelier: more magic, I guess :)15:37
*** dhaun has joined #melange15:37
lh_roamingJames--Crook: fair enough.15:37
SRabbelierkblin: not really :D15:37
James--CrookAlso bug trackers are designed with a culture of blame.15:37
SRabbelierkblin: we have a sort of 'filesystem' for documents15:37
kblinJames--Crook: I disagree that missing features are not bugs15:37
SRabbelierkblin: e.g., your user documents live under '/user', etc15:37
lh_roamingJames--Crook: completely true on the culture of blame15:37
SRabbelierkblin: (it's only virtual though)15:37
kblinSRabbelier: nah, I mean the __scoped__15:37
James--CrookThey're for companies that want to see who messed up, and for people who are working to show that they passed the buck at the right time.15:37
SRabbelierkblin: oh, right :)15:38
SRabbelierkblin: you can specify any field there15:38
lh_roamingJames--Crook: lol. with you there.15:38
SRabbelierkblin: hmmmm.... does it work?15:38
James--CrookSo, in open source we instead assume good faith.15:38
kblinSRabbelier: let me see15:38
SRabbelierkblin: we might need a __scopescope__ or something15:38
James--CrookWe do occasionally need to look back and see who said what when...15:38
SRabbelierkblin: since student proposal has the wrong scope... maybe... mhh15:38
James--Crookbut that is very much more wiki than issue tracker.15:39
kblinSRabbelier: the pick url is /mentor/pick?scope_path=google/gsoc2009/student/t12392145921315:39
kblinSRabbelier: I guess that's wrong15:39
SRabbelierkblin: ah, yupyup15:39
James--CrookThe aim should be that the bug part of an issue tracker has about 20 bugs in it.15:39
SRabbelierkblin: yes, it is :P15:39
James--CrookEveryone feels happy.15:39
SRabbelierkblin: ok, so, a touch of magic is needed, mhhh...15:39
James--CrookThe feature request part should be overflowing with ideas...  and very wiki in the way we run it.15:39
lh_roamingJames--Crook: where those 20 bugs are actual breakage instead of discussion of what iss needed and how it could be implemented, with comments preserved for work sbumitted15:40
SRabbelierkblin: try 'org' instead of '__scoped__'15:40
James--CrookYes.  They are the defects.15:40
James--CrookWhere everyone agrees something is wrong.15:40
James--CrookAnd little need for discussion.15:40
kblinSRabbelier: /mentor/pick?org=<soc.models.organization.Organization object at 0xaf366ac> <-- not quite15:40
James--CrookYou also keep the Heisenbugs out of it, the ones that ar not reproducible.15:40
James--CrookPeople get appreciated when they convert an unreproducible bug to a hard known bug.15:41
SRabbelierkblin: lol, crud15:41
kblinJames--Crook: is that a bit like what launchpad is doing with the blueprints?15:41
SRabbelierkblin: but almost!15:41
James--CrookIt's THE major step.15:41
lh_roamingJames--Crook: i agree with kblin it does sound a lot like launchpad15:41
*** anothy_x has quit IRC15:41
kblinSRabbelier: true :)15:41
James--Crookkblin: I don't know launchpad.  Tell me more.15:41
kblinJames--Crook: it has a blueprints tracker that's more free form than the issue tracker15:42
James--CrookWe are going to have a wiki in Melange.  And it is going to be a special wiki that is integrated with forms.15:42
tpbTitle: Blueprints for WorldForge Open Media Browser - Artist Tool (at
James--CrookIf it is done right, we don't have to code to get a bug tracker.  It is just a choice of how we use that feature.15:42
kblinJames--Crook: that's the blueprints for my pet project15:42
James--Crookkblin ..looking..15:42
harlanI'm looking at a student review and I went to comment, and I no longer have a choice about public/private/admin - what changed?15:42
kblinthe status "whiteboard" is just like a whiteboard, where everybody can edit15:43
SRabbelierkblin: well this sucks, Lennie designed it the wrong way around so we can't do entity.scope.key().name().... mhhh :P15:43
*** solydzajs has joined #melange15:43
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o solydzajs15:43
SRabbelierkblin: (we're going to throw it around for next year, but eh, no time atm)15:43
SRabbelierkblin: let's do a temp hack15:43
lh_roamingJames--Crook: please keep in mind that for GHOP, we do have specific limitations on how tasks must be considered tracked and completed.15:43
kblinSRabbelier: yay? :)15:43
SRabbelierkblin: go to views/helper/forms_Helper.py15:43
SRabbelierkblin: line 33315:44
James--CrookI'm still talking medium term future here.15:44
lh_roamingthis shouldn't limit melange development, but we need to lock down a particular item of work (a bug fix, a usability study, etc.) to one specific contributor who then gets a done/not done15:44
SRabbelierkblin: add above the params = line15:44
SRabbelier      if '__org__' in filter:15:44
SRabbelier        args['scope_path'] =
James--CrookWe will have a fairly conventional bug tracker for GHoP.15:44
harlankblin: so what happened to my public/mentor/admin dropdown (assuming you were talking to me about the whiteboard)?15:44
kblinSRabbelier: ENOFILE?15:44
kblinharlan: nope, sorry, was talking to James--Crook15:44
lh_roamingJames--Crook: i agree - task = bug = item of work, claimed by = assignee, mentor = reviewer/verifier, closed = item done = fixed15:45
harlan'k, thanks!15:45
James--CrookThe integration with wiki will first start to shine when we use it with thte feature requests.  When we more fluidly combine and rejig the features into well thought out proposals/mock ups.15:45
SRabbelierkblin: app/soc/views/helper/templatetags/forms_helpers.py15:45
James--Crooknot a focus before GHoP15:45
James--Crookkblin I will take a closer look at that later.  Thanks.15:46
kblinJames--Crook: np15:46
James--Crooklh_roaming: so I think to get orgs to adopt Melange, we would sell it as a better wiki / better google-forms for your org.  And one of the draws is...15:46
James--Crookthat if you use it, your bugs and issues are in GHoP format.15:47
James--CrookIt becomes possible for you to apply to be a GHoP org.15:47
lh_roamingJames--Crook: that's cool. i also see it as a great system to ask for help from experts. like we are having this craptastic javascript issue and googling doesn't help. ping javascript experts who have opted in to help.15:47
*** madrazr has joined #melange15:47
*** dmitrig01|afk has joined #melange15:48
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v dmitrig01|afk15:48
SRabbelierJames--Crook: a bit like your traveling whotchamacallits?15:48
lh_roamingJames--Crook: i'm still not sure i am convinced that most orgs are interested in a new issue tracker15:48
James--Crookis this craptastic javascript issue a real issue, or just for example?15:48
lh_roamingit would be great if this was a place for design disucssions to take place15:48
kblinSRabbelier: yay, works15:48
SRabbelierkblin: win15:48
lh_roamingJames--Crook: it's an example15:48
SRabbelierkblin: hmm, add a TODO15:49
SRabbelierkblin: above the __org__ thingy15:49
kblinSRabbelier: hmm, at least the url looks right15:49
James--Crookdo we have a real example?  It's not that I'm sceptical, but I'm just looking at how we would do it right now.15:49
kblinA required GET url argument ("prefix") was not specified.15:49
SRabbelierkblin: note that it's a hack15:49
SRabbelierkblin: what's the url look like/15:49
James--CrookThe travelling Minstrels thing is also about how communication between projects does not happen yet.  I would like that to change.15:49
lh_roamingJames--Crook: agreed15:50
kblinSRabbelier: /mentor/pick?scope_path=google/gsoc2009/org_015:50
kblinthat's what I'd expect15:50
SRabbelierkblin: yup, looks good15:50
James--CrookIn Audcaity we use FFMpeg, wxWidgets, and we have weak links to Voxforge and Rockbox...  but there are deep reasons why the links aren't better.  And they mainly come back to the 'barrier to entry'.15:50
SRabbelierkblin: so go try it out!15:50
*** anothy_x has joined #melange15:51
kblinSRabbelier: I get a red "A required GET url argument ("prefix") was not specified."15:51
kblinSRabbelier: as I said above15:51
SRabbelierkblin: huh? 0.o15:51
lh_roamingJames--Crook: ok now i think i understand where you are going with this15:51
SRabbelierkblin: ok... that's... weird15:51
SRabbelierkblin: did you copy the ACL check?15:51
SRabbelierkblin: (that would be bad)15:51
James--CrookLet's look at the javascript example.  I'm writing an app and I want help with javascript and help with security.  How would I go about getting it in Melange+?15:51
lh_roamingyou have design decisions to make that have dependencies on other projects15:52
James--Crook(app as in a piece of awesome software)15:52
kblinSRabbelier: d'oh15:52
lh_roamingJames--Crook: there are people who have profiles on melange. they opt in to list skills and places where they are willing to help. as a melange user, you have access to ping them and they can assume that it's likely a good use of time to help you because you have clue and are not just joe random15:52
SRabbelierkblin: hehe :)15:52
kblinSRabbelier: ok, works15:52
lh_roamingi am seeing summer of code participation as a way to build reputation15:53
lh_roamingand ties between projects15:53
SRabbelierlh_roaming: so this would be only available to successfully GSoC students / mentors?15:53
lh_roamingSRabbelier: for now, yes.15:53
James--CrookBut computer based karma is broken, needs a different perspective, more like real karma :-)15:53
lh_roamingok let me put this a different way15:53
*** James--Crook1 has joined #melange15:55
*** James--Crook has quit IRC15:55
lh_roamingfor melange where melange = what is done by, only gsoc and ghop mentors and successful students in those programs have access15:55
kblinSRabbelier: I think we're good :)15:55
lh_roamingJames--Crook: agreed.15:55
SRabbelierkblin: ship it :)15:55
SRabbelierkblin: see, not that hard, Effort-Minimal indeed :)15:55
James--Crook1I'm not sure I want to track it with a single numerical rating.  It's too much old-school way of thinking.15:55
kblinSRabbelier: I still think a dropdown would've been faster ;)15:55
kblinSRabbelier: thanks for the help, though15:55
kblinSRabbelier: so where do I accidently lose the patch so you can accidently find it?15:56
lh_roamingagreed. i think badges or even a short testimonial section would be good. measurements integrating stuff coming from ohloh could be worthwhile too15:56
SRabbelierkblin: yes, it wouldof been faster, but more like a hack :)15:56
James--Crook1lh_roaming: Yes, I think that is good.  But on the scale we are at, I am not sure thatthat aspect needs new software.15:56
SRabbelierkblin: mail to melange-soc-dev?15:56
lh_roamingJames--Crook1: no i am suggesting we reuse other people's software15:56
lh_roamingi have to go to my next meeting. can we meet again and chat about this some more?15:56
James--Crook1It's a bit like Wikipedia.  In Wikipedia it is < 50% the code.15:56
James--Crook1Yes, delighted.15:57
James--Crook1I may even have time to put an e-mail together :-)15:57
kblinSRabbelier: sigh. ok, let me read the cla15:57
lh_roamingyay email15:57
lh_roamingi have like 2 more minutes15:57
SRabbelierkblin: thanks :)15:57
SRabbelierkblin: much appreciated15:57
James--Crook1let's do that by e-mail rather than go up to the wire on time.15:58
lh_roamingagreed that we need something that encourages the kind of collaboration wp encourages and i dont want the focus of melange development to focus on code, i want it to focus on effective collaboration15:58
lh_roamingi think maybe the answer is to make a list of the kinds of collaboration we want melange to enable, then talk about how to code those features15:58
lh_roamingin fact i am pretty darn sure that's the answer15:58
James--Crook1yes.   horse before cart.15:58
James--Crook1have a good meeting.15:58
lh_roamingJames--Crook1: want to start a thread about this privately for now? i welcome input from our mentors but we ought to have a decently fleshed idea before we debut it to the world.15:58
lh_roamingthanks i shall. thanks for bringing up these ideas, very constructive15:59
James--Crook1fine with that.15:59
lh_roamingkblin: thanks for the patch. :)15:59
lh_roamingJames--Crook1: excellent.15:59
* lh_roaming goes to her meeting15:59
lh_roaminglater all15:59
*** lh_roaming has left #melange15:59
kblinnow I missed telling her that I still dislike the CLA15:59
kblinI can't give google a patent license on software16:00
kblinbecause there's no such thing16:00
SRabbelierkblin: just sign the damn thing :P16:00
SRabbelierkblin: it's not nearly as bad as most16:00
kblinSRabbelier: actually I'm considering sending it to the SFLC first16:00
* Merio today made his 100th commit to OpenStreetMap ^__^16:01
SRabbelierMerio: whow, Gratz!16:01
SRabbelierkblin: ooh, mhh, good one16:01
MerioSRabbelier: I didn't notice it before, was looking for my profile on ohloh and just came on the widget "award" :P16:02
SRabbelierMerio: sweet! :)16:02
SRabbelierkblin: I'm not too far ways from it myself on Melange :D16:02
SRabbelierMerio: wooh, lukcy!16:03
SRabbelierMerio: I got 777 commits on melange!!16:03
MerioDoes anyone knows if it's possible to strip out "files" from ohloh stats? I think it's thinking I've developed all Dojo Toolkit, I was using it for my GSoC project and I committed it in OpenStreetMap's SVN in the first place :)16:03
MerioSRabbelier: it's not valid, sometimes you committers commit one/two liners :P :P ^__^16:04
MerioSRabbelier: eheh just kidding, gratz!16:04
kblinSRabbelier: so... assuming I fork melange and put the patch into my version, licensed under the apache-2 license, which iirc includes some sort of patent-breaking clause as well, would a melange dev be allowed to adopt this?16:06
SRabbelierMerio: hehe :P16:06
SRabbelierkblin: lol16:06
*** solydzajs_ has joined #melange16:07
kblinSRabbelier: I'm actually being serious16:07
SRabbelierkblin: I know16:08
SRabbelierkblin: just, funny idea16:08
SRabbelierkblin: anyway, send me a git patch and I'll apply it with your Patch by: line16:11
SRabbelierkblin: put something in the commit message about it being AL2 and it's fine as far as I'm concerned16:11
SRabbelierkblin: you know it's bs, I know it's bs, works for me16:11
*** dmitrig01|afk is now known as dmitrig0116:13
*** solydzajs_ has quit IRC16:15
kblinSRabbelier: actually, that clause is a verbatim copy of the apache license patent clause16:17
SRabbelierkblin: what clause?16:17
*** lfranchi has quit IRC16:17
tpb<> (at
kblinSRabbelier: ^^^ clause 316:19
*** lfranchi has joined #melange16:19
SRabbelierkblin: ok... sooo?16:19
SRabbelierkblin: isn't that a Good Thing (TM)?16:19
kblinSRabbelier: compare to clause 3 of
tpbTitle: Apache License, Version 2.0 - The Apache Software Foundation (at
kblinSRabbelier: nah, I never signed the apache license ;)16:20
SRabbelierkblin: -_-"16:20
kblinSRabbelier: actually, I'm wrong16:21
kblinSRabbelier: it's not a verbatim copy16:21
SRabbelierkblin: you ran 'diff' on it?16:21
kblinSRabbelier: the google CLA covers google's ass16:21
SRabbelierkblin: duh, that's what I told you :P16:22
kblinSRabbelier: the apache license covers my ass16:22
SRabbelierkblin: ah, so it's the wrong way around?16:22
kblinSRabbelier: that's a small but notable difference16:22
kblinSRabbelier: apache-2 basically says "if there's patented code in here, you're free to use it, unless you file a patent claim against me"16:22
SRabbelierkblin: ah, I see16:23
kblinSRabbelier: google cla says "if there's patented code in here, google's free to use it unless someone files a patent claim against the contributor"16:23
SRabbelierkblin: mhhh... in which case?16:24
*** Sledge has joined #melange16:24
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kblinSRabbelier: in which case the license is void, but probably useless anyway16:24
SRabbelierkblin: so how does that protect Google when the contributor signs it?16:25
SRabbelierkblin: does it prevent them from being sued?16:25
SRabbelierkblin: until the contributor is sued?16:25
kblinSRabbelier: yeah, as far as I can tell16:25
SRabbelierkblin: and, if the contributor _is_ sued, does that mean they can then be sued too if they continue using the code?16:25
kblinSRabbelier: they also can't be sued for licensing the patent from the wrong party16:26
kblinSRabbelier: which seems to happen with the mp3 patent all the time16:26
kblinIANAL, of course16:26
SRabbelierkblin: heheheh, lol16:26
SRabbelierkblin: all I can say is "sounds like a sane way to protect yourself to me", aka SLASWTPYTM16:27
* SRabbelier obviously made that up on the spot16:27
kblinSRabbelier: I also don't like the "You furthermore agree to notify Google of any patents that you know or come to know are likely infringed by the Contribution and/or are not licensable by You" part16:28
kblinin the google cla16:28
SRabbelierkblin: mhhmhh, obivously not so nice :P16:28
SRabbelierkblin: but in this case not really relevant16:28
SRabbelierkblin: since you developed the code yourself?16:28
kblinSRabbelier: I pasted parts of it from other pieces of code.. who knows what patents that autocompletion might infringe, in weird places where there are software patents16:31
SRabbelierkblin: :(16:32
dwendteverything breaks at least two software patents16:33
*** madrazr1 has joined #melange16:33
dwendtI could go on a whole tirade on why copyrights and patents are bad, but I won't right now since I have to go.16:34
kblinSRabbelier: I just sent lh and email stating why I can't contribute to melange16:34
SRabbelierdwendt: you sound like one of our speakers we had for Ethics16:34
SRabbelierkblin: Why can't you publish your code16:34
kblinSRabbelier: so now let me accidently lose the patch in your mailbox16:34
dwendtheh, sorry, am I channeling RMS too much?16:34
*** madrazr has quit IRC16:34
*** madrazr1 is now known as madrazr16:34
SRabbelierkblin: right, like that16:34
SRabbelierdwendt: yes, by a notch or two ;)16:35
kblinSRabbelier: I can't contribute to melange, but I can publish patches16:35
SRabbelierkblin: hheheh, lol16:35
SRabbelierkblin: so, I can't add you to the AUTHORS file, but I'll add you as "Patch by:"16:35
kblinSRabbelier: that's just code under the apache license, after all16:35
SRabbelierkblin: right ;)16:35
dwendti'll be back later, but I'll stay on (since I can remote into my vista box)16:35
SRabbelierdwendt: my condolences16:35
kblinSRabbelier: screw the AUTHORS file :)16:35
kblinSRabbelier: at least for small pathces like this16:36
SRabbelierkblin: I think it's kinda policy to add someome there iff they signed the CLA16:36
SRabbelierkblin: but I might be making thatu p16:36
kblinSRabbelier: with half of it being your code anyway16:36
SRabbelierkblin: right :P16:37
tpb<> (at
SRabbelierthat's a huge whitelist 0.o16:40
kblinSRabbelier: whoops, I think I misplaced my patch16:45
SRabbelierkblin: ah, bummer16:47
SRabbelierkblin: well what do you know16:47
SRabbelierkblin: I just founda  very useful patch that would fix Issue 39916:47
SRabbelierkblin: who wouldof thought16:47
kblinah, great, that one has been annoying me for the whole evening16:48
SRabbelierkblin: who to attribute it to though... mhh16:49
SRabbelierkblin: perhaps the Unknown Patch Hero?16:49
SRabbelierkblin: "the patcher without a name"?16:49
kblinSRabbelier: is that like "Big Angry SCM" ?16:49
SRabbelierkblin: hehehe, yes! :P16:49
SRabbelierkblin: but he actually has a name16:49
SRabbelierkblin: and gives out beer16:49
SRabbelierkblin: up to $10016:50
kblinSRabbelier: I saw the beer part16:50
SRabbelierkblin: hehe, ;)16:50
SRabbelierkblin: you live nearby?16:50
kblinwhile deleting the huge amount of emails the git ml generates16:50
kblina ten-hour train ride is too much for just a beer16:50
SRabbelierkblin: whow, yeah16:51
SRabbelierkblin: git ml trafic is kinda huge, yes16:51
SRabbelierI don't know how I read it all16:51
kblinbesides, I could probably pay my own $100 round of beer for the price of the ticket16:51
kblinbut I'm living in the south-west, berlin is north-east, so that's pretty much once across germany16:52
*** dhaun has quit IRC17:15
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*** MatthewWilkes has joined #melange17:22
MatthewWilkesevenin' all17:23
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: indeed17:25
rwatsonCan I reasonably assume someone (or several someones) have already made the feature request "give us a drop-down menu for the mentor list when assigning mentors for applications"? :-)17:26
* rwatson copying and pasting mentor id's from one tab to another currently, which is a bit awkward, especially given that clicking on mentor ids in the mentor list goes off to view the mentor information page unless you're very careful17:26
SRabbelierkblin: ^^^^ @ rwatson17:27
kblinrwatson: that's issue 39917:27
kblinrwatson: I had a patch for this somewhere, but lost it17:28
SRabbelierrwatson: luckily I found a similar patch right after17:28
SRabbelierrwatson: so not all is lost :P17:28
kblinrwatson: which isn't too bad, givent hat the google contributor license agreement sucks17:28
kblinrwatson: and there's that lucky coincidence SRabbelier had17:28
rwatsonSRabbelier: heh. ok.  do you know when that might go live?  I.e., should I wait 12 hours and try again later, or keep slogging through? :-)17:29
SRabbelierrwatson: depends how fast I can get something else done17:29
rwatsonno pressure :-)17:30
SRabbelierrwatson: hehe17:30
MatthewWilkesSRabbelier: ?  Is there some thing that slipped through?17:31
rwatsonalso, to be honest, a little bit of text above the drop-down identifying what the options will be, might make it more obvious. I scratched my head for a few minutes before brooks told me how to get to assign mentors.17:31
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: mhhh?17:32
MatthewWilkesabout getting things done quickly, I interpreted that as trying to push a new release out17:32
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: I still don't quite understand I'm afraid17:33
rwatsonhmm. is it the case, as with previous years, that if one project assigns a mentor, the student can see that, and other projects who receive proposals from the same student can also see that?17:34
SRabbelierrwatson: former: no, latter: leslie will notify them17:35
SRabbelierrwatson: np17:35
MatthewWilkesSRabbelier: Nevermind, have had booze, probably just parse errors on my part17:35
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: very much a possibility :P17:36
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SRabbelierkblin: you might want to have a look at our commig log ;)18:19
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lhkblin: we have our eng-a-lawyer looking into your mail18:51
SRabbelierlh: sweet18:52
lhSRabbelier: i tries.18:55
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