Tuesday, 2009-03-10

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dandersonjeez, it's 5:30 and I'm still at the office, hacking on the gmelange release script :(00:36
danderson"Just one more tweak! It'll be perfect in just a minute!"00:37
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mithro322 users so far06:27
mithroit's nice that melange has not exploded06:35
mithrotouch wood06:35
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kblinsay, can the backup admin look at the application as well?06:44
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James--CrookNew this year... it's possible to read organization applications *before* the org has been accepted, if you guess their linkID correctly.  e.g: http://socghop.appspot.com/org_app/show/google/gsoc2009/rtems  (I can read even though not an admin or mentor).  I don't see a problem with this, there are no really confidential fields,06:58
tpb<http://ln-s.net/2zHO> (at socghop.appspot.com)06:58
Lennie|GoneJames--Crook, you wont be able to do that for long :P07:01
Lennie|Gonewe've closed that gap :)07:01
Lennie|Gonebut you can keep guessing until thursday :p07:02
kblinI was just about to use that to show the application to my backuip mentor07:02
Lennie|Goneyeah, we should try to allow the backup admin to view it as well07:02
Lennie|GoneI suggest you make an issue for that kblin :)07:03
Lennie|Gone<- back to work07:03
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SRabbeliertlarsen: I'm confused11:20
SRabbeliertlarsen: /user/pick is down to 0 again11:20
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durin42SRabbelier: which build script do we want buildbot running?12:08
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lhqq for melange developers12:35
lhif someone has created an organization application with a bad link id, do they have to delete it or can the link id be changed after the app is submitted12:35
durin42ISTR link id is permanent12:35
lhdurin42: that's what i suspected12:36
durin42in the literal no-undoing version of the term12:36
durin42hence the warning not to mess it up12:36
* lh logs an issue about tool tips12:36
SRabbelierdurin42: build.sh I think yes12:40
ajaksuSRabbelier: regarding your comment about a 'Schlemiel the painter algorithm'... have the load tests included the creation of a couple thousand users?13:03
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SRabbelierajaksu: ah, nope :D13:19
SRabbelierajaksu: I think the load tests ended at 5QPS with a half-filled datastore13:19
ajaksuSRabbelier: maybe it'd be a good idea to test melange-demo or melange-dev with lots of users... and lots of acl errors :)13:21
SRabbelierajaksu: why the acl errors?13:21
ajaksuSRabbelier: because it seems  likely to  forget about testing it? :) that and the fact it might depend on # of users... and that I thought getting new acl errors was slower the first time... :)13:24
SRabbelierajaksu: aah, ok, good one13:25
SRabbelierajaksu: I don't recall seeing you on #melange before btw?13:25
ajaksuSRabbelier: recent lurker, I'm afraid :)13:26
SRabbelieraah, hehe :)13:26
SRabbelierajaksu: you got any experience with load testing?13:26
SRabbelierheh, even on localhost creating 5k users is taking loooong13:27
ajaksuSRabbelier: not much, only local scripted stuff...13:27
ajaksuSRabbelier: on the SDK13:27
* SRabbelier nods13:27
SRabbelierajaksu: yeah, dev_appserver13:27
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spectiehey all17:17
spectieis there a way to have more than 2 organisation administrators ?17:17
Lenniehi spectie17:17
Lenniebut only when you have been accepted17:18
spectieah ok17:18
Lennieyou will be able to invite new org admins and mentors :)17:18
spectieright, and the organisation profile17:18
Lennie(assuming you are the org admin)17:18
spectiedoes this need to be written before or after being accepted ?17:18
spectiei'm not ;)17:18
spectiethe org administrator is going to a conference tomorrow17:18
Lennieeverything in the application has to be filled in17:18
spectieyes, we did that17:18
Lenniesome of it will be reused for the org profile17:18
Lenniebut you can change the profile after you have been accepted :)17:18
spectiewhat i'm referring to is17:19
tpb<http://ln-s.net/2zVy> (at groups.google.com)17:19
spectiepoint '5' here17:19
Lennieyou can fill that into your profile17:19
spectiethis would presumably be the 'organisation profile' before being accepted?17:19
spectiethanks :)17:20
Lennieyou can fill it in afterwards :)17:20
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lhI filed the request for the csv report18:44
tpb<http://ln-s.net/2zXp> (at code.google.com)18:44
dandersondamn, pawel keeps being not here when I want to bug him.19:04
lhdanderson: he's on gtalk19:05
lhone sec19:05
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solydzajsdanderson: ping :-)19:07
dandersonthat was efficient.19:07
dandersonlh: thanks!19:07
dandersonsolydzajs: so, I committed the release script.19:07
dandersonYou may want to poke at it and take it out for a test drive :)19:07
danderson(it's in the soc-google trunk)19:07
solydzajsdanderson: yep I saw it, didn't look at it yet tho :-)19:08
solydzajsdanderson: I saw some reviews from dan and tlarsen19:08
dandersonyup, I'm replying/fixing right now19:08
solydzajsdanderson: I added soc-google commit feed to my rss reader :-) to stay up to date19:08
dandersonjust wanted to warn you if you didn't see the commit19:08
solydzajsthx :-)19:09
lhdanderson: np dear19:10
dandersonsolydzajs: oh, and check the module docstring for required dependencies: python 2.5 and subversion 1.519:10
solydzajsdanderson: I have both :-) svn 1.4 and svn 1.5 , I use 1.5 as default19:11
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SRabbelierdanderson: ping :)19:24
dandersonSRabbelier: PONG!19:31
dandersonwhat's up?19:31
SRabbelierg'night all :)19:38
SRabbelierI'm off to bed19:38
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durin42solydzajs: ping, got a question about mentoring19:49
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solydzajsdurin42: pong19:51
durin42solydzajs: To be a mentor, I assume I apply to the org19:51
durin42where do I do that? It's sadly nonobvious19:51
solydzajsdurin42: you will have to wait with that after the list of accepted orgs is announced on March 18th19:52
durin42ah, ok19:52
solydzajsdurin42: I will submit our Melange org proposal on Thursday19:52
durin42the most recent email on the mentor list sounded like mentors should be applying now19:52
solydzajsdurin42: is there any chance you can mail me some projects proposal regarding buildbot, testing , cont integration etc ?19:53
durin42solydzajs: I don't really have any terribly special ideas, Todd suggested it and then I said sure I could mentor it19:53
solydzajsdurin42: ok :-) if anything comes up send it via email :-)19:54
durin42durin42: can do19:54
durin42solydzajs: can do19:55
solydzajsthx :-)19:58
durin42Although, the more I think about it19:58
durin42the less I'm sure I know enough about this system to mentor well19:58
solydzajsdurin42: we learn something every day :-) no worries, it's more about the fact that you are more experienced software engineer then student20:00
durin42solydzajs: ok, that's fair enough20:01
solydzajsstudent will write weekly reports, commit the code for review (in most cases post commit review), maybe he will create a blog and post about the progress20:03
durin42I'd really like to see better test coverage20:04
durin42and get pylint automated into the build.sh process20:04
solydzajsyep, pylint won't be a problem20:06
solydzajswe also need to remember that the project is 3 months20:06
durin42In Adium we did a "testing" SoC project once20:07
durin42and it was kind of lousy simply because it was hard to have a good success criteria20:07
durin42There's not really a good "what does done mean?" for "write tests"20:07
solydzajsI saw testing project for Adium last year20:13
solydzajsI read Adium ideas page :-)20:13
durin42solydzajs: buildbot *might* run build.sh now21:03
solydzajssolydzajs: build.sh doesn't deploy yet, but it's a good start21:03
solydzajsdurin42: :-)21:03
durin42did we want buildbot to be deploying?21:03
durin42I didn't think so...21:04
solydzajsdurin42: and I can put pylint in build.sh :-)21:04
durin42solydzajs: indeed :)21:04
solydzajsdurin42: I want to create developer account for melange-dev and I want buildbot to deploy latest working version to melange-dev if the build succeeded21:04
durin42Hm, that's an interesting idea.21:04
durin42Then have it run automated functional tests against that instance ;)21:05
solydzajsthat way we have latest version always available on melange-dev21:05
solydzajswould be cool21:05
durin42I'd love to use twill or something to walk through some of the common use cases and test things21:06
solydzajshow about selenium ?21:07
durin42eeh, selenium needs a browser21:14
durin42twill is basically a miniature almost-functional browser in pure python21:14
durin42taht doesn't need a display21:14
durin42so it's faster and less difficult to use21:14
* lh heads out for dinner21:16
solydzajsdurin42: ok we can use twill :-)21:29
solydzajslh: bon apetit21:29
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