Wednesday, 2009-03-25

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makkuhow to make executable of vlc00:51
makkui am using windows platform00:51
makkuis any one there00:54
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makku :(00:54
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ErantSRabbelier: Rly?06:18
SRabbelierErant: na?06:19
SRabbelierErant: yush06:19
ErantI can understand the editing, but changing access rights and deleting seems a bit...06:19
ErantWell, k :P06:19
SRabbelierErant: hehe :P06:19
SRabbelierErant: I must admit I haven't find a use case for it, but eh, we wanted to support it :P06:19
ErantJames had an interesting 'bug' as well06:20
SRabbelierErant: but I think we could put an ACL check on changing access rights, featuredness and deleting the document06:20
ErantIf you go to the test server, and the organization demo_006:20
ErantThere's a proposal there. Look at the comments.06:21
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Erant"On 25th December 2009 T.F.Schaap (Impersonated) wrote" vs. "On 24th March 2009 11:41 T.F. Schaap wrote:"06:23
ErantYou can use HTML to make it look like someone else posted.06:23
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SRabbelierErant: how can you edit the HTML? :-/06:26
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ErantSRabbelier: You can just use HTML in your comments?06:33
SRabbelierErant: yes, that's intentional06:34
SRabbelierErant: what is bad about that?06:34
ErantThat you can make it look like someone else has posted ;)06:36
ErantOh. Crap.06:38
ErantI broked it.06:38
ErantWell, that's one way of ensuring noone posts after you... :D06:39
tansellSRabbelier, when accepting HTML input from other people do we sanitize it?06:41
SRabbeliertansell: of course06:41
SRabbeliertansell: it's runt through feedparser06:41
ErantDoesn't look like it...06:41
tansellwhich is?06:41
SRabbelierErant: what'd you do?06:41
ErantI broke the comments06:42
SRabbelierErant: how?06:42
ErantTry and add a comment to my proposal on demo_006:42
ErantNon-closed <script> tag06:42
SRabbelierErant: addy?06:42
SRabbelierErant: it seems Lennard forgot to add the html cleaner to that field then06:42
ErantThe HTML editor nicely removes it06:42
ErantBut ofcourse, I don't use that editor :P06:43
tansellErant, of course :)06:43
tpb<> (at
SRabbelierErant: I meant server side, retord :P06:45
SRabbelierErant: what's the     <p><script type="text/javascript"></script></p>  do?06:45
tpbTitle: web application security lab (at
ErantSRabbelier: Nothing yet :/ Dunno yet06:46
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SRabbelierErant: lol06:46
ErantNot sure why not. I'm no HTML expert. :P06:46
SRabbelierlol, nope, no cleaner :P06:49
SRabbelierlennie fail!06:49
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ErantAhk ;)06:50
ErantThen it makes sense.06:50
ErantDocs do have the cleaner?06:50
tansellSRabbelier, who wrote the cleaner?06:50
ErantIsn't it some Django feature?06:50
SRabbeliertansell: I wrote the cleaner, he just didn't add it ;)06:50
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SRabbelierErant: the docs do have the cleaner06:51
Erantk, great.06:51
ErantI'll go attack those then.06:51
SRabbelierErant: well, we have to turn that feature off in order to display the document with HTML, dont' we? :P06:51
tansellSRabbelier, eek - you wrote your own HTML cleaner?06:51
ErantYeah, same thought here06:51
SRabbeliertansell: no...06:51
ErantOh, ok06:52
SRabbeliertansell: I just said, we run it through feedparser06:52
tansellwhich is....06:52
Erant"<@fn~SRabbelier> tansell: I wrote the cleaner, he just didn't add it ;)"06:52
SRabbeliertansell: the cleaner I wrote just runs it through feedparser06:52
SRabbelierErant: yes, r-tard06:52
SRabbeliertansell: it whitelists allowed tags06:52
SRabbeliertansell: like, <b>, and stuff06:52
tansellGoogle searching for feedparser shows like 12 different projects06:52
SRabbeliertansell: what do you want me to tell you? :P06:53
SRabbelierErant: please file a about the non-cleaned-ness of the comments06:53
tpbTitle: Google Accounts (at
SRabbelierErant: I'll assign it to lennie06:53
tansellSRabbelier, a link to the correct feedparser project I should be reading :)06:54
tansellas I mentioned Google shows atleast 3 possible Python projects called feed parser06:55
SRabbeliertansell: I don't know tbh :P06:55
SRabbeliertansell: from the LICENSE file06:56
SRabbeliertansell: Copyright (c) 2002-2006, Mark Pilgrim, All rights reserved.06:56
SRabbeliertansell: from the __init__ file06:56
SRabbeliertansell: Visit for the latest version06:56
tpbTitle: Universal Feed Parser (at
SRabbeliertansell: c'mon, you can go to yoruself too :P06:57
tpb<> (at
Erant's called work.06:57
ErantAnd we'd rather let you do that.06:57
tansellSRabbelier, I forget that SoC imports all third party sources06:58
SRabbelierErant: xept, u know, I has other things to do ;)06:58
SRabbeliertansell: how else would we do it? :P06:58
tanselllooking at the tests, I think there is one known attack that it doesn't cover - I should give it a go06:58
SRabbeliertansell: oh, what's that?06:58
tansellit only effects IE06:59
SRabbeliertansell: why am I not surprised07:00
SRabbeliertansell: what's it do?07:00
ErantSRabbelier: orly?07:01
ErantLiek w0t. :P07:01
SRabbelierErant: studyin for SKenT07:01
tansellbasic theory - IE gets confused by character encodings and decides stuff which looks like XXX is actually something which should be executed07:01
ErantSRabbelier: Nonsense.07:02
tansells/character encodings/non-ascii characters/07:02
SRabbeliertansell: which is why feedparser whitelists tags, no?07:03
SRabbeliertansell: anything that's encoded in a fancy way is filtered and stuff?07:03
tansellSRabbelier, this isn't a "fancy way"07:03
tansellto everything else under the sun it looks like *normal text*07:04
ErantWell, feedparser pretty much blocks it all.07:04
ErantIt's rly good07:04
SRabbeliertansell: durrr... 0.o07:04
ErantIE though, not your problem. :P07:04
SRabbelierlol @
tpbTitle: Open For Questions (at
SRabbelierthey're using Google Moderator07:04
tansellthe best form I've seen so far looks like a human readable poem07:05
SRabbelierrunning on AppEngine07:05
SRabbelierway to go Google :P07:05
SRabbeliertansell: that's pretty damn awesome :P07:05
tanselland everything apart from IE treats it as a human readable poem07:05
SRabbeliertansell: can you add it to a Melange document somewhere, I'll test if it works on IE07:05
tansellSRabbelier, I'll get to it later - I have to look it up on our internal list of "things you must try otherwise SecOps will kill you"07:06
SRabbeliertansell: LOL :D07:06
* Erant prays it doesn't work07:08
ErantI'm currently all-for-all on the security issues :P07:08
tansellis that like 5-by-5?07:09
ErantAll the security issues in the tracker are mine. :P07:09
tansellha - using the issue tracker is for wimps07:17
tansellreal men just complain loudly on IRC till someone else adds it to the issue tracker ;)07:17
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alexuahia ll12:20
alexuahi all12:20
alexuacan anyone tell me if SoC logins can be used as OpenIDs?12:20
kblinwhy would you want that?12:27
alexuakblin: so that people could log in to the Planet SoC site without needing a new login12:28
kblinthe security impleications of openid suck12:30
kblinI'd rather create a new login12:30
alexuait's offered elsewhere on appspot12:30
alexuayou can use your gmail as an openid12:31
kblinI'm not a melange dev, though12:31
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Wolf_OSGeohi, lh thought someone here could help me track down two guys who have applied to be mentors, but I have not heard of them and OSGeo is large so I don't even pretend to know all devs. What I'm trying is to get some sort of email address for them.13:48
Wolf_OSGeocan anyone help?13:48
scorche|shWolf_OSGeo: i just have rejected them and figured that if i rejected someone who ought not to be, they would come to us and ask why they were rejected13:50
Wolf_OSGeoscorche|sh: I thought I'd be more polite, but that works for me. Will do that. :)13:51
Wolf_OSGeoIf I reject them will they be able to re-apply? in the old I think that they couldn't13:51
scorche|shgood question...i assumed they could, but i am not positive, i suppose13:52
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dionesI'm new to melange and I'm kind of lost when trying to apply to GSoC14:30
dionescan anyone point me a good topic to make my student proposal?14:30
dionesfor instance14:31
dioneshow hard is to implement Full Function Wiki in
tpbTitle: GSoC2009Ideas - soc - Ideas List for GSoC 2009 - Google Code (at
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dionesam I making any sound?14:43
dionesguess not14:43
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*** diones has joined #melange14:44
dionesare my messages visible now?14:45
dionesif(messageArray.Visible) : echo 'Hello World!'14:46
dionesor something14:46
kblindiones: patience14:49
kblinthere's probably no melange developer around14:49
dionesI thougth that for some odd reason my messages where invisible14:50
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kblinno reply on IRC usually means no one knows an answer to your question, not that you're invisible14:57
dionesyeah I'm new to irc too14:58
SRabbelierdiones: next time just ping us15:05
SRabbelierdiones: (by including our name in your message)15:05
SRabbelierdiones: with 'us' being those who have op status here15:05
diones"what did you change to ?" Nothing15:06
tpbTitle: pastebin - collaborative debugging tool (at
SRabbelierdiones: oh, then why'd you pastebin it?15:06
SRabbelierdiones: also, I assume that's your
SRabbelierdiones: mhhh, wait, no... what _is_ that file?15:08
diones1 sec15:08
dionesits the Settings from the error page15:09
SRabbelierdiones: aah, ok15:09
dionesit assumed some things worng xD15:09
SRabbelierdiones: so how are you running melange?15:09
SRabbelierdiones: oh? like what?15:10
dionesI hadn't fully read:15:11
diones"also, can you scoll down to the "File "/home/bcc/msl09/workspace/Melange/app/soc/logic/models/" frame and look at what the contents of filter is?"15:11
dionesSo I assumed you wanted the next thing in the error page.15:11
dionesI'm running using: ~/google_appengine/ app15:12
dionesfrom the folder I checked out the trunk]15:12
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SRabbelierdiones: can you try running ./ first15:16
SRabbelierdiones: and then running with "./thirdparty/google_appengine/ build15:17
SRabbelierdiones: also see
tpb<> (at
dionessame error15:19
SRabbelierdiones: can you paste me the contents of the 'filter' variable?15:20
diones{'status': ['invisible', 'visible']}15:22
SRabbelierdiones: one second, let me check the code15:23
SRabbelierdiones: what about op and value?15:23
SRabbelier(I'm assuming op='status' and value=['invisible','visible'])15:24
dionesi found the problem15:25
SRabbelierdiones: you're not runnign the most recent version of appengine15:26
SRabbelierdiones: you need one that supports the IN operator on the Query object15:26
SRabbelierdiones: that's either 1.x.8 or 1.x.915:26
dionesI was using  ~/google_appengine/ build15:26
dionesand not  ./thirdparty/google_appengine/ build15:26
dionesLike you saind I shoudl15:27
SRabbelierdiones: yes, exactly :P15:27
dionesnow its ok15:27
SRabbelierdiones: awesome15:30
SRabbelierdiones: let's document this in GettingStarted15:30
dioneshow do I do that?15:31
SRabbelierdiones: am doing so now myself, no worries :)15:32
SRabbelierdiones: done15:33
dionesso, I have it running, what do I do next?15:36
SRabbelierdiones: play around ;)15:36
SRabbelierdiones: change stuff15:36
SRabbelierdiones: see what you can make it do15:36
dionesWhere can I find a description of all the elements of SoC15:40
dioneslike program15:40
dionesprogram owner15:40
dionesstudent project15:40
dionesstuff like that15:41
SRabbelierdiones: we have a verbiage thingy on the wiki I think15:42
SRabbelierdiones: although it's not that detailed I think15:42
SRabbelierdiones: feel free to ask though, and I'll explain (and update the wiki I guess015:42
dioneswhat is a program?15:43
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*** amit8-88 has joined #melange15:48
amit8-88hi all :)15:48
amit8-88is there any limit on characters while submitting an application ?15:49
SRabbelieramit8-88: yes, please keep the abstract under 500 characters15:52
SRabbelierdiones: like GSoC 2008, or GHOP 200915:52
amit8-88SRabbelier: thanks :)15:52
amit8-88melange rocks !!15:53
dionesSRabbelier: thanks15:53
SRabbelierdiones: np15:54
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glaksmonohi, i'm interested in applying to the Melange for GSoC16:01
glaksmonobut i feel like Melange runs pretty slow, any reasons?16:01
glaksmonoi thought if there's a way to "optimize" it?16:01
glaksmonoAJAX, etc..16:01
*** mib_5d1u3az1 has joined #melange16:01
glaksmonoyeah.. like, so slow..16:01
glaksmonoit loads slow..16:02
glaksmonothe previous apps ran much faster than this..16:02
glaksmonoyou guys don't feel it?16:02
SRabbelierglaksmono: heya16:03
mib_5d1u3az1I am having a bit problem while submitting application on gsoc, while submitting an error occour with saying:The network link was interrupted while negotiating a connection.16:03
SRabbelierglaksmono: could it be that part of that is because we load all javasript files all the time, or is it the main request that takes long?16:03
mib_5d1u3az1ya a bit slow16:03
ajaksuit sucks to be a serial troublemaker :/16:03
SRabbelierglaksmono: also, an application to optimize Melange and make it run faster gets a lot of brownie points ;)16:04
SRabbeliermib_5d1u3az1: not sure what to do about that, does it always give you that error?16:04
glaksmonoSRabbelier: brownie point..?16:04
SRabbeliermib_5d1u3az1: what's your link_id?16:04
ErantCookie points.16:04
glaksmonois that good or bad?16:05
glaksmonoah nice..16:05
glaksmonoi feel that this apps much run MUCH MUCH faster16:05
mib_5d1u3az1SRabbelier: My link id is  anixthegreat16:05
glaksmonosince it's "GOOGLE" too16:05
SRabbelierglaksmono: yes, like,
tpb<> (at
kblinSRabbelier: faster as in less round trips?16:05
SRabbelierkblin: sorry, I don't understand?16:06
glaksmonoman, i overslept too much, i'll apply after lunch then for that :)16:06
glaksmonooh, what AJAX lib do you guys use? Google AJAX API?16:06
SRabbelierglaksmono: jquery mostly16:06
mib_5d1u3az1SRabbelier  do u have solution16:06
glaksmonokk.. nice one thing to learn, i usually use Dojo16:07
SRabbelierglaksmono: you good at JS/Ajax? ;)16:07
kblinSRabbelier: I'm on a gprs link today, and I'm seeing losts of connections between my box and socghop.a.c before a page renders16:08
glaksmonoSRabbelier: i won't say i'm an expert, but i understand how it works.. :P16:08
SRabbelierkblin: ah, right16:09
SRabbelierkblin: that's indeed what I mean, we load all the javascript we use for each page16:09
glaksmonoyou guys use Django right?16:09
SRabbelierkblin: because none of our javascript guru's had the time yet to decide on a per-page basis what is needed16:09
SRabbelierglaksmono: yup16:10
SRabbeliermib_5d1u3az1: mhhh, don't see anything special server side16:10
kblinSRabbelier: let's say it makes the webapp feel even more sluggish :)16:11
glaksmonoSRabbelier: you work for Melange full time?16:11
glaksmonoare you a mentor too?16:11
mib_5d1u3az1SRABBELIER :I dont get u?16:12
SRabbelierglaksmono: yes I am a mentor, and I work a whole lot on it, but it's not my job16:12
ErantMentor? orly?16:12
glaksmonokk ic, nice..16:12
SRabbelierkblin: yeah, that's something that would really speed things up, but takes quite a bit effort16:13
SRabbelierErant: of course, I told you this ;)16:13
ErantWell, you know me. In one ear...16:13
ErantWho are the other mentors?16:13
ErantThe lennanator?16:14
SRabbelierErant: I think your ears are mostly routed to /dev/none16:14
tpb<> (at
Erantmore like /dev/null16:14
SRabbelierErant: you couldof guessed that one yourself16:14
mib_5d1u3az1SRabbelier: r u managing web app for gsoc?16:14
SRabbelierErant: meh, that's what I meant16:14
SRabbeliermib_5d1u3az1: please to use proper english, k? tnq16:14
SRabbeliermib_5d1u3az1: but yes, Melange is the framework that runs GSoC :)16:15
dionesSRabbelier: about Application/tasks limit field on the  create program page.16:15
Erant"please to use proper english, k? tnq" Oh, the irony.16:15
SRabbelierErant: heheh ^_^16:15
* SRabbelier giggles16:15
SRabbelierdiones: what about it?16:16
dionesSRabbelier: The value should be 20 or 1?16:16
SRabbelierdiones: doesn't matter much really16:16
SRabbelierdiones: you're just running locally16:16
dionesBy the way how do I quot the previous guy that sent me amessage?16:16
SRabbelierdiones: on IRC?16:17
*** mib_5d1u3az1 has quit IRC16:17
SRabbelierdiones: it's common to prefix their name to indicate you're talking to them16:17
SRabbelierdiones: usually the context is understood or inferred by scrolling back16:17
dionesamazing xD16:18
*** kr0y has joined #melange16:18
SRabbelierdiones: indeed16:18
kr0yCan the organisation application template typos be reported as bugs or they just need be brought to notice here?16:19
SRabbelierkr0y: you mean the typo's in an org's template?16:20
SRabbelierkr0y: since that's not something we control ;)16:20
SRabbelierI'd say16:20
glaksmonoSRabbelier: i wonder, why is it called melange?16:20
glaksmonois melange stands for anything?16:20
kr0yHmm, nothing serious, just regular grammatical error16:20
SRabbelierkr0y: so where is the typo? can you paste the url?16:20
dionesFrank Herbert's Dune16:21
SRabbelierglaksmono: good question, actually, it's indeed a reference to Dune16:21
SRabbelierglaksmono: I think it went something like "Summer of Code" -> "SoC" -> "Spice of Creation" -> "Melange"?16:21
kr0ySRabbelier: 6th point16:21
tpb<> (at
SRabbelierkr0y: you should poke the gnome guys then ;)16:22
SRabbelierkr0y: not something we control16:22
kr0yYeah will mail/ping at IRC16:22
kr0yThanks :)16:22
SRabbelierkr0y: np16:22
glaksmonohehhh.. haha.. fictional drugs yay..16:22
glaksmonodid LH named it?16:22
SRabbelierglaksmono: I'm not sure, but possibly ;)16:23
dionesBye all16:23
*** diones has quit IRC16:24
lhcdibona named it16:31
SRabbelierlh: Melange or SoC?16:32
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*** scorche has joined #melange16:40
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*** madrazr1 is now known as madrazr16:43
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LennieSRabbelier, any idea when Merio was here ^_^?16:47
SRabbelierLennie: no clue16:47
lhSRabbelier: larry page named it summer of code, chris named it melange16:53
SRabbelierlh: ok, nice16:53
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pygihi ho folks :)17:30
pygiI just wanted to mention that I get Server 500 error when I try to submit an application :)17:30
pygiso when you get the time ... :p17:35
*** scorche has quit IRC17:40
*** scorche has joined #melange17:41
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*** alexua has quit IRC17:51
glaksmonodo you guys plan to add Save as Draft for the apps as part of the feature?17:52
SRabbelierglaksmono: not really17:53
*** scorche has quit IRC17:54
SRabbelierglaksmono: at least, not for this year17:54
SRabbelierglaksmono: we could add it for next year though :)17:54
pygiSRabbelier, and what about that error? :p17:54
SRabbelierpygi: is it consistent?17:54
pygiSRabbelier, yup17:54
SRabbelierpygi: what's your link_id?17:54
*** scorche has joined #melange17:54
pygiSRabbelier, md17:54
*** madrazr has left #melange17:55
SRabbelierpygi: to what url?17:55
*** summatusmentis has joined #melange17:55
pygiSRabbelier, hm, well, I tried sending application to OpenSuse17:55
SRabbelierpygi: opensuse?17:55
SRabbelierpygi: ok, I see it17:55
SRabbelierpygi: UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xc4 in position 29: ordinal not in range(128)17:56
SRabbelierpygi: that's what's happening server side17:56
pygiSRabbelier, english? :p17:56
SRabbelierpygi: what kind of non-unicode are you using?17:56
pygiI should be using UTF8?17:56
* pygi thinks so17:56
pygiSRabbelier, perhaps my name is problem?17:57
SRabbelierpygi: so where are you using the unicode?17:57
pygiMario Đanić17:57
SRabbelierpygi: nowhere else?17:57
pygiSRabbelier, nop17:58
SRabbelierpygi: try changing it17:58
SRabbelierpygi: if the error goes away then, please file a on that17:58
tpbTitle: Google Accounts (at
pygiSRabbelier, yes, will file a bug17:59
SRabbelierpygi: it's working now?18:00
pygiSRabbelier, yup18:00
SRabbelierpygi: thanks, mailing the list to so that other people can work around it for now18:00
SRabbelierpygi: we'll try to fix it asap :)18:01
pygiSRabbelier, thank you :)18:01
SRabbelierpygi: thank you for your help in debugging this!18:03
pygiSRabbelier, so umm, what's the point of subscribing to changes to my own application?18:04
pygidon't you think if I change my application, I'll now about it? :p18:04
SRabbelierpygi: you don't want to know when a mentor comments?18:04
pygiSRabbelier, ah, well, if that is included in subscription, then I should be auto-subscribed?18:05
* pygi can always find something to complain about :p18:05
SRabbelierpygi: uhm, but maybe you don't want to? :P18:05
pygiSRabbelier, ehm, why not? xD18:05
SRabbelieryou could file an issue about that I guess ^_^18:05
SRabbeliercos it does make sense18:05
* pygi files bugs18:06
pygiSRabbelier, if I ever meet you, remind me I owe you a beer18:08
SRabbelierpygi: haha! awesome :)18:08
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pygiSRabbelier, watch your keyboard :p18:27
pygi"described to their own proposals" ?!18:28
pygiwhat? :p18:28
SRabbelierpygi: phail :(18:28
*** scorche has joined #melange18:37
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glaksmonoExplanation of your development methodology <-- is this the proposed schedule?19:39
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glaksmonowhy is the version looks so ungly? --> 0-5-20090325.33232460010454570020:26
glaksmonoany mentor here?20:51
glaksmonoSRabbelier is gone..20:51
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