Friday, 2009-04-03

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allenSRabbelier: ping?00:08
SRabbelierallen: tentative pong00:09
allenSRabbelier: heh, I've submitted my application for Quiz Adapter, I hope you can review it and give me some feedback00:10
SRabbelierallen: yup, we will, no worry ;)00:10
SRabbelierpatience ;)00:10
allenSRabbelier: thanks!00:10
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lhSRabbelier: good morning00:17
SRabbelierlh: not at all00:17
SRabbelierlh: it's <080000:18
SRabbelierlh: didn't you know?00:18
SRabbelierlh: there's no life before 080000:18
SRabbelierlh: :D00:18
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kangaroo1100 at least00:22
SRabbelierkangaroo: true00:22
SRabbelierkangaroo: but I need to be up and running by 0830 today00:23
SRabbelierkangaroo: so meh :P00:23
lhSRabbelier: i used to not believe in life before 14:0000:23
SRabbelierlh: that's a tad extreme00:24
lhi was young and foolish then.00:24
SRabbelierlh: amazing00:26
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allenSRabbelier: can you give me some examples about quiz and quesitons, answers and response?00:45
SRabbelierallen: I will later today, need to go to uni now though00:46
allenSRabbelier: ok00:46
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* SRabbelier is off to school00:55
SRabbeliercya later all :)00:55
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harlanI just realized that I'd like to "flag" student projects.  For example, I may know that I want to do a review of different projects and it would be nice if my dashboard showed me if I had "flagged" any project for any reason (like "needs a review comment").  Does this make sense?02:20
mithroharlan: patches welcome :)02:25
mithroharlan: I would love to see tagging of proposals added02:25
harlanIf I had the time I'd be happy to send patches.02:27
harlanis melange accepting an GSoC students to work on melange?02:28
mithroharlan: yes!02:28
mithroyay open source :)02:28
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BeketGreetings everyone. Any idea why the web interface where one writes his/her proposal doesn't retain alignment ?06:35
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dandersonyou can only choose your alignment at level 306:36
dandersonmore seriously though, I don't know, but if you hang around, a dev will be able to help06:37
Beketsure, thanks06:37
ErantMost of the devs won't be around soon though06:38
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desowin_how to get account status changed to student?08:22
desowin_(i mean, so I cold get my current login credentials changed so I could register as a student)08:25
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pygiSRabbelier, poke08:59
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dionesSRabbelier: Hello!10:15
SRabbelierdiones: heya!10:15
SRabbelierpygi: heya10:15
dionesSRabbelier: So, I wasn't able to create a smoke test10:16
SRabbelierdiones: ah, how come?10:16
dionesSRabbelier: Well, I believe that you was talking about testing the views, specially the ones that are frequently used10:18
ErantNeed matches?10:18
dionesNo thants xD10:18
SRabbelierdiones: indeed!10:18
ErantSRabbelier: You going to the masters day on the 23rd btw?10:19
SRabbelierErant: probably10:19
* Erant waits for it10:19
dionesSRabbelier: Well it will take more than a few hours to figure out what are the parameters that I need to pass to create a simple user10:20
SRabbelierErant: what for?10:20
SRabbelierdiones: mhhh, what have you tried so far?10:20
ErantSRabbelier: Wait, what. Isn't this the bit where you tell me I might as well not go? E.T.B (Estimated Time of Bachelor) being 10 years and all?10:21
ErantYou're slipping dude.10:21
SRabbelierErant: oh, right, darn!10:21
dionesI think i know the answer10:22
SRabbelierErant: Oh, HA!10:22
SRabbelierErant: you didn't say you were going ;)10:22
SRabbelierErant: naturally I assumed you wouldn't even bother :D10:22
ErantWell, that was implied.10:22
Erantofc. ;)10:22
SRabbelierdiones: awesome! :D10:22
ErantRight, f00d.10:22
ErantOh, wait10:22
ErantSRabbelier: What was the outcome this afternoon?10:23
ErantRegarding you-know-who?10:23
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SRabbelierErant: He got -1ed, but still passing grade10:23
SRabbelierErant: We were asked if he should be failed, but we decided against it on grounds of the content he contributed was good10:24
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ErantWe sent him an email asking wether he still wanted to participate in our paper thingy.10:24
ErantSubtly pointing out we'd rather he wouldn't.10:25
SRabbelierErant: lol!10:25
SRabbelierErant: smooth :P10:25
ErantDeadline is like thursday. I doubt he's going to be able to put forth enough effort.10:25
ErantRight, off. no food in the house.10:26
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SRabbelierErant: ehe :)10:32
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madrazrSRabbelier: Hi10:39
SRabbeliermadrazr: heya10:39
madrazrSRabbelier: how was the exam?10:40
SRabbeliermadrazr: boring :P10:40
malexHi, I made a bad judgement call by adding an inexperienced backup admin and he started palying around and nuked several student apps (marked them ineligible). Would someone kindly restore them? Org id is scribus_team. Thank yoU!10:40
madrazrSRabbelier: ha ha. You are like me :D10:40
madrazrSRabbelier: rather I am like you :P10:40
SRabbeliermadrazr: it was ethics :)10:40
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SRabbeliermalex: ping solydzajs10:41
madrazrSRabbelier: hehe, you too have that. LoL :D10:41
SRabbeliermadrazr: yup, it was really boring :)10:41
madrazrSRabbelier: he he :)10:41
malexsolydzajs: Hi, I made a bad judgement call by adding an inexperienced backup admin and he started palying around and nuked several student apps (marked them ineligible). Would someone kindly restore them? Org id is scribus_team. Thank you!10:41
madrazrSRabbelier: so you are free from getting bored for another 6 months now? ;-)10:42
SRabbeliermadrazr: kinda, yeah; I expect the bachelor project to be far from boring, and my internship at Google should be good too :)10:42
madrazrSRabbelier: Oh OK. Awesome!10:43
SRabbeliermadrazr: yuP!10:43
madrazrSRabbelier: there is Google-NL? or you going to US?10:43
SRabbeliermadrazr: going to MTV10:44
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madrazrSRabbelier: sooper10:44
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SRabbeliermadrazr: yes! :D10:45
SRabbeliermadrazr: very enthousiastic10:45
madrazrSRabbelier: it is definitely. I am myself excited about it :D10:45
SRabbeliermadrazr: heheh :D10:46
madrazrSRabbelier: Lennie is experiencing an aftermath? (sleep after exam? ;-))10:48
SRabbeliermadrazr: yeah, he's ill actually :P10:49
madrazrSRabbelier: ouch :D10:49
madrazrsorry wrong smiley10:49
dionesSRabbelier: so, I will have to create a mock form and pass it to User.create right?10:49
SRabbelierdiones: mhhhh, no, I think you can just use POST?10:50
SRabbelierdiones: you should be able to use the mock Request object10:50
SRabbelierdiones: set the request.POST dictionary as needed10:50
SRabbelierdiones: the form will be reconstructed server side10:51
solydzajsmalex: send me an email to [email protected] with the links to the proposals you want to restore10:52
dionesSRabbelier: So I'll just leave the params empty?10:54
SRabbelierdiones: sorry, which params?10:54
dionesdiones: The dictionary it self10:55
SRabbelierdiones: talking to yourself now eh? :P10:56
malexsolydzajs: mail sent. Thank you!10:56
SRabbelierdiones: the request.POST dictionary, or the params dictionary?10:56
dionesSRabbelier: Hmm10:57
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SRabbelierdiones: If you want I can have a look at your code and see if I can help?11:00
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dionesSRabbelier: Hi11:04
SRabbelierdiones: wb11:04
dionesso,  " Are we talking about editPost(self, request, entity, context, params=None)?"11:04
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SRabbelierdiones: I was suggesting that you test like this11:18
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SRabbelierdiones: request = MockRequest("url you want to test")11:21
SRabbelierdiones: request.POST = {'name': "name here", "link_id": "link id here"}11:21
solydzajsmalex: can you provide me with URLs to those proposals that are marked ineligible ?11:28
solydzajsmalex: it will help me search for them in datastore11:28
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awreganSRabbelier: It fails11:52
awreganthe test11:52
SRabbelierawregan: awesome!11:52
SRabbelierawregan: you found your first bug in melange!11:52
awreganI think I found a bug in my code11:53
awreganBut I still don't know what it is xD11:53
SRabbelierawregan: go hunt!11:53
* SRabbelier is off for dinner11:53
ErantOnly one?12:08
ErantAlso. I can probably write a script that determines which files need more testing than others.12:09
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malexsolydzajs: Just sent you an email with URLs. Thanks!12:13
solydzajsmalex: thx will fix in a minute12:13
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solydzajsmalex: done.12:22
awreganSRabbelier: Hi, I have identified that the error is in the creation of my User12:24
awreganSRabbelier: But the return value in view.edit(request, access_type, **django_args)12:25
awreganHave no errors12:25
awreganIs there a way to check that?12:27
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SRabbelierawregan: heya12:46
awreganSRabbelier: Saw my previous messages?12:52
SRabbelierawregan: yup, I'm not sure what's your error though12:53
SRabbelierawregan: you could of course not stub out Django and see what the resulting page is?12:53
awreganthe request object?12:54
SRabbelierawregan: no, the result of the view.edit() call12:54
SRabbelierawregan: it should be a HTML page if you don't stub out django12:55
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ErantSweet. I just upgraded 8MB RAM to 32MB :)12:55
SRabbelierErant: amazing12:57
ErantWell, considering it's in a PMP, and I had to desolder the RAM, and resolder in the new RAM chip12:59
Erant(And magically, all the SDRAM timings were OK O_o)13:01
SRabbelierErant: it's gonna crash on you13:01
awreganSRabbelier: Im not soure the13:01
awreganthat I follow what stub out means13:01
SRabbelierawregan: see '  def setUp(self):' in test_base.py13:02
SRabbelierawregan: it 'stubs out' django, so that we get the raw response, instead of rendered HTML13:02
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erichHi. Can you switch my account (linkid: erich) from mentor/admin to student?13:06
SRabbeliererich: yes, you can hit 'resign'13:07
erichah, excellent. I just remembered some email said "ask in #melange".13:07
SRabbeliererich: true13:07
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mdiggory_I'm administrator on the DSpace GSoC project.  I've got a student application thats been classified as ineligible. There is no description why. Is there a way in the application see why an application is ineligible?13:09
mdiggory_I see from the #gsoc channel responses this may have been flagged by a mentor or the student may have withdrawn it13:10
SRabbelierquoting myself: mdiggory_: but another possiblity is that the student withdrew their application13:10
*** awregan_ is now known as diones13:10
SRabbeliermdiggory_: correct13:11
mdiggory_Is there a way I can remove it from the inelegible list and put it back up in the ones under review13:11
mdiggory_without having to hunt down which mentor classified it as such13:11
SRabbeliermadrazr: ask solydzajs13:12
SRabbeliermadrazr: or ask the student to submit a new proposal13:12
SRabbeliermadrazr: either works13:12
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*** andrecastelo is now known as andre|away13:13
SRabbeliersolydzajs: see mdiggory_13:14
diones_SRabbelier: And by the way the response value is a dict13:15
solydzajsmdiggory_: what can I do for you ?13:15
mdiggory_I'm trying to determine why a students proposal was marked ineligible. I've emailed the student and am trying to reach all our mentors, but some are "sleeping" on the other side of the planet ATM.13:16
SRabbelierdiones_: what's the content of the dict?13:17
diones_SRabbelier: {'request': <tests.test_utils.MockRequest object at 0x03594B70>, 'context': None, 'template': None, 'error': LoginRequest()}13:18
mdiggory_solydzajs: if an application is already marked ineligible by the deadline today, is it possible to have it returned to being eligible afterward?  If so, that would make this less important an issue13:19
SRabbelierdiones_: seems obvious to me then :D13:19
SRabbelierdiones_: it's an error (hence the 'error' value)13:19
solydzajsmdiggory_: Yes I can make it happen13:19
SRabbelierdiones_: you can see what's wrong by looking at the 'message' value of error13:20
mdiggory_Ok, I'll wait for responses from my mentors/student to see why it was marked ineligible.13:21
SRabbeliermdiggory_: ok :)13:21
mdiggory_Can you tell who marked it ineligible? I.E. student or mentor13:21
SRabbeliermdiggory_: nope, we didn't think of that13:22
mdiggory_ok, thanks13:22
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*** mdiggory_ has joined #melange13:24
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*** diones has joined #melange13:32
dionesSRabbelier: Saw my message?13:33
SRabbelierdiones: which one? :)13:34
dionesthe return value13:34
dionesof the edit method13:34
SRabbelierdiones_: seems obvious to me then :D13:35
SRabbelierdiones_: it's an error (hence the 'error' value)13:35
SRabbelierdiones_: you can see what's wrong by looking at the 'message' value of error13:35
dionesthat means that I should login before creating or that I'm making the wrong request?13:37
madrazrSRabbelier: I did not get you. Was that to mdiggory_ by any chance?13:37
SRabbeliermadrazr: yup13:38
SRabbeliermadrazr: sorry :)13:38
mdiggory_SRabbelier: Not sure what your asking, I was done with my questions and thanks for the help :-)13:38
SRabbelierdiones: could be a number of causes13:38
madrazrSRabbelier: Oh OK. No problem at all13:38
*** diones_ has quit IRC13:38
SRabbelierdiones: if you comment out the line that stubs out django you could have a look at the HTML version of the page13:38
dionesSRabbelier: Sign in required :)13:40
SRabbelierdiones: strange, how are you running the test?13:41
SRabbelierdiones: through ./
SRabbelierdiones: curious, it should be setting the login13:42
dionesSRabbelier: Where is that set?13:44
dionesSRabbelier: Here is my code btw
tpbTitle: Nopaste - (at
SRabbelierdiones: look at ./, line 4413:46
dionesHmm, I see13:46
dionesI thought it was part of the configuration process13:47
SRabbelierdiones: right, it is13:47
dionesto emulate a app.yaml13:47
SRabbelierdiones: can you comment out line 91 in
SRabbeliertest_base, sorry13:47
dionesalready done13:48
SRabbelierdiones: ah, ok, so it's giving the regular "please sign in" page?13:49
SRabbelierdiones: I'm baffled, I'll try your code in a moment and see if I can find the problem13:57
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*** pombreda has joined #melange13:59
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pombredahowdy fellow melangeurs :-P14:00
pombredasolydzajs: lh tells me you may be to help14:00
pombredaI am the org admin for eclipse. Some apps have been marked as ineligible in Eclipse. I marked two that were dupes, but dunno who marked the other ones...14:00
pombredasolydzajs: I would want to bring all those back as NOT ineligible apps, so I can review that carefully... I did not thought regular mentors could do that (mark as ineligible). that is creating problems here @ eclipse. I spanked the mentors , but there is no way to undo that on my side.14:01
pombredasolydzajs: this is not urgent, though I hope this can somehow be undone14:01
SRabbelierpombreda: the studetns themselves might have marked them as inellegible14:02
pombredaah :-P14:03
pombredaSRabbelier: well there seems to be no way to knwo who did that, at least in the UI, correct?14:04
solydzajspombreda: if you want some proposals to be marked as eligible again email me the URLs of those proposal at [email protected]14:04
*** AlexUA is now known as AlexUA-away14:04
pombredasolydzajs: thx :-)14:04
ingmar-t3hi guys14:06
ingmar-t3after some good discussions with the gsoc admins of the TYPO3 project, I decided to step back as mentor and apply as a student instead (it's similar case like the one currently discussed in the mentors list)14:06
ingmar-t3could you tell me the steps I have to do for that to work out?14:07
*** diones_ has joined #melange14:07
diones_SRabbelier: Hi, I'm back, you where saying?14:08
SRabbelieringmar-t3: just hit 'resign'14:08
SRabbelieringmar-t3: (in the sidebar entry for your org)14:08
ingmar-t3OK, that's all? Sounds easy enough...14:08
ingmar-t3yeah, saw that...14:08
SRabbelieringmar-t3: yup14:09
ingmar-t3I was wondering, becuase Leslie was saying that one would have to ask in here to let ones credentials be changed, for that to work14:09
*** dbentley-laptop has joined #melange14:09
ingmar-t3as a response to someone asking "is it tecnically possible to step back as mentor and propose my ideas as student?"14:09
ingmar-t3Leslie's response: "Yes. Ask for help in #melange on Freenode to get your current login credentials changed so you can register as a student."14:10
ingmar-t3but if "resigning" is enough, I'll just do that14:10
SRabbelieringmar-t3: it is14:10
SRabbelieringmar-t3: youj'll need to ask here for the other way around though14:10
SRabbelieringmar-t3: (to resign as student)14:10
ingmar-t3I see14:11
ingmar-t3ok, thanks for the info, then I'll do that!14:11
SRabbelieringmar-t3: np14:12
SRabbelierdiones_: I'll try out your code in a bit myself14:12
*** diones has quit IRC14:13
*** diones_ is now known as diones14:13
dionesSRabbelier: Ok, I think I'll update my proposal without it anyway14:13
SRabbelierdiones: well, the point is that you've made the effort :)14:14
lhum melange team, can i just say i <3 you14:20
SRabbelierlh: why of course :)14:20
lhy'all are amazing14:21
lhthere are thousands of users for this system and three of you doing regular contributions14:22
lhand 3 people doing stuff part time14:22
lhand a few people patching14:22
lhamazing achievement14:22
*** geekius_caesar has joined #melange14:22
SRabbelierdiones: d'oh!14:22
SRabbelierdiones: I know what's wrong!14:22
pombredasolydzajs: I sent you an email... you can mark those 3 apps as eligible, I got some communications with students that let me think that was not their intent to be ineligible. :-P14:23
SRabbelierlh: thanks, I'm real glad with how it's all going so far :)14:23
* pombreda curtsies to SRabbelier and solydzajs :-) melange is great so far14:23
pombredaa real step up from excel I shall say14:23
SRabbelierpombreda: thanks :)14:23
SRabbelierpombreda: hehe, :D14:24
dioneswhere is that cronometer of melange14:24
dionesSRabbelier: What was the error?14:25
*** pombreda has quit IRC14:25
SRabbelierdiones: mhhhh, well you're using the user view to create a user profile14:25
SRabbelierdiones: but that's handled by user_self14:25
lhSRabbelier: i am impressed14:25
SRabbelierlh: with Melange?14:26
lhSRabbelier: melange, how our community is using it, that y'all have done well under the pressure of so many people making demands (and not doing a great job of realizing how resource constrained the project is)14:27
SRabbelierlh: yeah, I'm glad we've only had one person on the issue tracker thinking we have a full Google team working on this :P14:27
*** mdiggory_ has left #melange14:27
ErantSRabbelier: Say w0t?14:27
lhSRabbelier: little do they know.14:27
*** malex has left #melange14:27
SRabbelierlh: indeed14:27
ErantThere's not 30 people working on this?14:28
SRabbelierErant: Well, there are14:28
*** AlexUA-away is now known as AlexUA14:28
ErantSRabbelier: I knew it.14:28
SRabbelierErant: but a regular Google team consists of about 2000 engineers14:28
SRabbelierErant: so obviously with only 30 engineers we're understaffed and all :P14:28
dionesoh god14:28
lhmore like 414:28
SRabbelier*holds up his sarcasm sign*14:28
SRabbelierin case anyone is not noticing14:28
ErantSRabbelier: Oh well, life as an opensource dev.14:28
tpbTitle: Nopaste - No description (at
*** mdiggory_ has joined #melange14:29
mdiggory_solydzajs: Looks like the student and none of the mentors wanted that projec to be ineligible14:29
mdiggory_can you change its status back to eligible?14:29
ErantSRabbelier: So yeah, grats on a good system. And even though I didn't join, I still met a lot of interesting people ;)14:30
dionesI thought 30 people(but only 4 actually doing the job) where the normal size of IT teams14:30
SRabbelierErant: glad you did :)14:30
SRabbelierdiones: lol :D14:30
Erantdiones: I'm currently in an opensource (mostly) team of 12. Works great.14:31
SRabbelierErant: but you're all stark raving mad14:31
ErantSRabbelier: That is inherently true.14:32
tpb<> (at
ErantTeam member trying to eat imaginary hamburger.14:32
SRabbelierErant: lol14:32
dionesSRabbelier: The test is failing here14:35
mdiggory_looks  like solydzajs is offline? are there others that can deal with this issue in the channel?14:35
SRabbelierdiones: here too, but I'm leaving the debugging to you14:36
SRabbelierdiones: that is, assuming you want to14:36
SRabbeliermdiggory_: not really, he's our database captain14:37
dionesSRabbelier: Sure, np, I'm going to eat now14:37
Erantk, beertime.14:37
SRabbelierdiones: ok, enjoy :)14:37
solydzajsyo I'm back14:37
* SRabbelier summons the Polish14:37
solydzajswhat's up ?14:37
SRabbeliertoo slow!14:37
SRabbeliersolydzajs: mdiggory_ needs you14:38
solydzajsmdiggory_: what's up ?14:38
mdiggory_thanks SRabbelier14:38
SRabbeliermdiggory_:  np :)14:38
solydzajsmdiggory_: you sent me an email right ?14:39
mdiggory_ok, solydzajs I've consulted with the mentors and student and none wanted to have the application marke dineligible14:39
solydzajsmdiggory_: those 3 you sent me ?14:39
mdiggory_I tried to start a private IRC  chat with you, did you get it?14:39
lhlol at summons the Polish.14:39
lhi love it.14:39
SRabbelierlh: it kinda worked14:40
SRabbelierlh: he hath appeared before I even finished the summoneth!14:40
solydzajsmdiggory_: works will talk in PM them14:40
SRabbelierlh: isn't it amazing? :P14:40
lhit is amazing14:40
solydzajslh:  :-)14:42
solydzajslh: 37 page request per second :-) on socghop14:42
*** krnl_ has joined #melange14:44
*** ishesh has joined #melange14:44
*** Fingolfin has joined #melange14:48
*** zooko has joined #melange14:50
zookoFolks: it was suggested to me that you might know how to mark a GSoC student proposal as being also a proposal to another organization.14:51
zookoA student submitted a proposal to my org.  It is also relevant to another org (Mercurial), but the student went to class so he can't currently resubmit it.14:51
SRabbelierzooko: you want to copy the application?14:51
*** ishesh has left #melange14:52
zookoSRabbelier: that would be appropriate, if I understand correctly.14:53
*** Mkop2 has joined #melange14:54
Mkop2the press release page has a typo14:55
SRabbelierzooko: url of the original application?14:55
SRabbelierMkop2: it does?14:55
Mkop2the 3rd bullet in things to consider14:55
tpb<> (at
Mkop2an extraneous <14:55
SRabbelierMkop2: I don't see 'things to consider'?14:56
*** Arc has joined #melange14:57
SRabbelierMkop2: ah, got it14:57
Mkop2also, in the third bullet in gsoc key messages, there's a missing space between gsoc and program14:58
solydzajsSRabbelier: 40 QPS14:58
SRabbeliersolydzajs: lol, awesome14:58
zookoArc: SRabbelier offers to copy that proposal to Mercurial.14:58
solydzajsSRabbelier: 41 QPS14:58
*** diones has quit IRC14:58
Arcgood enough, as long as the student agrees14:58
solydzajsSRabbelier: we cannot do those changes without hearing from Student himself14:58
zookoSRabbelier: getting URL.14:59
solydzajsI understand that he went for some class or something14:59
solydzajsbut we can't decide for somebody14:59
zookoThe student has at least mentioned Mercurial in the proposal.14:59
zookoI chatted with him about it this morning before he went to class.14:59
tpbTitle: Sign In Required (at
Arcthere isn't a pressing need to move the application this moment, is there?15:00
zookoLooking in my IRC history, I suggested that he resubmit it to Mercurial in addition to PSF, and his answer was: <vinc456> yeah i need to run in a minute15:00
zooko<vinc456> i tried to work in as much as i could but i didn't have very much15:00
zooko          time                                                          [09:57]15:00
solydzajszooko: well I can say I chatted with many students about their proposals and move them around. I hope you understand my point of view. We cannot just trust somebody based on IRC chat15:00
zookoArc: not as far as I know.15:00
zookoI don't know if it matters whether it is submitted to Mercurial org before the proposal deadline.15:01
Arczooko: so there is no reason to do this now rather than when the student can confirm via email, right?15:01
zookoWhich is approximately now.  :-)15:01
Arcin previous years we've moved apps between orgs after the application deadline, these things happen15:01
zookoOkay, no rush then!15:01
Arccool. :-)15:02
*** AlexUA is now known as AlexUA-away15:02
solydzajsok so problem solved :-)15:03
solydzajsat least for now15:03
lhsolydzajs: thank you15:03
solydzajsif I hear from the student that he wants to move the proposal to other org we will take care of that15:03
solydzajsthanks for understanding guys15:03
zookoThank you!15:04
solydzajsnp :-)15:05
*** dbentley-lapto1 has joined #melange15:06
*** ingmar-t3 has quit IRC15:07
mdiggory_Another applicant has been mysteriously set ineligible... But their application looks like it would be inadequate anyways, it has no project description/details15:07
tpb<> (at
SRabbeliermdiggory_: I assume they widthrew themselves15:07
mdiggory_SRabbelier: sounds like a feature request ;-) ... withdrawn vs ineligible15:08
SRabbeliermdiggory_: idneed15:09
*** AlexUA-away is now known as AlexUA15:09
*** ankitg has quit IRC15:14
*** ankitg has joined #melange15:14
*** tansell-laptop has quit IRC15:21
summatusmentiscongrats to the melange team, you've sucessfully created a product that was able to withstand a last minute deluge :-D15:24
*** dbentley-laptop has quit IRC15:24
zookoWay to go, melange folks!15:24
*** zooko has left #melange15:24
SRabbeliersummatusmentis: thanks! :D15:26
*** skbohra has quit IRC15:26
summatusmentisSRabbelier: no, thank you15:26
*** geekius_caesar has quit IRC15:29
*** geekius_caesar has joined #melange15:31
*** ajaksu_away is now known as ajaksu15:33
madrazrSRabbelier: people every now and then ask for diffs on the content of proposal, throw some (Git) light on it :D15:41
madrazrthat you already have15:41
*** Ownatik has joined #melange15:46
*** chunmun has joined #melange15:46
*** riot has joined #melange15:46
riothiya :)15:47
*** schumaml has joined #melange15:47
*** Fingolfin has quit IRC15:47
*** peter_dc has joined #melange15:47
SRabbeliermadrazr: heheh! :D15:48
SRabbeliermadrazr: it was one of the idea's for our GSoC15:48
SRabbeliermadrazr: to have a diff engine15:48
madrazrSRabbelier: Oh Ok15:48
SRabbeliermadrazr: but no-one took it it seems15:48
madrazrSRabbelier: do we really have to write one from scratch?15:48
madrazrSRabbelier: is it on the ideas list?15:48
rioti would've loved a mediawiki like parser... i typed my proposal in mediawiki style plaintext and it all got messed up real good. No linefeed et al15:49
SRabbeliermadrazr: yup, it is15:49
SRabbeliermadrazr: and no, we can use something else15:49
SRabbelierriot: oh, really?15:49
madrazrSRabbelier: Ok15:49
rioteventually filtered it through my mediawiki and took the html it produced.15:49
*** peter_dc has quit IRC15:49
madrazrSRabbelier: I overheard some my friends telling, Melange really requires G-Doc integration15:49
madrazrSRabbelier: is it on the wish list too?15:50
SRabbeliermadrazr: not sure15:50
madrazrSRabbelier: Ok15:50
SRabbelierriot: so what kind of security were you worried about?15:50
SRabbelierriot: malicious scripts, or something DB related?15:50
riotSRabbelier: hmm, no particular, thats what fuzzing is about :)15:51
riotSRabbelier: malicious people :)15:51
SRabbelierriot: hehe :P15:51
SRabbelierriot: we're pretty well covered15:51
SRabbelierriot: django protecs against malicious html (all fields that we don't explicitly mark have e.g. < converted to &lt;)15:51
SRabbelierriot: and AppEngine has it's GQL with positional arguments15:51
riotah, ok.. didn't really check out django's security, yet.15:54
solydzajsmadrazr: yep it is in the wish list, but how will you make those documents read only ?15:56
Mkop2get a 20%er from google docs to figure it out over the next 11 months15:56
madrazrsolydzajs: I am not sure how to integrate it, but while sharing the documents on G-Docs, we can share it in view only mode15:56
solydzajsmadrazr: we will figure it out :-) for next time15:57
madrazrsolydzajs: awesome! coolness15:57
*** geekius_caesar has quit IRC16:01
*** geekius_caesar has joined #melange16:02
*** lut4rp has joined #melange16:24
*** bhock has joined #melange16:30
*** lut4rp has quit IRC16:32
*** madrazr has quit IRC16:37
*** ronnyml has joined #melange16:41
bhockHi, my gsoc app disappeared.  I'm supposed to ask if the developers can see it in the system.16:41
lhgreetings bryan16:42
lhif you accidentally hit withdraw on your applicaitons the devs can see it16:42
lhotherwise, we have no evidence that you submitted an app on time16:42
bhockthis could be bad then16:43
bhockplease check16:43
ronnymlHi guys I tried to submit my application at UTC 18:00, why I got an error message. It has to be where you are located?16:43
ronnymlI am totally sad about this16:43
lhgentlemen, hang on and don't complain. it's not helping you to do so.16:45
bhockno one's complaining, just crossing fingers...all of them16:45
lhsolydzajs: ping16:46
lhSRabbelier: ping16:46
SRabbelierlh: pong16:46
solydzajshow can I help ?16:46
solydzajswhat's going on ?16:46
lhgentlemen, first up16:46
lhbhock: link id?16:46
lhbhock submitted an application last night but his mentor never saw it. i am wondering if he accidentally withdrew his application. can you please check on this?16:47
solydzajslh: either he withdrew it or mentors marked it as ineligible16:47
solydzajsbhock: what organization did you submitted proposal to ?16:48
lhsolydzajs: but you see the app in there?16:48
bhockcenter for the study of complex systems16:48
solydzajslh:once bhock provides me with organization name I will look it up16:48
solydzajsbhock: ok checking16:48
lhronnyml: did you submit an application at all or not?16:50
lhronnyml: because if you did not submit one at all, there's nothing these gentlemen can do to help you.16:50
bhockdoes it matter that I was trying to make changes when the deadline hit?16:50
solydzajsbhock: what was your proposal title ?16:51
bhockumm, hold on16:51
lhbhock: shouldn't have any effect16:51
ronnymlyes lh I submit one application for KDE (that is ok), but the other one for mozilla today16:53
bhocktitle was just "Bryan Hockey CSCS GSoC Application", without the quotes16:53
solydzajsbhock: your link id is cscs_gsoc_bryanhockey ?16:53
solydzajsare you sure ?16:55
solydzajsbecause there is no student with that link id16:55
bhockmeaning the doc doesn't exist, or the student?16:55
solydzajsI'm asking about your Side-Wide User link id16:55
lhronnyml: and you were not able to submit the mozilla application? then there's nothing we can do to help you. if it was not submitted, it was not submitted. talk to to the mozilla folks to see if they would mentor you outside of gsoc16:55
bhockoh, right, I gave you the doc id, hold on16:55
bhockstudent id = link id?  if so it's "malakai" sans quotes16:57
bhockif not tell me where to look please16:57
solydzajsok one sec16:57
solydzajsbhock: you didn't submitted any proposal16:58
solydzajsbhock: I don't see it in the system16:58
solydzajsbhock: Documents are not proposals16:58
ronnymllh, but I try to submit my application at time and got the error message. The title for application is 'L10N localize dashboard'. Acording to google soc page, deadline is 1900. UTC.16:59
bhockthe document was created today after I discovered my proposal was gone...  I don't know what happened.  Thanks for looking16:59
lhronnyml: without a bug report or asking for help here we have no proof of your story,16:59
solydzajsbhock: the proposal couldn't just disappear.16:59
lhronnyml: talk to the mozilla folks and see if they will mentor you (and maybe even fund you) outside of gsoc17:00
solydzajsbhock: there is no way to delete proposal17:00
solydzajsbhock: let me have a look at the document17:00
bhockUnfortunately I am evidence of the contrary.17:00
ronnymllh, I know i can do this, but that is not the point. Actually I didn't report the issue inmediatly, because I think, as you usually do, report about thigs bugs in the mailing lists.17:01
bhockthe doc is the text of the proposal, I made it today post-deadline just in case someone wanted it17:01
ronnymlreport about bugs, sorry17:01
solydzajsbhock: there is also no document with 'cscs_gsoc_bryanhockey' link id17:02
solydzajsbhock: can you provide me with the URL to your proposal document ?17:03
bhock  is the regular doc17:03
bhockproposal is awal as you mentioned17:03
tpb<$> (at
solydzajsbhock: then why did you give me cscs_gsoc_bryanhockey as your document link id before ?17:04
lhronnyml: and your note went to the mailing list after the proposal deadline17:05
*** geoffbeier has joined #melange17:05
solydzajsbhock: ok I see your document now, but no proposal17:06
bhocksolydzajs: that's name scheme I usually use, I should've double checked before telling you17:06
solydzajsand there is no way to delete proposal in the system17:06
solydzajsso that's really weird17:07
SRabbelierbhock: anyway, that document was edited way past the deadline17:07
ronnymllh but I saved my Gsco application in my google docs, 4 hours ago. and maybe folks can see it
tpb<> (at
bhockSRabbelier: the doc was added in case someone wanted to see the text of the proposal that was lost.17:08
SRabbelierbhock: ok, I'm afraid that doesn't help us much in asserting whether you submitted before the deadline though17:09
lhronnyml: google docs is not socghop.appspot.com17:09
solydzajsSRabbelier: yep exactly is was created after deadline and last edition was on 20:21:06.241529 UTC17:09
solydzajswhich is 50 minutes ago17:09
ronnymlI know, what is a prove that I had my application ready, as I told you, I didn't report the problem by mistake, but I was at time to submit the application17:09
solydzajsso it was 40 minutes between creation and last edition17:10
geoffbeierhey, i'm a SoC mentor/admin trying to point one of our prospective students in the right direction...17:10
geoffbeieris there any way to see the student's view of his application?17:10
geoffbeier(maybe in the test instance?)17:10
lhgeoffbeier: test instance should work17:10
bhocksolydzajs: I can't even think of a likely way for it to happen, and I have a vested interest to do so.  Corrupted lookup table? Anyone else lose anything?17:10
SRabbeliergeoffbeier: go to melange-demo.appspot.com17:10
solydzajsgeoffbeier: why do need to see students' view of application ?17:10
ronnymllh, I know google docs is not a proposal, but if you check the creation of the document you will have some proof.17:10
*** Mkop2 has left #melange17:11
SRabbelierbhock: nope, none so far17:11
geoffbeierI want to make sure I'm clear when I explain to him how to add a public review17:11
solydzajsbhock: This is App Engine, data don't disappear just like that17:11
solydzajsbhock: nobody else loose anything17:11
geoffbeierI'm at the demo, but can't see how to make myself a student :)17:11
solydzajsgeoffbeier: Student can only make public comments17:12
SRabbeliergeoffbeier: let me check the timeline17:12
solydzajsgeoffbeier: but you can test on and register as student there17:12
ronnymlsolydzajs: in my case I didn't miss the application but get an error message, before the deadline, what can you do to help me?17:12
solydzajsgeoffbeier: oh yep I changed the timeline there to test this bug fix17:13
solydzajsSRabbelier: can you fix it ?;-)17:13
geoffbeiercool. thanks.17:13
solydzajsgeoffbeier: will be fixed in a sec :-)17:13
bhocksolydzajs: thanks for your time.  let me know if anything changes please17:13
solydzajsronnyml: nothing I guess, App Engine fail ?17:13
solydzajsbhock: sure will do17:13
SRabbelierronnyml: why didn't you retry?17:14
ronnymlsolydzajs I got an error message about invalid time.17:16
solydzajswhat was the error message exactly ?17:16
solydzajsand was it Melange error message or some App Engine fail stack trace and exception ?17:17
ronnymlas I told lh I can reproduce it exactly I tought it was a bug and lh would have reported the problem in the mailing list as usually do. I didn't pay very much attention to it honestly.17:18
SRabbelierronnyml: what was the message?17:19
*** bhock has left #melange17:22
ronnymlSRabbelier: The page is inactive, something like that17:22
SRabbelierronnyml: that means it's past the deadline dude17:22
lhronnyml: what SRabbelier says is correct17:22
SRabbelierof course it is, *struts*17:23
SRabbelierI'm always right! :D17:23
SRabbelier(I wish :P)17:23
ronnymlIf I had submited my application after UTC 19:00, there is nothing to do/complain/talk, but in my case, I was trying to submit one hour before the deadline, for that I feel so frustrated.17:25
*** ArthurLiu has joined #melange17:25
SRabbelierronnyml: Well, I guess your lesson from this is to not wait an hour before the deadline? :)17:26
ronnymlSRabbelier sometimes is difficult if you had many problems, believe me. But thank you very much for your words. At least you try to help.17:29
SRabbelierronnyml: I hope you have more luck applying next year; I missed out in 2007 too, and I made sure to be on time for 2008 (I applied for git), look where I am now ;)17:30
*** diones has joined #melange17:31
dionesSRabbelier: Hi!17:31
SRabbelierdiones: heya!17:32
dioneshave you seen my proposal update?17:32
SRabbelierdiones: ah, no, I hadn't noticed17:32
dionesah ok then ;)17:33
*** mdiggory_ has left #melange17:33
*** pombreda has joined #melange17:36
*** solydzajs has quit IRC17:37
ronnymlSrabbelier I participated in Gsoc 2008 too. But this was the year. Anyway, my mission now is contribute to melange.17:37
SRabbelierronnyml: awesome! :)17:37
pombredasolydzajs: thanks for the diligent fix on the ineligible apps issue i had on Eclipse :-)17:37
*** zwabel_ has joined #melange17:39
zwabel_Hi, I've been a student last year, but want to be a mentor this year, but the app doesn't allow me to sign in as mentor17:39
SRabbelierzwabel_: why not?17:39
zwabel_SRabbelier: The app says "Students cannot be mentors" or similar when I try to sign in17:41
*** pygi has joined #melange17:41
pygifolks, how come I can't edit my application? :)17:41
SRabbelierzwabel_: seems pretty obvious?17:41
SRabbelierpygi: it's after the deadline17:41
pygiSRabbelier, uhm, so?17:42
pygiI should be able to edit it? o.O17:42
zwabel_SRabbelier: Just because I was a student last year I cannot be a mentor this year?17:42
SRabbelierzwabel_: no, you signed up as student this year17:42
pygiSRabbelier, shouldn't I be able to edit it after mentors comment?17:44
SRabbelierpygi: yup, later on17:44
zwabel_SRabbelier: Hmm.. nope, I don't think so17:44
pygiSRabbelier, hm, ok...17:44
SRabbelierzwabel_: what's your link_id?17:45
zwabel_SRabbelier: I've just right now created that link_id, it is "zwabel"17:46
SRabbelierzwabel_: ok... can you paste me the exact error msg then?17:46
*** dlong_laptop has joined #melange17:47
zwabel_SRabbelier: It says "Students can not sign in as Mentors"17:47
*** geoffbeier has left #melange17:47
zwabel_SRabbelier: I'm still in several "student" mailing-lists/discussion groups if that plays a role17:48
SRabbelierzwabel_: at what url do you get that message?17:49
zwabel_SRabbelier: Argh never mind17:49
*** James--Crook has joined #melange17:49
zwabel_SRabbelier: Google gave me the 2008 signup page :-)17:49
SRabbelierzwabel_: I was figuring that much17:50
SRabbelierzwabel_: I'd like to call epic fail here :)17:50
zwabel_SRabbelier: That's google lazyness.. I already expect it to show me the most current and correct page when I type "summer of code mentor signup" :-)17:50
SRabbelierzwabel_: hehe17:51
zwabel_SRabbelier: So forward that epic fail to your fellow search robots ;-)17:52
SRabbelierzwabel_: hehe :P17:52
*** ArthurLiu_ has joined #melange17:53
*** glaksmono has joined #melange17:54
*** ArthurLiu has quit IRC17:54
*** ArthurLiu_ is now known as ArthurLiu17:54
*** diones has left #melange17:59
*** dlgsoc2009 has quit IRC18:02
*** dhaun has quit IRC18:04
*** __dwendt has joined #melange18:07
*** James--Crook has left #melange18:12
*** dwendt has quit IRC18:22
*** schumaml has left #melange18:28
*** AlexUA is now known as AlexUA-away18:31
*** glaksmono_ has joined #melange18:35
*** gwolf has joined #melange18:41
* gwolf greets18:41
*** dlong_laptop is now known as dlgsoc200918:42
SRabbeliergwolf: hello18:42
gwolf...I'm talking over a proposed change for GSoC 2010's project listing, and was pointed over here18:43
gwolf...I want to point out that, when looking at the projects, the (default? only?) view is sorted according to how proposals have been ranked18:44
gwolfAnd yes, it is a valuable sorting... if you want to decide right away where to put the cutoff line18:44
gwolfBut still - When entering to review, not only it is not very useful - it is IMHO harmful18:44 it biases me - I do expect to see better proposals ranked highest (and the opposite)18:44
gwolfSo... Maybe consider a different default sorting for next year? For extra points, it currently separates new proposals (I guess, since my last login)...18:45
gwolf...Possibly it should highlight those proposals where I have posted no comments?18:45
gwolf(of course, is this the right channel to come up with this rant/18:45
*** glaksmono has quit IRC18:52
lhgwolf: there are lots of ideas on scoring in the issue tracker, as this is for 2010 i would log a feature request.18:53
SRabbeliergwolf: yup, I agree18:54
SRabbeliergwolf: the current list is sub-optimal18:54
gwolflh: Should I file this at some tracker? I was just pointed to this channel, but... I know that an IRC channel is a good way to lose ideas :)18:54
SRabbeliergwolf: where were you pointed at this channel?18:55
gwolfAt #debian-soc (@oftc)18:55
SRabbeliergwolf: #melange is a good place to discuss and refine your idea's, to store it more long-term creating a new issue is better :)18:55
SRabbelierlh: is cooler though :P18:55
tpbTitle: Project hosting on Google Code (at
lhooo sexy18:56
lhSRabbelier: thanks18:56
SRabbelierlh: I know :P18:56
SRabbelierlh: easier to remember :D18:56
lhit is!18:56
gwolfok, filing it there - in any case, there will be more (and better qualified) people there to decide on the sorting18:59
SRabbeliergwolf: we're hoping we'll have a better list view for next year18:59
gwolfWe all hope for our code to become better! (:18:59
SRabbeliergwolf: please, no upside down smilies! :P19:00
SRabbeliergwolf: they make my head asplode!19:00
gwolfoh, come on d-:19:00
SRabbeliergah! :P19:00
gwolfAt least MSN won't translate them into cute yellow balls19:00
SRabbeliergwolf: lol =)19:02
*** ArthurLiu has quit IRC19:02
* SRabbelier is off to bed19:02
*** glaksmono_ is now known as glaksmono19:02
SRabbelierg'night :)19:02
*** SRabbelier has quit IRC19:03
gwolfissue #512 for teh win! I love closed numbers :)19:07
gwolfnow, I must go elsewhere. Thanks!19:07
*** geekius_caesar has quit IRC19:15
*** geekius_caesar has joined #melange19:17
*** geekius_caesar has quit IRC19:20
*** geekius_caesar has joined #melange19:22
*** geekius_caesar has joined #melange19:30
*** pygi has quit IRC19:37
*** gwolf has left #melange20:17
*** MatthewWilkes has joined #melange20:42
*** skbohra has joined #melange20:50
*** zwabel_ has quit IRC20:50
*** peter_dc has joined #melange21:00
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*** glaksmono has quit IRC21:15
dbentle1Hrm; is create_profile broken?21:37
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