Monday, 2009-02-16

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solydzajsMerio: ping12:58
Meriosolydzajs: pong13:12
solydzajsMerio: hi :-) just wanted to check with you if there was any progress13:12
Meriosolydzajs: yes, hope great progresses ;) Just testing during if all behaves correctly if errors happen. Then I need someone to test it in IE ;)13:13
solydzajsMerio: ok great, let me know when it's ready13:14
Meriosolydzajs: ok :)13:15
Meriosolydzajs: I think it's kinda complete.13:23
solydzajskinda ?;-)13:23
solydzajsis there something missing ?;-)13:24
MerioWell, it depends on Redmond ;)13:26
solydzajshehe :-)13:27
solydzajssend the patch whenever you're ready and I will have a look13:27
Meriook, I'll let you know when I'll send it to the list (matter of minutes)13:28
Meriosolydzajs: patch sent13:58
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LennieMerio cool13:59
solydzajsMerio: ok awesome13:59
Lenniewill take a look aswell :)13:59
solydzajsok great :-)13:59
MerioLennie: great .. hope IE7 will love me a bit even if I don't love it so much ;)13:59
Lenniewe'll see :D14:00
MerioActually I was doing something stupid inside the code, so I wonder why my Firefox was happy, perhaps is because it loves me more than any other Firefox installation :D14:01
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Lenniestuff happens14:02
MerioI shouldn't reformat my hard disk anymore, I could kill a living Firefox installation with its own feelings :P14:04
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Lennieit works :P14:25
LennieMerio, one problem though. When I hit the accept for the second time because I put all the orgs back to pre-accepted in another window it shows the bar going backwards at first14:30
Lennieafter which it goes forward exactly at 50%14:31
MerioLennie: sorry I was away, reading backlog15:03
solydzajsMerio: well probably there is no reseting of the progress value at the end of the function, it should be set to 015:04
solydzajsMerio: can you confirm ?15:04
Meriosolydzajs: yes, I'm looking at the code to tell you where to reset the value15:05
MerioLennie: so, the line to reset the progress bar is $("#applications_progress_bar").progressBar(0);15:06
Lenniewhere should I put it?15:06
MerioTry to add it before line 8215:06
Merio(should be: $("#button_accept").fadeIn("slow");15:06
Merioso before that command15:06
Lennietesting :)15:07
solydzajsMerio: can we set progress bar to 100 without animation ?15:07
MerioPerhaps it should be inserted before line 14 too $("#button_accept").val("Bulk accept");15:07
Lenniebefore line 82 works15:08
Lenniebut on 14 might be better15:08
MerioLennie: great :)15:08
Lenniesince you want to reset it beforehand15:09
Lennienot afterwards :D15:09
MerioLennie: perhaps it's better both, so it resets even when eventual errors occur15:09
Meriosolyzdajs: you mean every time the progress bar updates?15:09
solydzajsMerio: nope I mean for example you hit the button, but there is no orgs to accept, so you should set progress bar to 100 without animation and show Done!15:10
Meriosolydzajs: let me see a bit how the source code works15:11
Lenniesolydzajs: The bar automatically returns to a button when it is done15:11
Lenniebut it doesnt show Done thats true15:12
MerioLennie, solydzajs: if there are no orgs I just do nothing ATM15:15
MerioI think in that case we should just display an info message to say "no orgs to accept" or something like that15:15
solydzajsyep good idea15:16
solydzajslet's display that15:16
Lennieshouldnt be too hard15:16
Lennieyou already have a if statement that checks if there even is an org to accept :D15:16
solydzajs"No organizations to accept"15:16
MerioLennie: yes, it's at line 1515:17
MerioJust put15:17
Merioelse {15:17
Merio$("#description_done").html("No organization to accept");15:17
Merioafter that if should do15:18
Lenniedo we want to show that <strong> too?15:18
MerioThink so, I don't know if there's a class for infos15:18
MerioProbably the same as "document saved" or "program saved" (the orange rounded box)?15:19
Lenniebtw Merio15:19
Lennienext time try to not capitalize the first letter in your comments :)15:19
MerioLennie: if it's an established code style... well... will do, ok :)15:21
Lennieyeah it's what we do in python for this project :15:21
Lennieso it might as well apply to JS :P15:21
MerioLennie: ok... actually I see I mix the two options inside the JS code :P15:21
solydzajsonce Lennie commits your patch with fixes, I will let you know Merio what else can be done.15:22
Merioeheh :)15:22
Lennieyeah that's because I fixed it before :P15:22
Meriosolydzajs: ok :)15:24
MerioI like the way the scripts are externalised from the templates and called selectively in the base.html now... it's cleaner15:24
MerioDon't know who did it, but I like it, just wanna say :)15:25
MerioLennie: is IE7 happy too?15:25
Lenniestill have caching problems15:26
Lenniebut that's redmond :p15:26
MerioIn which case you have those caching issues?15:26
Lenniejust always :P15:26
Lennieit just caches the JSON object15:26
Lenniebecause it can :P15:26
LennieIt caches the page that supplies it15:26
MerioSo for example if there's an error it recovers badly trying to accept all the orgs (even those who were accepted before)?15:27
Lennieor I can keep accepting them over and over again :p15:29
Lenniebut it wont do any harm15:29
Lenniesince the backend will only send them one message15:29
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Lenniethat reminds me that the email still needs to be written :p15:29
MerioLennie: just for fun, try to change line 8 ==> $.getJSON(bulk_accept_link,15:30
Merioto ==> $.getJSON(bulk_accept_link+"&_="+(new Date().getTime()),15:31
Lennieit's line 7 here btw :P15:31
Merioeheh sorry you're right :)15:31
MerioDon't know if it should be "?" or "&" (can't remember the link)15:32
MerioBut it should simulate different pages called from time to time (should at least :))15:32
solydzajsthe date cannot be given in accept url link15:32
MerioAnd as long as the "_" variable is meaningless to the page serving the JSON object it wouldn't hurt15:32
Lenniewont work :(15:33
Lenniestupid IE7 :p15:33
solydzajsit should be done in python15:33
Meriosolydzajs: sorry, I can't understand15:34
solydzajsah ok I got it15:34
solydzajsyou guys tried to fix caching15:34
solydzajsbut IE7 is IE7 ;-)15:35
Meriosolydzajs: :)15:35
MerioLennie: it doesn't work?15:35
Lennieit doesn call new URL's15:35
Lennieas seen in devserver log15:35
Lenniebut no new response is registered by IE715:35
MerioWhen you click the button again it doesn't request a new page?15:36
Lennieit does15:36
MerioWith a different "_" parameter I mean15:36
Lenniebut IE7 doesnt euse it :p15:36
LennieRedmond ftw :P?15:37
MerioLennie: have you tried the "?" too?15:39
tpb<> (at
solydzajsLennie: checking and testing now15:39
Lennieoh crap15:41
LennieI failed15:41
LennieMerio, ? works ^_^15:42
Lenniesolydzajs want me to use it :P?15:42
MerioLennie: try to have a look at this (even if it's for php)
tpb<> (at
Lenniefunny thing is it also adds it to the other calls :S15:42
MerioLennie: the other calls are done that way because jquery's ajax does15:43
solydzajsMerio:  we already set no-cache, no-store, pre-check and post-check15:43
solydzajsand pragma too15:43
solydzajsI will add Expires to -115:43
Lenniethe ?_=time hax works :p15:43
MerioLennie: using cache:false on line 5415:43
Lennieyeah it sucks15:44
Meriosolydzajs: nevermind, seems to work with ?15:44
Lenniedoesnt listen :p15:44
MerioLennie: that's good :)15:44
Lennie? is kinda hacky15:44
Lenniehopefully the other method will work15:44
solydzajsI will add expires -1 and maybe that will help15:44
MerioLennie: is quite common hack in ajax development AFAIK15:44
Lennielol really :D15:45
LennieMerio, I have so much to learn :P15:45
MerioLennie: everyone has :)15:47
solydzajsok testing now15:48
solydzajsI get " Error encountered, try again" all the time15:49
solydzajsany ideas ?15:50
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Meriosolydzajs: it happens when the ajax call is not successful15:51
Meriosolydzajs: is the server ... uhm... serving the pages even if the error is printed?15:51
solydzajsserver works fine15:51
Meriosolydzajs: can you see the progressbar?15:52
solydzajs$.getJSON("{{ bulk_accept_link|safe }}",15:52
solydzajsis now15:52
solydzajswhy ?15:53
solydzajsLennie: ping15:53
Meriosolydzajs: because the JS is now out of the main page15:53
solydzajsah true15:53
solydzajsok anyway15:53
solydzajsit doesn't work for me15:53
Meriosolydzajs: so it's out of the python scope, the bulk_accept_link|safe it's in the review.html and passed as a parameter to the orgInit function15:54
solydzajsI see the progress bar15:54
Lennieit doesnt?15:54
solydzajsand get error all the time15:54
Meriosolydzajs: you see also the retry button?15:54
Lennieworks here :S15:55
solydzajsI get 404 on org_app/bulk_accept/google/gsoc200915:55
Meriowhich is the page form which you're making the requests, is it right?15:57
Meriosolydzajs: ^^^15:57
solydzajsok it's not 40415:57
Lennieyou get a404?15:57
solydzajsok when I go to http://localhost:8080/org_app/bulk_accept/google/gsoc200915:57
solydzajsI get JSON15:57
solydzajsso life is good15:57
solydzajsbut I still get an error15:57
Lenniestrange :S15:57
MerioSeems strange to me too, the error is shown when error happens during the continuous ajax requests15:59
MerioYou can try to change line 70 (I think) ==> $("#description_done").html("<strong class='error'> Error encountered, try again</strong>");15:59
LennieMatthewWilkes, sorry I didnt had time to really go through your patch :p15:59
MatthewWilkesLennie:  :)16:00
Meriosolydzajs: with this ==> $("#description_done").html("<strong class='error'> Error encountered, try again</strong>textStatus: "+textStatus+" error: "+errorThrown);16:00
Lenniethe email was still in my inbox though :D16:00
Meriosolydzajs: and see if there is something printed16:01
MatthewWilkesLennie: Yeah, I've got 13k unread ones in mine, I know how it is16:01
Lennieactually I dont have that many unread ones16:01
Lennieit's just marked as TODO :p16:01
MatthewWilkesOoooh, a tentative sign up for my sprint in August from the USA16:02
solydzajsMerio: Error encountered, try againtextStatus: error error: undefined16:02
Meriosolydzajs: ahahah how useful :P16:03
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Meriosolydzajs: do you have firebug extension installed in your firefox browser?16:04
solydzajsyep I have16:04
solydzajsI will have a look in a sec16:04
Meriosolydzajs: great, it should show you the httprequests that are made16:05
solydzajs500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR16:07
solydzajssomething is broken :-)16:07
solydzajsglobal name 'context' is not defined16:07
Meriosolydzajs: seems more than something is broken :P16:08
Lennie|Gonewhy do you have that strange link?16:08
MerioLennie|Gone: the link is fine to me16:09
Lennie|Gonedid you add that yourself16:09
Lennie|Gonesince I'm sure I didnt commit it :S16:09
Lennie|Goneatleast I hope lol16:09
solydzajsAdd what ?16:09
Lennie|Goneoh crap fail then :S?16:09
Merioif wannabe_0 is a valid link_id... than I don't know why the server returns that16:09
solydzajsLennie|Gone: line 247in group_app.py16:10
solydzajserror, request, template=params['error_public'], context=context)16:10
Lennie|GoneI'll take a look at it in a few min16:10
solydzajsglobal name 'context' is not defined16:10
Lennie|Gonedoing dishes16:10
Merioah ok... so context is for the python end16:10
MerioI thought it was a JS error :)16:10
Meriotaken from firebug16:11
Meriosolydzajs, Lennie: However, remember that the &_=12348 etc is normal, and created automatically by JQuery to avoid caching, so don't mind that :)16:11
MerioLennie|Gone: ^^^^ ;)16:12
Lennie|Goneit doesnt get added at my end :P16:12
MerioLennie|Gone: seems strange to me, it's added in my box too, for every single call for acceptance16:13
Lennie|GoneIE7 ftl :p?16:13
MerioLennie|Gone: probably! :P however it's not a problem, since every request it's different by its own nature (link_id are all different)... so nevermind :)16:15
MerioHowever... now watching a film, be back afterwards (perhaps checking sometime ;))16:15
Lennie|Gonesolydzajs I fixed that bug16:15
Lennie|Gonebut that still indicates that the application didn't exist :S16:15
solydzajsLennie|Gone: "This Application can not be reviewed anymore (it has been completed or rejected). "16:16
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* SRabbelier wakes up16:20
SRabbelierO hi?16:20
SRabbeliertoo much backlog16:20
SRabbeliersome one tell me what I missed please?16:20
solydzajsbasically I'm testing bulk accept now16:21
solydzajsand I have an issue16:21
solydzajswhen I run reseed_db16:21
solydzajsI see all the wannabe org apps16:21
solydzajsOverview of Organization Applications which status is pre-accepted16:21
SRabbeliersolydzajs: what's wrong with that?16:22
solydzajsbut when I click on any of them16:22
solydzajsI get16:22
solydzajsThis Application can not be reviewed anymore (it has been completed or rejected).16:22
solydzajswhich also causes bulk accept not to work16:23
solydzajsI found one error16:23
solydzajsin group_app.py16:23
solydzajsline 24716:23
SRabbeliersolydzajs: ok, please have Lennie fix that since he knows more about that part :)16:23
solydzajsI removed context from parameters there16:23
solydzajsbecause it was not defined16:23
SRabbeliersolydzajs: yes, that's correct16:23
solydzajsSRabbelier: 198316:26
solydzajsyou broke it :-)16:26
solydzajsthe context thingy16:26
SRabbeliersolydzajs: yeah16:26
SRabbelierplease commit the fix :)16:26
solydzajsok :-)16:26
solydzajswill do16:26
solydzajsbut it's not all16:27
solydzajsI still get this error :-)16:27
*** Lennie|Gone is now known as Lennie16:27
Lennieare you going to commit that ifx?16:27
solydzajsyep one sec16:27
Lennieit only happens when no application is found16:28
Lennieso something strange is going on with your build :S16:28
solydzajsLennie: done16:28
Lenniesince that shouldnt happen :S16:28
solydzajsLennie: committed16:28
Lenniestill does not account for the errors you are having16:30
solydzajsLennie: I see all the org apps in the datastore16:31
solydzajswith preaccepted state16:31
solydzajsand I get "This Application can not be reviewed anymore (it has been completed or rejected). " all the time16:31
Lenniewhat does bulk link say?16:32
LennieThe JSON object that is16:32
solydzajsthe JSON objects gives proper JSON with the list of all the org apps16:33
solydzajsbut I cannot view the org application16:33
solydzajsall of them give me the same error when I click on any of them16:34
solydzajsLennie: any ideas ?16:34
Lennieput a diaf @
Lennieit shouldnt happen lol16:35
solydzajstry to reseed_db16:36
solydzajsit works for you ?16:36
Lenniemaybe the seeding somehow screws up something16:37
SRabbelierLennie, solydzajs: are you two running the same revision?16:37
LennieI'm running latest :p16:37
SRabbelierLennie: well, then try reseed_db... duh16:37
solydzajsSRabbelier: yep me too, but I can double check16:37
Lenniesolydzajs, make a org_app manually16:38
Lennievia the button on the webpage16:38
Lennieand see if it works16:38
solydzajsok one sec16:40
solydzajsSRabbelier: the org_app form doesn't show field under the field label but next it16:40
SRabbeliersolydzajs: huh?16:41
Lenniebecause they use as row?16:41
solydzajsThey didn't use as row before right ?16:41
Lennieor as table16:41
Lennieor whatever :P16:41
Lennieo yeah16:42
Lenniethat's wrong :D16:42
solydzajsLennie: it works fine with manual16:44
Lennieblame your datatstore :)16:44
solydzajsSRabbelier: your reseed_db is broken ?16:44
SRabbeliersolydzajs: it is?16:44
solydzajsSRabbelier: did you try bulk accept ?16:45
SRabbeliersolydzajs: no man, I'm working on that stupid ToS of yours16:45
solydzajsSRabbelier: what ToS of mine ?16:45
SRabbeliersolydzajs: the tos that doesn't show up at the bottom of the form :P16:45
SRabbelierit's proving quite a PITA16:46
Lenniegroup = Z. Agreement :P?16:46
solydzajsSRabbelier: ok, also when no agreement is set for org admin/mentor the checkbox shows up anyway and it required16:46
SRabbelierLennie: we want sort orders16:46
SRabbeliersolydzajs: then set one16:47
Lennieit should just work the same way as the ToS does since not every program might have an agreement16:52
solydzajsyes exactly16:52
SRabbelierLennie: we can do that later16:52
solydzajsSRabbelier: have you left any TODO there ?16:53
LennieI'm off16:53
SRabbeliersolydzajs: no, because it isn't a TODO for me16:53
SRabbeliersolydzajs: if someone needs it they can submit a feature request16:53
SRabbelierwho's Daniel?16:53
SRabbelieris he the guy we met at FOSDEM?16:53
Lenniehe should sign the CLA btw16:53
solydzajsDaniel is some polish GSoC dude16:54
solydzajsSRabbelier: nope , not from FOSDEM16:54
SRabbelieroh, ok :)16:54
SRabbeliersolydzajs: wonder whatever happened to him16:54
solydzajsSRabbelier: the one that wanted G1 ?16:54
SRabbeliersolydzajs: hehe, yes :P16:55
solydzajsSRabbelier: I have him on skype but I didn't hear from him16:55
SRabbeliersolydzajs: ok16:55
solydzajsLennie: I will let him know about CLA16:55
LennieI've told you before that the ToS shouldnt been shown16:55
* SRabbelier could care less16:55
Lennieand just because you dont want to do it doesnt mean you shouldnt leave a todo ;)16:55
SRabbelierwe have more important things to worry about16:55
solydzajsI agree with Lennie here16:55
SRabbelierI'm fine with you guys putting in a TODO :)16:55
SRabbeliersolydzajs: caps fail16:56
solydzajsit was on purpose16:56
SRabbeliersolydzajs: still fail :P16:56
SRabbeliersolydzajs: it's not crappy software if it assumes there's a ToS though16:56
SRabbeliersolydzajs: it's a requirement of our employee ;)16:57
SRabbelieralthough, the reason I didn't put in a TODO is because I didn't think of it16:57
SRabbeliernot because I decided against it16:57
solydzajsbut if the sitewide ToS doesn't show up when it's not set , other ToS should do the same16:57
SRabbeliersolydzajs: that's just overengineered imho :)16:57
solydzajsoverenginnering ? are you kidding me ?16:58
* SRabbelier sigh16:58
SRabbeliernvm :)16:58
solydzajsright now when there is no ToS you still have the checkbox that you need to tick16:58
solydzajswhich means you agree to ToS that doesn16:59
SRabbelieryes yes, you are right16:59
solydzajswhich is stupid16:59
SRabbelierlet's spend our time on something useful16:59
SRabbelierI've got some code to write16:59
* SRabbelier away16:59
SRabbeliereven better17:01
SRabbelierI'm going to bed early17:01
solydzajsLennie: it fails in   def checkCanReviewGroupApp(self, django_args, group_app_logic):17:14
solydzajsraise out_of_band.AccessViolation(message_fmt=DEF_REVIEW_COMPLETED_MSG)17:14
Lennieyeah on the seeded stuff right?17:15
Lenniebut not on the ones you create yourself17:15
Lenniewhich to me says it works17:15
Lennieand the error is because of some inconsistency in your datastore :S17:15
Lennieis the scope path set?17:17
Lennieon the other entities17:17
Lenniesince the query doesnt retrieve an application17:17
solydzajs{'link_id': u'wannabee_0', 'scope_path': u'google/gsoc2009', 'status': ['needs review', 'accepted', 'rejected', 'ignored', 'pre-accepted']}17:17
solydzajsthis is what we have in fields17:18
Lennieyes and in your datatstore?17:18
solydzajs google/gsoc2009  pre-accepted17:19
Lenniewhich fields did you copy lol :P17:20
solydzajsscope_path then status17:20
solydzajsand link_id is wannabe_017:20
Lenniedid you type that>17:20
Lenniesince it has two ee's :P17:20
solydzajsoh nice finding17:21
Lenniek something failed :S17:21
Lenniehow did that get added with a wrong keyname then :P?17:21
solydzajsI have no idea17:23
solydzajsasking Sverre now17:23
Lennietypo in seed17:24
LennieIt works :P17:24
Lennienothing wrong with bulk accept :D17:25
Lennieso I'm off17:25
Lenniecya tomorrow17:25
Lenniewith student ptach :)17:25
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